Inma no Hado chapter 44

Chapter 44: The man in the dream




Besides Kenichi´s firm penis is forced on the crack of her hips steadily from behind, the best beautiful female teacher Junko Yoshikawa was in agony from the ability of the science teacher who was her co-worker. In the science preparation room that was completely dark, because the curtain is closed, the female smell in heat emits from Junko´s body in the dark room.

“How is it? Hmm? It is quite a large size”

Junko feels the touch of his hot erection in the crack of her buttocks and tasted the excitement that got goose bumps on her whole body. She can only move her mouth freely, while she racks a voice getting with both a scream and a coquettish voice.

(It is quite large…)

Junko is attacked by excitement and feeling dizzy when she confirms the touch of his thing on her hips. It is pushed to Junko´s plump hips and it is so enormous that it is far apart from men she went out until now.

“Hey, please check it tighly”

The middle-aged science teacher catches the waist of Junko and moves his thing against it from side to side. Then Junko knows its sturdiness and grandness further and she is so excited that she becomes dizzy.

(Amazing…why is this so…aaa, it is unbelievable)

Although the pants and the skirt touch against each other, his thing which isn’t ordinary in hardness and thickness is understood from her current experience. Kenichi lifts her hips tightly unconsciously and he moves his dick with a stake back and forth and measures the length.

(Hiiii, this is all real…)

Junko was crazy about it afterward when she confirmed that it wasn´t a hand or a tool. Even if Kenichi does nothing, the female teacher shakes her plump buttocks done much on her own and tucks up, before she stimulates his gun like a human in a trance. She doesn´t touch it directly, something hot is flowing between her thighs from that the lower part of her body becomes hot and hot love juice begins to flow from her uterus.

Although Kenichi makes sure of the excitement of such a beautiful teacher, therefore he also tastes the intolerable pleasure. Anyway the unattainable object that he continued thinking of for a long time snorts on its own and is grinding her soft hips against his penis.

(She enjoys it, too)

Kenichi released his hold from Junko’s fearful and narrow waist, then he turned her to the front and stretches out his hand on her chest and rubs it.

“Oaaaa! Hiiiii!”

Her open elegant lips scream with that alone she shakes her whole body tremblingly and Junko who has finished being in heat tastes a light orgasm. With a large quantity of sweat and the smell of an offended mature woman, the science preparation room which isn’t small is filled densely.

“This is amazing, Yoshikawa-sensei”

This time it is Kenichi´s turn to groan.

Her huge breasts overflow in his hand and when he gives a massage to her intolerable elasticity, it changes its erotic shape. It seems to be bursting out like a rubber ball and it is unbearable to mix it thoroughly to one´s heart’s content from the side from the bottom.

“It’s really big….what is your size?”

While assaulting both breasts steadily from behind, Kenichi put his tongue on her ear hole and whispers. Junko moans in a surprising way, while she bends her white throat and came to be intoxicated by pleasure she doesn´t answer.

“I hear that it is really big…answer, Yoshikawa-sensei”

He separates his hand which is pressed between her groin and caressed it.

“Noo…don’t stop…please don´t stop…”

She looks back and while glaring at Kenichi with her attractive eyes through her glasses, Junko implores him desperately to regain his caress. The eyes and voice are the same as she showed in the dream yesterday, therefore she seems to vaporize her reason in greed which already influence her whole body.

“If you want that I continue it, answer my question properly”
“Aaah, Noo…”

This beauty stares at Kenichi with heavy wet eyes and swings her buttocks which she pushed out behind slightly, because she is licentious and beautiful so that Kenichi can’t think of her usual intellectual expression.

Kenichi torments her more persistently while being distracted by Junko. When it was his old self, he would attack her without being able to tolerate it long ago.

“What is your size, Yoshikawa-sensei…”

She was cold-blooded and looked at Kenichi who looked at her and Junko tastes the excitement from which she feels shiver and which she never felt before. That’s the masochist’s blood which flows inside all female beings and the pleasure from being conquered by a strong male.

“Aah, It…it’s 96”

In order to meet the requirements of that man, she answers him.


His caress is resumed. Since a while ago his dick is forced on her hips and he rubs her voluptuous breasts over her blouse, that´s why her whole body is roasted by the flame of intense pleasure.

One the fifth-floor, inside the science preparation room and in the school building no one remained. If a person with good hearing walked the corridor might hear the voice that panted and sobbed. However, there is neither a student walking in such a place after school nor a teacher now.

The man and woman, with who a curtain is connected while being intertwined, are standing inside the dim room.

A totally hungry wolf seems to attack the lamb from behind. However, the wolf is damp and shady, while the sheep which can´t resist while being tormented persistently, the wolf covet it little by little and is going to eat it alive.

“Nooo…please don’t bite there…”

When Kenichi bites on the scruff from behind, Junko´s back feels shivery. The pain becomes the spice for the pleasure that rages inside her whole body with doubled impact.

The middle-aged science teacher hugs the beautiful english teacher from behind, after one hand is insert into the blouse which opened completely, Kenichi rubs both voluptuous breasts of Junko steadily which are hold by a sexy brown bra.

“So much…aa, don´t massage it so much…my chest is my weakness…”

While the female teacher pants in high soprano, Kenichi´s crotch pushes from behind and rubs the voluptuous hips.

“Aah, already…that’s enough already…”

She says so and Junko blows out hot breath and implores it to Kenichi who is sticking to her scruff. Junko is made to answer various questions like in an interrogation since a little while ago.

The size of her chest is 96 H cup. Her first experience was with 14 years old and that her partner was her homeroom teacher in junior high. She has gone out with five people so far and having sex with around 10 times more. She had sex with a Caucasian and an Afro-American during her study abroad and at that time she lost her anal virginity. At present she only associates with vice-principal Usami. The opportunity was at the recreational trip of the teachers, in the room of Junko who got drunk and was resting she was violated by the vice-principal who has invaded in her room with the master key until morning. Although she would like to meet him more, because they usually meet only once a week the only problem is Usami´s wife.

A doubtful pleasant feeling according to the order of the man arises whenever she talks about her secret and her vagina route which includes nothing is squeezed and love liquid is discharged. It overflows her crotch and runs down along her legs and makes her black stockings muddy.

“It ends here, it’s already good”

Kenichi who says so, suddenly separates his body plainly. As if there was nothing he walked to his desk and sat down and he drinks the coffee which completely cooled down. Junko who is thrown out suddenly is dumbfounded without understanding the reason.

“Eh? Eh?”

“What’s the matter? You’d better go home now”

When Kenichi swears coolly, he drops his eyes to the black board in front of him. He begins to work while doing so as if there was nothing.


Her brain that was out of order, because of the sexual desire completely becomes panic.

She was determined to be held like in the past. Her ripe body wanting pleasure begins to melt and looks forward to that hot male single blow and she also ready her heart for that.

Of course she didn´t come to like Kenichi and still hates him. However, the dick of that man in front of her is really energetic, which was pushed to her hips until a while ago, so she really wants to have this sturdy and huge thing.

“…Mi, Midou-sensei…”

With a nasal voice and in spite of being agony the beautiful teacher stands there without wanting to return.

If she returns with such a body which has finished flaring up, she will surely go mad. In addition, it is too wretched to cheer up using a pseudo-penis in her lonely bed.

While finishing being completely in heat and scattering mature female pheromone from all over her body, Junko who has a super outstanding style than famous beautiful women in the high schools of the neighborhood, she shakes her body while hugging her chest with both hands.

(I don´t want to return…but, but what should I do…?)

She who is admired by many men can´t ask the science teacher for his penis on her own. Nevertheless when doing nothing just like that, she will return to her bed while having nothing.

(This…I absolutely hate it!)

The female teacher shakes her head right and left. Although there is an exceptional feast in front of her, why shall she return without eating it?

(…Even if…I already am like this…)

Junko´s expression seems to cry about her physical state.

Her chest which rubs against her bra until a while ago was rolled up because of the heat and a wave of passion spreads through her whole body from there. The touch still remains on her hips where his dick was pushed on, even her lewd vagina begins to open, and she is waiting for the invasion of Kenichi´s weapon impatiently while slobbering slowly. Even the trace of his bite which the scruff had sends stimulation that lets her have an orgasm and bakes her brain and reason.

(I want to do it…aa…I want to do it, I want to do it, I want to make love…)

Now, only the lust and the dick remain in Junko´s mind. She wiggles her body windingly and stares with a hot look at the science teacher who she wants and who sits on the desk. However, that man continues working on something calmly as if he ignores Junko´s trouble.

(Here…I want to see it…)

Junko sends eyes clinging to with the expression like a kitten thrown away to the science teacher leaving her unattended. However, he doesn´t show a reaction at all.


Junko tries it but is still ignored, so she almost goes mad from her inner greed.

(That…aa, I want that…)

The tall and stout penis which hit the crack of her buttocks, Junko wants it so much that she is dying or would kill someone for it. The moment gone through by that is imagined and her body is shaken.

When the beautiful female teacher advances before Kenichi sitting down on the chair without any affection, and knees down before the science teacher who she hated.

“Please… ”

Her body is rotated while sitting, when Kenichi turns toward Junko slowly, she understands it even from his pants clearly, there was a large dick in front of her.

“It’s that…quickly…aaa…that I want it…”

While correcting her intellectual metal frame, she stretches out both hands with the expression that was out of order because of the greed, she runs her fingers over the swelling with both hands to check its shape.

“…Aa…it is terrible…”

Junko stroke it absorbedly, while she is going to grasp it desperately, but its hugeness and his shorts are obstructive, it doesn´t readily go well. Kenichi let Junko do what she would like while seeing her state which completely fretted while smirking. Even if he is the maniac of that female teacher whom he had a crush on he can´t help it but to find it funny.

“Noo…now… ”

Junko wants to have it in her aching mouth, while she licks her bright red lips in no time, and tries to have a bite of this huge thing inside his pants.

“Hahaha, don´t be so greedy…if it’s the dick in my pants, didn´t you add lipstick on it…”

When Kenichi reproves it so laughingly, he stands up once and takes down his pants he exposes his sexual organ to Junko´s eyes.


A black thing which appeared is shaking the air by force as it seemed to hear a sound. It was Junko who at first was surprised at the size, but her big eyes are gradually opening wide.

“Hii..hiiii!! Why…why do you know that? How…?”

It is no wonder that she is surprised about his words.

On the ugly stem body where a blood vessel stood out, lets the huge thing looks like a fearful monster. The dark surface is releasing lewd liquid, and the tip is reddish pink.

The black bruise like a butterfly in the middle of his penis also opened its wing above all. It is like two peas in a pod with the thing of that man which appeared in her dream.

“Su, such…”

With the dick which tortured her in the dream cruelly the fact that it is the identical thing as in reality. Everything is understood from the shape which is exactly the same.

“You…it was you!!”
“What is with me?”

Kenichi grins like a wolf. To see the eyes of the man overlooking her, Junko is convinced without reason. The man who kept on raping her in her dream was certainly this science teacher in front of her.

This man knows the event in her dream, too!

“Hiiiiii!! Noooooooooo!!!”

The astonished squeal raised by Junko echoes in the dim space.

But before that reaches someone’s ears, she loses her energy and is disappearing into midair just like that. It was the signal to tell the beginning of the festival of meat which began from now on.

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