Inma no Hado chapter 6


Chapter 6: Sacrifice

As soon as the chime sounds telling after school end, Natsuki Kurosawa of the second year appeared in a dim science preparation room as promised. If I am not mistaken, there should be originally club activities because she belongs to the cheerleading department, she seemed to play truant somehow or other.

When she left, the slightly flushed expression is the same, even if it doesn’t concentrate in particular; i can perceive Natsuki being excited already clearly.

“Teacher, I have come…”

She says so, and i´m looking at shy Natsuki silently while sitting down on the sofa in the inside of the science preparation room. She hesitated a little, but when she even advanced near me slowly, Natsuki smiled by the smiling face in which she isn’t defeated by a gravure idol.

Its upset when it’s until yesterday, while facing an attractive, pretty beautiful girl, i now seem also not to stir and to be keeping the head while being silent.

Without getting the sun, this science preparation room facing the north side is always dim. Because I shut up the curtain in the daytime particularly now, it would take a while until eyes are accustomed to darkness of the inside when having come from the light hallway.

It’s so dim inside. I see the aura of thin light being radiated clearly from the body of Natsuki who leaves for immediateness. Its color is light pink now, and it’s understood that Natsuki is still dragging daytime excitement.

(After all isn´t she very pretty …)

I swallow my saliva so that it isn´t noticed in the presence of Natsuki.

Natsuki is 17 years old which is the age where women are the prettiest, even if it’s judged from my eyes who meets a lot of female senior high school students every day, her pretty is outstandingly.

Not to mention the pretty features that pass even if I say an idol, though the body is slender, an important position puts on moderate flesh, and she has the limb charm of its way which changes from a girl into a woman. The leg growing from the checked pattern skirt of the super mini continues to her ankle thin nimbly, black high sox make me feel indecent in the bare foot for some reason.

It´s just me with the high school girl who is so pretty, and cute in the secret room. It is the situation that becomes the panic if it is me from yesterday. However, I understand the effect from the “power” of the inhumanity and outwardly can keep cool somehow while throbbing inwardly.

This beautiful girl has kindness and desire towards me certainly.

When it is now with “the power” of the devil, i can realize it when reliable. It becomes the backer letting me who the fact is faintheartedness, and shy take the bold action.

“What brings you here?”

When i tell it to push it coolly on purpose, Natsuki almost cries for an instant and still connects words hard. Such a face is awfully pretty, too.

“… what… it is a promise, because… also, come out.”

I apply the eyes to Natsuki straight and am looking at Natsuki’s round pupil eyes like the scientist who observes an experimental animal. Natsuki breathed in, and stares at my eyes.

Two people who just stare at each other. Silence in the dim room.

Meanwhile, mainly on the overswelling that already erected in my pants, it’s being radiated without a black ripple mark’s being simply from my body. That spreading globularly wraps this whole room already.

And when the wave catches Natsuki, something like semitransparent red tentacles lengthens from my body smoothly again, It´s climbs all over the body of the high school girl in front.


The uniformed beautiful girl´s body was caught by the tentacles, she doesn´t seem to be a high school student with standing, and breathe an amorous sigh. The color of the aura fitted on the whole body increases the blaze, and it’s being transformed from light pink into the dark color.

Nastuki who begins to talk and breathes in short gasps a little was being in estrus in no time.

“Come here.”

Natsuki is approaching the sofa unsteadily by the word of me. When the hand is taken, and it’s pulled, she sits to the sofa so that she may line up with me just as it is.


After Natsuki who has fallen in my arm while screaming small is seen imminently, i swallow hard, because of her attractiveness again this time.

The long eyelashes and open wide pupils reveal high fever as if teary eyed, the brown eyes stare at me who is the science teacher who isn´t clear hot. Natsuki with a snow-white skin even dyes an ear red, the heart is throbbing by feeling embarrassed and excitement profusely, my sharpened sense tells me.

“… Teacher…”

Natsuki leaks a hot sigh when she brings her face close to look while having eyes to have been wet. I smell the refreshing citrus system, and the breath is raising my excitement increasingly.

The red tentacles which pulse intensely, so that she may respond to that.

The aura of Natsuki’s whole body is increasingly red and brilliant, Natsuki´s body that i held, shoulder is proportional to me, and I’m excited sexually, and find out that it’s beginning to melt slowly.


Natsuki opens her lip like a glossy petal and sighs again. I see that her pink tongue moves cirociro in the depths of slightly opened lips.

At the moment, she cut reason of me snappingly.



Kenichi who bared greed takes the lips of Natsuki with violent intensity. I’m increasingly excited at the too sweet sense, there are technique, irritation and the gentleness, the condition of inner desire, and I’m indulging in a superficial feel.

Because I didn´t go out with a woman directly until I became 32-year-old, that will be also a helped thing.

Without one Natsuki’s also disliking quick kiss from me, rather she take it with rapture to assume it even a favorite boyfriend. Without also minding the turn of the mouth becoming sticky by saliva, I let her have an abnormal teacher.

Natsuki is nonresistant for Kenichi, in a good thing; i’m fascinated with breathing saliva like the sweet tongue and the syrup done muddily. In the mouth of the beautiful girl who was able to stand out for some time secretly, it is sweetness and the comfort that are beyond imagination.

A fact to kiss with the leading beautiful girl above all in the whole school, the timid and gloomy science teacher is made ecstatic.

I was in that way for a while, but the hand of his crawls about the body of mine while kissing. From the top of my blouse of the uniform with a red ribbon, he gropes the chest which was about to swell out without reserve.


Still without me hating it, i let him do what he would like.

(Aaa… comfortable …)

It is breathed in the ferocious male which took off the mask which is faintheartedness without reserve, and my chest is groped, i also tasted the pleasant sensation fascinated with the whole body.



I was glued to the face which took off the glasses since i looked at Mr.Midou who was a science teacher during class of today’s creature. I also liked loving and didn’t know the teacher who was a existence like air for some reason originally, but it was a quite worrisome existence today suddenly. I throbbed to see the face alone frequently during class.

It is out of interest and the curiosity that it can´t hold down that a class is over and talked.

(This face… favorite…)

It was the teacher who wore thick glasses, but he began it today and took it off, always appeared. Possibly, to see the face, i might fall in love immediately.

Even if a friend around was seen, they seemed not interested in particular. However, it was my favorite type, and Kenichi of the real face has been attracted for me in no time.

A respected boyfriend going to the neighboring high school is and has sex when I meet several times in a month. But the science teacher was so attractive for me that such boyfriend’s existence was overshadowed.



(Aaa… unbearable… very good…)

The hand of the teacher gets from the hem of the blouse gradually and rubs my chest over a pretty bra persistently. I can´t tell a compliment to be gentle with carefulness either, the violent caress which also has no technique.

However, a pleasant feeling fascinated by from there gets wide to my whole body; I am enchanted by the sweet stimulation and deepen the kiss more and more. The slim both arms of mine coil themselves around the neck of the science teacher; I cling to behave like a baby with intertwining my tongue.


Whenever I get wet firmly, and my sharp nipple is rubbed, I give the voice that blows out hot breath, and was muffled. The sexual sense which was still childish opens a flower rapidly; a deep pleasant feeling goes through my body like the middle-aged woman who repeated experience.

(It is comfortable!! Aaaah! Why…? Feeling too good!! )

Something hot gets in my body from the part which the teacher touches, and pleasure opens like a ripple with my whole body from there. For the stimulation not to be able to compare with the childish pleasure that I felt by the sexual intercourse with the boyfriend, he thinks like Kobune where he encountered a hurricane, but 17-year-old Natsuki is tossed by a condition.

“Aaah!! Teacher!! There!! I feel you there!”

My blouse is exposed and his face is buried in my chest, hold the head of the teacher sucking the nipple which jumped out of my bra, i who is outstanding in the whole school, and attracts attention raises the pleasure. When the nipple which erected is snatched with his tongue and is strongly drawn up, an enormous pleasure electric current runs through my spine, a cry is raised from my nose unconsciously.

“Aaah!! There!! There, good Yes!! I feel ugh!!”

My lubberly finger passes through some other place of the panties while doing that, i invade the vagina of Natsuki who has finished getting wet. There that let floral nectar overflow from the interior of the womb, and became muddy, because a sphincter tightens up so that it’s narrow and it’s painful, my finger doesn´t move smoothly.

When I stick on the mouth from which I suffer prettily, a lip is opened immediately, a tongue is being moved actively and it’s being tied. When I’ll hang the fishy saliva done muddily, i’m swallowing gulpingly without hesitating while dyeing eyes red slightly.

“… Put the tongue out….”

Natsuki who sticks out her pink pretty tongue was ordering. It which was covered with saliva of the beautiful girl such as the sweet syrup, i suck while raising the buzz at the inside of the throat.

The honey pot of 17 years old tightens my finger in the vagina up with kyuukyuu. I let unbearable good flavor when myself broke have a foreboding, dark blood is flowing into a full cavernous body increasingly tightly.


(Yes, it’s best….)

It was me who coveted the body of the beautiful girl absorbedly, but finally pulled myself together only a little. Anyway i who didn´t have much woman really so far, It is no wonder that i have lost reason because i obtained the opportunity when an immoral sexual act is possible in this way with an exceptional beautiful girl.

While making the whole body a pleasure timidly when I come to my senses suddenly, Natsuki stares at me with hot eyes in a uniform. The eyes are enraptured by passion and they doze off as having still poured oil in spite of a child and are sexy.

The aura given off from Natsuki’s body already is brilliant in deep red, and even if awareness isn’t done, it’s possible to sense. Its color is convinced that Natsuki’s sexual excitement shows to be at the climax, when a body is raised, i´m taking off my belt.


Pants are taken down with a metal sound clatteringly, i see the male genitals which appeared from there directly, and utter the cry which isn’t believed.

It which grows to myself who lay sideways on the sofa from the crotch of the teacher who is about to overwhelm it, it was the weapon which was huge like some kind of jokes abominably. After that which towers in the illumination in a dim science preparation room is seen, i remembered the tail of the devil of which why it was comes out in the fairy tale.

I thought it was big when touching from the top of pants in the daytime; I do the real thing in one of eyes and feel even fear to the unreasonable size. Than it which is white which was covered with the skin of the boyfriend, the organ of the dark meat in the very front will have a big 3 rotations.


After it aims at myself and judge the head of a huge poisonous snake who lifted a sickle-shaped neck, i scream at the inside of the throat. However, like a frog glared at the snake, I am bound by fear and can´t move.

“Open the leg”

When it is ordered so briefly by the man who bends over it while blowing out rough breath like a beast, while sounding stump with ticktacks, i open the long, white leg which wore black high sox slowly. When I am stared with eyes of teacher who became muddy in animal desires glaringly, i can´t defy him at all as if i was hypnotized.

(Aah… I am scared…but…but, wow…)

While feeling fear like 17 years old to a huge penis so as to be too unreasonable, on the other hand, my body wants the hot lump in the interior of the womb. The depths of the uterus ache hot helplessly since a little while ago, there cant help wanting to be attacked with the stout thing.


When she finishs opening the leg completely, i almost see thin pink panties from her short skirt. Though the ear is even made deep red in shyness, she opens the leg in the m-shape as it was called; she takes a shameful appearance on the sofa. Black socks covering the white calf are sexy.

As a sacrifice of the devil, Natsuki´s body is bursting with youth and energy; i let her melt away softly.