Inma no Hado chapter 58

Chapter 58: Married couple’s bedroom




After his body is separated from the exhausted and pretty married woman, Kenichi takes a beer out of the attached refrigerator and quenches his throat while looking down at the white nude body lying on the bed. Her white skin that may come off is dyed pink from the excitement of the love affair and gets wet with sweat, while it seems to give off pale phosphorescence light.  Miho shed the body fluid which Kenichi spitted out slowly between her crotch, which shows the trace of their fierce night.

Suddenly Kenichi’s cell phone rang.

“Hello… ”
『Aa, Kenichi-san…』

The voice of the caller belongs to Junko Yoshikawa who was the english teacher of his school. Junko did Kenichi’s order today, according to the invitation of vice-principal Usami who is Miho’s husband she went to the love hotel.

“Aaa, how was it…?”
『Yes…I did according to your order…entirely according to schedule…』

Junko reports it to Kenichi in a too sweet voice.

『As Kenichi says, Because I gave him one cup of beer with the sleeping drug at the time of meal, while I took a shower, he has slept. …Huhuu, when I came out, he leaked a big snort and shall still sleep well at this time in the love hotel…. How was she…?』
“Aa, the body of this good married woman, I enjoyed it…”

While watching the nude Miho who fainted and doesn’t stir, Kenichi grins. On her white naked body, because there are dark red kiss marks everywhere, it will come out as soon as Usami sees them.

While hiding a mutual secret and imagining Mr. and Ms. Usami meeting each other, as for Kenichi, it is a toast to his gloomy joy inside this dark room at Tokyo hotel.

Showing off the affair spot of her husband, Kenichi called out to Miho who was upset suddenly. While Kenichi brings Miho to the hotel and has sex with her afterwards, Junko adds a sleeping pill to Usami´s beer and puts him to sleep and leaves the vice-principal just like this.

So, for now, it is the end.

『Then, if all went well by you…how was the taste of the married woman?』
“…Huhuu, she was really delicious…she is soft and doze”
『Aah, I hate it…Kenichi…』

At the other side of the receiver, Junko spits out a hot sigh.

『My body, after it’s thrown out incompletely, it´s unbearable…. Hey, I’d like you to come here now….』

Junko becomes a frustrated mass and she seemed to suffer from mental anguish inside her room since she returned from the hotel. The Breath she blows out was slightly rough, while hearing the voice of Kenichi, she comforts herself.

『I didn´t allowed that person to kiss me or to touch my body…』

She once loved the vice-principal, but now she only sees a disagreeable middle-aged man since she became Kenichi’s captive. If it wasn´t a request of Kenichi, she wouldn´t go to the love hotel.

『Hey…Kenichi’s hot one, I want it…hey, will it be okay? Because I will service you a lot until morning….than this married woman, because I let you feel good all the time, a…』

Junko couldn´t hold it anymore, she is vulgar and pesters her love over the telephone. When Kenichi hang up and sees his dick still full of power, he drinks up his beer and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

In the morning of the next day Miho’s feeling was worst, when she got up.

She saw the affair of her husband last night and was upset, and then she walked into a teacher of the school of her husband and committed the unchastity for the first time. In the night she noticed that she was naked and lie on the bed of the hotel, her affair partner disappeared.

When she went home with a rather cruel feeling so that she feels like crying, her husband hasn´t yet come home and she was relieved, but on the other hand, quiet anger has welled up, before she crawls into her bed without taking a shower and just falls asleep.

Her husband comes home in secret early in the morning when she notices it incidentally and after asking her something gently, he just changed his clothes immediately and left. Probably he would go to the school without sleeping at all. While Miho doesn´t know it, a sob was leaked and she cried.

When she wakes up at around 10 o’clock after she dozes off, she gets up slowly and to take a hot shower, she goes to the bathroom.

(I hate it…such…)

Miho blushes in front of the mirror.

Naked, she checks herself in the mirror and the remains of her love affair last night were clearly left there. In many places on her white naked body, there are kiss marks which she identifies immediately, especially, the inside of her thighs and her voluptuous rich bust and she was lucky carefully so that it might be said that she was paranoiac.


That becomes the cause and she remembers last night´s affair. The touch of his stout dick still remains inside her vagina and seems to still have heat.

(With a person who I hardly know, doing such a thing…)

She remembers yesterday’s foolery and at the same time she becomes red as a beet for shamefulness, while her nipples and clitoris react sensitively and show themselves immediately. Miho turns around to the back and a red hand- print is still left on her buttocks slightly.

(…such…such, it was done so roughly…)

Muddy love juice overflows, the moment she remembers having sex with such a wild beast of a man and as having touched a electric current of high voltage when she touched her wet and erected nipples, her body reacts fearfully. It clearly remains in the interior of her eyes, those red eyes she glared at.

(Th, this…)

The body of this virtuous married woman has been changed completely by her affair with this devilish man. Her body into which deep sexual pleasure was drummed in has bloomed in joy of having sex, while Usami doesn´t know it.

(Useless, it’s useless…this…)

Miho blows out rough breath and recovers from the temptation of masturbation somehow, before she took a hot shower. However, when the water jet hits her nipples and clitoris, there is no other way but to feel it and she keeps wiggling her body while taking a shower and being in agony.

Next, when she attaches the soap and washes her body, as if it is laughing at the feelings of Miho who was depressed, ecstasy wells up from her whole body and she gasps for breath, after she left the shower room.


Her legs go through new blue panty and a voice leaks out when the lining is hit. Next she put on the bra and it touches her erected nipples, which awakes a weak ache and Miho wants to sit down on the spot. On a weekday this married woman fell into a sexual excited state that she couldn´t believe to be happen at home.


At the time she was going to have breakfast slowly, the chime of the front door rang. Miho doesn’t want to meet anyone with such feelings, but she goes to the entrance hall unwillingly.

“Yes, who is there…?”
“Oku-san, it is me…”

Although it should be locked, a man stood on the earthen floor of the entrance during that time. To hear the face and voice, Miho´s face becomes pale in that instant.

“Aa Aa…”

In front of this surprised woman, Kenichi began to talk slowly.

“It was fun yesterday, Oku-san…”

Ignoring the stunned Miho, he closes the lock of the entrance door which is behind m and he grins, while taking off his shoes. Miho looks at Kenichi, those red eyes, let a shiver run through her back.

“Vice-principal, did he come back to the house? He had come to the school very early and he seemed somewhat sleepy…”
“Noo! Noo! Don’t come in…”

However, when Kenichi goes up to the entrance hall, Miho moves backward, while being cornered and cut down his chance slowly. Without using the magical power of e Incubus today, Kenichi intends to rape this beautiful wife who is shy with keeping her reason.

From the start she would run wild, while insulting him, but when the rich sensuality of this mature woman begins to melt, her body and heart will yielding to the man besides her husband. Kenichi thinks like that and his giant penis that let Junko cry from yesterday night until this morning is in battle state already inside his pants.

“Oku-san, you seem to be worried about something, that’s why I came to see you”
“Noo! No Noo!”

Miho who dislikes him ran down to the corner of the hallway and after her shoulders are held by Kenichi, he kisses her nape quietly.


Miho raises and bends her white throat and a high soprano scream is thrown out. Her body which looks thinner in clothes is hugged, but Miho winds her body to escape and her resistance gives Kenichi a chilly excitement.

“Hey, as for me, I want to get along well with Oku-san, I´m ecstatic since a little while ago”

From the feeling of his sturdy meat stick forced against her hips wearing a skirt, Miho remembers yesterday’s vivid feeling of expansion and friction, while she tries to overlook and stop herself to be poured into pleasure. However her full matured body which flourished completely, as if it is laughing at her effort, spit out thick fruit juice from the interior of the womb and polluted her blue panty.

“Today everything you dislike, I’ll make you forget them all…”

The next move of Kenichi was by licking her ear, so she loses all her strength and he moves instantly by putting his hand under her flared skirt. Although her thighs tighten panic, his rustic finger creeps in from the hem of her shorts.

“Huhuu, isn´t it already completely soaked…”
“It is a lie! N, Noo!”
“Is it really a lie…. You make it muddy so much…your body is very honest”

Every time his finger crawls between her crotch, Miho´s body jumps around like a young sweet fish. And Kenichi shallowly holds his finger in her vagina that melts and collapses and it is the nature of a sad married woman to tighten up. It reacts miserably, Miho´s ripe body. (TL note: )

“Forgive me already…”

While keeping her reason, after she was teased by a younger man on the hallway of her home, Miho is aware of herself being a married woman. However, the seed of pleasure driven into the interior of her womb yesterday sinks into her ripe body and she looks forward to have sex with this wild beast attacking her from behind.

(Not good…more than this…I can´t betray that person…)

Miho shakes her head right and left. Her reason is desperately raked up and she tries to resist the tentacle of lust which undermines her body desperately.

(Hehee…the married woman who dislikes it, why is it so erotic…)

Miho is different from the former women, this virtuous wife tries to resist Kenichi’s pleasure and although he was surprised, the excitement with which he is thrilled was tasted. Anyway the power of the devil that dwelled in Kenichi´s sperm makes women who received it in the interior of their wombs its captive and all of them spread their bodies on their own immediately.

So a woman who resists until the end like Miho is new and Kenichi experiences joy of letting this wife cum freely.

(It’s unbearable, this woman…)

He intended to throw her away first as soon as he ruined vice-principal Usami, but the good flavor of Miho was more than expected and Kenichi has decided to keep this good-looking married woman at his side irrespective of Usami. Her soft body which is in agony for a long time and the aroma of such a sweet woman drifts from Miho´s sweaty body and stimulates the animal desires of Kenichi.

After he sticks on her white scruff like a leech and his middle finger is inserted in the vagina, Miho screams, but she bends her waist, because she tries to escape from the stimulation caused by his finger.

“Not good…stop it…already, please forgive me already…”

Kenichi´s other hand grasps her breasts which became quite empty and when he rubs her voluptuous breasts, Miho pants and tightens the finger inside her secret garden.

(Aaaa…so, someone help me…)

After she is tossed by Kenichi´s skillful caress, the body of the married woman blazing since yesterday drives recklessly regardless of her own will. Now that she was betrayed by her beloved husband, for Miho the person who everyone clings to is gone, it was possible for her to pray for her fate towards God.

After making Miho, feel good only with his finger many times in the corner of the passage and holding her exhausted body, Kenichi took her into her bedroom which was on the second floor.

“Noo! Not here!”

Being able to look at the bedroom of the married couple, the married woman turns red and feels embarrassed. When she is thrown down on the double bed on which her perfume from last night floats, her flared skirt is rolled up and her plump white thighs become bare.

“St, stop it…not here!”

Being violated on her bed by a different man than her husband, Miho sheds tears and implores Kenichi desperately. However, Kenichi attacks this married woman like a black beast and pulls off her shorts which became dripping wet and holds his dick against her ass at a stretch.


Although it finishes getting wet and mixes with his huge thing, the tight passage of Miho is torn open and she screams because of a sweet ache. Kenichi dick is occupied tight in the inside and when her womb which contained heat is raised heartlessly, Miho shakes her spotless white ass and gradually waves her waist back and forth to match it with this intense stab.

Her weak point that Kenichi saw through precisely by their one night stand is raised, while he laughing.

“Hey, what would you do if I attack here?”
“Nnn, Hiiiii! Cuuuming!”

She is played around by the barbarous sex of Kenichi and this married woman with the too sensitive body indulges to the waves of ecstasy in no time. Far from being equal to the thing from last night, the pleasure is more intense. Kenichi plays around as if he laughs at Miho who tries to resist desperately. Kenichi laughs satisfactorily, while insulting the interior of her womb where the married woman festered with the above-mentioned cruelty than last night.

“Aaa…al, already forgive me…”

Miho who wore wrecked clothes and underwear on her sweaty body was swallowed by innumerable heights and comes to gasp for breath and begs Kenichi to stop. After she is played around more than one hour, she opens her crotch again now so as to come to have pain in the root of her legs, when she swallows Kenichi´s stout penis.

It was Miho who complained about pain and hated it first, but at once she becomes familiar and pleasure that doesn’t stop begins to spin and it was this beautiful wife who is overwhelmed by pleasure and releases love liquid and a scream generously. Meanwhile, in the same way as last night, Kenichi asks Miho how is it compared to her husband and she praises the hardness and volume of his thing.

“Huhuu, then, I put it out…”
“Aaa…to the inside isn´t allowed…don´t take it out to the inside…please…”

From the fear that the sperm of a man except the one of her husband is poured into the interior of her womb, Miho begs Kenichi desperately. Even if her eyebrows were put in the way that they are sad but sexy, Kenichi tramples down Miho’s wish, while she thought he will take out in the inside, but he changed his mind.

“Is the inside unpleasant? Oku-san…”
“Ye, yes…. Today is a dangerous day…”

Kenichi wanted to say that it was too late because he had put enough out yesterday, but he changes the condition.

“Then, if it’s something other than your vagina, it’s good…”
“Ye, yes…”

After Miho imagines that she need to drink his semen, she isn’t ashamed anymore and makes up her mind, though she imposes. Her husband liked it to let his good-looking wife drink his semen, that’s the reason she drank his body fluid innumerable times so far.

Opening her mouth to receive his penis and the feeling that semen will explosively scatter inside her mouth the next moment is recalled, her vagina hole shrinks. However, the wish of Kenichi is not such a thing.

“Then, Oku-san I will get this one here…”
“Hiiiiiii! Wh, what! It is unpleasant, not there!”

Kenichi pushed the tip of his slimy gun against Miho´s back hole. An unexpected part is demanded, which lets this beautiful wife scream.

“No, such! I don´t want it!”
“Oku-san, is this your first time here?”

Looking at Miho who is nodding every moment, the joy to be able to take the virginity of her back hole, lets the devil inside Kenichi open its mouth and laugh.

“The vice-principal isn´t interested in the anus…kukuu, it is a waste”
“In fact, because I get the virgin of your buttocks, thanks to this favor”
“Hiiiiii! No!”

However, without letting her finish her hateful cry till the end, he deeply bends Miho in the bent position, before sticking his slimy dick into her ass hole heartlessly and becomes narrow from the vaginal fluid.

“Aguuuuuuuu! Higiiiiiii!”

From the abnormal sense and feeling of overwhelming expansion, the 35-year-old married woman washes down her greasy sweat from her whole body and utters a cry like an animal.

“Hey, relax…otherwise, it splits”
“Nooo! Haaaaaaa!”

She is still frightened by the fear that it will split open and Miho exhales obediently. When Kenichi buries his big thing inside after long, he violated first her anus.

“Agiiiiiii! Huaaaaaa!”
“Ooo! Your tightening is amazing!”

Kenichi tastes the anal clamping of the married woman while licking his lips and letting his heart jump from his victory and conquest feeling. To Usami who is in the staff room now and should be sleepy, Kenichi wants to show him that his wife is connected with him in her back hole.

“Aa, aa, aa…Hiiiii!“

While slowly putting in and out, the reaction of Miho gradually changed. First she hardened her body by disgust and fear, but when the organic function dissolves and her body becomes loose and starts relaxing, her brain is gradually attacked by the doubtful pleasure of her rear gate.

(Wh, what is this… my hips, I feel it with my hips!)

When she is caught once by the fire, she is later blinded by the pleasure of anal sex and only when she is complaining, Miho relaxes and love liquid spills out from her vagina hole and the ecstasy is felt continuously.

“Huhuu, you seemed to like it in your rear hole…Oku-san…”
“Aaaa don´t say it…it´s embarrassing…”

Kenichi pulled his penis out after he finished putting his dick completely inside and on it sticks intestinal juice and love liquid is overflowing without stopping from her secret spot.

“Do you feel embarrassed about it? Oku-san”
“No! I don´t like such things!! …Aaa…there, there is not good!!”

Kenichi lays Miho’s body down, while violating her back hole with his destructive transformed needle, he spurts ahead, too. Usami doesn´t know it, that his wife is raped thoroughly, moreover if he knows that even her anal virginity is taken away, what kind of face would Usami have. Kenichi imagines this scene at this time, when Miho´s back hole tightens while being intoxicated by an triumphant feeling, he throws out his cloudy liquid that has finished piling up.

“Ooooo! Oku-san I´m putting it out!”
“Hiiiiiiii! Cuum! Cuum!”

Miho feels the scorching hot body fluid in her rectum too and she falls blinded by the climax. Letting her whole body feeling good shudderingly, she let her sphincter shrink so that a bruise is made at the penile root of Kenichi. Before her consciousness is fading away, Miho realized that she can’t get away from this devil anymore.

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