Inma no Hado special chapter 6

Special chapter 6: Experiment, Conclusion and boring meeting




In the state of ecstasy the afterglow is still continuing, her living body aura which is a defense wall sympathizes with the magic of the Incubus and lets Ayami be excited forcibly. Her mouth is intensively invaded and she is confused at the desire which welled up in her suddenly.

(Why…aaaa, I want to lick it….. But…why…)

When she sees the bulge in his pants, she gulped. Ayami likes fellatio, however in front of her boyfriend, she can´t take the thing of the man who she met for the first time today in her mouth. It is common.

(Aaa…I’d like to hold in my mouth…I want to suck it…)

Her desire increases with an accelerating speed. The direct, concrete desire that she hasn´t learned at the time she had sex with her boyfriend either. Her eyes are nailed between the legs of the man in front and she can´t help wanting to take it out and hold it in her mouth. Even she thinks that is abnormal, but she can’t stop her thirst for it. Like a thirsty traveler who demands water, it is hard to control her primitive desire that is welling up.


In order to attract the attention of the man kissing with a female high school student wearing a uniform, Ayami shakes his knee, but Kenichi doesn´t react. She calls out to him several times and pulled his arm, but she is ignored and she can´t endure it longer and begins to run her fingers over the bulge in his pants.

“Yaaah…aaa…this is great…”

For the heat reaching her palm, a cry is raised unconsciously. Ayami was daunted by the eyes of her boyfriend who glared at this for an instant and she stopped her hand, but still she begins to trace the outline with her fingers which are bright red from manicure without being able to win against her inner desire.

(It’s wonderful…so wonderful…)

That’s why she has begun to gradually have power in response to the stimulation of her fingers surprisingly it was tall and stout. It isn’t only that. The sturdiness that gradually adds to the thickness is another dimension and the bulge with the size that she obviously hasn´t seen so far.

(Already…it is already unbearable…)

Ayami tends to hesitate, but then she stretches out her hand and takes off his belt, before the zipper is removed slowly. When she also unclothes the gray boxer shorts which are exposed, her target appeared.


She confirmed the size with her finger, but the real thing was beyond her imagination. While being in state that it hasn´t become big enough yet, it is huge surprisingly for a long time. In comparison with the thing of her boyfriend who she thought is big, that one was sturdy and vigorous.

“What’s that…”

When he lets her hold it in her hand and she clings it, while four men were able to see the huge figure clearly. The hot breath of Kenichi´s dick is transmitted to her palm and Ayami is swallowing her saliva hard. After it reacts to her cold hand, it begins to gradually have power.

(A thing like this…is…aaa!!)

Furthermore, to let the rigidification accelerate, her hand moves slowly up and down. Already outside her consciousness including the eyes of her boyfriend, she is absorbed by the hot dick becoming hard in her hand and astonishment, fear and desire are felt more. At the same time, from the part of her palm that touches it, she felt something like some hot energy flowing into it.

(I want to lick it… I want to hold it in my mouth…and I want to put it in my mouth…)

The dark and hot impulse that overcomes her again, lets her shame and hesitation disappear this time. When Ayami greatly opens her lips with bright red lipstick, she held the huge dick from the tip in her mouth.


The dick only rubbed against the inside of her cheeks incredibly, but the dreadful stimulation could even penetrate her head. While tightening the big thing with her lips and enduring it, she is going to move it again, but the pleasant feeling gets wider than her mouth and reaches her whole body again. Her mouth seemed to totally become a sensitive erogenous zone and her whole body reacts to a small movement fearfully.

“Nhuuuuuuu!! Huuuumuhuuuuuuu!!”

While closing her fascinated eyes and shaking her long eyelashes, Ayami reaches the climax only from the fellatio. She is carried through electric currents full of pleasure more than at the time with her boyfriend, before she has convulsions as having received electroshocks.

She is feeling it to the maximum by the magic of the Incubus, because the evidence is that her whole mouth becomes incredible sensitive like a pleasure organ. Because Kenichi tries his power using this as an opportunity, he handles the tentacle with max power, while he was hesitating by Natsuki and Aiko.

(However, like that she cums frequently, so she doesn’t calm down…)

Kenichi sees that Ayami shakes her body fearfully whenever the blond beauty moves her mouth, that’s why he smiles wryly while sucking Natsuki´s sweet tongue. The magic was used by full power and the sensitivity in her mouth was raised and it seemed that Kenichi went too far somehow. Moreover this beauty called Ayami seems to have a high affinity with Kenichi´s magic.

(Aa…pleasant…it is pleasant…)

Even when the too intense stimulation weakens, Ayami moved to a real fellatio and the pleasant feeling which still flows inside her mouth was dreadful. She never had that with her boyfriend, so she is absorbed by the pleasant feeling of her fellatio. Anyway the part which Kenichi´s huge penis hits is felt on her whole body.


Suddenly some words were muttered. Her boyfriend who sandwiched the table on the other side was completely forgotten all too soon. Ayami is having the penis of another man in her mouth and for an instant when both their eyes matched directly, they become stiff.

However, she groans while using her waist so that Kenichi demands it, Ayami starts to stroke it lewdly again. While rubbing it including her white finger up and down at the root, her cheeks are dented using her tongue and that it’s sticky, when she sucks it. Whenever her white small face moves up and down, her pierced pearl earrings which she attached to her ear appeared when she shakes her head.

Her fellatio is more passionate than before, she lowers her slit eyes and her cheeks dyes red, while Ayami licks it clean as having been delirious with a passionate temper. As for the pierced man and the shaven head that are in the neighbor, they admired the heavy fellatio which the outstanding beauty shows, so that they forget even their pain.

(Don´t look…like this, you mustn´t look…)

While feeling the eyes of men, Ayami doesn´t stop her blowjob. She twines her tongue around the hot thing which occupies her mouth, her cheeks dent, when she sucks it so that a sound comes out. The impertinent liquid that sometimes overflows is licked and sucked in, it mixes with her saliva and she swallows it. Even Ayami can’t understand that she feels the greatest joy in serving it in this way.

(Aaa…no…no no…nooo…)

Ayami puts her face between the crotch of the man who sat down on a sofa from the side and the vertical movement was repeated many times. Her chin is fascinated from the excessive hugeness of the invader, but still her neck outline isn´t stopped by the sweet stimulation that scrubs her mouth. A passionate and enthusiastic fellatio hasn´t been done to her boyfriend either and she is already spouting an ordinary man.

However to suck such a hot thing, this man who wasn´t at a glance clear didn´t move an inch. Ayami should also blame herself all too soon, she noticed that she is in an difficult state.

(Aa…I’d like to do it…. This is…I want to put this in…)

The depths between her legs ache with a throb and she wants him to thrust his hard big dick inside her vagina. Her inner wall which contains nothing shrinks and a large quantity of viscous liquid overflows from the depths. Every time his big root enters into the inside of her throat, she imagines that it is driven into the interior of her womb and she shakes her body.

Compared with her boyfriend in front of her eyes, the shape of it is uneven and the size. When she sees the size of the penis which stretched in particular, she feels excited and dizzy so as to imagine that it is inside her.

(When I put that in…what will happen…. Aa…but, I want to put it in…. This great thing, I want to do it to my heart’s content…)

Since she lost her virginity when she was 14 years old, Ayami is a greedy woman. After she had relations with many men, her sexual feeling blooms since she is 21 years old. After she comes to associate with Ryo who is her boyfriend now it is further accelerated with their powerful sex. Her body has begun to ripe as a woman, is now in the prime.

(This…this is great…it’s too great…)

While stuffing her mouth fully, her deep difference is confirmed by using her tongue in the mouth. It is a lethal weapon that kills the woman who it aimed. If such a thing is screwed, what will happen to the woman? However, she wants to check it right now. She wants to taste it with her body and sadism-like greed undermines her reason.

(But…here…in a place like this…where Ryo is seeing it…)

Feeling embarrassed to have sex in front of men, besides the one of them who is her boyfriend. When she is normal, it’s the act which won’t be done by any means, but the beauty is dyed in the poison of the Incubus, so she is crazy about her carnal desires and gradually loses her reason. The dimension is different from the drug Ryo and the others always use, it comes from the reproduction desire connected directly with a human`s survival instinct.

“Not good…already…I can’t withstand it anymore!!”

Removing her mouth, when there is nobody she shouts small, Ayami stands up and is sitting astride on Kenichi´s waist that opens his leg and sits down on the sofa on her own. Her miniskirt is rolled up without enough room by herself, before she covers her own pubic region with the tip from the side of her t-back black panty.

“He, hey!! You!!! Ayami! …Stop it!!”

The yell of her boyfriend is heard from the back and he startles for an instant, too. The beautiful woman is in heat to the maximum by Kenichi´s magic, so she swallows the penis of the devil after she finishes getting wet and opens the entrance.


It was a scream that cut a soul literally. For the long-awaited stimulation, it isn´t stopped that the voice like a beast goes out of the depths of her throat. The mucous membrane which became so sensitive that it was fearful extends by force of the meat spear which is like steel, before it is being stimulated all over from corner to corner.


The lethal weapon sinks by her weight. Even fear is remembered from the illusion of her body been torn apart. It is cold-blooded when it arrived at the deepest part and punched the uterus without mercy.

“Higugaaaaaaaaa!! Nnhaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

(This is wonderful….I´m becoming like this…)

The cool beauty, who twists her well-proportioned face, screams in a loud voice. Kenichi observes with his look like the time of the science experiment while seeing that. After he considers his dealing with Natsuki and the others, so far, the strength from his magic hasn´t been used. What happens if Kenichi uses the tentacle with every effort and as for the thing, the trial and the result of the attempt were terrific.

(What happens if I pour magic here?)

He concentrates his consciousness on his penis which got into the interior of the womb to the root and he imagines to give some kind of power from there. From the part wrapped in the hot vagina which became mushy, a black wave is spreading.

“Huguuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Hiiiiiiiiiii!!!”

With the screaming that her throat is splitting apart, the body in the red dress greatly has convulsions. By the movement of the muscle until it is abnormal clearly, Natsuki as well as Kenichi and the four men have an astonished reaction.

(Dangerous…this is dangerous…)

The convulsion of her whole body is like an insulin shock. The mouth keeps opening and discharges slaver slowly now. Her eyes completely lose focus and her eyeballs turn to the top. Anyone is dumbfounded by the extraordinariness at first sight.


Large excessive encephalin and dopamine are released and a neuron repeats the abnormal ignition. Her mind would collapse surely if Ayami didn´t lose her consciousness at that time.


After having repeated the convulsions dance that might be said that it was strange, even when she calmed down finally, the dick was pulled out. Ayami who becomes tired just collapses from the sofa, and her limbs are thrown out on the floor. Her face completely turns white and blows foam from her mouth.

“Aa, an unexpected face is exposed…”

Natsuki who peeped raised a cry about Ayami´s blank expression. As for the four men who hardened by the voice relax their bodies as finally the spell is removed.

“She secretes so much thick man liquid…”

Kenichi´s penis that doesn’t lose the hardness yet has large quantities of heavy viscous liquid on it that Ayami discharged. While twisting her face a little in thick lewd smell, when her face is brought near, Natsuki is licking it from the root.

“With that…what did you do to her?”

While letting Natsuki cleaning his dick which is full of vicious liquid, Kenichi speaks to the leader. If he still face them, he isn´t too willing, but he has no choice but to make them realize to never do it again. It is for the sake of Natsuki, Aiko and Tomomi.


The beard man is muttering alone.

“Then, do you take me on again?”
“…I understand…already, we don’t meddle with you…”

His woman was raped in front of him and blood went up his head, however, he has been completely dumbfounded by the sublime end. When thinking calmly, they had a quarrel a short while ago, although he should be shot by the pistol, he avoided it and he knows that he won´t win against the man in front of him. He is cool and clear now so he understood it, because his intuition tells him so. It is dangerous to be concerned with this salary man-like man common at a glance further.

“It is good…that you understood…. Hey, I’ll soon go home…”
“…Huaaai… ”

Natsuki who answers in a stupid voice is holding his bold thing in her cute mouth. She’s also working normal today.

“Ookayy! What do you want in here!? You, you might be enemy of me!!”

In the room of a hotel Natsuki stood firm on her feet and her well-shaped eyebrows are ruffled. This beauty, her force and power this time is equal to a legendary dragon and Kenichi who sat down on the sofa feels it while being struck dumb.

“Haa? Why don’t we have a look? So, it would be unrelated to you!”

After she kneels down on the floor of a city hotel, the beauty that was sucking between his thighs until just now objects. When the 21-year-old cool beauty smoothes her golden hair upward with a thud, she tells the girl who is younger than her to come back. As expected, in the bad group of Ikebukuro, there is only the famous armed battle group so that there isn´t a person she doesn´t know.

“Huh, why here? Yo, you wouldn´t you rather go out with DQN Ryo? Why do you do such a thing with my Sensei here!”
“Noisy! I have already broken up with that man long ago!! Therefore, who will make his own house dirty on his own will? What about you, you are a female senior high school student, so please don’t do this and quickly go home and study!”

That night, the beautiful woman who´s taste was able to be put together with appeals for terrible pleasure to death literally. The transcendence beautiful woman named Ayami used her tongue over his penis which she held in her hand again when feces and a snort are rough and turns to the side.

“Aaah, this…I wanted this…it isn´t possible to forget it for a long time…. This is…I want to put this in my pussy again”

After Ayami who ignores her and resumes her mouth service is seen, Natsuki gnaws her teeth tightly so that the sound is heard.

Today is Sunday. After she is called to the hotel by the obscene active teacher, so far from her home in almost the whole running process she is ignored. Because Ruriko Asakura and Rio Hasegawa are here recently, too, the frequency and the density also decrease the sex with her dear science teacher. To compensate for that, today the middle aged couple is pale and oily and she was making up her mind in order to have sex lavishly and muddily.

“Hey…? Here…do you feel it here…?”

Today the 21 years old beauty is wearing a black dress which stuck to her body and she has his penis in her hand while she licks every corner with her tongue. Like a devil that runs out of control itself on that day, it’s also clear in Natsuki’s eyes that she is an sincerely subordinate.

“Just a little…what does this mean? …Sensei?”
“…Eh!? …The blamed one in this case, is me?”

The target of Natsuki´s anger is suddenly turned and Kenichi flinches. For Natsuki who stands in full height with the expression of a devil or a female demon, she takes some distance while sitting down on the sofa.

“Didn´t you promise that you only have sex with me (…) today?”
“…Uu…such a thing, did I say something like that?”
“You said it! You said it! With your mouth, you said it!!”

Natsuki makes full use of three steps of mysterious utilization and cries. However, her expression suddenly changed, she is coquettish in front of Kenichi sitting down on the sofa suddenly and

“Hey…such an mature woman, isn’t a young female high school student preferred?”

she says so and put up her miniskirt for an instant. The dark blue triangle that she showed only for an instant, lets his shining red devil eyes glaring at it.


Kenichi with the marvelous kinetic vision strengthened by magic can´t overlook it. From the line cutting to the feeling of the material and the crotch of that piece of cloth, the real nature is seen through in 0.05 seconds.

“So, as for that…it is a school swimsuit!!”
“Hehe…that’s the correct answer…. My intent was to please sensei with the dark blue (The size bursting with youth and energy) school swimsuit I´m wearing…”
“What…and… ”


Her tongue is pointed out by his dick that reacts immediately and erect, while Ayami who stopped her breath momentarily separates her mouth.

“Hehe…I take this!”

When Natsuki bangs into Ayami from the side by a dynamic movement by chance, she recaptured his thing which is wet from saliva. It is totally like capture the flag.

“What do you do! You little kid!!”

Ayami who fell down to the floor from the pushed reaction stares at Natsuki with an expression like an Asura. When Natsuki is a dragon, then she is a tiger and Kenichi still regards as baud.

“I experienced it now and this is my thing from now on!!”
“Come on, because I freed you, this is my thing!”

Two people, who quarrel between his legs, seem to hear a voice.

“It is still mine….”

What is heard is the voice that muttered to himself which came from Kenichi.

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