Inma no Hado chapter 65

Chapter 65: Daughter’s decision

“Aaa…, Kenichi-sama…”

As soon as she recognized the figure of the man, her mother called his name with the voice squeezed from the bottom of her heart. So that Risa in the neighboring room hears it and her voice finishes melting away indulgently.

The voice and expression is entirely different from her usual gentle mother. Her mother’s face that is shown isn’t known by Risa.

Miho stares at Kenichi with sleepy eyes, while she receives an intense stroke from behind, she tells her dear lover reliant sweet words.

“What happened? Isn’t it funny…”
“Aaa…No! As for Miho…Miho wants to come with Kenichi…”
“Oh dear, saying such a thing many times since a little while ago I really mind it…”

The beautiful woman who goes through Miho from behind says so and twists her waist and violates the womb of the married woman more cruelly. From her eyes you can see the joy from tormenting this beautiful woman, because they shine glaringly.

“Uhiiiiii! Aguuuuu! Ag, again! Hiiii”

Making her sweaty body writhe, Miho reaches heaven from the new stimulation once again. Of course, from the next room, over the magic mirror her beloved daughter stares at her mother’s disgraceful behavior, which Miho doesn’t know.

“Hey, I take a little break, hold mine in your mouth…”

Kenichi who sat on a bed towards the mirror, calls out to the dead tired Miho. The black dildo pulled out from Miho’s womb was full with white honey juice.

Miho raises her body slowly and still crawls up to him on her knees as she was ordered and put  his gun inside her mouth, while laying on the stomach on the bed.

“Aaa…so much…it becomes like this…”

Kenichi’s erected thing is far superior in mass and length than her husband.

Miho with an bewitching expression that sweat sticks to her stray hair has the soaring that a different woman had in her mouth until a while ago inside her mouth without hesitation. While getting rapturous and denting her cheeks in a dirty way immediately, she repeatedly sucks it absorbedly.

“Hey, look at the mirror before talking big. A disgusting married woman who holds another man’s penis in her mouth is reflected…”

Miho confirmed her expression in the mirror in front of her for an instant and although Miho becomes bright red from shyness, she doesn’t stop her dirty oral service. Thick and viscous liquid overflows from her mouth and bubbles in a vertical way, which shows that she clings to his huge thing.

(Nooo…mom…don’t do such a thing…)

A gag is put into Risa’s mouth in the neighboring room and she felt that her chest broke apart from seeing this  disgraceful behavior of her mother. The mirror which her mother looks at is a magic mirror and Risa sees the disgraceful behavior of her mother doing fellatio eagerly. When her mother glanced at this mirror, her eyes are seen and Risa´s breath almost stopped.

“Huhuu…how is it? Your mom, don’t you think she receives Kenichi’s thing very eagerly? From that, do you think she dislikes it?”

The female university student Rena Kurosawa agonizes while this virgin elementary school girl sees the foolery of her mom, Rena  is absorbed in her thought, because she felt thrilled. The feeling of Kenichi´s dick which she sucked a while ago remains between her legs and her body burns hot so as to be hopeless. Rena goes behind Risa who is tied up to a chair quietly and rubs Rina´s breasts which are about to swell out from her clothes.


Feeling thrilled from Risa´s reaction hating it, the normally gentle and persistence Rena runs her fingers over Risa´s small chest. The crotch of Rena inside her dress becomes muddy from honey liquid that overflowed.

This beautiful mother daughter duo is tricked by the devil called Kenichi and their tastes can be put together from the further disgrace, that will happen from now on. At that time when she imagines this scene, although Rena remembers the dizziness lightly, she boiled over and spilled new honey liquid from the bottom of her sexy underwear.

For the time being after the thick liquid is licked and sucked, Kenichi raises Miho’s body and is piercing her in the meeting sitting position in front of the mirror. From this, the plump and white buttocks, which is pierced slowly by his thing is completely exposed to the surrounding.

“Hiiiii! Uguuuuu!”

This time Miho is penetrated by the real pleasure organ that is different from an dildo and this married woman who finishes melting from that feeling that doesn´t stop writhes her white body, before giving off a coquettish voice without hesitation. Miho clings to the body of the science teacher and leaves her whole body in his care to covet in pleasure. By all odds, she is working on her own, because she loves Kenichi so deeply.

(Mom…why…although it isn´t papa…)

At the moment Risa´s soft body is caressed by Rena´s hands and as for Risa, she is crying because of the disgraceful behavior of her mom. From the womb of her mother in front of her, Kenichi´s huge and ugly thing goes in and out so that Risa learns fear. However, her mother arranges words of pleasure in response to it and repeats her praise of his dick again.

“Aaa…great! Kenichi-sama, pierce me even more!”

The married woman who forgot her modesty and throw away her everyday chasteness, agonizes herself like an animal. Occasionally shaking her whole body, she is raising a high-pitched voice, when she tastes a deep orgasm.

“How is it? Risa-chan…. Your mom forgot your daddy and is crazy about Kenichi or not? Is it as Kenichi said?”

Rena bites at Risa’s ear that looks like a cherry shell  and after her hand is put under the clothes of Risa who can’t move, she touches Risa´s pure and innocent chest that doesn´t finish to swell out of her bra. Even from the bra, it is felt from Rena´s palm that the nipples erect.

“Oh dear, Risa-chan…huhu, you are sensitive like your mom…”

Saying so Rena´s caress is deepened even more and makes this elementary girl confuse.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring room, Miho is pushed up over and over again by the climaxes and she squeezes her throat and continue screaming. The meat weapon which got inside her womb, infringes upon the sensitive body of the married woman and let her wander in heaven without letting her take a rest for a moment. From the wave of pleasure attacking her incessantly, Miho spits out vaginal secretions intensely and Kenichi absorbs the energy through his penis, before he pushes up his waist cruelly and intensely more and more .

“Hiiiiii! Already useless!! Cummming!”

Look, especially at the size and shape from the thing running through Miho from the bottom, this married woman leaned against Kenichi exhaustly. Her pale-white skin blushes pink from head to foot and it is sexy that sweat slightly runs down her whole body.

“Huhuu, it has only begun, Oku-san…”
“…Aaa, I can´t anymore…”

Kenichi ignores Miho who is dead tired and begs him and he raises her body by placing his dick and it crowds, before he orders something to the beautiful woman who had sex with Miho until a while ago. The beautiful woman smiles and takes out something that looks like cream and applies it between the legs of the exhausted Miho.

“Noo, any, anymore…my body…”

This married woman waves her hips and tries to escape from her hands and when the beautiful woman scoops the cream, she applies it on the back gate of Miho. With the touch of the cold cream, Miho is feeling uneasy that her back door is played with and she gives a small scream.

“By the way, this is because he will be Miho´s favorite from now on…”

Kenichi lies flop on the bed and in front of Risa the crotches of Miho and Kenichi connected by the woman-astride position spreads out directly. Now her mother blushes and she throw up white viscous liquid, but now the skinny and huge meat pole becomes crowded. Her pretty anus is heating up, which will be the result of the cream plastered on it a few minutes ago.

Then the beautiful woman who applied the cream some time ago appears with an penis band again and pushed the black dildo inside Miho’s back door.


In front of Risa giving a few screams, the incredibly huge dildo sinks into the back gate of her mother.

“Ahiiiiiiiii! Guuaaaaaa!”

Hearing the terrible scream that her mother raises, Risa gets goosebumps on her whole body and she receives a shock from what happens before her.

“Hey, try listening carefully….does your mom hate it or is she pleased? Which do you think it is?”

Rena whispers it in a way that is ill-natured and Risa keeps being quiet, too and strains her ears. She doesn’t see the face of her mother raising a loud voice and screams. However, a slightly weak sound is mixed in her voice, It comes to seem sad, but it gradually turns into a tone arousing the heart of the person hearing it.

“Ahuuuuuu! Nooo…not good…nuguuuuu!”

Having two big sticks inside her two shame holes and each move without reserve, the married woman was in agony madly. Honey juice overflows from the vagina hole slowly and Kenichi´s thing get wet with the honey that began to blow and shines.

However from the pleasure that this two hole torture is intense, Miho kept being played with until a while ago before she approaches the limit of her physical strength soon and her voice becomes able to graze. And these two people play with Miho without getting tired and seem to intend to corner her thoroughly.

“Aaa…, hiiiii! Already, already stop it…I can’t do anymore…”

From the voice of her mum who comes to gasp for breath, Risa has tears in her eyes.

“Do you feel sorry for your mama?”

When Rena whispers so, Risa nods and she stares at Rena desperately.

“Then, shall I ask Kenichi to stop it?”

Nodding again, Risa appeals while crying.

Rena laughs seeing Risa´s state, she left the room and left Risa alone in the room. Then Rena appears in the neighboring room and tells something to Kenichi fucking Miho in the woman-astride position on the bed. When Kenichi pulls his meat stick out from her mother´s body, he just came over to this room with Rena.


To Kenichi who entered the room while his wet dick shines and towers before her, Risa screams because of it. When Kenichi sits down on the chair where he  sat down before, Rena kneels down and holds his penis that is wet from the body fluid in her mouth again and has begun to suck it eagerly.

“How was it? The figure of your mother… Your mom in that way will be the compensation for the wrong doing of your father and she made up with her body…”

Risa is feeling hopeless and hears his story. The bad one is still father.

“By the way, the fact you want to stop it, even if Risa wishes, it may be stopped…”

Without understanding the plot of Kenichi, this elementary school girl opens her eyes and stares at Kenichi.

“In other words, such thing…. If Risa pays for her daddy, my hand isn’t put out to your mama any longer…”

From Risa´s mouth that was blocked by a ball gag, the squeal which won’t be a voice is raised. Being it so, the man in front aims at her body. The wicked carnal desires of Kenichi that Risa experiences for the first time, let her taste shiver so that her whole body shook.

“If it is unpleasant, it is okay. On the other hand, I have your mom keep me company from now on”

The beautiful woman in the neighboring room uses her waist as before and carries through the anus of the exhausted Miho and a cruel scream was squeezed.

(A, as long as I endure…, mom, mom…)

“Well, how do you do? Do you substitute for your mom? Or is your body more important?”

While burning with intense hatred for Kenichi who is laughing thinly, the scream of her slightly sorrowful mother stuck to her ear. To the lethal weapon between this man’s groin, a frightful beautiful woman opens her lips and performs a hot service.

(Th, that…)

To the too huge meat stick, Risa´s virginal defense instinct continues sounding a warning and at the same time, the sense that some true shape does not become known to her body and she notices that it boiled up gradually.

Her instinct battles with her rationality and feelings and it was Risa who kept still for a while, with a face that decided something while crying, she nodded at Kenichi.

“Hou, then Risa, will fill in for her mom?”

When Risa nods again she stares at Kenichi with burning eyes. From the excessive beauty, Kenichi discharges muddy body fluid at the mouth of Rena while groaning.

(This is unbearable…)

Looking at the beautiful girl in front of him once more, Kenichi licked his lips inwardly. Since he saw Risa for the first time, he decided that he made this girl his property. Therefore he used a slightly theatrical trick, which he wanted to make more dramatic.

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  1. I was sure that there was a mistake from the previous chap. When the one in the room with Risa was called Yuko.
    But it looks like it’s corrected to Rena with this one.

    thx for the chap. 😀

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