Inma no Hado special chapter 1

Special chapter 1: Ex-boyfriend



In front of the small station, the stylish shops in the shopping street are lined up and one girl walks over with steps. Her body which wore a uniform of a noble all girls’ high school is full of youth and is quite fresh and young. The brown hair shakes and the short checked skirt which curled a little whenever the girl walks, while every man walking the way admires it.

(Hehee…. Today, I had a lot of them…)

The beautiful girl who can´t help chasing a man with her eyes walks the distance to her home in high spirits so as to seem to hum. The bag she held in her hand is flat and probably textbooks won´t be contained inside. She isn´t interested in study from the beginning and the talk about her university entrance into a school of higher grade is also still previous. The girl is a 17-year-old high school second year student and besides there are many things to get rapturous in the world.

(Today, I felt so good…. My body is still stingy like fat tuna…)

The beautiful girl who remembers it while being enchanted by a lingering sound until a while ago, makes a laughter. To the extent she seems to be hearing an imitation as *nihera* and hanging a loose grin. That is a lovely face.

(Today, sensei was a beast…. I’m so glad about Aiko’s menstruation…. Because it’s really abnormal…)

In the dim science preparation room at school a little while ago, the beautiful girl remembered her partner who she had heavily sex with and she is enchanted. At the same time, it is opened so as to think whether she is split until a while ago, her young vagina that can´t take the expanded feeling aches and she is sad. And whenever she remembered the manliness, she understood that the entrance shrink tightly.

In the science preparation room after school with Aiko Kawashima who is her classmate, today they also had addicted sex with the science teacher. The teacher in the white robe was a pervert and was disgusting, he loved the smells of their sweat after club activities and he always smelled it to every corner and he usual licked their whole bodies clean in excitement.

And today Aiko had menstruation by chance, under her pants she wore sanitary short with a deep putting on furnace to the body. As for the science teacher who found it, Aiko got excited surprisingly and she was violated more intensely than usual.

(That’s pulled indeed….)

The beautiful girl remembered it and grimaces. Anyway when the wild beast which found the swelling of the napkin howls and utters a cry, she felt embarrassed and kept a disliked distance to her classmates and it increased between Aiko’s groins when he licked it clean carefully. A long tongue was put from the space of the panty, as for the enchanted face of the teacher, even Aiko was discounted too.

Well, thanks to the ache was more dangerous than usual…)

Her body becomes hot just by remembering it. The teacher who passed and was excited to see blood more than usual, with his huge penis, she was violated through by the violence of a beast. The science teacher who shook his body and ejaculated after he toyed with Aiko’s body, while still discharging white semen from the tip slowly, he blew out rough breath and broke into himself.

It was great. While holding her down in her cheerleading uniform the interior of the womb is ransacked with his stout penis, while Natsuki was toyed around by pleasure as she lost consciousness. For the storm which rage in her body, she was only possible for to cling herself to the body of the strong teacher.

(So dangerous…. It is too dangerous…. If I know that at this age, I wonder what my future will be…?)

The sex is like a drug. The indecent act of a minor high school girl and an active teacher, besides, it is a threesome with two students performed at school. The indecent and immoral act that it is common sense and isn´t thought about and she drowned in pleasure like a bottomless swamp.

(Well, but for now, because it is super comfortable, is it good?)

But this beautiful girl doesn’t have a bit of darkness, discord or regret, there is even freshness as if she totally enjoyed sports. It isn´t difficult and in the light of life she will live happily. This is the character of that transcendent beautiful girl named Natsuki Kurosawa.

(However, I can´t be careless too…. Aiko-chan became quite good…)

The double fellatio which the science teacher received is done by Aiko who was only a virgin until the other day, who uses her tongue skillfully by flinching recently and she loves it and is full of love to be unbearable above all, while her passion reaches this place is seen. The thick mouth skills of the cheerful lady with the dazzling tanned skin that also loves sports saw the science teacher to have been more excited than at her time.

(As you know! When it comes to this, it is special training when I return today! After it’s checked on the net, I have to learn what the teacher told me, hihi!)

A very competitive beautiful girl makes up her mind originally while walking along the way to her house and she won´t hand over her number one spot as Kenichi´s sex slave to someone else.

When she walks through the luxury residential area nimbly, she comes along next to the park near her house. At the park because it comes off the main road, there is a street lamp where it is dusky.

Then the silhouette of a person showed up from the park. The figure of a man that was tall and solid. Natsuki was surprised to look at the shadow of that person first, before she understands the real nature immediately and frown. She was wondering what she should do for an instant, but she pretend not to notice and is going to pass at a quick pace.

“Oii! Wait a moment!!”

The man who wears a student uniform is tall he might be about 190 cm. The man sneaks around with an unexpectedly quick movement in front of Natsuki, and he blocks Natsuki´s way while she was going to show him the cold shoulder. When it’s so, he can’t be ignored and she has no choice but to stop.

“What is it…. What do you want?”

Natsuki who thrusts him away with a cold voice while clicking her tongue boringly. The man hears the voice and it’ll be the tone which he got angry a little.

“What…you never contact me, have you come from this place?”
“…Aa, only because of that…”
“Only because of that…wait a minute! Hey!”
“You are noisy…. So, you don´t need to shout, I hear you…”

While showing the expression that she got tired of the man called Koji Tanaka, Natsuki seems troublesome and answers. The man is excited at the manner more and more and comes to have a loud voice.

“Yoouu! Even if I use LINE, you entirely ignore it! When you read it properly, answer! You ignore it!!” (Tl note: Line is a social network which is popular in Japan it is like Whatsapp)

(I thought that he will come back…. It’s troublesome…)

The bottom of her heart frowns in disgust. That reminds her, she didn´t contact this man at all recently. The talent man is rumored as the ace of the baseball club at the school in the neighboring town and that he can also aim at Koshien. Besides, because he is tall and his face is relative well too and he is also popular as an idol between the female high school students around here.

Natsuki only liked this man in front of her for about 1 month, too. They began to associate around May with each other and they “lined” every day. And at the last summer holidays, he was the man who Natsuki gave her virginity to. After the one conspicuous for a shaven head is cheated, she went to a love hotel three times during summer vacation.

But one day, when Natsuki went to his school secretly in order to surprise, he is seen how he kisses other schoolgirls in the interior of the schoolhouse and blood goes up to her head and she has slapped him on his cheek before she went home. She didn’t also answer her telephone after that and also LINE was ignored.

“And, what do you want? I am busy, so what?”
“You…seem to be busy. You, what attitude!? Besides, what kind of business! I kissed with other women to the extent, that you are angry forever!”

Whether pride is enlarged in this case for an ace popular with female high school students, his attitude, character and tone are arrogant and haughty. When she liked him, she thought of it as his manliness, now all her feelings woke up completely and only a haughty kid with simple arrogance can be seen. So that in Natsuki´s mind a disgusted feeling erupt and she utters a sigh grandly on the road in the residential area.

“Aa…I got it…. I answer…sooner or later…”

A reluctant answer is given. Of course, there is no clear answer in such a case, even if he didn’t say so, this man would approach persistently until she says yes. The habit of an athlete Natsuki knows about his phlegmatic temperament surprisingly.

“It’s absolutely! If you ignore me next time, I won´t let you escape!”
“Yeah yeah…I understand…. Well, because the business is over with this and I´m tired from my club, then I go now”

Natsuki says so and ends the talk by force and when she tries to slip through the side of Koji who blocks her way quickly, he grasps her shoulder suddenly.

“What! Our talk is over or not? Go away!”

Natsuki who struggles in order to break free is held by the tall man who plays baseball. Without notice, the resistance of Natsuki weakensand he is going to pull her toward the darkness of the park.

“You come over here!”
“Noo! Go away!”

The pimpled face with glaring eyes, the purpose of this high school student that wants to do it is clear. After the beautiful girl with outstanding figure is seen, he wasn´t able to control his sexual desire anymore. Anyhow several times they had sex in their relationship. He is dying to do it suddenly and he wants to kiss her.

“Go away!! Release me!!”
“That was a loud voice!”
“No! By all means, no! Let go of me!!”

Because the road is empty, Koji tries to take her to the interior of the park that manages to be unpopular. He drags her with the whole body let alone her shoulder. However Natsuki desperately resisted, her feet is expanded by her best and she resists him.

“Nooooo! Go away from me! Let me go!! Because it’s painful, release me!!”
“You come over here with me! Ora!!”

The man who blew out rough breath is resisted and lays emphasis on his arm more and more. Through the entrance of the park, he tries to take her into the darkness. Because her feet can never hold out in the sandy area, Natsuki is just dragged.

But then there was a woman who came along the road accidentally. She looks at Natsuki and Koji with a strange atmosphere and approaches at a quick pace.

“What happened! What! …Natsuki? …Are you Natsuki?”

While Koji who had reacted to the voice loosened his power, he begins to release Natsuki from his arm before he runs away on the road with all his energy. And when Natsuki confirms the main origin of the voice, a relieved expression is floated.

“Elder sister!”
“What is it? Is there something!?”

That was Natsuki’s true elder sister named Rena Kurosawa a female university student. The lecture of the university was over and Rena was on the way home. Rena is surprised and looks at Natsuki. Koji received eyes of the sisters and turned his face down immediately.

Silence continues for a while. Rena who understood the unusual situation from the state of the student wearing a uniform and Natsuki, guess that he isn´t a ruffian, but they are acquainted and keep quiet. Natsuki who was throwing a rough breathe begins to pull her elder sister’s hand and walks the road towards their home before long.

“Here! Nee-chan!”
“…A, uh…”

Natsuki walks briskly without looking back, while Reina who looks back on 2 or 3 times asks about this state. Two people going away in the darkness and the tall uniformed high school boy watched quietly with his eyes that had floated a dark passion.

After that, one week passed.

Meanwhile, Koji Tanaka who is her former boyfriend mailed and called her phone and Natsuki ignored it. Because she received more than 50 or more a day at last, she has blocked it.

On the other hand, the immoral sex with the science teacher becomes strong more and more intensely. After the music teacher who joined newly becomes also the same, she often enjoys herself with 4 people. She should be originally rivals with them competing for the same man and the strange thing is, that jealousy and the desire for exclusive possession don´t spring out by her. Rather she feels even joy in serving together and even the strange feeling of solidarity to share a strong male with everyone is born.

However, she wants that he loves her as much as possible when they are together and she wants him that he ejaculate inside her. His magic semen that even a physical disorder and injury are cured whenever sent to the interior of the womb, it is something like a drug for her.

“Aaa…I’m embarrassed…”
“Nooo…. A thing like this…remains…”

In the dim science preparation room as ever after school. On the sofa put on the interior of the room two high school girls have unexpected clothes on. Both wear a skirt with check patterns which is shorter than average and the original function isn´t achieved at all now. While two beautiful girls blush bashfully, they greatly open their legs on the sofa in an M-shape. Therefore, blue and pink panties which those two wear are completely exposed for the science teacher.

“Don´t say it, because a criminal does it first from behind, do it quickly”

Around the short coffee table in front of the sofa, one chair is put there. While the man who sat down there is excited, he instigates two high school girls in front.

“Already… Teacher’s transformation…”
“Noo…. I’m embarrassed about this in public…”

Natsuki Kurosawa and Aiko Kawashima both opened their legs in an m-shape, although their faces are deep red in an unreasonable order, and their hands are increased between the revealed thighs while being dictated by Midou Kenichi the science teacher. A seductive piece of cloth stuck between the crotches. Natsuki’s one is rather small and dark blue and Aiko´s one is light pink with flower patterns scattered. Two people stretched out their fingers on the surface and hesitated, while they begin to trace there as having made up their minds before long.

“No, don’t look…don’t look at me…”

Those two female students are ordered by their pervert teacher, to fight against each other in masturbation and loser is who cum first. The winner will have sex first, a game of a stereotypical setting that even AV doesn´t do now. However they aren´t AV actresses who are feeling tired that actually do it, they are true active female high school students. Both of them are also astonishment idols that´s because they have pretty faces, seeing the excitement of Kenichi, they let his dick erect since a little while ago while congesting more and more.

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