Inma no Hado special chapter 2

Special chapter 2: JK masturbation show



“Aaa…awesome…. It becomes so hard and big…”

Kneeling in front of Kenichi directly on the floor is a beauty that had his meat pillar which towers in her hand raises a voice of admiration as well as a sigh. Her thin fingers that play a piano always delicately coil around the root and rub it up and down with the rhythm that slows down. Tomomi Honda who is the music teacher at Ellis all girls’ high school seems to calm the excitement of Kenichi who is looking at her masturbation show.

(Yaaah…I’m just seeing it and get wet…)

In reality and in her dreams, the penis of Kenichi turned her crazy every time. For the male thing shaking in her hand fearfully, her virgin hole opens inside of her white and silk panty and hot honey begins to overflow. The back gate where this sturdy thing was accepted many times at the same time and it begins to ache with heat.

“Serve…I will serve it…”

Tomomi who wears a white neat blouse with frills fixes the mortal weapon that she is holding in her hand and she begins to lick it from the root slowly. The indecent work taught for a short period is still clumsy and if it is a staying treasuring young lady with some childishness, then it becomes an excited material, too. While making Tomomi serve, Kenichi is paying attention to the sofa, where two high school girls are sitting.

“Hey, what’s up? Try it to always do it at home”
“Aaah…I don’t like it…”
“A thing like this…aaa…”

The masturbation act is shown to Kenichi, which is so shameful for the 17-year-old girls that they want to die. Of course Aiko was an ordinary girl, but even with Natsuki her body flares up in shame and has gone up in an openhearted nature. However, still the order of her dearest tyrant is absolute. Because she wants him to love her early above all and there is no help for it, so her reason is twisted down and her finger is used from the top of her cloth.

“Hiiiiii!! Aaaa! I don´t like it!”
“Nooo!! Why…why are you so!! Hiuuu!!”

Her body developed with the sex with Kenichi, even if she is in such a shameful situation, it brings scathing stimulation by the stimulation of her finger. When her clitoris which became more sensitive than usual is traced, a pleasant feeling that she even wants to cry runs from her waist to the top of her head.

“Hey, Kurosawa, what’s up? Kawashima began to touch even her chest.  Kawashima, Kurosawa has more intense movement with her fingers”

“Mouu!! I see…. It would be fine…”
“Noo!! Su, such…. But…aaaa… ”

Both compared their mutual state and stared with a red face for a while. Aiko begins to run her fingers intensely and massages the bulge in her blouse by herself as if she has made up her mind soon.

“Nooo.‥aaaa… I feel it…”
“Noooo…. It is terrible and pleasant…not good…”

It is her body which still became sensitive by the magic of the Incubus while still developing. First a small fire will grow before long, after that her reason is gradually burnt and it spreads to her whole body. Then, pleasure grows with accelerating speedand her masturbation is becoming more intense daringly.

“Already…already, such…such a thing…”

The panties of the beautiful girls who just stuck between their groins are getting wet gradually by the indecent honey which overflowed from the inside. At first, the stain was a small point, but whenever both move their fingers it gradually grows big and it is spreading over their full crotches which aren’t thin. In the eyes of the abnormal teacher examining cancer between their wet crotches, those two beautiful girls feel shyness and a strange excitement more and more.

“No no noo…. His lecherous eyes…I feel them… ”
“You must not see it…and you must not stare so much…”

Although Natsuki and Aiko look at Kenichi with thick eyes while saying so, they make the movement of their fingers blaming themselves intenser. Their clothes which were wet, pasted up tightly. Kenichi traces the surface which stood out in the form of the opened labia and since infesting their fingers, the honey liquid which came out is applied on the upper part. Their hands put in the blouse slips into the inside of their bras, before they play with their sharp pink nipples.

“It has overflowed fully from the inside…”
“Aah…. It also overflows by me from the inside…”

Tomomi who let her pink tongue crawl over his thing gives a joyful voice to see the patience stew that came out from the tip of his thing. In that way while moving her body aside and showing Natsuki, she opens her mouth wearing red lipstick and has it in her mouth from the tip.

“Oo…it’s good…”

The penis congests so as to be disgusted and was under the strain like a balloon. When it’s wrapped in the hot mouth into which saliva is filled richly, a voice is leaked out to the pleasure unconsciously. In that way he grasps Tomomi´s chest when he stretches out his hand, while he debates the state to yearn for her chest in her blouse and teases it. The high quality silk bra is smooth and pleasant.


Being able to become hollow and sucking his dick which raises her cheeks, Tomomi also gives an obscene voice, because she responds to the stimulation from her chest. While squeezing it using the inside of her cheeks, she sharpens her tongue and stimulates the tip of his hard thing. It’s taught many times and for a 26-year-old beautiful virgin using such an indecent skill now, her fiancé who is working in a big company doesn´t know it.

“Nooo…it is…I want that…”
“It’s wonderful…aaa, it’s really big…”

Although she hides herself behind Tomomi’s body a little while ago and isn´t seen, the strange appearance is seen having placed the table ahead now. This huge weapon which violated her every day condemns and makes her taste the pleasure so her mind becomes blank. The tip sinks in the mouth of Tomomi fascinatedly while casting down her eyes, but his thing arch before long. The penis which is too big for the small young vagina of the female high school students and lets the two high school girls become lewd women poured with hot eyes now.

“Nooo…. This is…aaahiiii!”

Natsuki and Aiko unexpectedly weren´t able to endure it at the same time and put their hand in their panties and stimulates their secret spot directly. When their vaginas which become sensitive are traced with their fingers, sparks are flying only by it. Their sexual feelings flared up at once. Their bodies have begun to demand pleasure so as to be greedy and their slender fingers arouse intense movement.

“Nooo… I come!! Aaa…wonderful…”
“No no… Cuuummiinngg!! Cumming!”


The two female senior high school students lined up in an m-shape on the sofa and Kenichi is excited from their masturbation show. Their indecent fingers wriggles over their panties while making a sound and their other hand crawls inside their blouses of their uniforms. Two high school girls who were intoxicated by those stimulations were in heat and they pant in the way that they don´t mind at any moment while letting their faces become red hot. Both of them are beautiful so that everyone would turn around for them. There won´t be any men who aren´t excited to see this scene.


Kenichi´s dick runs wild in the mouth like a spoilt child. It is excited from the double masturbation show of the female high school student and is patted so that the neat music teacher may fondle it by her finger and mouth.

(Aaah…I feel it…)

It isn’t only the bust rubbed over the bra, even her mouth became an erogenous zone and for the stimulation that wants to cry, Tomomi´s fellatio is working naturally. Still her small white face is moved up and down and his stout meat pillar is caressed while making noise. The quiet and humble girl brought up very carefully is dyed by the poison of the Incubus and she was made to be completely familiar with such an indecent act.

“Aaaaaa!! Pleaasaant!! Cumming!”
“Hyaaaaaa!! Cumming! Cuuummiinng!!”

With 2 beautiful girls who indulge in masturbation on the sofa, Tomomi shakes her head in disapproval between the thighs of Kenichi and is reaching the acme at the same time. Natsuki reached the height first and the other two reached it only a little bit later. Something like white fog rises from the bodies of the three girls, which seems to be a whirlpool which is being drawn into Kenichi’s body.

“Here, here…you worked really hard Kurosawa…”

In the afterglow of the ecstasy Natsuki knows she won from Kenichi’s word and shows a pleasant smile. When Kenichi who stood up from his seat is approaching, her legs which opened in an M-shape are expanded more and she stares at him with sleepy eyes which is awfully pretty.

“Hey, show how it turned out”
“Good…. Move your panties quickly”
“Noo…Sensei…that is embarrassing…”

Natsuki face is deep red and turns to the side and she feels embarrassed. Moreover in that place with two other women at daytime in the school she still resists to expose her pubic region on her own. Her licentious flower blooms between her thighs which congested from the masturbation above all and honey overflows from the inside.

“If you don’t show it, I will have sex with Kawashima first”
“Not that. I understand…I understand, I will show you…”

Natsuki hesitates, still when he mentions the name of her classmate which irritates her, she suddenly surrenders. The 17-year-old beautiful girl who has just remembered her sexual pleasure, has her reason baked and is extremely faithful to her desire.

“Aah…I’m embarrassed…”

While being looked at by the teacher patiently, her pubic region which was edged by light pubic hair is exposed after her thin fingers remove her blue panty and her vagina is flourishing slowly. The sexual organ from the second year student is overall small and she asks for sex with Kenichi and begins to open her bottom as hard as possible. The inside that is enlarged by the masturbation rises and her vaginal vestibules become bright red.

“Ooo…whenever I see it, it looks delicious…. The smell is also heavy…”
“Not good!! Nooo…”

From the part where her panty is put aside, a heavy smell similar to stinky cheese erupts from the beautiful girl. The metabolism of her intense young pussy from the morning is steamed, because indecent honey overflows a lot from there, so that the pervert teacher reached a condition beyond his current state.

“I have it properly…”

The excitement of his hoarse voice exists when he inhales greatly, while his face is brought close while licking his lips. The sweet smell of Natsuki smells lewd fragrantly. Her fragrant is slightly different from Aiko and Tomomi and Kenichi enjoys the licking of such a high-level aroma.

“Aaa…sensei…it smells so much…”

In embarrassment that her shameful smell is smelled directly, Natsuki´s face becomes redder. Every time Kenichi breathes the air is shaking and she can´t endure it and is ashamed that her wet crotch cools down straight. However, it is a fact she tastes the joy and is feeling thrilled with the other side of feeling embarrassed. Kenichi just smells the shameful smell in this way and is excited from the evidence that love juice is overflowing from her small vagina hole.


Although such a state continued for a while and something long and slender has slipped unexpectedly into the interior of the womb. It wriggles like a creature with a will, when it invades while wrenching the entrance that is narrow and sensitive by force and by the way, it is sometimes tense or soft and stimulates the sensitive inside here and there.

“Sensei…such…such a place, don´t lick it…”

His thick and long tongue invades rudely in the vagina tightly like a finger. Kenichi licks the inside of the high school girl fully clean of the good honey with a possessive face.

“Hiiiiiiii!!! Nooooooo!!!”

The indecent liquid which overflowed from the depths is scraped out with his tongue, when it is sucked in with a sound it seems that even the contents of her body are being sucked and Natsuki screams. It was clear to the illusion that sucked up together. However, the loneliness and anxiety become the spice of the pleasure and mix with the stimulation from her pubic region.

“Noo…so intense…aaa…”

Aiko and Tomomi who are looking from the side leaked a mixed sigh with envy, fear and shame. This science teacher was always so. He sticks to their sweat and body fluid between their crotches which got stuffy in this way every time, he is greedy like a bear, who wants his favorite honey.

While both of them look at him, they blow out a rough breath and play with their own crotch. While imagining it they are doing so. After that although they are eager to divide the body and torn the huge dick.


When Kenichi was satisfied and separated his face finally, Natsuki becomes tired and leans against the sofa. She blushes and also breathes heavily. She has been toyed with by the insolence tongue which runs wild around and has closed her lightly many times. She released her fingers from her panty and the same she does to her M-shaped position.

“Here, here…put it inside me”

The penis which was treated by Tomomi´s mouth until a while ago, towers between the legs firmly so that even one is amazed. When the huge tip covered with saliva enters from the side of her underwear, he applies weight slowly.

“Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouch!! Hiiiaaaaa!! Ouuuch!!”

It will be naturally, that her small entrance is forced open by the huge thing and the beautiful girl cries out because of the shameful ache although it is usual. The muscle which shrank for pain tightens the intruder without mercy tightly, without the huge penis moving an inch by such a thing, it advances much on the inside where the penis is blocked. For the pleasant feeling that is struck while the sensitive dick is tightened by the vagina wall, Kenichi original intention groans unintentionally still more despite the incubus too.

“Hhiiiiiii!! Ahiguuuuuuuu!!!”

Natsuki, who still thrusts with her undeveloped vagina, screams when his dick is raised in the inside. Nonetheless the sexual feeling which became super saturation from the stimulation explodes and she is swallowed by the acme from the freshly squeezed dick inside her womb.

“Oooou…. Don’t tighten so much…”

The sphincter strengthened with cheerleading tightens the root tightly without mercy. If it is a middle-aged man, the pale body of Natsuki would envy everyone. He dreamed from the time when he has been assigned to this school and he can see beautiful girls in uniforms. While being intoxicated with the delicacy beyond imagination, Kenichi bends Natsuki´s body that sets the smell of sweet sweat free besides her flattery body was being coveted using the waist cruelly.

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