Inma no Hado special chapter 5

Special chapter 5: Retaliation of Kenichi




To the launching sound of the pistol which exploded closely, two women scream with closed eyes.


The room falls silent again. When Natsuki opens her eyes cautiously, there was the figure of the man who held the handgun and is standing on his place there.

(Se, sensei! Sensei…Sensei!!)

When she look at the point where the handgun was pushed out, Kenichi who should have been there isn´t there. She looks at the floor whether he was shot and fell down and his figure was also not there.


Then Natsuki noticed that the body of the man wearing a T-shirt kept the handgun and is shaking flickeringly. And the man in the back collapses to the rear like rotten wood and falls. The man dressed in the worn out suit which she also saw from the shade.


Compared with the three men, his figure is thin and slender. Midou Kenichi is standing in full height in the tasteless room so that he may look down upon the man who fell down. His face is cold so as to be expressionless and his eyes also shine red-hot as always.

“Are you okay?”

His tone didn´t change at all. She hears his voice and her feelings that she endured overflow. She is abducted by three powerful men, they touched her body without being able to move and she is gone into mischief between her thighs and in front of her they used a handgun in the fight. She was really afraid and there was no help for it. Even if she says that she is strong, she is only a 17-year-old girl.

“Sensei!! Sensei!!!”

When Kenichi approaches, she stands up from the sofa and she jumps into his arm. He appears in her pinch breezily, her hero who beat the fearful men suddenly and her own good looking knight.


She clings, stretches and kisses him. The maximum reward that she can present him. Originally his cool ardor is unrelated to Natsuki`s reaction of fear, hatred and despair until a while ago and the passion overflowing from the depths of her heart isn´t stopped.

“Hey…Sensei…more…I’d like to do more…”

The beautiful girl clings to him as if she will never leave him. Kenichi surveys the room while treating Natsuki.

4 men lie on the floor. Koji and the pierced man have serious internal injuries and both have purple lips. While the shaved head has his foot bent and his consciousness part way for acute pain. The Leader who receives the elbow of Kenichi in his face directly right after he fired his gun causes severe brain concussion and he collapses.

The face of the leader becomes bright red from the nosebleed which runs down and his nose is broken mercilessly and turns to the side. After this, even if a skillful plastic surgeon takes charge of it, it wouldn’t return to his original handsome face.


When Kenichi looked, he saw the beautiful woman who was in the corner of the room screaming small. Her long blond hair which she bleached waves loosely and it matches her white small face very much. Her eyes show a little impression of Impatiens and combined with her thin lips and high nose, it is very beautifully. Having good looks passing as a model, the long legs of the beauty are first class whose style is good. Moreover it’s different from a model´s thin body, her key points are developed enough and it can be grasped from her red dress which just stuck to her body.

“By the way, whether you go with the last finish…”

The whole body of the beauty in the red dress is wrapped up thinly in a blue aura that appeared. In this room for the first time Kenichi had a smile with a broad grin.


When he thinks he hears someone’s voice, it was a moan emitted from someone´s mouth. Like the diver who appeared from the deep sea and is pulled to a different world suddenly and rises up his sense and perception don´t catch up with him immediately. Still when he opens his eyes thinly, the scene of the circumference gets into his eyes before long.

(Here…I am…what…)

The memory is blown off and the situation isn´t connected well. His consciousness is awaking gradually soon and it is understood that this place is the employee waiting room of the club which is always made as the headquarters.

“Nooo…not good…there…”

When he hears a sweet voice and raises his eyes, something red was moving immediately. When the focus that became dim gradually matches, he finds out that it is the color of a women’s dress. The next moment, so that rubber splits open with a click, the memory and scene in front enters into his brain.

“Hey…. Finally, your boyfriend woke up…”
“Yaah…aaa…not good…. Already…already stop it…”

The beauty in the red dress is Ayami Nishino who is his woman. Among the countless beauties who come to the club to play, she is a first-class woman who he chose carefully. The beauty with the best body which everyone would look back, her beauty is the best he ever encountered.

3 months have passed since he made Ayami his thing, she becomes the captive of pleasure that he gives now. The pleasure that the drug and his proud giant penis brings, this first-class beauty completely fits in like other women. This woman who shouldn’t glance into anyone than him gives a sweat voice to another man on the opposite sofa now.

“…Yo, you!!”

The man who held Ayami´s body from behind rubs her huge chest with his hand which turned forward while he is licking her white nape. After her breasts are grasped by both hands after her thin cloth is lifted, he toys with it like it is his own thing. He wore a worn out suit and he looks like an officer worker from everywhere.

“Do you feel it this way? …Huh?”
“Aaa…good…. Awfully…I feel so good…”

Ayami who is lewd wiggles her body in the hand of that man and she completely flushes and looks sexy. Disliked words are thrown up from her mouth, in fact far from hating it, he understands that she enjoys the stimulation from her chest and should be enchanted.

Power finally enters his body for anger and he is going to edge up the man in front. However, when the time comes, he understood that he was handcuffed at his back for the first time. Besides, the handcuffs seem to be tied to the leg of the sofa, it’s old and doesn’t move because it is heavy and that without moving a muscle in this situation he needs to sit on a floor.

“What you…. By such a thing, you feels it so much…. After you can’t have sex with your boyfriend, were you frustrated?”
“Different…it is different…. But…but, why do I feel it so much…. Aaa…so good…so goood…”

The figure of Ayami who raises a cry that she was deeply impressed than at the time she had sex with him, and the leader receives a hit shock. Anyway many women have been violated up to now, most women are crazy about his giant penis and skill and it was usual that they writhed on the bed. The women with a boyfriend or husband were blinded by pleasure of a different dimension, so they left their man and ran to him. Ayami shouldn’t be an exception for that, either.

When looking to the left and right now, he sees his companions who are also handcuffed at their back in the same way like he. The pierced man and the monk’s man recover their consciousness also now and they came to be possessed by the scene in front while letting greasy sweat running down.

“Hey…lets kiss just like a while ago…. Then, I let you feel it more”
“Eee…but….well, because he sees it…”

Although he makes her pretty cool face completely melts in pleasure, Ayami looks at herself for an instant. Her eyes ask about this state. Resisting the words though she still lets the man rub her chest, she doesn´t dislike it at all.

“Nooo…don’t look at it…please don’t look, Ryo-chan…”

Ayami hesitated for a while, still when she turns her face aside as not having been able to endure it, she is kissing the teacher who covers her from the rear on her own.


Ayami keeps kissing in front of her shocked boyfriend. At first she tended to hesitate but then it becomes intense immediately, from the gap of their lips put together, he sees that two pieces of tongues intertwining with each other and moving intensely. It isn’t forced. Mutual desire is bumped at each other and their deep kisses are lewd and intense. With sound of water heard from them, a seductive sigh that the beautiful woman who silenced raises. Meanwhile, the hand of the man crawls around the chest of Ayami and her breasts which stuck out from her thin body comparatively is still rubbed and hold.

“Aaah…there is no good…”

When his hand is put inside her opened chest, he touched it directly furthermore a scathing hot stimulation spreads in her body. Her chest is one of the parts of Ayami´s body felt most, but this is still the first time that it is so comfortable and her body melts in pleasure of a different dimension than usual and almost leaks out.

“Is it comfortable?”
“Yaaa…. I´m feeling good…so good…”
Do you want more?”
“I want…I’d like to do more….touch my breasts more…”

Ayami answers with the expression that seems to melt away in her tone. In the coquetry that the woman who thought the thing shows perfectly, at first the leader`s expression was surprised, but then it seems regrettable now and he scowls at both of them who coil together on the sofa.

Even if a woman is taken away from other men up to now, he didn’t decide to take them away. He breaks the guard with comfortable looks and plausible speech skills, he uses a carrot and sticks properly depending on the situation and undress them, without falling his proud positive root and the drug, the number of woman he slept with isn´t known. In that way they fall for him and the women indulge in sexual intercourse with him without exception and even if they were thrown away, he didn’t decide to get away from a woman.

However, the best beauty that should completely fall in love with him makes her body wind in the hands of another man and keeps uttering a sweet cry in spite of his presence.

“What is it, aren´t you already completely soaked wet here…”
“Not good…such a place, please don´t touch it…”

Before one is aware the other hand enters inside the miniskirt. It doesn´t seem that it hide behind the skirt, whenever the arm turned from the back moves, Ayami wiggles her body in spite of being in agony. It is clear what he is doing inside her skirt, only that it isn’t seen directly, his vexation grows stronger.

“Hhiiiiii!! Aaaaaaa!!”

When Kenichi bends his arm, her body is shaken timidly. Her reaction shows that she was only touched and reached the climax. It is easy to feel a sensitive woman, however such a reaction hasn´t been shown, when the leader touched her.

“To become like that only by my finger, you endured it for a long time…”
“Be, because…it is very…very great, when it is felt…. Your finger…aaa…your finger is awfully good…aaaa!! Yaaaaa! In addition…when you do it that much, I still iichauuuu!”

In front of men who pass the anger now and are dumbfounded, Ayami is pushed up immediately to her second climax. While inserting his hand in the dress, he let her red dressed body have convulsions in his arms to fall on fearfully. It becomes the third time as soon as the second convulsion settled, followed by a fourth and fifth time. Two places are only caressed and the beautiful woman keeps climaxing in front of them. For men who can´t see the magic of the Incubus, they would see it as some kind of joke or magic.

“Huu…. Well, like this…”
“…Aaaa…al, already…forgive me…”

When she reached her tenth climax she is released from his hold and the beautiful woman in the red dress collapses from the sofa. Then Natsuki who was seeing that patiently from the side embraced Kenichi´s body from the side when she got nervous on the sofa quickly.

“Sensei…me too…me too, kiss me…. I want a French kiss…”

Like in the usual school, Natsuki is fawning like a cat. Of course she understands the intention of Kenichi, but still she can´t be interesting inwardly when he is flirted with other women in front of her. Embracing his neck with her uniform figure, she kisses him intensely as if she insists that he is her thing and their tongues intertwine with each other.


Koji who is the only one still lying on the floor without being handcuffed and he grazes it while seeing the scene on the sofa and racks his voice. In reality despite what he understood at hand, his chest is scooped out from the pain of a knife. He saw Natsuki like that for a long time and he is made to realize the scathing pain all too well.

However, it is already too late. The blue bird which he has parted with once will never return to him anymore.

“Hey, monk over there…. You should already know, Natsuki is my woman…. You shall not approve her again and of course don´t e-mail or call her either”

While hugging a 17-year-old body bounding like rubber ball over her uniform, Kenichi who sat down on the sofa declares it. Although his voice was low and quiet and enough anger is included.


With red eyes shining like laser the science teacher´s face is buried under the scruff of the neck and Koji sees his entranced ex-girlfriend, which let him grit his teeth and he turns down his face before long. Kenichi demonstrates his overwhelming power against the three men, while Koji knocked down easily. But he didn’t yield to the violence. After the expression of Natsuki who sees the man more than before, he perceived this beautiful girl will never return him anymore.

When he confirms that Koji gave up, his shining red eyes pay attention to the three men this time.

“All three of you…never bother us again…. When you approach us again, I don’t finish only with your nose and leg…so that you won´t recover ever again…”

The shaved head who has his leg bent in a wrong direction casts down his eyes while letting greasy sweat running down his face from the acute pain. As for the pierced man who is holding his abdomen, when Kenichi matched his eyes, his face looked down. However, only the beard man who is the leader strongly scowls at Kenichi with strong eyes.

“Fuck you…wait until I get you in my hands…”
“What’s up…you are still highly motivated…stupid guy, you embarrass yourself because of this…. Then, so that you will always do it, even an idiot will understand what I will teach you now…”

Well, Kenichi who sighed raises the beautiful woman in the red dress who sat down on the floor to the sofa and makes her sit down immediately next to him. If it is this distance, the wave reaches enough. When Kenichi moves his red tentacle as usual, he extends the narrow tip to the entrance of Ayami.

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