Inma no Hado Glossary

Inma no Hado glossary


A living entity of wicked spirit energy. Because it isn´t possible to stay in the material world on its own, a devil gets its energy from humans and rare animals like a parasite. On the other hand, a devil offers its wave energy to the host. When the energy is exhausted, the host dies or becomes extinct. As classification it is divided into “Lower rank (Lesser)” “Intermediate rank (Normal)” “Upper rank (Greater)”. Of course, the lower rank accounts for 90% of the whole, the higher ranks rarely appear.

The wicked spirit energy body which assumes sex energy bread among devils. With the parasitic object, it is “Male inma (incubus)” and “Female inma (succubus)”. Although there is socially no big harm usually, when leaving it, but it forms a harem type colony which assumed the Inma at the top.

Half devil:
Although it fused with a devil, the strong wave which is its feature by some reasons, in other words, the existence for which magic can’t be used. The ability of that person improves drastically, because others can´t interfere it, there is little harm for the society.

It is one form of the energy that all life emits and becomes the source of the magical power of a devil. Even humans, animals and plants release a feeble wave = wave from the cells. It is material or mental interference to others it makes high density state and functions as radar and it is treated as magic. A wave includes each inherent wave pattern (vibration pattern) and the shape of waves is similar by near relatives. The power damps with distance, but there is the wave to pass through the shielding such as walls. It isn’t usually seen by human eyes.

Living body aura:
The wave that a living body including humans always gives off. For ordinary people the power is weak so that the surface of the body is wrapped with it. A common person can´t see it. Health and emotions, the wavelength changes subtly by the state of the living body and in that case the color looks different for Kenichi.

Wave resonance:
When someone continue being exposed to the wave of the same wavelength for a long term, depending on the affinity with a living body aura of a counterpart, which may cause the resonance of the wave. In that case, someone comes under a physical or mental influence.

Devil sperm:
With the sperm given off from the person who fused with the inma, the sperm in itself gives off a strong wave, too. The woman bathed in that inside her womb lasts for many hours in the inside of her body and is revealed to the wave of an inma and as a result, she comes to sympathize with a wave of inma. In addition, by being exposed to the wave that remained behind for a long time in the interior of the womb, the cells are activated and the body abilities and skills improve and the original beauty that the woman has is made to appear.

Indecent dream:
When Inma and the wave resonate, while the target sleeps, the invasion of the mental energy body of the inma without substance is received. The target experienced licentiously dealing with an inma in the spirit world, the phenomenon which recognizes that as a dream. The pleasure of the body is accompanied and it is a point different from a usual dream that the memory remains clearly in the future.

Red tentacle:
The special wave which issues a wave of a beauty the inma who fused with Kenichi makes as his target when intervening. Automatic tracking, directivity, and the intensity of erosion control is possible. From Kenichi´s eyes, it looks like a red tentacle.

Red eyes:
The eyes which sometimes appears by Kenichi after he fused with the inma. When magic is actuated, they seem to shine red. While the magic is actuated, the living body aura, the ball which flies at high speed, the punch of a boxer or the flow of the wave it’s possible to judge something which can´t be caught from an ordinary man.

Wicked energy:
Flow of the negative wave energy which occurs mainly in a big city. Although the sage usually counterbalances dishonestly each other and it disappears, a lot of people gather negative feelings in the same way (Hate and desire, etc) they have and the wave is resonant and becomes big energy. At the place where these flows gather, so-called supernatural phenomenon is easy to happen and the evil spirit is easy to occur, too.

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