Inma no Hado special chapter 3

Special chapter 3: Abduction



(It has become very late…)

Like usual, Natsuki is walking the way home from the station in hurry wearing a jersey. Although the street lights are on on the road that passes the upper-class residential area, there are only a few people on the main road at this time. Today is Sunday. After she prepares for the preliminary of the high school championship, a mini training camp was being performed at school until now and the end became slow unexpectedly.

Originally Natsuki had outstanding motor nerves, but since she fell from a tower last year and her waist was hurt she lacked vitality and after the pain is gone like a lie recently she became better than before and can do now a refreshing dance. Therefore she become a member who can´t miss such a meeting anymore than like in the past, so she can´t play truant.

(Even today, teacher talked about the tournament too…. However, teacher is the adviser of the tennis club. Ai-chan and Ruriko are the same…)

She imagines it and becomes enviable and sighs.

She has sex with the science teacher every day and her joy is deepened day by day. Therefore she always thinks only about that recently, so badly that she wants to see him. In the same way sometime, she also thought she shall urge home and she is already late and thinks over it because her parents are at home today.

(Not again…I only thought about Sensei…)

When teacher’s face is remembered with that alone her body which gets wet becomes hot. At school, at a hotel and in the dream she is violated many times and woman’s pleasure is taught like reflecting conditionally it has been her body which has carnal desire.

Natsuki comes to the neighborhood of her house soon and approaches next to the dim park. At that time in the same way the figure of a person appeared from the inside of the darkness. It is a tall man with solid build.

“…What, why do you suddenly appeared again!! I´m surprised!”

He was Natsuki´s ex-boyfriend, Koji Tanaka. Today’s Koji puts on a hat and hides his shaven head. According to the look and loose clothes, he seems to be in a gang where he is often in the downtown area with his group.

“Ugh! Natsuki! You, what do you mean!!”

Koji is throwing the atmosphere which glares always and he was especially in a bad mood and was contentious today from the beginning. It was Natsuki daunted for an instant, while he is very competitive originally and has a strong-minded character. She is sure to answer back.

“What! Don’t bother me! Besides ambushing me in such a place! You, are you a stalker? Doing such a thing, aren’t you embarrassed?”

It was Koji who was counterattacked and looked daunted, before he pulls himself together immediately and without discounting retorts.

“Ugh, shut up! Before I will hit you! You ignored all my mails and phone calls!! Therefore I do it this way, Natsuki!!”
“What do you say? I won´t reply to your emails or phone calls! Generally, above all else why do you call my name without any honorifics? Because it’s already unrelated to you, so don´t call me so friendly!”
“Wa, what! …You are my…you are my woman!”
“What do you say! You take up several women here and there! I together with a man like you, it is absolutely impossible!! It will never happen even when the world end!!”

Koji who is pierced at a sore spot falters. Since he was told that he was a talented person who could aim at Koshien as the ace of his baseball club and many high school girls approached from the other side even if he did nothing. Of course Natsuki is the prettiest even then as for a high school student being distracted by other beauty girls there is no manner as he violates them.

“Now…I already have a new boyfriend”

Natsuki declares while laughing disdainfully.

“…Nnaa! You bastard! You’re fucking kidding me!!”
“I don´t joke, with my words!! So don’t call me anymore! If you do such an ambush next time, I call the police!”
“You! Hey, wait! Hey!!”

There is a fool who is said to wait in neither this world nor a different world. Natsuki dressed in a jersey leaves Koji who yells and she began to run with her bag at top speed.

(Here…where is here…?)

When Natsuki noticed, she was in a dim room. Because her memories are away for a while, she shakes her head in order to remember what happened. Both hands are bound with something like handcuffs on her back and she can´t move them well. She confirms her clothes, but there is no disorder on her uniform.

(How…? What happened…? I tried to go to sensei´s house after school…after arriving at the station… What happened then…?)

She remembered it then. While going to the apartment of the science teacher, she was attacked by someone from the rear. Her consciousness just went far, she was brought in a large car such as a van and she feels like having been jolted for a while.

(I…was I kidnapped?! Who…?)

When her eyes were getting used to darkness, they showed the state of the circumference. She is in a tasteless room with some sofas and there is only a short table in the center. The door in the inside is made of steel without a gray affectation either and a worn out calendar hangs on the wall. The whole room is stained with the smell of cigarettes and a cheap kitchen stand and faucet are seen in the depths. It’s dimly, but the music which had some nice beats is heard. A mat is laid out just in case on the floor and it can’t be said there is a singe of cigarettes in some places and that it’s also beautiful as a compliment.

What should I do…and why was brought to such a place…)

Natsuki is tough and strong-minded but she is only a second year student. She is the only one in that strange place where she was kidnapped and brought to. She feels lost and almost cries.

(An, anyway, I can´t escape from here!!)

When she made up her mind, she was going to stand up from the sofa which she sat down, but suddenly she heard the tone of a key inserted into the door. Natsuki shakes her body, when the gray door opens right in front of her and several men come in.

“Oh… you seem to wake up…”
“Ooo! Great! When I see her in a bright place, she is really pretty!!”

In total 4 men. Among them three dyed their hairs from brown to blond and their black skin as if they went to a tanning salon. They wear a pierced earring on their ears, put a gold ring on their fingers and wear a T-shirt which sticks to their bodies. It is understood that their muscles developed from it, the sleeve extends from the big upper arms and there is even a man who has a bright tattoo on it.

Finally, from the door a person Natsuki knows enters.


Only one person puts on a hat and looks down a little, it is Koji Tanaka who has entered. When the door closes, 3 men sit down on the sofa, while Koji is standing next to them.

“Ou, Koji is this woman fine?”

When the man who has a beard sat down on the center says so, Koji nods small after seeing Natsuki. When the man who confirmed it grins, he turns his face to Natsuki again.

“I`m sorry for the rough treatment, because business will end soon, you can be relieved”

The three men are smirking and laugh. While controlling the fear that she is feeling, Natsuki concludes her tongue tightly and endures it desperately.

“Well, an easy thing…. This fellow…at my request, he wants to take revenge on the man who stole my lover…. Then again, so as not to leave you, when I want it, that I persuaded the man about us tightly…”

While enjoying Natsuki´s surprised reaction and while the beard man like a leader has laugh slightly, Koji continues explaining it with relish.

“Well…after I owe him…the bad grudge I have against you and your boyfriend will vanish and there can´t be done anything…”
“…Why…why are you doing such a thing!”
“So-so…. Well, at once, I call your new boyfriend here”

When the beard man shakes his head, Koji moves and takes the cell phone out from Natsuki’s bag.

“What, you bastard!”
“You are noisy! Be silent!!!”

Among the three men, the bald man suddenly raised a yell and Natsuki´s body shakes like a fish from its volume. She sees Koji operating the lock screen of her Smartphone and Natsuki knows the meaning in an instant. Because it was the same code as the time when she was together with him, Koji remembered it. The lock is released with surprising swiftness.

Koji who operated the smart phone glared with his eyes for a while and when he looks up after some time, he stares at Natsuki with a terrible look.

“You…go out with a teacher!”

Probably he saw her open exchanges in LINE and the private conversation of her and Kenichi, because of that Natsuki´s face becomes red for anger.

“Don´t look at it without permission! You peeping Tom!”
“What do you say to me, you are noisy! You bitch!!”

The shaven head like the representative of youth who is easy to go berserk cries again. However Natsuki´s blood has gone up to her head by anger, she keeps complaining without also flinching from such a threat.

“Return it! Return it!! Don´t look at it! You pervert stalker!”

“Hey hey…is it already good? When I found it, I hand it over…”

Although the leader has a disgusted face, he stretches out his hand, Koji hands over the smart phone while still staring at Natsuki.

“Huh…. Midou-san…. A teacher taking up a high school student, isn´t it quite interesting…”

Without losing his grin, the beard man makes a call plainly. Natsuki’s wish is also ignored and the call seemed to be connected in a few minutes.

“Aa…do you know a child named Natsuki? …Natsuki is here by us, won’t you come to us? …Aa…thats right…. Well, we tell you when you come…. Aa, listen up, you come her immediately now… Here in Ikebukuro`s『Hallucination』Club…”

The man who was speaking for a while, after he spoke about an important matter one-sidedly and he casually throw away the smart phone. It made a sound when it hit the floor and it becomes quiet, while spreading a piece of glass.

“He come right now…. somewhat it was an old man with a gloomy voice…”

The man has a thin smile. Then when another man who sat down on the other side stands up from the sofa, he is coming near Natsuki. The man who seems to be discernibly frivolous, he has a little gap on his front teeth and a golden pierced earring is attached to his ear closely.

“Ooh, when I see you up closer, you are really pretty…”

The eyes of the man show the expression that seems to glare with desire clearly, while he licks his lips. Natsuki instinctively backed up on the sofa. The pierced earring man is excited to see the frightened expression of Natsuki more and more.

“Hey, while waiting for that old man, may I eat this child?”


It’s Koji and Natsuki that reacted to the word given off from him. However, the pierced earring man hugs Natsuki´s body which can´t move with the handcuffs suddenly without caring it really.

“Hey!! Stop it!! Hey…guuuuuu!!”

Natsuki dislikes it, while Koji tries to stop a pierced earring man. However, when Koji’s body bends before his hand reaches him, he just lies sideways on the floor. The man with the shaven head stood up quickly from the sofa and he threw Koji´s body with his upper arm on the floor.

“But!!! Guhaaaaaaa!!”

Koji hit his diaphragm and he can’t breathe any more while he coughs and agonizes himself intensely. The shaven head man coldly watches it, furthermore, when he kicks him two or three times and Koji continues being in pain intensely while his face becoming deep pale, when he is groaning.

“Hey Shinya…stop that thing…. Teruki too…”

When the leader says so, the shaven head called Shinya sits down on the sofa and he had the expression that seemed to still want to kick Koji more.

“Why? Whether you wouldn’t like it Ryo…. Anyway, I eat her, are you still all right with it? And I am free anyway until that fellow comes…”

While touching the chest of the uniform of Natsuki who runs wild, the earring pierced man called Teruki answers in a leisurely voice. He has finished being accustomed to such thing. While treating her resistance skillfully, he stretches out his hand between her chest and crotch.

“Aaa…a fool woman coming to the club is good, but a female high school student from an all girls school is also not bad…. How about it? This good smell…”
“Not Good!! Nooooo!! Separate from me! Let me go!!”

When he put his hand inside from the neck of the blouse, while enjoying her moderate and successful chest, he buries his face in her scruff and smells it. Her white scruff is licked by his long tongue, Natsuki who dislikes it turns away desperately and he doesn´t miss that her defense of her lower part of her body becomes negligent by the result. When he puts his hand in her short checked skirt, he gradually takes down her panty while suppressing Natsuki´s resistance.

“Stop it!! Let me go!! Go away from me!!!”
“Ouou…in spite of a high school student, you are wearing some showy underwear, my dear…. Is this also a hobby of your boyfriend who is working as a teacher?”
“Noooo!! Let me go!! Let me go!!! Noooooo!!!”

After struggling many times, her hot pink panty is pulled off. According to the earring pierced man`s words, that design is too shameless for a high school student to wear it. In that very small place, she wore a shining lame G-string panty.

“Whether today did you have sex with your boyfriend…? It is regrettable…. Well, because I let you cry with my proud penis instead, so be relieved…”

His dick which was excited and heated up already is pushed against the back of her panty. He was surely right and his dick was the excellent specimen which was much stouter than an ordinary man.

“Well, I’m defeated by Ryo…. Still I want to put my penis inside this woman, no one can escape from me…. Right in front of your boyfriend, I let you say that…”
“Aaa…stop…stop it…. Shit…go away…”

Gradually, Natsuki’s state has become strange. The power doesn’t enter although Natsuki tries to break free desperately and her articulation isn’t surrounded and tone also becomes strange. The earring pierced man sees that and grins.

“Hehe…he seems to have come…”

Here in their headquarters which is this club with a possessive face, a person who doesn’t know this neighborhood where famous men who aren’t here came. Violence, drugs, rape and blackmail, anything is done excluding the homicide. The countless beauties that came to this club many people in these rooms are drugged with luck and become a plaything which will be raped.

While Natsuki is carried here『Love zero』they used a new drug on her. The new drug has begun to be popular at Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. At the same time as improving her sexual feeling, the latest one relaxes the muscles, while affection is unrelated for the women who used this and they come to open their bodies to every man.

“…St, stop…release Natsuki…”

Groaning while lying on the floor, Koji looks up and speaks desperately. The cyanosis is going to happen and his lips become deep blue.

“Hee…your innocent love doesn´t exist…”

Although the leader smokes, he laughs with excitement.

Behind the mask as a young high school baseball player with a refreshing image, Koji had sex with many high school girls until now and when he brought them here when he got bored, they offered themselves to him. Therefore this beautiful girl called Natsuki he thought that she was an outlet of his simple sexual desire in the same way.

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