Inma no Hado chapter 47

Chapter 47: Kenichi´s lover




The pleasure scatters throughout the body of Junko and the reverberation was tasted with excitement in the whole body. She collapses from the back of the sofa slowly and the weapon which doesn´t lose the hardness at all sews Junko´s body as ever from next of her buttocks.

(Aaaa…am, amazing…such a thing…)

The pleasure is far superior than normal which was given from the man who she associated at the moment, so that she buries her face in the sofa and the beautiful teacher with an excellent style droops. Besides, she should have spitted out body fluid in large quantities and the feeling of this man she is feeling in her vagina is still sturdy and hard so that she shivers. At the same time as Junko feels that she can’t get away from this man any more, she submitted to the power like a male devil perfectly. Who may go against this overwhelming pleasure?

“Aaa…Midou-sensei…it is great…”

Raising her plump white hips, Junko still wriggles her waist in greed windingly. The inside becomes slimy from the honey liquid and the semen which she spitted out, while her vagina meat tightens severely and squeezes the dick to the utmost, which makes an erotic noise.

“Haha…how is it compared with Usami? Which is more comfortable?”
“…Noo…that…that I can´t say it…”

The english teacher turns to the back and glares at Kenichi indulgently.

“Say because it is good…if you don´t say it, I will pull it out”
“Noo Noo! Don´t pull it out…aaa…I can´t compare it…. Yours is greater…. A thing like this…when I taste it…no other man can achieve that…aaa…”

Letting the hips which accepted the penis in greed slowly, Junko tells sweet words to her new ruler and Usami doesn´t matter anymore.

Kenichi is distracted by her really sexy expression, when he covers her from the rear and takes her lips away and sucks her tongue. After he grasps her bra which is holding her full chest, he massages it as he likes.

“Aaaaa! Boobs…I feel my boobs…nhuuuuuuu!”

The vital part of her body is blamed at the same time, and Junko is pushed up again by ecstasy with rainbow colors. While bending her back while shaking her whole body shudderingly a great deal of life energy is offered to the Incubus.

“Whose woman are you?”
“…Aaa, Junko is already your woman”

Junko says so with rapture, and tastes the pleasure with which even she is thrilled. It’s mentioned and her subordination is shown clearly and a sweet feeling of conquest covers Kenichi.

The men who Junko associated with flatter her until now and have always taken the initiative. The men are blinded by her high-efficiency body and she was always the equal above-mentioned viewpoint for a man. Even Usami isn’t an exception for that.

However, now before the power of an overwhelming real male, her body and heart are captives.

“Aaaa…I still become like this…”

After she is drummed into a whirlpool of pleasure thoroughly and although she should have released semen in large quantities, there are no states which decline at all for that feeling inside her womb and she even thinks it became rather bigger than before. Even if she tightens her inner wall hard, as if it is laughing at all, it’s being repelled.

“Do you want more? Junko”

Kenichi calls the beautiful teacher who was the yearning by name without any honorific title. The greediness of the part which still climbs all over her other self persistently is the depth of this beauty which is naturally sinful.

“Hhmm? No reply…then shall I stop it?”

When he pulls out his penis with resolution, it remains able to tower between the legs, because it didn´t lose its hardness and the waist is heavily lowered in the sofa.

“No! Not good…”

While spilling the body fluid which two people discharged from the drip and the crotch, Junko raised her body immediately and turned around toward Kenichi. Cinder still smolders inside her and her greedy body demands the next stimulation.

“No, I´m still like this…”

For the soaring that becomes muddy while having a heavy smell, Junko brings her fascinated face near and stretches out her pink tongue without hesitating, before the body fluid which hangs down and falls is being tasted.

“Ahuh…uuh, it is delicious…”

Looking at Kenichi superficially with her long slit eyes behind her silver-rimmed glasses, the english teacher who became a captive of sexual desire crawls her tongue over the gun persistently. When it’s tasted and taken completely, it is held in her mouth deeply and she drinks the semen of his dick which was in her secret garden before. Then Junko knows that the recovery of the science teacher is fast.

“Aah, great….it still is like before…”

Moving her mouth up and down deeply, it looks like Junko has finished being completely embarrassed by the meat stick. It towers in a manly way which doesn´t change with released semen on it, no it greatly towers more firmly and violates the hot mouth filled with saliva.

Kenichi thoroughly enjoys the good fellatio of the beautiful teacher and orders in an excited voice that was able to graze.

“Sit astride on your own”

She separates slightly his thing from her mouth wistfully and greatly opens her crotch on her own, before she sits astride on Kenichi´s waist who sat down on the sofa heavily. The beige tight skirt is rolled up to the waist, and the brown panty and garter belt become completely exposed to view.

“Haha, you have a good taste…how does the vice principal like it?”
“No, don’t say it…”

While rubbing herself between his crotch over the panty steadily, Junko writhes shamefully.

“…Aah…Midou-sensei, is it disliked?”
“No, it is really terrible and it suits Junko very much”
“Aah…then I wear it for the teacher from now on…”
“Isn’t it for the vice-principal?”
“It’s already good with that person…. My mind and body are yours now…”

Whispering such a thing, the long yearn beauty stares at Kenichi´s face and whispers sweet words as having been enchanted. Being indecent and moving her waist in a woman-astride position windingly, she sticks to his mouth as having been unbearable and begins intense deep kisses.

“Aaa…already! Sensei…I want you to pierce me fast!”

While rubbing herself between the crotch of the dripping wet short steadily, the beautiful woman who bites at his scruff asks for sex lewdly.

“Then, put it in by yourself Junko…”
“Aaa, you are mean…”

She seems glad about that and raises her waist while making a grudge remark and holding the huge penis sticking to the navel suddenly in her hand, she puts it inside her vagina from the side of her panty.

“Big! Big! So big! Don´t break me!”

As the extra-large dick fits inside and it crowds with its weight, Junko bends her white throat. The size and thickness of the grand meat sword which changes and tastes the angle, also tastes pleasure and feeling dizzy. In spite of getting wet muddily, Junko’s vagina is small like a female high school student and the inner wall gives incredible pleasure to the two people that intersect on the sofa.

“Ohooooooo!! Aaaa! Deep! So deep!!”

Junko makes a loud sound, because the meat spear is invading from the bottom of her body.

The vagina hole is enlarged until now so as not to have been experienced it before and although Junko feels a shameful ache which comes out of her nose, the pleasure of a thrilled masochist was tasted. The uterus which has received the large dick which is like a big whale, can´t give a voice of pleasure that the very front twinkles experience.

However, while her master covets pleasure madly, the pleasure organ of Junko who swallowed his penis also brings outstanding pleasure to the male organ at the same time.

(This is intolerable…)

This time it was Kenichi´s turn to groan.

When it completely comes in the inside of the womb of the female teacher to the root, it twines around the hambone that a complex fold buried with persistently and lets the whole vagina hole wriggle windingly. Even a little experience shows that Junko’s vagina is a first-class utensil.

“Aaa…so…so deep inside…”
“Ooou…your clamping is intolerable…”

The science teacher and the english teacher praise the performance of each other’s pleasure organ.

Both were crazy now. They don´t mind that the sofa creaks or to make noise either, so they wave their waists intensely madly, while giving pleasure without regret to each other.

Becoming the sense that melts the lower half of one’s body and united into one, they do deep kisses and stick to the big breasts in the very front and both writhed with the pleasure that became muddy.

Two indecent beasts covet each other’s bodies in the science preparation room, before they reached an incredible height while creating a spiral around them.

In the dark science preparation room sound of water and the sob of a woman can be heard and a heavy lewd smell spreads inside. On the sofa standing in the room, while shaking her plump buttocks which are pure white when seen at dark night, an indecent beauty is moving her waist windingly on a man.

The black dick is rammed from the bottom between the beauty’s thighs, and body fluid similar to white muddy jelly is stuck to the root. The man who pierces the woman in a woman-astride position sticks to her huge breasts in front of him. It is said that the breast of that woman is plentiful, so he pushes it out forward and as for her snow-white skin, a vein is transparent blue.

Dark red kiss marks were attached on some places during the interval when the man teased this beauty. The man sticks to her erected pink nipples at the tip of her breasts now and bites into it which lets the beauty cry out badly.

“Hiiiiiiii! Agaain!! Again, cuuuuming!”

After the woman shakes her whole body, she covets in climax several times with this figure, whiles her weak clamping gushes the ordinary man in a moment and turns down the hambone that she swallowed in the interior of her womb sharply and put it up. However, the man tastes such a clamping calmly, besides he tormented this beauty persistently since the beginning.

“Aaa…already forgive me…”

Junko was a woman that admitted her defeat first.

It is no wonder, that she is violated with this figure for nearly one hour now. Meanwhile, tasting countless of heights, Junko´s scream, love liquid and mind were wrung. Just as she wants to rest for a short while, a finger can be put in her anus and force stimulation.

“Aaa, No already…”

Junko is gone into mischief with her finger in her anus in the place where she was dead tired again, the anus wall which tightened is scooped out with tough gills without standing and she is falling down a slope of pleasure again. After her white throat is bent, she gasps like a goldfish insufficient of oxygen, but she is still bitter about her body which covets the climax in greed finally.

“Sensei…already, please forgive me already…hiiiii!”

The beautiful teacher of Ellis all girls high school who says so, is swallowed by an orgasm again while begging the science teacher. Dripping sweat from her plump white body, while giving off the sweet smell of a stuffy woman with the figure that agonizes, it is indecent that Junko ejaculates from that alone, when her co-worker will see it.

(It’s already the limit…)

Kenichi who tasted the sweet woman’s body which he looked at in the dream like a man in trance, but when the energy is sucked up from the female body soon, his power becomes gradually powerful and the pleasure was being controlled completely now. Even if he says so, the obtained pleasure isn’t decreased and tasting enough pleasure and good flavor of this woman’s body, Kenichi was calm and composed and attacked the beauty teacher incessantly.

But when the energy is sucked up further now, Junko from who he obtained it with much effort feels as if she is broken. In the past, when he obtains Natsuki first, he was in seventh heaven and continued teasing her to the very end until she has been worn out after all so as to have been absent from school on the next day. Since then, Kenichi has learned from it and he became prudent so that he might never absorb the energy until it was exhausted.

“Well, finally, I put it out into your mouth”
“Aaa…I´m glad…”

Kenichi pulls out his dick from the interior of the womb of Junko and sticks it out in front of Junko. The soaring that became sticky with the serious juice which he spitted out, Junko takes it in her mouth without hesitating and licks and sucks it.


While moving the penis in and out of her mouth, Junko has just finished rubbing it with her right hand and at the same time she rubs her left hand on her scrotum and massages the anus. Whenever she moves her face back and forth, her H cup chest as well as her brilliant earring in her ear seems heavy when they are shaking and she delights Kenichi for not only the sense of touch but also the sight.

“Please breasts fuck it, Junko”
“Ah, yes…”

Junko laughs dissolutely and she exposes her brown lace bra, which exposes her good voluptuous chest. Without that jam-packed meat hanging down like a balloon, she thrusts it out forward proudly. The thick cinnabar red areola isn´t very big and her nipples which seems to be sensitive erects over the tip approximately 1cm. Kenichi undressed Junko in his dream many times until now, but he is excited at the force the real thing has after all.

“Haha, your chest is enormous…”
“Noo, everything is yours…do as you want with it…”

Still when she says so slightly and proudly, Junko puts his thing that became slimy between the valley of her chest and has begun to stroke it using her hands skillfully from both sides. With the feeling of her body and staring at her with an enchanted expression, the figure of the indecent longed-for english teacher serving like a prostitute is unbearable and he groans.

“Aa…great. It remains so much…”

Even if it’s wrapped in her big breasts, his huge gun which still pushes out its head for one minute lets Junko´s mind feeling dizzy. The thing which projects roseate just as it is held in her mouth and she sucks it skillfully although having just finished stroking it by her chest.

“Oou, I put it out! Junko…”
“Aah, put it in my mouth to your heart content…”

Without being able to endure the expression that is dissolute of Junko asking for his ejaculation inside her mouth while looking at Kenichi with an upward glance, Kenichi performs a satisfied ejaculation that he endured for a while inside the mouth of the beautiful teacher who wants it so. The ejaculation which takes a long time already although it is only the second time spitted out a large quantity of viscous liquid in Junko´s clean mouth.

Junko catches the cloudiness liquid while being enchanted and swallowed all of it after she tasted it in her mouth a little. In that way she sticks to his gun which still releases residual liquid thinly and she doesn´t forget to suck it up from it.

“Muhuuuh…aah…kiss me, kiss me too…uh…”

Even if the ejaculation ends in an unbelievable way, Kenichi´s thing doesn´t weaken completely and still towers. Such a stout male symbol, as Junko was completely fascinated, she cleans it up using her tongue and throat persistently.

“Okay, it’s already good…Junko…”

Junko who kneeled down in front of Kenichi who sat down on the sofa and serves him draws close to Kenichi when she separates her mouth at long last. However, the left hand is still twining around his thing and moves up and down slowly. In front of Junko’s immeasurable looseness even Kenichi can´t help but to smile wryly.


Junko says so while being enchanted and the school Madonna bites at the scruff of Kenichi. Some physical strength seemed to have returned and the result is that he drank the special thick milk filled with magic a while ago.

“It was delicious and you were also good…Junko”
“Ah, I´m glad…my body, everything is yours…”

The beautiful english teacher completely gives up to the science teacher who she hated until just several hours ago. The pleasure that she hasn´t tasted so far she was able taste orgasm countless times so that is no wonder that she becomes captivated.

“Well, what about the vice-principal?”
“No, that person isn´t worth worrying about…”

When Usami hears her words, a confident man like the vice-principal might be surely shock. While Kenichi laughs inwardly, besides, when he lets Junko behave like a baby wobbly on its legs, she gets ready to go back and calls a taxi, too.

“By the way, do we change the place?”
“Aah, where are we going? …Hey, do you come to my house?”

Junko who walks the corridor where nobody is totally snuggles up into his arm like lovers.

“Are you hungry? So you have energy, because I’ll make you eat a lot…”
“Give me a rest what do you want to do with me?”
“…No, you are nasty…. Although I understand it…”

She should have been down by fatigue until a while ago, but her greedy carnal desires seemed to burn again. The true figure which the intelligent english teacher shows as a beautiful woman, Kenichi has no choice but to force a smile, too.

“Tomorrow is your free day…right? …Because we don’t sleep until morning…”

The deepening night is long in autumn.

In the dark night, Kenichi saved his power steadily.

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