Inma no Hado chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Succubus

Midou Kenichi had a dream again in the evening.

Like last night’s dream, I stand on the long column which lengthened straight from the black darkness without the bottom, Flame blazing around the circular stage surrounds around it. The place where I´m because of the flame is bright, only the darkness that there is nothing around, and is just dark red spreads.

Its scene is just same as yesterday.

However, after I think something is different, I noticed that there are a man and a woman in immediateness abruptly.

I don’t know how long they were there; it was a surprising scene when I concentrated consciousness. A naked girl gets down on all fours in front of me; she is violated by a sturdy man with a black skin from the rear.

“Hiiiii! ! Guuuaaaaa!”

While twisting the pretty face in pleasure, the beautiful girl keeps uttering a cry of a pleasure. However, scream is mixed in the voice; I can realize that the girl has already approached the limit of the physical strength.

The pretty face shakes with looseness by an intense piston from the rear, it becomes muddy with sweat and tears and slaver. The eyes open, but are vacant, nothing will probably be reflected.

“Ku, Kurosawa …”

So. What is violated in front from the back by a man, It´s the pupil of Ellis all girl´s high school who I work; one coveted the sweet body sound today, it was Natsuki Kurosawa of the second year.

“Aguuuu! Aaahiiiii!!”

The voice to be emitted from the pretty lips, It’s a cry which becomes like an animal already, and doesn’t make the sense. The beautiful hair that expands to the shoulder becomes squashy, the forelock sticks to a frame for sweat silkily.

When I have the hair by one hand a thing with a jerk simply, I leave so that the man violating from the rear may squeeze a bridle. In that way, in stout carriage, he push up the womb depths of the beautiful girl with *zun*.


It was Natsuki that hair was pulled and appealed for a pain, seeing me finds out that some sweetness mixes with the voice, too. A beautiful girl active brightly who is famous at school, to be violated by the sturdy man violently in this way, it’s clear to find masochist’s pleasure.


On the evening of yesterday, in the science preparations room that it may be said that I is one’s headquarters, I violated Natsuki exhaustively. After Natsuki´s body of the condition of the uniform is bent variously on the sofa, I coveted the state to think the blue flattery meat which did fresh to be it as the greed to rage took a turn for a body.

After all, in the place where I hit greed three times in the interior of the womb of Natsuki, The nature and the root are exhausted and Natsuki is wearily, I wasn´t able to do a further thing. Energy was still enough, but i put Natsuki who became unsteady reluctantly on a taxi, I avoided the public eye and sent her home.

While I ejaculate three times in the vagina, Natsuki is exposed to the ecstasy which is to the extent you can’t finish counting, I kept letting the young body which did lively feel scared, and being in agony each time. Every time Natsuki reaches the acme, the energy given off from the body is taken, the integrity burying in the interior of the womb was erecting hard so as to be amazed myself.

Why being its Natsuki violated by a different man again and again now, I can’t understand it. For me who am in the dream of course, it is an impossible thing to understand it.

The man is checked now suddenly, and it’s shocked.

(A..a, demon…)

Raping the naked high school student in front from the back, it was the devil that came out to a dream last night. The eyes are raised, and it is bright red, and the mouth is split to the ear. After the head that doesn’t have hair has sprouted 2 horns, there even is a long and black tail in the bottom.

While the devil slobbers when I see it well, it seems to be slightly desolate. While making a purple huge penis lively in vaginal secretions, It´s thrusting at Natsuki’s meat jar with a sturdy movement away without mercy. With indecent sound of water called *guchuguchu*, Tightness, meat and meat are crashed, the sound which became moist, It’s being spread in silent space.

Furthermore, innumerable red tentacles leave from the body of the devil; I see that it is twining all over the naked body of Natsuki. After those winds around the body of stark-naked Natsuki, It’s being squeezed between the chest and the thighs.

“Hiiiii! Aaaaguuuuuuu!!”

Natsuki reaches a new ecstasy again now, while hair is pulled with the hand which the talon of the devil grew behind, her fall into the bottom of the deep pleasure such as the Hell. I´m seeing it from the side knows the depth of the pleasure very clearly. As for the girl who doesn’t also go to such age to taste, the too delicious fruits of prohibition.

“Who are you?”

While slobbering from big gossip slowly, I ask the devil which keeps violating the female senior high school student.

However, the devil doesn´t react at all, it keeps violating the beautiful girl with single devotion. The eyes brim over with distraction, it doesn´t show any interest other than one’s greed.

“You are what!”

After all the devil reacts to nothing, it only rapes the beautiful girl who let her make crawling earnestly.


However, I have seen it.

The face begins to gradually undergo a complete change, what turn into human it.

The color of the skin does a black color as time doing the figure of the devil, but, the eyes and nose and mouth change into normal human it.

The face which rapes the beautiful girl who cries while performing an overflow of slaver from the mouth slowly, a thin smile was dyed in desire and was that it need.



I jump up while screaming. Immediately, I notice that I was sleeping on the bed in my bedroom so far.

(… dream or …)

The breath which collected on the lung unconsciously is put out with *fuu*.

(Again…Again, it was a realistic dream…)

The view which was being seen until just now, it’s remembered clearly like last night’s dream. As for the details that should become vague with time if common, it can reappear like a real event clearly.

The circular stage is like an altar.

Flame of the flaming red which surrounds the turn and dyes it red to the sky.

I utter a delighted cry while crossing immediately, the devil which has the face of Natsuki Kurosawa and itself.

No, should I say myself who had a face of the devil.

When I pulled in a thread of the memory to there, I noticed to break sweat which bathed in cold water to the whole body while one erected intensely.

However, power rises, and one’s body is full at the same time, I find the energy to overflow.

Because I have low blood pressure, I’m extremely weak in the morning. Even if I go to school, energy doesn’t spring in the morning, it is often found to be absentminded.

However, it is different this morning. Be a generator in the body, the energy seems to be welling up from the inside.

(Is this also the “power” of the contract?)

The body is abnormally surely light when I spring up from futon. Though I let Natsuki cry like that yesterday and fully ejaculated it in the interior of the womb, Standing happens firmly in the morning, the warped penis has almost arrived at the belly. Though I was over 30 years old, I seemed to totally come back in the days of a high school student.

There is it in the middle of the penis; the mole that a black butterfly opened the wing is in good health.

(Is this the seal of the contract with that devil?)

Even if it’s decided so, Yesterday’s dense affair was revived in my mind quickly.

With Natsuki Kurosawa who is also an eminent beautiful girl at school, I did the sexual intercourse that was dazzling in a school. I overwhelm the uniformed student on the old sofa of the science preparations room to the full; I bent the body with the greed taking a turn and coveted blue fruit.

A dreamlike time.

I squeeze the over swelling that plump vagina meat buried to the utmost, that pleasure that a small soft fold clings to. While seeing the face of the beautiful girl who calls while shaking, and is in agony with fear of the pregnancy, That joy out of which the devious energy is poured into a womb.

However, when I calm down and think, I can’t believe whether there was such thing really, it’s felt like an affair in the dream absolutely.

(But it’s real….)

There being myself without glasses, it is the absolute evidence. In it to the penis with the half power, the vivid feeling of beautiful girl’s fastening is still left.

It was 6:00 when I looked at the clock. I still have time sufficiently to go to school.

Emit energy welling up from the body, I changed into jogging shoes and went out in the morning town.


I ran through the downtown for about 30 minutes, the body is so light that it isn’t believed surely, I have returned to my room by refreshing feeling. I who isn’t the one more well-coordinated than origin, this morning’s jogging is the speed which equals a marathon runner, other joggers stared at me with surprise and a look of the envy.

I take a shower and have breakfast with margin; still I went to the station after I spent time and read the newspaper politely slowly. Yesterday, I was depressed at the same time, and got on the train, the difference in the tremendous range.

I am in the middle of getting off the train, and leaving for the school, Look at me receiving by the greetings of students cheerfully, the student and the teacher who know the usual me are judging from the eye which seems strange.

“Good morning!”

As soon as I enter the staff room, I greet in a loud voice. The voice is full of confidence, too and overflows, it is totally like another person with me until yesterday.

“Good morning. You’re fine greatly this morning.”

After the face of vice-principal Usami who responds so is judged by the tone which looks like an irony, I felt that the body was full of dark feelings immediately. But that isn’t also taken out in belch; I leave the place by an answer without the area hindrance. It is good to show the tusk later.

When I arrive at my seat, the next middle-age teacher talked this and that as usual, I´m waiting while treating that properly.

The person finally appeared in the morning staff room in a few minutes.

Junko Yoshikawa.

“Good morning.”

Eyes in the staff room are riveted to the teacher who entered.

“Good morning, Mrs. Yoshikawa”

“Good morning. Vice-principal”

Junko Yoshikawa and the vice-principal exchange harmless greetings, she goes breezily between desks while attracting attention of everybody.

Today Junko wears a short skirt slightly as the teacher; it exposes the plump thighs and long legs. The hips of the tight miniskirt is strain tightly, it makes something to see imagine the sweetness and softness of the medium meat.

The male teachers whom there are how many people in here, or there is as for vice-principal Usami including me, Saliva is swallowed unconsciously.

“Good morning”

When sitting down in front of the slant, Junko greets like usual. Resolutely, I raise a loud cry.

“Good morning. Mrs. Yoshikawa”

Then not only Junko but also the teachers of the circumference become the expression surprised at. That’s also reasonable. Always minimum greetings, I who do it only in a feeble voice, because I greeted at the volume that sounded around.

“… Good morning, Mr. Midou”

However, when still Junko recovers herself from surprise, she wears a smile of the social diplomacy until it’s excellent on her face and returns a greeting to me. When it’s usual, it’s going to be upset, I who gained confidence in the event from yesterday for some reason, I am stately in the atmosphere that wants to run away until such yesterday.

“This, Thank you very much. Because I wash it properly”

“Ah…. Thank you very much”

What I offered Junko, was the handkerchief which I borrowed yesterday. I bring it home, make it in the restroom polite and it is even ironing.

“You really saved me”

“It’s nothing, so …”

It was a short conversation, but its big progress for me. Anyway after starting for the new post this spring in a school, I have hardly spoken to Junko, because I always only stared from far away.

“Well, is it already good?  I want to start the morning gathering…”

I wanted to talk a little more, while vice-principal Usami glares searchingly, he tells so. He fights against me who talked with Junko in the tone; I understand that some jealousy and hostility are mixed clearly.

(The sense is also sharp today….)

Strangely, the inside of the head becomes clearer several times, I feel like understanding the profound truth of things. The tendency becomes strong after having come to the school in particular; Internal energy seems to let me activate the whole body with physical lightness.


While taking no notice of the dull story of the vice-principal, while I steel a glance at the beauty of Junko Yoshikawa sitting down before the slant, dark desire is being accumulated muddily in the body. I remember the splendid body of Junko, who saw it on the night of the day before yesterday, Blood flows in the hambone profusely.


That sense begins to surround it around oneself again immediately.

When the black ripple spreads led by me, it becomes like radar. It isn’t the level quick to understand, it’s understood around itself so that I may take in my hand. I know the world totally very clearly, my five senses become sharp.

(Huh…. Mrs. Yoshikawa, having a period…)

The state of Junko’s body in front of the slant, I don’t know why it is, but it can be grasped. Therefore she didn´t seem to be able to have sex with the vice-principal yesterday.

(Hehe…. It serves you right…)

Therefore look at the vice-principal that it looks like he was irritated, I laugh with medicine. I who had “the power” in my hand, I thought about how I should use it from now on while being excited.