Loiterous Chapter 27

Author’s note: Chapter 28 will probably be pushed to tomorrow since I want you guys to read edited version and I’ll probably finish writing it in the evening.


A fiery sword covered in mysterious, glistening runes whistled through the air, approaching the lizardman archer with overbearing momentum! Seeing this happen, the archer raised its bow to block!


The flames exploded, quickly rushing towards the reptile’s body, as if actively looking for prey. While the lizardman was shrieking from the unbearable searing pain, Icicle quickly took out the arrow stuck in his left chest and poured a health potion over the wound.

“Crazy bastards!” Icicle murmured, brandishing his sword. His movements were now more fluid, as if his bones had been engraved with a basic tutelage on swordplay. Compared to Vilenne, Icicle’s movements were still like a toddler trying to use the wood axe against an adult, but compared to the monsters in Starting Area those seemingly clumsy moves were good enough.

“How far am I from a level up?” Icicle gasped for breath. This was the 10th archer he dispatched in the recent 30 minutes. If not for the spearmen reinforcements, he would have it much easier.


Name: Icicle
Race: Human
Level: 12
Experience: 53 800/55 000
Class: Water Mage Apprentice
Subclass: Alchemist (1st grade)
Titles: Pioneer

Points left to distribute: 6

HP: 400
Mana: 420
Strength: 23
Dexterity: 50
Vitality: 26
Intelligence: 25
Wisdom: 31
Charisma: 30
Luck: 10
Faith: 4

[Identify] (passive) – lets you see the basic information of lowest grade items, NPCs and monsters. You can see the information of monsters who are no more than 5 levels higher than you.
[Craftsman’s splendor] (passive) – increases your chance of making a better quality product by 5%.
[Intermediary sense presence] (passive) – allows you to sense the targets of [Hide presence] level and below in 5m range.
[Flawless mana control] (passive) – allows the user to dual-wield the mana freely.
[Healing drizzle] – healing spell. Restores health equal to the user’s wisdom. +5 mana per each additional target.
[Water prison] – restricting ability. Enclose the target in a sphere of water for the duration of 3 seconds + Wisdom/100 seconds.
[Liquid membrane] – protective shield. Absorbs physical damage equal to wisdom stat or magical damage equal to 5 times the wisdom stat. Blocks most crowd control effects until broken.
[Elusive body] – movement and mana enhancement skill. Current attainment: level 0, 3%.

“[Elusive body] is really hard to grasp. When I saw Adian moving, I thought that the [Wind Stinger] technique might be profound. After all, his ankles shifted in a way I never even dared to think was possible. Heh, who would have thought…” Icicle’s thoughts trailed off. He realized that Adian’s [Wind Stinger] may only be a small part of the skill he received – [Elusive body].

“If [Elusive body] is such a great movement technique, then it must be pretty popular amongst the big shots. I’ll ask Cindy about it when I get back. She should know something more about the skill. For now, I’ll try to at least reach level 1 of it.” Icicle decided.

Icicle lied down behind one of the stone-like coffins. He needed a breather after intensive fighting. “How are the other rooms, Blackie?” he asked, munching on a piece of grilled meat.

“Less feathers and arrows, more shiny armors and long sticks.” Blackie said, yawning.

“Elite guards and elite spearmen, huh? Luckily, there’s less archers.” Icicle nodded, focusing on recovery.

“How far are we from the boss room?” Icicle’s question immediately sparked Blackie’s interest. So far he was only running between the rooms, checking dark corridors, like an errand boy. He wanted to get revenge on the boss monster!

“Two rooms away, God. Once you’re done with the subordinates, you’ll be able to safely enter. I checked other branches and they most likely won’t reinforce the boss.” Blackie reported.

“I see.” Icicle worried about the potential reinforcements coming in out of nowhere. Fighting with the boss would be troublesome enough, if there were any other disturbances, he might as well sign his own death certificate.

“We’re in a straight line towards the boss room, right?” Icicle suddenly asked, his expression anxious.

“Y-Yes God.” Blackie stammered. What was wrong?

Icicle nodded. His expression remained serious. “This shitter isn’t the boss!” he thought. There was no way he moved so little into the caves and encountered the true boss of the dungeon! Since there were so many forks in the cave, they must lead further inside! “No wonder Cindy treated me condescendingly, the true boss is most likely a terrifying opponent!”


Blackie startled. What was wrong with God?

Icicle’s fists balled as he let out a raucous laughter! “Unfortunetely, big guy, you’ve met ME!”


“Rhaakh!” elite lizardmen roared. Their steel armors were brand new, seemingly worth a lot. The warriors quickly unsheathed their swords from the scabbards hanging on their backs.

“Hehehe, finally someone who can play with me a little. I’m starting to miss Vilenne, she was good at swordplay and an eye candy, compared to her…” Icicle sighed, shaking his head. Those reptiles had no sense of beauty.

Casting [Water prison] on elite lizardmen swordsmen, Icicle dashed off towards two lizardmen archers in the back. His blade swift and accurate, his movements fluid!

“Rhaaakh!” lizardmen archers cried out shrilly. They were unable to stop the melee attacker with just their oak bows. Icicle tested his weapon theory from earlier. Once the archers drop their bows, they bring out wooden knives! This may seem like a little to no upgrade, but their movements changed as well! The archers with knives suddenly got fast, like true assassins!

Since Icicle didn’t want to tangle himself too long with the archers, he swiftly cut their throats, following with a couple slashes to the chest. He didn’t care about the side of the bow hitting him. Even if it hit his face, it merely hurt a little.

One of the archers broke out further to the back, nocking an arrow. Icicle grinned mischievously, lifting his reptile partner as a meatshield.

Swoosh! Splutter!

Red liquid dripped to the floor, making the originally grey stones crimson red. “You’re not too smart, are you?” Icicle finished off the meatshield of an archer, proceeding onto the other one. As soon as he hurt it enough, he let Blackie finish the job. His little black companion needed some experience before he could take care of the reptile archers for him.

As the elite guards closed in on Icicle, he somewhat regretted killing the lizardman archer so soon. He could use him as a meatshield for a little longer!

Clang! Cling! Clang!

The swords struck against each other. Icicle was repeatedly pushed back. “They are way stronger than me. Heh, but we little guys have our own ways of fighting. If you can’t win in the strength department, you must outsmart your enemy!” Icicle used [Nasty burn] on all 3 of the guards, letting them fry a little. “I wish you were tasty, so much potential bacon is being wasted.” Icicle sighed.

Shaking his head with remorse, Icicle mercilessly struck the lizardmen. Their heads rattled as the mana-infused blade went for their eyes.

“Rhaakh!” the lizardmen roared, thrashing around. Their eyes were a little burned, making them temporarily lose vision. Thus, they started attacking at random, hitting the air all around.

“Hahaha, you little reptiles!” Icicle eyed his prey, ducking under the blows and striking the reptiles’ sturdy legs. Although lizardman’s legs were powerful, its knee bends were just like any other creature’s, vulnerable to attack. Icicle stabbed those places without a shred of remorse.

“SHAAAAAAAKH!” elite lizardmen roared desparately.

“Reinforcements?” Icicle sent Blackie who just finished off the bleeding lizardman archer to scout around.

“Little human, you dare enter my place?!” a furious roar rang out. Blackie translated for Icicle, making him smirk.

“Looks like we alarmed the big guy sooner than I thought.” Icicle guffawed. It was his intention from the start, but he considered wiping out both rooms of monsters first.

Icicle’s blade fell upon the weakened elite lizardman’s neck, cutting its head off! As the blood spluttered and the lizardman’s life drifted away…


“What was that?!” Blackie lied down on the floor, covering his ears.

“Just an air vibration.” Icicle shook his head a little to dispel the ominous sound.

“Air vibration? That was a terrifying weapon!” Blackie cursed. His dog ears were much more sensitive than Icicle’s.

Icicle heard the words and his eyes quickly widened. “Blackie, you’re a genius!” he muttered, stirring up his mana.

“Huh?” Blackie didn’t understand.



“It actually works!” Icicle exclaimed, holding his sword tighter. He struck the hard steel armor of the elite lizardman and yet his mana went through, dealing 5 damage! Of course this was a meagre result, but Icicle wasn’t proficient in using vibration to stir his mana. Once he gets skillful, this discovery will be invaluable!

Looking at Blackie, Icicle had an urge to kiss this dumb dog’s snout. However, the remaining two elite lizardmen didn’t give him that chance. They rushed at Icicle, overwhelming him with furious, ruthless sword strikes!

Clang! Cling! Clang!

Icicle’s arms turned numb. What’s more, he heard a big guy’s footsteps! “Temporary blind status wore off, damn! I wish it lasted a little bit longer.”


Using most of his mana to wholly imbue the sword, Icicle tried to use the vibration. He slashed horizontally, cutting through the lizardman’s throat.

“Rhaakh!” the elite lizardman roared, its voice quickly turning into an incomprehensible gurgle.

At that moment, Icicle finally caught a breather. Just when he thought that, the two lizardmen stepped aside!


A whirling object traveled through the air with breathtaking speed!

Icicle’s pupils constricted, his right hand quickly cast [Liquid membrane]!

Transparent blue bubble formed around Icicle and as quickly as it did, it was ripped through!

Icicle’s body jolted, the momentum of the flying object was so monstrous that it pierced through his flesh and made him fly! “What the?! A throwing axe?!” Icicle stared at his left side and saw blood profusely dripping to the ground. The excruciating pain he felt made his thoughts messy. He looked at the back of the corridor and saw a large, 3m tall muscular lizardman standing there!

[Rhan – the blue lizardman prince] [BOSS]


Icicle saw the number and smirked. “You sneaky little bastard!” Icicle’s smile crooked up because of the intense pain. He felt as if his ribs were broken. The bleeding effect drained his health rapidly, leaving with only a couple seconds of life. “Might as well take one of you with me!”

“What are you waiting for, kill him!” the boss, Rhan, roared in animal language. Even though they were hurt, the two elite lizardmen immediately jolted from the spot, approaching Icicle.

“Go to hell! [Nasty burn]!” Icicle unleashed the fiery flames onto the bleeding lizard, making it shriek incessantly. As his health dropped to 10/400 and he was about to die…


<<System message>>

You’ve leveled up! You’re now level 13!

White, warm white light enveloped Icicle, instantly restoring his health to full. “Blackie, disturb the other lizardman for a while, I need to take care of the injury!” Icicle barked the order, blocking the elite lizardman’s sword.

Blackie used his newly learn ability – [Shadow swipe]!

After observing Icicle fighting against the lizardmen for a long time, Blackie knew where their weak points were. He attacked the knee bend of the remaining elite lizardman!

“Rhaakh!” as the lizardman roared, turning around to attack Blackie, Icicle grabbed the axe and tore it off his flesh!


The blood covered the floor, making a small puddle out of it. Icicle pocketed the axe, bringing out a medium health potion.


As the liquid was poured over it, the wound started closing, as if through burning. Icicle’s face looked hideous. Blue veins bulged on his face, twitching, like traversing earthworms.

“Incompetent!” lizardman boss roared, rushing towards Icicle.

Icicle swigged a mana potion, wiping his mouth. “I have to commend you on that sneak attack. If not for that 5% crit reduction helmet, I would have most likely die to bleed.” Icicle smirked. His helmet has actually saved him!

Casting [Water prison], Icicle entangled the boss in a blue bubble, opening two of the so far unused potions!

[Small Vitality Potion] used!

[Small Wisdom Potion] used!

Icicle’s max health soared to 460, his mana up to staggering 480 points! The effect of the two potions lasted for 30 minutes, which was more than enough to deal with the pesky boss.

Icicle stepped off heavily, approaching the back of the elite lizardman.


Three slashes, one after another, landed on the lizardman’s back, making a crosscut and then completely ripping through its tough leather armor, leaving a large cleave mark.

“Little human, you dare kill my brethren?! I’ll hack you to pieces!” lizardman prince roared, breaking through the [Water prison]. Its hands held the 3m giant waraxe overhead, approaching Icicle!


As Icicle sidestepped, the giant waraxe split the ground in half, creating an enormous gulf in the floor!

“Hmph, little human, you only know how to dodge!” Rhan guffawed, picking his giant axe back up.

“Blackie, attack this guy’s hands while I distract him! Use your [Shadow swipe]!” Icicle ordered.

“Hands?” Blackie asked tentatively.

“Wrists! His wrists! When he’s off-balance, attack!” Icicle couldn’t spare any attention to Blackie as Rhan occupied all of his focus.


Another crack appeared on the ground under the giant waraxe’s heavy strike. Icicle nimbly dodged, countering with a blow of his own!


“Damn, this guy’s defense is high!” Icicle eyed the blue, tough scales, looking for a weak point.

“As far as I can see, only the throat, eyes and knee bends can be used to heavily damage this guy. Like hell he’ll let me get this close though!” Icicle smirked. Since the surprise attack didn’t work out for the sneaky boss, Icicle had to kill him. If he failed, he would have to pass through thousands of lizardmen to get back!

“Well then, vibration time it is! I have to find the time to chug mana potions as well, otherwise I’m done for!” Icicle remembered Adian’s fight with Atlas. Judging by the damage dealt by the axe throw, Icicle couldn’t allow himself to be careless!

“Two hits or a skill and I might be dead! At that point, even the [Liquid membrane] might not save me!” At the time of the hit, [Liquid membrane] blocked 42 damage. Adding 280 to that it’s 322! With the helmet reducing 5% of the critical damage and the defense reduction, just this one throw dealt over 400 damage!

“This guy’s throw probably dealt around 400 damage. If he has an additional skill and I get hit, it’s over, even with the potions.” Icicle shook his head, employing the little of [Elusive body] he knew into his movements.


The floor crackled yet again, Rhan’s waraxe was wreaking havoc. Icicle approached in Rhan’s axe recovery time and slashed three times! “Now!” he shouted in his mind.

Blackie appeared out of the shadows, his paw striking Rhan’s wrist!

“Little dog, you seemed to forget I can sense you!” Rhan’s big spiked tail swung straight at Blackie!

“Shit!” Icicle cursed. He totally forgot about the lizardman’s tail!

Blackie flew through the air, his eyes focused on the boss’s wrist.


Blackie’s claws succesfully drew blood!


The tail swipe hit Blackie’s side, making his bones break! At the last moment, Blackie swept with his other claw!


Even more blood dripped from Rhan’s right wrist.

Blackie fell to the floor, coughing blood. Icicle saw his window and shook his head helplessly. “I can’t stop that bleeding”

Blackie saw Icicle’s back, God didn’t turn but just when he was about to die, God’s voice rang out in his head. “You did good Blackie. Now rest well, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Hearing this overly soft voice, Blackie’s happiness dulled the pain. Two seconds after that, he disintegrated into dust particles. His soul turned into a howling wolf’s mark, reappearing on Icicle’s left forearm.

“Hahaha! One dog down, another miserable human to go! What’s that look? You’re mad your dog died? Hahaha!” Rhan laughed out loud, shakily holding his giant waraxe.

Icicle didn’t understand the animal language, but he could infer most of it. “You know, I have to thank you. Now that Blackie isn’t here anymore, I can go all out.” licking his lips, Icicle unleashed his smothered killing aura!


Winds in the cave picked up, the entire air seemed to take a new hue – crimson red!

“Hmph, little human, you think I’m scared of you?!” Rhan unleashed his own killing aura. Vivid blue permeated the air, mingling with crimson red.

Icicle’s grin widened. If the prey was too easy, he wouldn’t feel satisfied. “Let’s dance!”

The soles of his feet stepped off the floor, almost instantly appearing next to the lizardman boss.


The white sword glistened in the air, whistling straight at the reptile’s head!

Rhan dodged out of the way, counterattacking with his axe when…

“What?! It disappeared?!” Rhan’s eyes widened as he saw the afterimage. “How could that be?!” Rhan raged in astonishment. But it was all too late…


Fresh blood dripped down Rhan’s muscular chest. Remnants of the vibrations traversed through his body, pricking his internal organs.

“Stinky human! Die!” Rhan’s fury reached the limit. His 3m tall body glistened with mana after which he grabbed the two-handed axe tightly and started spinning!

Rhan quickly gained momentum, after which he spinned like a spinning top, hacking everything around him!

Icicle calmly backed off, letting Rhan tire himself out.

“Hahaha, miserable human! You only know how to run! Let me see what you’ll do after you reach the corner!” Rhan increased his speed, making Icicle retreat even faster.

Icicle has been driven into a corner. He looked behind him, his face showing utter horror. It was a deadend! As a last minute resort, Icicle focused all of his mana into the blade!

“Die stinking human!” Rhan’s expression turned joyous. He approached Icicle, seeing his look of utter fear. This excited him even more. Finally the little prey realized what it was! Nothing more than a stray dog waiting to be slaughtered!


Icicle ducked under the axe, letting it embed itself into the cave’s grey sturdy wall. As the wall broke into small stone pieces, Icicle rose from his knees, bringing with him an uppercut slash!


Another batch of fresh blood littered the grey floor, giving it a gruesome appearance.

“Hahaha! You little human, you think that trickery will save you?! My race is known for its monstrous vitality!” Rhan laughed out loud, holding his bulging stomach. The wounds on his chest were rapidly healing.


Icicle’s sword lit up in flames, quickly turning into a fireball that latched itself onto Rhan’s body!

“Arghhhhhhhhhhh! What are these hellish flames?!” Rhan shrilly cried out. His wounds not only got worse, his pride, the health regeneration suddenly significantly slowed down!

Icicle drank a mana potion and wiped his mouth. His face held a mocking smile, as if looking at an idiot. “I’ll cut you limb by limb, you little lizard. You actually dared to kill my little dumb dog follower. Hmph! Because of you, now I’ll have to go from room to room looking for your pops!”

Rhan didn’t have time to listen to the human devil. He tried to put out the flames, but it was all for nothing!


Silverfang’s howl rang out in the room, stunning Rhan for 2 whole seconds. Direwolves were creatures ranked higher in the foodchain than mere lizardmen. Thus, Rhan’s reaction was justified. How can you not be scared when an opponent you cannot beat shows up?


Rhan’s chest received another 3 powerful sword slashes, spilling blood in copious amounts. If that wasn’t enough, as soon as the terrified effect ended, water bubble encased Rhan!

Rhan’s tail swiped at the bubble, but the magic didn’t even budge. Rhan was now like a mortal trying to move the mountain with his own hands.

Icicle’s sword pierced through the [Water prison], stabbing Rhan repeatedly. Rhan’s body started looking like a pincushion. After a few moments, his strong, muscular body looked nothing like its original state. If a passersby came by, he would think that the poor lizard chose a wrong mating partner – to be exact, a porcupine.

Almost every body part of Rhan’s was bleeding. Comparing him to swiss cheese would be highly accurate. What’s more, the boss’s blue skin was covered in burn marks. Every time Icicle’s hit landed, the lizardman felt a burning sensation!

Icicle was thoroughly incensed. Without Blackie, he wouldn’t have eyes in other rooms. He’ll have to wait 24 hours before he can utilize the dog again! By that time, the event will most likely come to an end!

During his battles with other lizardmen, Icicle noticed two killing patterns. To kill a creature, you could either deplete their health or pierce their organs like heart or brain. Option number one was straightforward, you hack the monsters until it’s dead. As for the option number two, it was more tricky. Cutting off the head or straight-out piercing the heart required precision and overwhelming strength! This likely had to do with level difference.

Although Icicle’s calculations couldn’t be precise, he determined that to straight-out cut off the head, you had to deal damage equal to at least 15 to 20% of the target’s max health. Thus, killing bosses by using this way was simply impossible!

Since option two was crossed out, there was only one way to go! War of attrition! Icicle will keep riddling Rhan full of holes until he’s dead!

“Arghhh! Disgusting tricky little human, I’ll murder you!” Rhan raged, swinging his axe around.

Icicle’s devilish grin widened. He took out 3 small vials from his inventory. “Eat some glass, lizard.”

Smash! Smash! Smash!

One after the other, three small glass vials exploded on Rhan’s body. Glass shards stuck to his face, abdomen and hands.

“Rhaaakh!” Rhan roared, thrashing furiously.

“You fucked with a wrong person, little lizard. It’s time for the glorious finale!” Icicle closed in and slashed at Rhan’s abdomen yet again. Rhan’s eyes blazed with unbridled hatred. He waited for that moment to get rid of the disgusting human once and for all!


The giant waraxe came smashing down at Icicle’s head with unbridled momentum! Rhan’s eyes blazed with fury, then, when the axe was about to fall on Icicle’s head, the thrill of the hunt – excitement – creeped into the boss’s eyes!

Boom! Crack!

The ground split, creating a giant cobweb. Rhan’s axe passed through Icicle, as easily as a knife cutting through butter. However, it was all for naught! What was cut was merely an afterimage! However, no mere afterimage could resemble the person this vividly! “Y-You!” Rhan’s giant waraxe was stuck in the ground. He saw Icicle leisurely walking towards him.

“The skill’s called [Elusive body]. I barely understand the principles behind it, but for a weakling like you, it’s more than enough.” Icicle chugged down another mana potion, wiped his mouth and threw an empty vial straight at Rhan!

“Rhaaaaakh!” Rhan’s raged about, preparing to body slam Icicle!


Flames conjured, covering Icicle’s blade. Approaching lizardman boss had nowhere to run!

“RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKH!” Rhan’s shrill yell made the cave walls tremble.

“Don’t worry, reinforcements won’t come. Who would dare to fight me after you’re dead?” Icicle smirked, closing in on Rhan step by step.

“This is for my familiar!” Icicle’s sword was covered with vibrating blue hue, making the blade resonate!


“Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakh!” Rhan’s left eye was pierced, then Icicle without any mercy twisted the sword! This inhumane pain could be only imagined! But, this was not the end!

As soon as Rhan got a little breather, clutching his face, the pupil in his second eye constricted!

“Nooooooooooooo!” Rhan actually spoke in human language. However, Icicle turned a deaf ear, his blade keeping the previous trajectory.


Rhan’s second eyeball followed the first, making the lizard completely blind!

“I’ll murder you, stinking human!” Rhan’s blue aura raised yet again. The boss was truly desperate. His tail swung around, destroying the greyish floor!

Icicle completely disregarded the running amok lizard. He took out Rhan’s throw axe. “And this is for sneaking on me, you little shit!” Icicle made an overhead swing and struck Rhan’s head!


The axe easily went into the lizard’s head. Rhan’s limp body fell to the floor, listless.

“Huh? This axe works really well with killing aura!” Icicle planned on keeping the axe but it quickly disintegrated. “Was the axe supposed to be used against the boss from the get go?” Icicle wondered.

“Ahhh, I’m so tired!” Icicle slumped to the floor. Although his manner of speech was domineering to the extreme, this way of playing was extremely tiring. “At least killing intent got resolved for a while.” Icicle heaved a sigh of relief.

After resting for a while, Icicle lazily got up. “Let’s see the drop.” Icicle walked over and saw a pile of gold. Collecting it all up, his 16 gold coins immediately increased to 21!

“5 gold coins off one monster. Truly a boss level creature!” Icicle grinned.

“Is this the heart Cindy wanted?” Icicle collected the red heart-shaped object.

[Blue Lizardman Prince’s Heart] [Quest Item]
Deliver this item to Cindy to finish the quest.

“Apparently this was the boss Cindy mentioned. Hmmm, there’s no flower I need for Marisse’s quest though. I guess Rhan’s pops is the final boss.” Icicle concluded.

“Two items left. One is a skillbook and another… huh? A brown rubik’s cube?” Icicle looked at the two items and felt perplexed. This was supposed to be the boss monster loot? If not for the skillbook, this would be a total scam!

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