Inma no Hado chapter 54

Chapter 54: Competition for beautiful sister’s taste




Kenichi pulls his dick out from the interior of the womb of Rena who is exhausted and Junko who sticks fast to it immediately licks and sucks the vomited body fluid of Kenichi and Rena. Without minding the viscous and smelly liquid of the man and woman, she catches it with her long tongue willingly to lick the sweet honey.

Natsuki on the other hand sticks between the legs of her elder sister and she sucks out Kenichi´s sperm from her vagina. From the interior of Rena´s womb, a large quantity of muddy liquid begins to flow when she strongly breathes it in, therefore Natsuki seems happy to swallow the love liquid mixed with blood.

Kenichi´s semen which is filled with the magic of the Inma is a drug for them.

After enjoying the after play for a while, all four people took a bath because their bodies are drenched with sweat. The bathroom of the Kurosawa household is luxurious and spacious and even if four people enter, there is enough space.

When they enter into the bathtub with the dead tired Rena, life returns to her pale face and her cheeks are also blushing slowly. Rena becomes really obedient at that time too, while being held from behind and being enchanted, she enjoys that Kenichi´s hand is crawling around her body. And when his lips are added, she seems to be happy.


Kenichi is sucking the tongue of the youth while rubbing her breasts and discharging sweet and muddy saliva subtly, before Rena answers to Kenichi’s desire with absorbed interest.

“Aan, great…that sex was so good…”

While turning around and whispering with an enchanted voice, she snorts flourishingly and asks for a kiss. Kenichi gives his saliva as answer and Rena gets rapturous, while drinking and slurping it. This pleasure burns her reason and the 20 years old pretty female university student suddenly has been a captive of the middle-aged teacher.

“Aah, I love it…I like you very much…can I call you Kenichi?”

Rena is looking at Kenichi with hot eyes like a lady who is in love and whispers her crooked love eagerly. She received the sperm of the devil twice in the interior of her womb, so she has changed to a completely different woman.

Three beautiful women who are different in age get out of the bathtub and use their whole bodies which became full of bubbles to wash every corner off Kenichi´s body carefully clean. Six breasts of different size are pressed on him, 6 hands and 30 fingers crawl around the body of the Kenichi who enjoyed the super luxurious bubble dance that was higher than a high-quality soap.

“I’ll make it better…”

Junko laughs and kneels down in front of Kenichi, before she uses her big H cup breasts which were fully of soap. Rena and Natsuki rub their whole bodies which became clammily with foam and continue their erotic service to compete against each other.
When he gets out of the bath, a well-informed maid would probably prepare something to eat for Rena and Natsuki, but Kenichi ate the dinner which cooled down by him. Lust is accelerated for the women and their appetites are low, so they grabbed Kenichi´s groin all the time during the meantime without eating.

“Now my belly is also swollen, so let’s continue”

All three beauties rub their three tongues which are different in feeling on his thing, before they look up at Kenichi with flushed eyes. Everyone went to Rena´s room by her guidance, where every corner of her room was properly arranged by this female university student and a wide queen-size bed was standing there with a pretty race cover so that more than one person can sleep inside.

“Huhuu, to pull a man into your room at the time without your parents, you are a bad university student”
“Aah, such a thing, please don’t say it…”

Rena who feels embarrassed plunges into Kenichi’s chest, which was the beginning of a party with indecent carnal desires.

Kenichi lie on the bed and let the women do what they would like to do first. These three beauties go mad about their lust, while benefiting him with beer when he feels thirsty and they licked his whole body clean first.

Spitting out hot breath, while whispering that they can´t withstand it, they licked and sucked every toe. Although they wanted Kenichi to insert his dick inside them, they were moved by a strong impulse to serve this stout male like a slave.

The room which was soaked with the bittersweet body odor of the 20-year-old woman is choked with the lewd smell so as to be offended. Kenichi´s whole body becomes sticky with sweet saliva at that time and kiss marks and sweet bite traces were attached from head to foot everywhere.

“Gradually, it is fine…”

When Kenichi who became unbearable says so, Natsuki quickly extended her waist over gladly and hooked his penis that bent into her young vagina in no time and rose.

“Nhuu, aaaaa!”
“Aah, you are really cunning…”

Her elder sister and the female teacher who uttered a dissatisfied cry glanced at her, after Natsuki swallowed the penis on her own and her waist was shaken from the beginning by opening completely like in horse riding position and she moved it.


From the pleasant sensation which is rubbed intensely while tightening up, Kenichi tasted the excitement which is to the extent that his back has gooseflesh, instinctively, too. Anyway, his whole body was licked by three people for more than one hour and the voltage of the excitement is also rising to the limit of the vicinity.

“Cum, cum! Sensei!”

Natsuki was agonizing herself as she shook her waist and was enthusiastic for a while, until her small-sized vagina was tightening steadily while blowing out smelly breath and tasted the deep ecstasy that her body is tearing apart. The energy is flowing according to Natsuki who is reaching climax and the excitement still can´t be controlled, that’s the reason that the middle-aged science teacher hammers a large quantity of sperm into the vagina depths of this high school girl.

After semen is released inside her body, the exhausted Natsuki is pushed aside, before Junko takes out Kenichi´s dick which became slimy. She seems to love it very much and cleanse his meat stick which became sticky with her tongue and in addition she sips and drinks the sperm which stayed inside Natsuki´s secret flower.

Even after the third ejaculation Kenichi´s penis still erects in a manly way without losing its hardness. Originally Kenichi´s energy was strong, but this is still abnormal.

However, whenever he absorbs the energy of the three beauties through his penis, there is the sense that his huge physical power station raises a growl and he feels like as if he has no limits.

“Aaa, it is unbearable already…”

The beautiful english teacher has a senile face and sits astride on Kenichi, with the meat pillar which towers boldly in her hand she leads and put it inside her secret meat which has finished melting away.

“Naaa! Ammaazziinngg!”

From the sense that the vagina way where Junko has finished being irritated is extended by force so as to be cold-hearted, she squeezes her throat and screams, while tasting her first orgasm. The huge meat sword breaks open the passage that is narrow without a pardon and it rubs against the aching inner wall without any gaps.

While stabbing the female teacher in the woman-astride position from below and the good flavor of the honey pot which is hot so that Kenichi burns himself, she makes it to about to drip slaver for entertainment of the fold that undulates and twines, before it pushes up the depths of her womb where Junko has finished swelling up without a pardon.

“Hiiiii! Again, Cum! Cuuummmiiinnng!”

While wiggling her white naked body that gets wet with sweat and shines, Junko is pushed up incessantly by her orgasm and a large amount of combustor is vomited. Her 96cm H cup breasts glitter from the sweat and shake in front of Kenichi who is grabbing them unintentionally and bites her nipple lightly, while Junko shakes as if she wants to scold him, but she is indulging in a deeper pleasure.

Her face is so sexy, when she took off her glasses, her eyebrows are raised tightly when her vagina is pierced and it is unbearable to be in agony, while brushing the sex center of the man.

“Aaaaa…hey, by all means…why do I feel it so much? Why is it so with you…”

Turning her waist to become the character “の”, Junko who is enraptured asks with a sweet face. Occasionally she is closing her eyes to feel the light acme that raised her pleasure.

“No, it’s hateful…only I feel it so much…. Hey, Kenichi is it also pleasant for you?”
“Yes. Junko´s pussy is nasty and sticky, while it is climbing all over my thing which is unbearable”
“Ah, like that? Does it become better if I do it in this way?”

Her wet secret meat consumes Kenichi´s dick inside her womb greedily. Junko waves her waist to her heart’s content while doing so she tastes pleasure absorbedly.

Including Usami, every man she associated with up to now ejaculated as soon as they enter inside her secret garden and therefore Junko was enduring using her waist on her own. However when it is a tough man like this devil, it is possible for her to use her waist as much as she like.

Junko also has neither refrain nor shyness, when she shakes her waist with desire. Kenichi also loses himself and catches Junko´s thin waist, which is raised mercilessly from the bottom.

“Nhiiii! Kenichi´s thing is big, it is included inside my stomach were it is running wild…. No…so much…,it pierces me so much…!”

While smiling her slit eyes are tasting pleasure, so that Junko arouses the eccentricity of the man and keeps being in agony when wiggling her body. Natsuki and Rena can’t copy this part, which is the reaction of a mature woman.

Kenichi lets Junko wander in heaven by pushing his dick up to his heart’s content for a while and Junko covers up her sweaty body while blowing out a rough breathing, when she kisses Kenichi. Kenichi is squeezing her breasts as if he wants to divide them and the figure which wags her waist in greed can’t be imagined from Junko´s appearance when she is teaching in the classroom at daytime.

“Kukuu, how shall I do it Junko? Do you want me to love you more?”
“Uhuh, Kenichi…love…I love you…, I love you…. Therefore, love Junko even more…”

The bottom of her heart in this state has finished being embarrassed and is whispering it to Kenichi indulgently, which is that the female teacher confesses her crooked love to her co-worker in front of her student. Since nearly half an hour she has his dick inserted inside her, while her greedy body seems to intend to covet in pleasure still more.

“No, Sensei… it is my turn soon…”
“Aah…Kenichi…Rena would like to eat, it too…”

It is indecent, that these beautiful sisters cling to this copulating beast and pester him by themselves to have sex while blowing out hot breath. These four bodies become slimy with sweat and saliva and body fluid which gushed out and dark red kiss marks are scattered on their whole bodies.

(This is the best…)

Kenichi pulls out his penis from her vagina hole which is wet, while throwing down the beautiful limbs of the university student and Kenichi falls into the luxury of harem sex.

Anyway even if he keeps on blaming one until they become dead tired, he keeps being accompanied with another woman, to recover and he can enjoy it beyond comparison than plainly sex for a long time, because he easily absorbs a lot of energy from them.

“Hiiiii! Again! Aaaaa! Intolerable!!”

Holding the female university student’s resilient hips, he attacks the depths of her vagina and the gravure idol screams while grasping the sheet.

But then a Smartphone put on the desk sounded. It was Rena´s phone.

Signaling her with his eyes while violating Rena from behind, Natsuki takes the Smartphone of Rena while giggling. The caller’s name was the name of a man.

“Aa, Onee-chan it’s from your boyfriend”
“Noo…stop it…”

The small devil which confirmed the name of the elder sister’s boyfriend on the display pushed the telephone call button while laughing nastily and furthermore, she carefully pushed the speaker button. She brings it close to the ear of Rena who is violated in the rear-entry position.

“Noo! Stop it!”

However, it is late already.

『Hello, Rena?』
“…U, uh…what’s the matter?”
『What´s the matter…I wanted to talk to you, because we didn’t meet recently』

The voice of her boyfriend through the telephone is heard well by Kenichi. While admiring good performance of recent smart phones, Kenichi aims with his huge penis at the place Rena feels most.


Although Rena tries to hold her mouth with her hand and to endure it desperately, she can´t prevent a scream to leak out. Her voice would surely reach the caller.

『Hello? What happened? Was there something?』
“…It is nothing…aaaa! Hiiiii!”

The scream surely might have been heard this time, therefore does the voice of the man sounds hollow and rises. Ironically, even if Rena is in such an abnormal situation, no, because she is in that state, she reaches the pleasure given in response to the perceptiveness in an instant.

『Hey! What do you do! What do you do now…hey, that’s impossible, you!』
“Nooo! It is different! It´s different!! This, it is different! Nhiiiiiiii!”

While Junko laughs with couscous, she put her pretty finger inside the narrow rear hole of Rena who comes to have gotten an electric shock and screams. Tightening Kenichi´s thing that she swallowed in the interior of her secret flower tightly, she squeezes her throat in richly colored pleasure and is drowned.

『You, are you possibly with another man! Hey, what are you doing! You are my girlfriend!!』
“…Aaa, I’m sorry…I´m soorry…but, but…aaa thing like this…a thing like this, aaaa…more, more…hiiiiii!!”

Taking the opportunity, Kenichi uses his red tentacles completely to raise the sexual feeling of the female university student to the limit. Rena´s boyfriend is hearing her who keeps raising a pleasured voice while vomiting a rough breathing.

『You! Stooop it! Stop it! You, are you knowing what you are doing!』
“Aaaaa! Not good! There, there, is not good! Again, again I´m cumming! Cuummiing!”

With the yelling voice of her boyfriend who is audible from the speaker and hearing the scream of the pleasure that Reina raised pleasantly, Kenichi infringed the vagina of the female university student.

So that Kenichi spits out his profound desire, he tasted the bodies of the three beauties to his heart’s content. When bending them as he liked, he had sex with them in various positions and his meat stick arrived in every corner inside these three secret spots, while he kept blaming them until they became dead tired.

Letting his fingers move fully on the breasts of Junko and rubbing them steadily, he ejaculated finally inside the vagina which had convulsions and the clock showed that it is 3am already.

In other words, after staying in Rena´s room at 10:00 at night, Kenichi would taste the pussies of these three beauties endlessly for five hours. Meanwhile, Kenichi´s penis is wrapped in the sweet mouth of one of these three beauties or inside a vagina all the time.

Meanwhile, with the ejaculations inside Junko´s and Natsuki´s womb, the onetime inside Rena´s mouth, when they played in the living room surprisingly it is calculated that Kenichi ejaculated 5 times in this night.

However, he absorbed an innumerable amount of energy spitted out by these beautiful women in the meantime and even after the fifth ejaculation, Kenichi´s penis was still erected.

Three people who are worn out so as not to be able to stand up from the bed are left inside the room filled with the lewd smell, when Kenichi went away. He walked with flying steps at late-night at the residential area, before he picked up a taxi and went home.

But that isn’t the end yet, there is still time before dawn.

Still in the dream world were Aiko greatly opened her legs and was waiting, while being able to tower between his groin, Kenichi let her body melt into the world of darkness.

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    • He doesn’t do it during his classes. He’s a *responsible teacher*. If girls want to want to skip others’ lessons to please him, that’s not his fault *shifty eyes*. He just does it during the morning, breaks, evenings and nights.

      Also, for the most time, not in sight of any other males.

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