Inma no Hado chapter 49

Chapter 49: Pitiful man




Junko Yoshikawa who is the english teacher at Ellis all girls high school was surprised at the change that happened to her body after she got up in the morning.

At first she has noticed her good physical condition. Her head and body are light although it has occurred at 6:00 am in the morning she brimmed over with energy like a later when he had enough rest.

Then she took a shower as always, so that her skin totally looks ten years younger. Her white skin with the tension to resist water is fresh and young.

She put on make-up after her meal and goes to school and she should have been surprised at the good paste. Her plump skin rises for elasticity as if it came back at the age of a high school student and the small wrinkles which increased in these past several years certainly disappeared.

Her face which reflects in a mirror seemed to become 3 or 4 years younger.

(Hahaa, is it because it is poured with a lot of androgen…)

Junko remembers her sexual intercourse with the science teacher which followed until this morning and she is enchanted by the sweet memory. The sign of her hot love affair still remains in her bedroom, because the air is filled with the lewd smell as having stagnated. An aching dull pain remains in her vagina and back gate and although she just got up by the stimulation, she understands that her body has already flushed hot.

Anyway she came for the first time to the science preparation room on the night of Saturday, then they moved the place to her home and until Monday morning and in other words, they made love all the time until several hours ago. For nearly 30 hours, other than the necessary things like a few hour sleep, meals and restrooms, they couldn’t go out of the bed all the while.

She showered three times on the way, at that time she repeated the indecent act, because she was moved by greed. After her whole body is made foamy just like a high-quality soap land hostess, she put herself on the body of the strong man slippery.

Junko is also made to take various postures on the bed and her body was bent and violated to every corner of her body. She licked the whole body of Kenichi exhaustively, too and swallowed his semen many times.

The incredibly tough man ejaculated many times in the interior of the womb of Junko, but he still was totally strong inconceivably till the last time without showing decline. The man with who she had abnormally long sex is different than the men who she went out together who moved an inch in her honey pot ending after several minutes until now, but he continued sometimes teasing her persistently and sometimes really intense so that her mind was out of order.

No, she has been already out of order.

Whereas Kenichi ejaculated many times, Junko was also pushed up by innumerable numbers of ecstasy and she was blamed through until she became dead tired. It was intense and semen was released in the rectum at the end, thereupon she fainted.

In that way it was completely morning when she noticed that the science teacher already disappeared.

(…Aaa…but, it was great…)

The experience which is too severe and dreadful to call it pleasure, but it is something she never obtained from other men. The huge dick towered without declining and Junko coveted the religious exaltation that it gave to her mouth, vagina and the inner wall of her back gate to its heart’s content. She has already become madly in love with its power.

“Aah…so good…”

The kiss marks put on her body is seen and Junko is enchanted. Although she is marked with dark red marks on her whole body by the abnormal wild beast especially, her white scruff and rich bust, but also innumerable marks are left in the inside of her thighs.

Junko returns to her bedroom where a heavy and lewd smell drifts while laughing and takes out her underwear. She chooses black panty and bra with sexy design and put it on her plump body even if she says so herself that it is unpleasant. She fastens her stockings with a garter belt and stands before a mirror in a blouse and suit with which she goes to the school.

“No way…”

Looking at the woman turning to this place in the mirror, Junko ears become red. The beautiful woman who reflects there is putting out stuffy pheromones like a lump of sex appeal and to the extent she becomes embarrassed although it’s herself.

(My face is like that…)

The face of the beauty reflected in the mirror was the face of a prostitute who wants to invite a man.

“What…the heck!”

Anger erupts unconsciously. Without anything being made at the staff room where nobody is, he is impatient since a while now.

What the hell was that, vice-principal Usami recalls the shock from this morning.

Junko Yoshikawa the english teacher who is his lover appeared in the staff room much earlier. Junko who usually comes only to the very limit, he wasn’t astonished that she has come at such an early time. It’s Junko’s state that he was surprised.

Something was different.

It isn’t possible to express it in words or to explain it and the other party there matched its skin many times. Her expression, movement and atmosphere that is given off above all from her whole body, he noticed that Junko isn´t the person who he knows anymore.

(Indeed, only a man was able to do it!)

The first thought he had was a hit embraced by another man, her contents having possibilities to change completely, because Usami experiences it many times until now. But, that was the opposite viewpoint up to now. Dyeing the woman stolen from another’s lover to his own color in a moment, Usami has seen it many times in the past.

He stole woman from another person and ate them, while enjoying that their bodies change from the inside. However, it never became the opposite standpoint and he hasn´t imagined the minor detail either.

(…Foolish! Impossible!)

His current experience and his enlarged pride deny his intuition promptly.

Even if he stole another’s lover in his life, there must never be that someone steals his lover.

Usami who made many beautiful women his thing until now has absolute confidence toward the size and shape of his sexual organ and his technique. As evidence if he embraces any woman, they became a captive of pleasure immediately. Even Junko Yoshikawa isn’t an exception for that.

(There is no better man than me!)

It is a fact and truth that he won´t hand her over absolutely.

(The fourth lesson will be over soon…)

Watching the clock, he makes up his mind a little. Even when a mail is sent many times, it has been ignored, so it is necessary for a direct meeting to talk with Junko today.

After he looks at Junko who he saw this morning, his spotted blur and black desire were stimulated by her wonderful body once more. The black suit which just stuck to her body reflects every inch of the contents and Usami begins to slavers.

(That body is mine)

The black desire is his lust and monopoly desire. Her gorgeous body belongs to him and he won´t hand it over to anyone.

When Usami confirms the class schedule of Junko, he leaves and begins to walk in the corridor. His figure which is thrown away by a woman is enthusiastic about the regret like he was a miserable stalker.

On the fifth-floor in the science preparation room of the school building, the panting of a girl and indecent sound of water sounds as usual. It has completely become a daily occurrence already and of course the abnormality can´t be slightly reduced either.

Anyway, four high school girls cling to the man in the suit who sits on the sofa and the erotic act is being repeated since a little while ago. Two students who sat down on the floor put their mouths from left and right on the dick which towers between the legs and they make full use of their small mouths and long tongues to lick and suck the big dick.

As for the other two students, they cling to the scruff of the man from both sides and exchange kisses in spite of being dependence in turn. All four beauties look entranced and writhe while depending too much on the impudent expression of the science teacher while crying out.

Midou Kenichi who is the center in this room enjoys the pleasure from the four students since some time and absorbs the sexual energy from the four beautiful girls who occasionally shoot it out. It is radiated in all directions so that the black wave may pulse from the whole body in every case, because its size is wrapping the entire school building.

(It has become interesting…)

The science teacher, who mutters so in his mind grins.

The wave is working like so-called radar and all information on the area it reaches is being sent to Kenichi. The “power” given from the Incubus, let him hear the conversation where he isn´t physical present.

It was the conversation in the english classroom.

『You know, will it be good? Junko』
『Please, stop this already vice-principal』

It was the conversation of vice-principal Usami and Junko Yoshikawa. After the vice-principal called Junko who dislikes it to the english classroom on the 3rd floor, he approached her frequently. Of course he doesn´t hear the conversation of two people. However, from the acquired super sense, the conversation between them whose distance shrinks, he can understand each word exactly.

『Because you are also determined, I would do it with such an appearance』

The vice principal who called the female teacher who is his lover picks a quarrel persistently while violating the body of Junko who wore seductive clothes with his eyes. But in Junko’s eyes which became completely Kenichi’s captive already, Usami is only a disgustful ordinary middle-aged man, which can be understood very clearly in this way even from far away.

『I have nothing to do with the vice-principal anymore!』

The vice-principal stretches out his hand while smirking, but Junko avoids it and answers decisively.

『Hey, why are you so angry? … Why, you were silent for a long time because I was injured, which there was no help for it…. On the other hand, because you improved a lot, let us fully love each other today….』

The lecherous Usami says so while licking his lips and is full of confidence, when he is approaching the school Madonna. Because he hadn´t sex with the other party recently, he seems to think that Junko sulks. He always has confidence in himself, but when it’s the manner of the understanding which seems to be Usami, Kenichi gives a bitter smile.

『Please don’t come here. Besides I, I won’t associate with you anymore! 』

Junko declares so coldly and tries to leave the english classroom.

『… Hey…why do you play so much? Is it a new play?』

For the vice-principal who still runs after her obstinately, while Junko is making a disgusted demonstrative with her body, she declare it flatly to Usami.

『When you haunt me further, I will expose everything to your wife!』
『…Wait a moment…hey wait…! Junko!』

Without looking back toward the dumbfounded Usami, Junko closes the door intensely with a slam and leaves. Realizing the seriousness of the situation finally and Junko’s threatening attitude, Usami nestles in utter amazement in the english classroom alone.

(Kukuu…it serves him right…)

The attitude that always holds him in derision is taken, this man who talks big using his authority and scatters which Kenichi hated.

(Expose it to my wife…. Come to think of it my wife was a former mistake somehow…)

The pride of his wife and child is similar to the seat of sake, so it has been told endlessly by Usami.

The story was that Usami’s wife was a former student and she seems proud of her beauty and figure which are to the extent she also won in a beauty contest. A picture of her has been seen for an instant once and Kenichi surely remembers that she was a beautiful woman as a quiver comes.

(Haha, whether he has a beautiful wife soon…)

Kenichi grins and shows a devilish idea.

“Sensei…you are thinking about a bad thing again…”
“No…who do you want to eat this time?”

The beautiful girls snuggle up from right and left and have a wicked smile on the face. Natsuki Kurosawa and Aiko Kawashima are completely raped by the poison of the Incubus and their gesture and expression grow up in debauchery so as to hardly think they are 17 years old.

“What is it…グショグショじゃないか」

Kenichi stretches out his hand right and left and grope between the panties of Aiko and Natsuki, those places become muddy by the viscous liquid put out in quantities and is also indecent and climbs all over his fingers which the plump 17-year-old vaginas released.

“Aah…Ruriko-senpai, switch with me…”

The penis which towers ignominiously is occupied by the third year senpai, while first year Rio Hasegawa is protesting superficially since some time now. Asakura Ruriko who shows shame to such an act mostly continues her hot fellatio today so as to be obstinate and she also monopolize it all the time since then.

“Ruriko-senpai…don´t pretend to clean it, actually I wanted to do it very much”
“Yesterday on Sunday, I was waiting for the call from Sensei all the while…”

The voice of her underclassmen isn´t heard either and Ruriko who is a lady of a respectable family is sucking the dick with single devotion.

At that time, the sound of knocking against the door is heard in the room.

It was a sudden turn of event for the beautiful girls, but they regain their mind when they see their important science teacher isn´t upset at all and just continue their indecent service like usual.

“Sensei…who is it?”
“Noo…moreover, is it a new girl?”

Of course Kenichi knows who came for him since a long time now. As for Kenichi not knowing what is taking place in this school, doesn´t exist. From the radar of black wave no one can escape.

(Just in time…she is completely in heat…without a bottom in sight…)

Although she should have been violated all the time until this morning, the beauty on the door is already full of desire. In the greed without a bottom of the mature woman, Kenichi is amazed rather than being pleased.

“…Excuse me…”

The knocker hesitated for a while for an answer, before opening the door and coming in while speaking with a small voice. A poisonous-looking red aura goes up from the whole body of the beautiful woman and she clearly stared at Kenichi`s red eyes.

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