Inma no Hado chapter 43

Chapter 43: English teacher



(One week has ended finally…)

The last member tells the end of club activities on the first day and the work for one week has ended.

Junko Yoshikawa makes a big sigh, because she arranges the documents on her desk to be ready to go home. Tomorrow she will finally get a rest and her feeling of freedom is bigger than usual.

(I ask for a appointment after a long absence at the beauty salon…)

Fatigue is accumulated in the joints of her body, that’s why her whole body feels heavy. It was the first time that being a teacher at a high school is hard work more than she expected.


When she arranges some documents, something black appeared.

It is the familiar black plastic binder, which was the circular notice which wrote the reports between teachers. It is only Midou Kenichi the science teacher and Junko were the check box isn´t checked off

Junko who took a look at the circular notice accepted the check.

(The deadline is until today…)

In addition, she was going to hand it to Kenichi on next Monday, but then she confirms that Kenichi is still on the campus by seeing his name card for an instant and therefore she decides to change her mind and to send it by herself.

Junko never usually does such a thing, she overcame herself to go on her own expressly today for some reason. Is this also the cause of the feeling of freedom, because tomorrow she has free?

Junko was wrapped in a beige tight skirt and she shakes her plump hips, when she goes to the stairs. That this action will change her life, of course she wasn´t aware of it.

When she arrived at the 5th floor, she went straight to the science preparation room. As usual the fifth-floor corridor is deserted, and it is possible to think of eerie no matter how it comes.

If it is said that it is weird, Junko remembers the gloomy face of the science teacher who she is going to meet now.

(It’s creepy, I don’t know what he is thinking and sometimes he stares at me)

Of course as for the hot thought that Kenichi has already held long ago, Junko looked through him completely and she doesn´t feel happy, not a bit of it. It is merely hateful. Junko went out with many men until now, several stellar men she has experienced, but she hates the type like Kenichi the most. She is disgusted just to hear his voice and see his gesture.

The dark corridor is unexpectedly long. Darkness seems to cling from all sites whenever she walks. It should be the same lighting as in the other corridors inside the school, but why is it so deep dark only here.

Junko is tense suddenly for some reason when she comes in front of the preparation room, before she knocked on the door roughly so that she might be ashamed of herself.

“It’s open”

Kenichi dressed in his worn-out suit stands inside when Junko opens the door and enters, but unexpectedly he has a smile on his whole face.

“Hello, Yoshikawa-sensei. Welcome it is unusual for you to come to such a place”

Kenichi says with his usual subtle and gloomy tone he talks in a loud voice brightly for some reason. Although she was bewildered for an instant in either case to only avoid trouble, Junko tells only her business and she puts the circular notice on the desk.

“Take this ”

Junko who feels uneasy for some reason, is going to return hastily.

“Well, without saying so…because I was able to just roast coffee, why don’t you have a drink with me together?”
“Ehm, I dislike coffee”

She stares coldly with her eyes through the metal frame, Junko who tries to fling and return so flatly, Kenichi presses her.

“Oh, Yoshikawa-sensei dislikes coffee…but is it strange? The other day, when I came across Sensei in the morning in Kasumicho, you were near the cafe which was famous because it could roast delicious coffee or not?”

Kenichi grins like a devil.

It’s reminded that the smile makes sense and Junko tastes the desire frozen in the place. The cafe is adjacent to the love hotel where she always meets Usami secretly and it is known certainly as a shop of which the coffee expert commutes.

“What are you talking about?”
“Noo, I felt like having seen Usami-sensei, sorry I mistook you for him…”

Junko is completely bewildered, but Junko keeps it up desperately. Anyway he didn´t step into the spot of the love affair, there should be no direct evidence.

“I have no relations and besides what are you talking about…”

When Junko says so and looking back and seeing Kenichi’s face, Junko became scared suddenly for some reason. Kenichi´s face is smiling brightly while he is laughing and his eyes are calm when he hears her reaction. His eyes are shining red probably because of the dark room.

“When you didn´t go to drink coffee, what did you do then there…”

In addition, she saw the eyes of Kenichi which remain laughing and Junko was convinced, that his man knows the secret of her and Usami.

“With that…what do you want to say?”

When she thinks so, Junko gathers her courage reversely and stares with cold eyes at Kenichi. Her strong-minded character shows itself originally and she objects in a strong tone.

“When it was so, what relation does sensei have? Sensei, you are troubled about something that happened!”

The state of Junko who lets her slit eyes burn with anger flies into a rage, while Kenichi sees it with a grin. Junko was enraged to see that expression.

“Hey! Why are you laughing! You, I’m being always judged from your vulgar eyes almost all the time! You, you are a gloomy person without a social nature like me…”

To that extent Junko utters but then she is attracted by his red eyes. She thinks he will say something, but it can’t be mentioned and her eyes are attracted by something like magnetic force to raise from brightness of Kenichi´s eyes.

Seeing from the edge, her long slit eyes inside Junko’s metal frame glasses lose their focus.

“No man…what happened?”
“Eh? …well…”

A thought dismantles it and Junko gets impatient without words coming out. However, anger gradually disappears from her body and she felt that something different began to gradually arise.

“This is…”

Emotions well up inside her body.

Even when she denies it with no matter how much reason, something all women who matured can perceive clearly. It was clear sexual desire and carnal desires that Junko feels now. To the man that she dislikes so that the very front dies, she has carnal desires.

“Su, such a thing…No…”

After Junko´s face who moves backward while suffering is seen, Kenichi has carnal desire intensely. In response to the red tentacles she is trembling. Those tentacles when seen are semitransparent which is horrifying and as having been possessed by the black emotions of the owner, they are twining around the female teacher who is aimed already increasingly.

(What…what happens to me? Aaa…strange…it’s strange by all means…)

Junko can´t see it, but her blue aura appears from her body. Although that’s blinked as the red tentacles twine around her aura and it may struggle and suffer, it gradually changes to poisonous-looking purplish red.

(After I’m making her in estrus gradually, I do it gently…)

Although her reason remains and she dislikes Kenichi, it is interesting to see her yield to her inner carnal desires and to fall. Kenichi who can control the tentacles at will now stares at the beautiful woman who kept her mind for a long time with his red eyes while laughing. At last, his time came.

“Now, please come this way”
“…Noo! Don’t touch me, Noo!”

When Kenichi advances before and clenches the hand of Junko, she resisted by her mouth intensely, but not her body. Her body which betrayed the order of the cerebrum which rings a warning flares up and begins to ache from the hot stimulation.

Junko´s body was settled in Kenichi´s arm completely when he strongly pulled her. The smell of a woman which had carnal desire can’t be put off by the luxury eau de toilette from her body and mixed together.

“As Yoshikawa-sensei thought, I look thinner in all clothes”

When it is whispered so at her ear, Junko shivers and gets goose bumps on the whole body.

“Nooo…please don’t touch me…”

While holding the limitless soft body of Junko with both hands completely, the feeling of the longed-for Madonna whom the hand wasn´t able to touch until yesterday, Kenichi tastes it while being impressed. Junko’s body brims over with the volume more than it’s seen from the top of her clothes and the heavy female body odor rises superficially from the neck of her white blouse.

“Hahaa, your body is like fuel, it trembles so much…”

Junko tries to run away desperately, her ripe body betrays her separately from her will and it becomes flexible hot more. Something like hot energy flows from the part which Kenichi´s hand touches and a low flame of passion that smoldered inside her body spreads mainly on the lower part of her body slowly. The perception of the whole body becomes sensitive and every time Kenichi’s finger moves a little, a stimulation is running through her uterus and she gets goose bumps on her white skin.

(Just because of the long silence that is very long…so…)

Junko is confused at the sudden change of her body and in order to keep her reason which is nearly poured into pleasure, she struggles while dripping sweat on her whole body. When Kenichi laughs thinly, he puts his face on Junko´s scruff, before he blows hot breath behind her earlobe attached with white pearl.


Junko in estrus makes her lips tremble with only that, before she spits out hot breath while panting. When it is licked in no time, she raises a loud voice and closes her eyes. Her fingers grasping the arm of Kenichi turn white.

“Hahaa, you sweat in such a place…”

Big drops of sweat appear on the white scruff of Junko.

“I’ll suck it up, Yoshikawa-sensei”

When the sweat stuck to the isolated white and thin scruff of Junko, Kenichi sucked it up there. The skin of Junko seems to be weak and a dark red kiss mark clearly sticks immediately. It is like the proof of the totally new owner.

“Not good…please don’t suck such a place…”

Her emotions were going to melt away and a sensitive part of her body is stimulated, so Junko raises a weak voice. For the caress of a man for the first time in several weeks, she finishes maturing and her frustrated body is muddy and melts like a candle on fire.

(It’s wonderful…it’s the best…)

In the growing weak state of the beautiful school Madonna who Kenichi has been ardently in love with for many years, he is excited incredibly. Finally, finally, finally the best woman is obtained.

Her body is violated in her dreams many times every night recently. However the sense of reality several times in the dream was splendid, too.

(I can´t withstand it…this body…)

Her 27-year-old body which passed through an abundant sex experience is soft sincerely and it is plump and matured right now and is ready to be eaten at any time. Her still crunchy pale fruits are delicious like by Natsuki and Aiko, and drool is springing out of her mouth from the body from which fruit juice like fruits from such tropics drips out.

Blood is collected in the grand organ in Kenichi´s pants and is pulsating like crazy. The black wave spreads from there and he parts where Junko is weak can be grasped correctly. Besides, his perception spreads around like radar with 360 degrees and even if someone is approaching here, Kenichi will know it in an instant.

“Nooo…not good…”

He sticks to her contra lateral scruff and makes a kiss mark there while tasting the sweat of Junko. Even if it is done so she closes her eyes, but Junko remains still without resisting it in particular. Ardent lovers will be seen if someone sees from the edge. Junko clenched her white hand firmly.

When Kenichi turns Junko’s body to the other side in his arm, her waist was held with one hand and her nut-brown hair that had been curled while drawing it was finished writing and Kenichi stuck fast to her white nape from the back.


With that alone Junko is attacked by a light acme while shaking her whole body in fear. The nape is a particularly weak part of Junko´s sensitive parts. Kenichi squeezes her honey pot to the utmost and is kissing her nape while she is blamed in a rear-entry position, and she can´t endure to the extent she closes it.

“Hahaa, you are weak here, Yoshikawa-sensei…”

When Kenichi sucked her nape and bite lightly, he lets the english teacher who closed her long slit eyes shake her body tremblingly.

“Aaa, already…stop it…”

It is cold when the autumn deepened and it is also night time already, that Junko´s body is drenched in sweat.

(Why…why is it so good…)

Kenichi is so skillful that each of his caresses is marvelous and he is thrusting at Junko´s weak point accurately so that it isn’t believed. It was Junko who has gone out with men who should be gigolos, but this is fundamentally different from such people.


Kenichi snuggles up just like a shadow from behind, although his thing warped completely, he held it to Junko’s hips. The male hot breath is felt over her beige tight skirt and Junko screams by the feeling on the crack of her hips. However, in the state that was just forced, Junko keeps still and can´t move.

“How is it compared to the vice principal, hmm?”

After all this man had known her secret! The hope of 1% is shattered and Junko becomes hopeless.

However, her body takes charge from the control of reason and feelings and there is no way in stopping it from flaring up. Her nipples get wet inside the bra cups and erect firmly, and the licentious flower between her legs opens its doors and hot love nectar is discharged slowly.

(Help me, Usami-sensei…)

Junko calls the name of her immoral partner who spends time with his family now, while the beautiful female teacher shed tears from the depths of her metal frame.

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