Inma no Hado special chapter 4

Special chapter 4: Colt-Government



“…Guuu…stop it…uuguu…”

The female high school student who is on the sofa is held from the rear by a young blond man in a T-shape and is touched on her soft body. While the man with innumerable pierced earrings on his ears laughs slovenly, he is licking her white and clean scruff with his mouth smelling of cigarettes and he touches between her soft chest and thighs which became bare. A large man who put on a hat lies down on the floor next to them and he tries to reach them desperately while holding his belly.

“Hehehe… slowly your feelings emerge…. You got wet…”
“St…stop…stop it…”

Natsuki is just unrelated to her will, because she is surprised of her sexual feelings that she feels which rise steadily. Because she doesn’t know that they used a drug with aphrodisiac she can’t believe what has happened to her body. From the start since she had sex with Kenichi her body has begun to develop more, even if the other party is disgusting, she reacts.

“Kuhiiiiii! Ahiiiikuuuuu!!”
“Aaa…your clitoris in front of me is also felt…”

Unlike the partner whom he usually has anything to do with, this partner is an active high school student from a private school. After he sees his partner shaking her body timidly, the crotch of the earrings pierced man heats up more.

While seeing the state of three people in silence, the men who sat down on the opposite side are calm. Next to the man who grew a beard in his handsome face, a man with shaved head and particularly good physique is sitting.

“He is slow…will he come?”
“Aa…. If I need wait for another five minutes, you can assume that I return to the store…”

(Did he leave her here and run away? Well, a normal man wouldn’t want to come to such place….)

With the look of the whole room, the beard man who is the leader lights a cigarette. If they threaten someone a little, most men are scared. Although they took a hostage in this way many times, there are many men to leave in a lurch even if it is their lover.

(Well, when he comes, he comes and a guy like Teruki is only pleased…)

He grins while looking at his companion who clings to a female high school student. There is also the case that she will be violated immediately infinitely, although that boy gave some resistance, when hitting him several times, he gave up quietly immediately. To see his lover in front of his eyes being violated, it’s the abnormal hobby of the earrings pierced man to enjoy himself while seeing a male hopeless expression.

(Well, that he is concerned with us is his misfortune…)

At that time, he hears the sound that somebody gets closer to here from the corridor. He hears the sound of a key inserted in the door and the steel door opens.

“I brought him…”

The first is a tall woman. The beautiful woman wears a bright red dress which stuck to her body and she comes into the men’s room while shaking her long blond hair. From behind her a slow movement is heard and a man in a worn out suit appeared.

“Finally you came…. Well, come in Sensei…”

Entering with the blond haired beauty is Midou Kenichi who is the science teacher of Ellis all girls high school. The men who saw his figure have all a contemptuous smile.

(Hey there, a weakling, I didn´t expected that…)

The figure is a short and slender man obviously, his hair is messy and he has a pale face. By all odds his weight isn´t more than 60kg, it is combined from his height and his skinny figure. The whole body seems to break just as it is when hitting it once and his typical easy mark seems to have been a discernibly weak quarrel.

“Sensei…. Help me…”

Natsuki who sat down on a sofa sees Kenichi who came in and raises a cry desperately. Her expression warps by fear and loneliness and becomes chaotic by her tears.

“You’re Natsuki’s boyfriend?”

Kenichi, who is asked, hesitated for a while, but nods slowly. His face doesn´t seem to express any feelings like a deadpan.

“Uhm…. the guy who is laying there, Koji Tanaka he is Natsuki’s boyfriend…. Did you take Natsuki away from him? As a friend of us, we can´t really permit it…”

The tone of the voice of the leader who talked with sitting down on the sofa calmed down at least. However, it rather individualizes weirdness. From the whole body the desire for violence becomes the suspicions and seems to burst into laughter.

“Thus, you don´t approach Natsuki from now on. Is that okay. If you approach her, we’ll break one bone off from your whole body completely…”

The tone is quiet, but the content of the words are dreadful. But everyone who is here understands that these words are serious.

“Do you understand?”

However, Kenichi who is asked a question stands still silently in that place. The man who fretted about a thing without an answer even if he waited for a while, he asks again with an angry voice.

“I said whether you understand it, sensei…. You are a teacher, but you are putting your hands out against a student, so you don´t want to be known to the Board of Education? Go home quickly and masturbate on your own!”

At this time Ryo the leader began to see something different from usual.

It shows the attitude of this man. When an ordinary human comes to such a place, whether he makes a bluff or shouts, either one of them show the pitiful fear of that person. But this teacher doesn’t change his expression at all and his face is quietly seen.

“Hey…. What do you see…. Hey!”

The man who doesn´t show any action is weird and a cry of anger is raised so that he may break free from that. The earring pierced man who clung to Natsuki on the sofa also releases his hold and turns his body toward Kenichi slowly.

“When I take Natsuki and return just like that, will you really overlook me?”

Abruptly, Kenichi`s answer remained expressionless. The leader which heard it was dumbfounded for an instant and begins to grin then. On the other hand, Natsuki is shocked and can´t believe what she heard.

“Teacher!…is harsh!”

Natsuki´s mouth doesn’t move, because of the influence of the drug and her voice protests desperately. On the other hand, if it is such a situation, she also thinks that’s his method. The science teacher can’t win against the loosely organized gang.

“That’s right…I’m a teacher at a school indeed and my understanding is good and saved. When I turn back from this place and return, you do nothing to me…. Well, but then Natsuki will be played with short after…”

While the leader sprays the smoke of the cigarette, he has a condescending smile. After all, any guy exposes his true intention by danger. Even if he is a teacher, nothing changes and in the end all humans are lovely. It is a fact as an adult, a selfish coward and he knows them well from his current experience.

“So I decline…”

He muttered these words alone. Until they understood that these words were issued from the teacher’s mouth and it took a few seconds for the three men. However, when they understood the meaning, they stand up with reflex nerve like an animal.

“Hey, now what!!”

The first reaction was surprisingly from the pierced man. When he stands up agilely from the sofa, he is getting close to Kenichi.

“I said that I decline. Are you so stupid that you can´t understood Japanese? Start it again from the elementary school”
“Are you an joker? That girl is sold to us in this situation, so your love is dead!”

The pierced man strikes Kenichi when he cuts down the distance with several steps from point-blank range. The punch carried with speed was trained in actual fighting and not through training or exercise. The form is reckless, but the arm which has weight and was accelerated sufficiently can´t be avoided by an ordinary man who isn´t accustomed to a quarrel.

The fist which raises a growl to tear air approaches. The moment when everyone imagined a blood-stained teacher, however, the fist missed without hitting the target. Kenichi twists his body with a small movement on the spot when he totally escapes the orbit like magic.


Something made noise and pierced the body with acceleration by the force of a punch. That’s the right hand of the teacher and the arm bent into an L-shape before it runs into the abdomen near the pit. Even though the pierced man is trained, because his posture breaks and power doesn´t enter the muscle, it is certain that the pit of his stomach is hit with all one’s might as a counter.


While vomiting yellow water that has a lump in his throat, the pierced man falls down on the spot and writhes around. Because Kenichi struck him with weight, the force became the damage to just destroy one’s internal organs. Moreover, it isn´t Kenichi´s entire fist, because two (the forefinger and the middle finger) was floated a little and hit, while his kinetic energy is concentrated in one point in inverse proportion to small size of the contact area and power is increased destructively.

“You bastard! You are death!!”

When the shaved head stood up, he approached with smooth movement and threw a terrible spin kick. It is paid out as the waist of the woman by a certain thigh, the power that a bone breaks into surely if he defends it directly. His legs like a log make a horrible sound. Because there is no space behind him to avoid it and the choices are possible whether he receives it or catches it, but in either case a part of the bone will break by the kick.

But after a moment, nothing has happened.


After he hears a terrible tone similar to a scream, the shaved head holds his foot and crouches on the spot. When it’s seen, his foot bends to a strange direction and the leader understand that each of the two leg bones is broken obviously.


When the leader said so without knowing what happened, from the back of the shaved head who fell down, he saw the figure of Kenichi in his suit who pushed out his elbow and bent his knee.


The elbow is surely a hard part, but still a spin kick is engaged by force with an arm, so it is impossible to drive it back. However, Kenichi who held out with both legs and conquered the center of gravity, after he aimed at the thinnest part of the leg bone by a pinpoint at the accurate angle he swung it down to fling it from the top. The moment was delayed and his knee aimed and struck the same part from the bottom. In other words, it was broken with an elbow and knee around the leg of the monk man. The super high skill that even an empty-handed high grade person can never do『Between the feet kick kill』.

The broken foot bends to the side into which the motion vector changed was an impact that was able to be endured even when preparing. But, even the calf-bone broke as result and the foot of the shaven head had each of his two bones broken and has bent to the wrong direction.

“Fuck you…what are you doing…”

His two friends were defeated in no time and as expected the leader stands up in a hurry, too. Kenichi returns to his original posture slowly and looks back expressionless in the same way.

“It’s no joke…. That’s a fact…”

“Painfulllll! It is so painfuuul!!”
“Guauuaaaa!!! …Guuuu!”

The leader has the expression which saw his companions writhe with acute pain on the floor. Anyway those three were unrivaled on a fight and all the opponents around them were smashed. The Genkai gang is the power in this neighborhood so they are called as leader.

“It seems that you want to die very much…. I will kill you…”

When he says so with hoarse voice, the leader takes a boxing stance. Kenichi didn’t know, but the leader called Ryo is an inter-high school competition champion of the former welterweight division and he is a talented person who is able to aim for the world if he practices seriously.

“Ora! Die!!!”

The man, who excluded his limiter, hits a thought straight by precise weight movement. His speed falls from his active time, but the weight and power increases a lot. The dreadful power punch that he sank in all his opponents who fought against him ends in a blood bath until now and couldn´t recover from it.

Because there are two men groveling right and left of Kenichi on the floor, he can´t escape much with his foot. However Kenichi still exchanges the punch of the former boxer approaching at high speed with the smallest handling of foot and his physical twist tightly.

The punch which makes noise passes immediately next to the face. That grazed skin is frizzy and he feels pain and the power by which a facial prototype seems to disappear when taking on.

However, it is their talk. Although the leader´s left-handed punch also draws out continuously, he exchanges that it surpasses the speed again from the right. And next it’s the right to come again, but the upper part of his body is shifted a little to avoid that. Next is the left and then the right. Straight at that time, he also attacked from the bottom like a smash and Kenichi keeps exchanging all punches of instant death when taking on.

“This guy…is restless…”

All of them are dodged even if he thinks that he can take them on. Impatience forms gradually and more physical strength disappears. When it’s so, his temper is disappearing in his punch and the possibility that he take it on becomes zero gradually.

“…Sensei…is amazing…”

For Natsuki judging from the side, she felt deader than alive first. The pierced man and the shaved head seemed to be stronger than Kenichi, but the scene which became bloody flashed in her head and she closed her eyes first. However the dull appearance of the science teacher defeated those brutal looking men with one strike surprisingly and he still continues dodging all the punches of their leader.

“Oraa! Don´t run away!!!”

Although the punch is drawn out in succession, everything is given up. When applying one shot, it’s possible to make such a man faint and he doesn’t just win with his fist. The punch is applied with more calmness and hate, but Kenichi barely dodges with the smallest movement. There wasn´t an opponent in his active time who could do such a thing either.

“Damn it!!”

The leader´s all-or-nothing over swing ends in failure and he curses it. While he does it so this way, the speed of his punch becomes slow remarkably. Because his unhealthy life is continued after he retired as a boxer, his stamina has disappeared like water in a pierced bucket.

“Why…why can´t I hit you…”

Many times he hit punches according to the timing of the kill without fail, like that. He also used his all or nothing punch, but that thin man was avoiding that in every way just barely so that it was hateful.


While raising his arm, he is taking a boxing stance and the man is gasping for breath. His arm becomes really heavy now and by only raising it he feels tired. The room completely disappears from his face now and even a large amount of sweat drops down from his forehead. Like the time when Kenichi has come to this room, in contrasts to the leader he is expressionless again.

“What happened? Is it already over?”
“It is nothing…”

He paused and said to go ahead. In front of the existence that there isn´t a scary thing in this neighborhood, the murderous intent that can´t be restrained by the man who declares calmly has sprung. For the gloomy man who doesn´t move own his own, he licked all the things.

“You are very good…. Ayami, bring me that… ”

The blond beauty dressed in red clothes that get the order has a startled expression. When the safe in the corner of the room is opened after hesitating for an instant, a black thing is taken out from the inside and she handed it to the leader. That metallic lump isn´t brilliant and it is too dull from the light of this room.

“How long will you be able to avoid this?”

The man who lifts his lip with a twitched expression laughs. In his hand he has a M1911 nicknamed Colt Government. When the leader takes a stance with it in his hands, he turns towards Kenichi and his finger is put on the trigger.


Natsuki who sat down on the sofa raises a noticing squeal to that situation. It is a practical military gun that is used by the yakuza recently. If it is fired at close range, it would hit by all means.

“You…prepare yourself…”

The leader hasn´t shot a person before. The arm of the man holding the handgun shakes little by little tremblingly. He was mentally driven to take out the handgun, when it’s so, he can’t pull it back anymore. That the high school teacher will surrender himself and give up is impossible.

It is likely to have fainted by the pain. The pierced man and the shaved head lie down on the floor quietly the whole time. In the room which fell silent suddenly, the sound of the club is heard in the distance. Koji who lies on the floor and Natsuki on the sofa and Ayami the blond beauty dressed in a red dress lost their voices in the course of affect and coagulate.

One second, two seconds, three seconds. Time passes slowly and only the breathing tone of someone faintly who puffs and blows.


Suddenly the leader cries next to a burst sound. The launching sound of a 45ACP bullet, which becomes the roaring sound with the reverberation and resounds in the room surrounded with concrete.

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