Inma no Hado Character Introdution

Character Introduction
Midou Kenichi, 32 years old

He is the science teacher who works at Ellis all girls’ high school. Because of his appearance with short messy hair along with his timid and gloomy character, he has been bullied since his school days. Of course, he has no friends and his student life was lonely because he didn´t have a lover either. He lost his parents by a traffic accident early and his only near relative is his aunt who is the older sister of his mother who is married with a capitalist. He graduated from the department of education of a third-rate private university, he worked as a lecturer in a cramming school and was living from hand to mouth finally and with the influence of his uncle he now works at Ellis all girls’ high school. His sexual desire has a wide range of women from lolis to mature women, smell fetish, armpit fetish, body fluid fetish and he likes to have cosplay sex. He is the owner of an amazing giant penis without matching his face, that’s why he was hated by prostitutes and has an inferiority complex adversely.

Natsuki Kurosawa, 17 years old, 86 (C)

She is a second year student at Ellis all girls high school. She has a cheerful and social character and she is a beautiful girl liked by anyone. All students at Ellis all girls high school are from noble families, Natsuki is the same her father is  a director of a large enterprise and she lives in a mansion with her parents and her elder sister. She gave her virginity to her boyfriend who is also a second year in another school in the summer vacation because it was a poor pleasant feeling because of the pain and after that she experienced it several times with her boyfriend who is the ace of his baseball club. Natsuki belongs to the cheerleading club at her school, where she plays the active part as the absolute ace and because she hated to be troubled, she refused to be captain.

Yousuke Usami, 45 years old

He is the vice-principal of Ellis all girls high school. With his handsome face and outstanding motor nerves, he was popular by the women since his school days and there were no cases that women didn´t wanted to go out with him. After he became a teacher he picked up a lot of students and female co-worker that he had sex with and he married Miho who is 10 years old younger than him when he was 28 and together they have a daughter. But even when he got married, his bad habit with women didn´t end and he cheated his wife which he hide from her. Usami is a Super-Sadist, because he learned joy in letting woman surrender above all.

Junko Yoshikawa, 27 years old, 96 (H)

She is the english teacher who works at Ellis all girls high school. Her grandmother of her mother’s side is a quarter Russian and with her outstanding beauty and proportion, she always received looks of envy and greed from the men around her. Since she gave her virginity to her homeroom teacher in her junior high time, she slept with more than 50 men and they often got rapturous for Junko’s body one-sidedly. Junko had a studying abroad experience in her college days and on this occasion she slept with all races including an Arab and a black person. Usually she is super-sadistic, but she becomes a Super-masochist obediently when her partner is someone she really likes. Her hobby is cooking and her strong point is food cooked by boiling or stewing.

Aiko Kawashima, 17 years old, 84 (B)

She is a second year of Ellis all girls high school. Her suntanned skin is attractive and she is a cheerful athlete. She is wearing a ponytail every day and she always laughs brightly, she is the type at center of everyone’s circle. Her tennis skills which she began in junior high improve with her inborn motor nerves remarkably and nobody can match her including the third years now. She is the captain of the tennis club. She has one younger brother and had a light sexual experience when she was a child.

Ruriko Asakura, 18 years old, 84 (C)

She is a third year at Ellis all girls high school. She is nicknamed as「Ellis’s butterfly woman」, because of her dignified features and her family’s social standing and she is really a beauty with the atmosphere of a noble young lady. She hits the jackpot with her figure and her pretty wavy long hair and the number of underclassmen who have a crush on her isn´t known. She plays tennis as a hobby since she was young and since Ruriko joined the tennis club it is the number one club because of her abilities. Her hobbies are to collect dolls and visiting the opera. She is a devout Christian.

Genji Yamada, 48 years old

He is the national language teacher of Ellis all girls high school. He is the only serious teacher who pays attention, but in fact, he is a pervert with a loli complex. After Usami quitted from his vice-principal’s post, he becomes his successor as interims vice principal. His hobby is to play chess, shogi and go.

Tomomi Takada (original family name: Honda), 26 years old, 84 (C)

She is the music teacher who works at Ellis all girls high school. After having graduated from the music department of a music university, she worked as a part-time teacher at two high schools by her father´s connections. She is also a graduate of Ellis all girls high school. She is brought up by her strict family and she promised her heart solidly that she protects her virginity until she got married. If anything as a gentle Japanese beauty, her hairstyle is often a curling inward chignon. She plays piano since she was young.

Akitoshi Takada, 30 years old

He is Tomomi’s fiancé (Later her husband), after he graduated from Tokyo Business University he entered badge agency which is a famous advertising agency and now he is the business section manager of the second corporation section. He is an elitist who makes up with work energetically and hopes to become the boss in the future. He is pure and single-minded, the type to fall for a favorite woman thoroughly.

Rio Hasegawa, 16 years old, 82 (B)

She is a first year at Ellis all girls High school. Her mother is half Hungarian, so she is a beautiful girl who has transparent skin and has the atmosphere like a fairy. Because her mother was a gymnast, Rio learned rhythmic gymnastics since she was a child, and even the club in high school is chosen in spite of being a first year by her club members. For her surprisingly flexible body and outstanding sense, it is considered to be a matter of time that she pushes seniors aside and is chosen as an individual competition representative. She always has twin tail since she started this club. Her hobby is a cake baking.

Sister Maria Clara, 33 years old, 88 (E)

The sister belongs to the church where Ruriko Asakura goes to and she is a beautiful woman.

Noriko Aoyama, 25 years old, 102 (I)

“SHADO” police inspector belonging to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. She graduated from a university and became the adoption of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and it’s after that, her aptitude is admitted by a test and she was assigned to the”SHADO” section. After the one and a half years long severe training, she is active as an official member since this September. Her features are her huge chest which is disproportionate to her pretty face and she hates catching a train molester, because it is intolerable for her. In pursuit of the Inma, she sneaked into Ellis all girls’ high school as an english cadet teacher. Her false name in this case is “Kyoko Utsunomiya”.

Yuusuke Nagato, 27 years old

“SHADO” police inspector belonging to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. With the ability that came third in Taekwondo nationwide in his college student days, he can change the results and advance to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Afterwards, his fitness is recognized in the same way as Noriko and he joined “SHADO”. His technique and physical strength improve by scientific training more, if it is a fight competition he is by no means inferior to a courageous police man. Contrary to his handsome face, he is immature for a woman.

Arisa Shinomiya, 26 years old, 82 (B)

“SHADO” police inspector belonging to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. She is a talented woman as she graduated from Miyako Higashi University´s law department which has been Japan’s highest deviation value at the top and her IQ is 180 resulted from an inspection. Although she has a cool pretty face and long hair, her character is rather masculine. In university she was a heavy drinker and smoker. Her hobby is invading various servers by hacking which she enjoys.

Rena Kurosawa, 21 years old, 88 (E)

She is the elder sister of Natsuki Kurosawa and a university second year student. She graduated from Ellis all girls’ high school and with her excessive beauty, she became a legend after her graduation. I went to a certain women’s university, but give she gave in to the earnest invitation of a talent scout and she makes her debut as a model triggered by having won a beauty contest from a magazine last year. With her beauty and sexy body, she became a popular gravure model at once. She appeared on television a little recently, but Rena herself isn’t so interested in the entertainment world. She had a boyfriend who was in the same circle. Her hobby is to travel.

Ito (Maiden name: Usami) Miho, 35 years old, 92 (G)

She is the ex-wife of vice-principal Usami. She was the Tokyo representative in Miss Japan contest, when she was a student at Ellis all girls high school, but she missed Miss Japan by the last selection regrettably. Her virginity was deprived by Usami, who was in charge at of her class at that time and because she married him after her graduation, Miho didn´t know another man than her husband. She is a white Japanese beauty from Akita and her attractiveness is refined after she got married, but her husband is in a reply state all the time recently and he doesn´t touch her ripe body.

Ito (Maiden name: Usami) Risa, 12 years old, 70 (AA)

She is the child of vice-principal Usami and Miho and is a sixth grader who goes to a public school in Tokyo. The DNA of r handsome father and beautiful mother is inherited by perfect proportional distribution, and every man who turns around has been said that the wanted o go out with her even junior high students and high school students of the neighborhood. When she walks around Shibuya and Harajuku, they’re discovered constantly and have even thronged her house. Risa seems to begin to be interested in the work of a model recently. The club where she belongs to is the basketball club, where she is a small forward.

Kohei Kawano, 59 years old

He is the managing director of Ellis all girls high school and an old friend of Chief Director Aikawa. He acts as an uncle of Kenichi and supports Kenichi who lost his parents economically and in addition he helped him to find work.

Hirozou Yamaji, 55 years old

He is the managing director of Ellis all girls’ high school and runs a construction industry of intermediate scale. A greedy father features a greasy bald head.

Shinjo Aikawa.

He is the chief director of Ellis all girls high school.

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  1. So going by this.. the guy actually doesn’t have Tomomi break up with him but even lets her marry the guy? Um.. okay?

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