Inma no Hado chapter 45

Chapter 45: Red eyes



“Hey, do you want it? Touch it”

While looking down at the pretty english teacher sitting down on the floor, Kenichi orders in a rough tone.


Junko who continued screaming small gazes so that she is attracted by the red eyes, she regains her presence of mind gradually. The brightness of the iris unlike common eyes looks red like blood clearly now in the dark room.

“What’s the matter? Watch more carefully around here”

It was Junko who continued looking at his much redder eyes and when the words are heard and soak into her head, she finally pulls herself together. The overwhelming penis towering in front in that way matches the focus that became dim once more.


At first a small groan, but then a voice like a sigh is pointed out of her mouth.

Her round eyes behind the glasses are stunned by the overwhelming figure for a while, then, she stretches out her hand timidly when she makes up her mind again and she grasped it with both hands.

“It’s hard…it’s hard and thick. Something which can’t be grasped…”

Junko is overwhelmed by the male sexual organ which she didn´t see until now and she felt a dizzy impact. It lets the beautiful girl sobs many times and a suspicious power is being thrown like an excellent sword from the Edo Period.

She stretched out her hand timidly for a while, it gradually becomes bold and her original loose character is using her skillful technique depending on her expression.

“Aaa, by all means it is so hard…”

While stroking it up and down with one hand, she decides to twist the root to stimulate it. From her palm and fingers holding the penis, something gets into her body.

“How is it compared to the vice-principal?”
“…No…you are malicious…”

While glaring with sexy flirtatious eyes indulgently, Junko still doesn´t stop her indecent hand movement. Her slit eyes talk about the superiority and inferiority to implication.

Junko looks at Kenichi like a gradation scale errand frequently as if she isn´t able to endure it. In the depths of her sexy lips which became half-open, her red lewd tongue wriggles around.

When Kenichi smiles wryly, he signals her with eyes.

“…Auh ahuuu…amuh”

Her tongue is extended at once, when a blue vein squirms and traces the rugged surface, saliva that overflows is scrubbed and applied on it later. The tongue of Junko is surprisingly long and is used skillfully on the point that a man feels precisely. The semen is licked and it is sticky and she stimulates the brachial constriction of the penis with the tip of her tongue carefully.

(She isn´t really different from Natsuki and the others…)

Although the tongue work of the high school girl who tasted it in daytime was also good, the tongue of the mature female teacher is totally from another dimension. It is like another creature bringing pleasure.

(Incredible…she is quite skilful…)

Even if Kenichi fused with an Incubus and has sex every day, it is another story that he only borrows the “power” of the Incubus. Natural Kenichi is still at beginner level lacking the experience of sex absolutely.

He performs the indecent act with high school girls every day, including Tomomi their act was clumsy, he realizes it somehow in comparison with Junko´s technique that was used to sexual intercourse with a man in this way.

The hardness of the tongue is changed variously by the stimulated place and a vigorous stimulation and a melting stimulation are added freely. In that way when she goes thoroughly and hands a lot of saliva on his whole dick, she grasps it with her white fingers which were decorated red with manicure and substitutes lotion with her saliva and stroke it while raising it up.

(Aaa… amazing…amazing, really amazing…it tense so much…)

Junko tastes the excitement that lets her brain whitens.

The dick she licked and sucked in her dream, she seems to feel dizzy from the hardness and heat and the mass that the real dick has. After the hot mass is flowing inside her mouth from the part it touches, it lets her greed accelerate and bakes her reason.

The heavy smell of a male when Junko breathed it in, she almost lives lightly with that alone.


When it’ll be so, the hate for this man disperses immediately and the frustrated beauty is absorbed from the exceptional entertainment in the very front. Her body which was irritated to the brink of the ignition point even if Kenichi doesn´t use the red tentacle it takes charge without permission and Junko made her tongue crawl around his dick with her avaricious sexual desire.

In that way Junko who licked it clean with her long tongue for some time now becomes impossible to endure it anymore. She stretches out her tongue in no time and licks her lips clean. Junko dozes off as her eyes behind the metal frame finish being enraptured by sexual desire and having drained with oil.

“Aaa…already, it is unbearable…”

When she swallows her saliva, she opens her large lips which glitters with lipstick slightly and she swallows the alter ego of that devil from the tip.


While spitting out hot breath from her nose, the beautiful teacher who is the object of adoration of male teachers has the sexual organ of a man which is shaking fearfully in her mouth from her bright red lips. Her awfully hot mouth is slimy with a large quantity of saliva and is really comfortable.

“Ooo, intolerable…Yoshikawa-sensei…”

The feeling of mouth of the Madonna who was the yearning of Kenichi, lets him thoroughly enjoys the luxury which his waist dissolves in with an impression, too. Anyway men charmed by her beauty wished once that her graceful lips are holding their penis in her mouth. Junko tastes the real thing and enjoys pleasure splashing her soul.


Junko laughs dissolute with her eyes whether she was pleased with Kenichi´s reaction. The face is bewitching like a Succubus which appeared on earth.

Junko is persistent and takes it in and out from top to bottom superficially so that it may be shown off, while looking at Kenichi with an upturned glance. Although she will do that, it’s sticky using her tongue skillfully and it’s stimulated around the tip. Her pretty white earring shakes whenever she raises and lowers her face and whenever her chestnut hair hangs on her cheeks, since her hand is going up and down, she decides to show her mouth movement. Such action which arouses a male desire would also be initiated by Usami. Kenichi is jealous intensely when he thinks so and wants to ruin Junko.

(I’ll change her to my favorite woman immediately…)

A fierce drive raises her body, when Kenichi blows up his dick more, he pushes up her waist from the bottom and thrusts the throat of the beautiful teacher.


Junko made her face warp painfully, but still she doesn’t try to separate the dick from her mouth and sucks it desperately. While feeling masochist’s pleasure fascinatedly, Junko felt to be drawn towards the weapon which violated her mouth violently.

(Aaa…why…? By all means, does her mouth feel it…?)

Even if it’s felt from the fellatio up to now, because Junko sees the figure of the man pleased by her technique she was, so to speak, excited psychologically. However, it may be said that the dick which Junko feels is different from other dicks clearly now.

Whenever Kenichi´s gun is in her mouth and rubs against the inner wall, Junko felt the pleasure fascinated clearly from it. It is different from the direct stimulation that her vagina wall causes and she feels that her throat certainly is melting from the tip of the tongue softly.

(…Aaa…more, I want to feel it more…)

Originally performing fellatio for the other party, Junko becomes absorbed and goes after the pleasure. She has just finished making her elegant cheeks narrower and sucked it up crazily, when her cheeks stretched from the thing inside her mouth, pleasure is running around like a crackling in the back of her head because of it. So that love liquid may overflow when her vagina is rubbed with it, every time it violates her mouth a large quantity of saliva overflows so that she is surprised herself. After her small technique which makes the partner glad is forgotten now, the beautiful woman teacher was absorbed by a new pleasure like crazy.

On earth how long have they been continuing it? When Junko notices, her saliva mingled with bubbles will be muddy from the intense up and down movement, and it adheres to the hambone and the tip that becomes white from semen that sticks on it. The fingers of Junko holding the hambone are covered with saliva and around her lips everything is shining and wet. Her jaw comes to have become numb and can´t hold the size of the invader in, when her mouth is separated reluctantly, she even doesn’t try to increase her tongue and stops the fellatio. Kenichi looks at the greedy Junko lewdly and smiles wryly.

“Kukukuu, do you like it so much…?”

Although it seems rueful and Kenichi is seen, still that it’s sticky, she makes her tongue crawl on it.

“Keep going, lick my sack”

Junko bends her waist and licks the scrotum clean when she nods with sleepy eyes obediently. She traces it with her stretched out tongue and licks every wrinkle one by one and both balls will be made sticky by the saliva she has begun to spit out immediately.

Junko opens her elegant lips and takes one testicle in her mouth after stimulating it with her tongue for a while. With that thing in her mouth with shining lips with dark lipstick, it is unbearable to lick and her pink tongue seems to hate it. Junko grasps the dick with the right hand while continuing such a service and moves it using her wrist slowly up and down persistently.

“Ahuuuh, ah, muuuh”

The beautiful teacher gets absorbed in her indecent work while spitting out a hot sigh. When she takes the lewd sack in her clean mouth, she rubs her tongue against it with the taste that it will be dying to be endearing. Her eyes behind the metal frame lose their focus and aren´t thought except that they stimulate a source of the sperm.

“Hahaa, why it is so erotic, you…”

Junko doesn´t hear the shucking and jiving of Kenichi, while wearing a tight suit she devotes herself to taste the pleasure organ of this man.

“Lick the bottom”

When Kenichi orders so, without stopping her movement to brandish the dick in her hand, Junko crawl her tongue over the ravine road. Junko licks there with her pink tongue which moves up and down and her long tongue is being extended to the lower narrowing.


She stimulates the anus with her tongue which Junko often moves and Kenichi groans and utters a cry, too. For the beautiful teacher who was the school Madonna until yesterday, because Kenichi lets her lick his dirty ass hole, as for it, it is no wonder.

Therefore she is delighted with Kenichi’s reaction and Junko uses her tongue more intensely, besides her sharp tongue will be inserted in the anus.

The throbbing sensitive intestinal mucous membrane is licked slimily and the calm Kenichi releases muddy love liquid from the tip of his penis. It was Junko who put her tongue in and out for a while and she could make a pout lips soon and stuck on his anus averagely. While occasionally stretching out her tongue and stimulating it, the technique and passion of that beautiful teacher are higher than a high-level prostitute and Kenichi’s sexual feeling was amplified more and more.

“Hold it in your erotic mouth again”

When Junko who was stimulating the anus persistently looks up, while being a little shy from her paranoiac indecent work she did, but she still obey the instructions of Kenichi willingly.

“Aaah, it is quite large…”

The overwhelming size sticks up from the inside of her hands even if she has it in both hands and the beautiful woman puts her lips to the tip that stretched while letting her head reel.

“Ahaa, like this…”

Junko catches the love liquid that overflowed from the tip in large quantities with the tip of her tongue and it melts in her mouth and tastes it a little so that the nectar may be tasted. Junko sips the body fluid of the man whose heavy smell makes her expression enchanted and the warped penis is drawn through her hands up tightly so that Kenichi is amazed.

“Are you always so insistent? Yoshikawa-sensei…”

Kenichi looks down at the english teacher who caress between his crotch and he asks it to make fun of her.

“Aa…it is shameful…”

While dyeing her fair complexioned cheeks red, the co-worker who let himself drove mad by Junko stares reproachfully. Since the thing she has in her hand is held in her mouth shallowly, she tightens her lips and crawl her tongue on it. In that way Junko raised it and separated her mouth again and stimulates the seam and constriction at the tip of the tongue in a few minutes.

“How is it compared with other men? Hmm? Is it larger than Usami’s?”
“No, I don’t know…”

While her ear completely dyed red, it can be said that is her answer and Junko nestles her cheek against the tall and hard dick which got wet with saliva with an enchanted expression and a rain of kisses is hailing. When it becomes intolerable, the tip is held in her mouth again and the huge dick is being blamed mainly.

Kenichi is excited at Junko showing her technique like an expert prostitute and he rubs her H-cup-sized chest which Junko stuck out slowly and Kenichi stretched out both hands.


While spitting out hot breath from her nose, although Junko seems painful and brings her face near, still there is no state at which her superficial throat is stopped. Her breasts which seem to break through her brown lace bra change their shape in Kenichi´s hand softly, and her sharp nipples convey the stimulation that was crunchy in his palm. Kenichi infringes upon the big breasts of the beautiful teacher to his heart’s content.


Kenichi puts his fingers in her lace bra and plays with her erected nipples. Although that’s only the main thing, that she has sticky sweat on her forehead and has a dick in her mouth, Junko is on the floor of the dark science preparation room and she felt the ecstasy that went far inside her mind. Junko is violated inside her mouth and her heart and soul become muddy from the deep pleasure which she can´t taste from other men.


Junko reaches the ecstasy while blowing out hot breath from her nose.

(Hohou…it’s first class…)

From the sweet mouth of the female teacher who is fainting in agony good-quality energy flows into along from the penis, Kenichi was also able to perceive it clearly.

When the energy spreads in her body, all cells of her whole body is activated simultaneously. When Kenichi´s dick powers up increasingly her thought become clear and find her perception of the whole body to be transparent.

Junko, who tasted reverberation for a while, separates the dick from her mouth and sighs. However both her hands are grasping the penis well and the greed of Junko seems to be bottomless still more.

(I will fully enjoy this…)

When the hand is put to the armpit of the exhausted Junko and he sets up her body, Junko brought her lips near immediately and kisses intensely. While hugging the plump 27-year-old body which has finished being digested, Kenichi knows that the long hors d’oeuvre ends.

Now it’s time for the real thing.

Kenichi will still continue more now, because the dark night is supporting him.

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