Monster Musume chapter 1



Chapter 1: The Fall, the Transfer, and the Clinging


“Ah, finally the week is over…. Class is boring…”

On my way home from school, I sighed deeply to vent my anger. Every single day, the same routine is repeated, it´s really boring.

“Can´t a messenger from another world come to pick me up. Or, a beautiful girl falls from the sky, that’d also be nice.”

That is really impossible, though I think that it is ridiculous, I mention it unintentionally. Well, even if something like that did happen, it won´t happen to meeee!!!

“Uooohhh!!!??? Why is a hole in a place like hereeee!!!”

Suddenly, I fall through the hole which appeared on the ground. Wooah, I didn´t introduce myself yet. My name is Mikado Tsuchio, I´m a high school student who likes anime, manga, light novels,games, etc! At the moment I fall through the pitch-black darkness!

“…To, whom do I introduce myself, toooo!!! Don´t tell me because of such a crazy thing my brain is fried—aaaahhhhh!!!???”

When I look at the bottom, light is shining in the darkness. Ossha, an exit!


I cover my head with my hands and prepare for landing. How do I kill my momentum, but I better postpone that for later! First off I cover my head, it´s ok if several bones break!                                                                                                                                                       …But, the shock from the impact never came. When I open my eyes timidly, everything around me is completely white. Though I say white, it feels like mist that´s drifting in one direction…. Such a spectacle, I have seen from among an airplane. Maybe it´s possible, that I´m right now….


“I´m in the cloudsssssss!!!???”

I mean, why isn´t it cold even though I´m in the clouds!? Normally places where clouds exist, aren´t they supposed to have pretty low temperatures!? Ahh, this is not the time to think about such things! If I don´t do something soon, I will hit the ground!

While I try to think about a solution, the clouds cleared and my sight becomes clear. What reflected in my eyes was nothing other than blue. It was the blue expanse of the sea!

“Aahh, crap crap crap! If it’s like that, then I can´t get help from anyone! Is this game over?”

However, at that moment a miracle happens to Tsuchio. Suddenly something passes by right in front of him and he somehow manages to grab onto it!

“Ughh! Owww…it hurts, huh I´m still alive. Phew, that´s good…come to think of it, on what did I land on? It´s strangely enough really rough…”

I have the feeling that someone is looking at me, so I look up….

A Pteranodon, no a Ch*rizard-looking thing is looking at me with its eyes…. Wait, its eyes? Which means…is this its back?



The wyvern begins to spin around in order to fling me off. I hurriedly cling to its neck. Upwards, downwards, left, and right I´m flung, while my stomach and brain jolt round and around.


Urg, I feel sick…I feel like I´m going to faint, but if I faint here, I will fall straight into the sea. I somehow have to hold up…!



It seems that the flying dragon can´t continue its flying acrobatics and it returns to a horizontal position. I, I´m saved….


“D, don´t stare at me like that….It´s scary”

For now, it looks like it has given up on throwing me off. Probably it`s thinking that it can deal with me later. Shit, out of the frying pan into the fire, huh. Now what…

After thinking for a while, I came to the conclusion that there’s nothing I can do about it. When the time comes, we will fight and at that time I’ll think of something. Anyways, on to the next important issue, which is…where is this.

This wyvern, it doesn´t exist on Earth. If it did, then my best bet would have been a prehistoric dinosaur. It´s either that or… a parallel world. No, I´m seriously thinking stupidly impossible things again!? But, “it would be nice if it were another world” or “ I would be happier if magic or animal-eared girls or monster girls existed…. Of course, I would think such things, I´m a guy after all!

…Well, that can probably be confirmed little by little. I have no regrets even if I die here. I feel bad for Mom and Dad, but I´m thinking of living here from now on. Even if there existed a way home…I probably wouldn´t go. Sigh, for now I will just wait until we reach a place where I can calm down. Then I will deal with this guy, and wait for help.

After flying for about nearly one hour, a huge wall came into view. It seems to be some kind of bold cliff. Right around the middle a hole has been dug and it seems to be something like a bigger version of a bird´s nest. So that’s its nest. I fall off the wyvern as it lands and I distance myself as much as possible from it.

This guy`s nest is small and I´m only 5 meters away from it. When I move just a little forward, it will devour me. W, what should I do….Contrary to my expectations, the wyvern didn´t do anything. It looks at me and sighs with a “hmph” and curls up into a ball, like a cat. But I don´t understand it, why won´t it eat me? Maybe, it is saving me for tomorrow´s breakfast… I´m glad though, that it’s overlooking me.

Anyways maybe it´s because I reached a solid place, I suddenly feel tired and drowsy. Shit, if I sleep now I’ll be eaten first thing tomorrow morning! Ahh, but I´m really sleepy….

When I woke up, it was in the middle of the night. Good, I somehow managed to wake up before morning. I look beside me and see the wyvern sleeping soundly. When I look at it like this, it´s pretty cute. Rather than being tormented to death by Goblins or Orcs, being devoured by this guy is so much better.

Looking up at the sky, I see the moon has just reached its peak. In the dark blue sky filled with twinkling stars, the moon shines a pale blue.

“Wow, the moon is blue. This means I can call it a parallel world”

So this is a parallel world, it´s because even as a joke I kept saying I wanted to go, I´m touched…. But, that means it will be tough for me to keep living. There are monsters like this, so there is no doubt that there are other kinds too. Which means, no matter what I do, I can´t avoid fighting. For an average high school student from modern Japan fighting to the death isn´t something that can be easily done. What should I do….

“Ah, ah, achoo!”

Maybe because we’re by the sea, the wind is strong. It became really cold while I was sleeping, so I unintentionally sneezed. Whether it woke up because of the sound, the wyvern opens its eyes and looked at me. Crap, at this rate I will be its midnight snack! It moves its mouth closer to me. Shit, I finally made it to a parallel world and its already over? If it is going to eat me, at least it should do it in one bite!

Though, once again the wyvern betrayed my expectations. It grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and tucking me under its wing and begins to sleep again. Ah, it’s pretty warm. Rather, why isn´t it eating me!? On top of that, it’s warming me up! Ah, no, it doesn´t mean that I want to be eaten?

“H, hey. Why´t you eating me?”

I tried asking, but the wyvern looks at me and with a “Hmph!” it snorts without answering me. I didn´t expected that, but as I thought it can´t talk… Communicating sure is difficult.

“Um…. Th, there there?”

For now, I will try patting its head with gratitude. It seemed to dislike it at first, but after seeing that I didn´t stop it gave up. It is letting me pat it. If it really hated it, my hand would have been ripped off. It probably doesn´t hate it that much. I couldn´t believe that the day would come where my petting skills which, I trained on cats and dogs, would save my life… Seems like no matter how stupid a skill is, if it’s practiced properly the day will come where it is useful….

Maybe because I warmed up, I felt sleepy again. For now, I´m safe so I’ll sleep a bit. I’ll think about the future after some rest.

Just like that, I fell asleep wrapped up by the wyvern´s wing. It had scales, but they were pretty soft and easy to sleep in.

“Nnn uuurrrrrghhhh…. I slept well~”

The wyvern moved so I woke up. It stretched its wings and shook its mane. With a shake of its wings, it grabs the scruff of my neck. Eh, so it’s going to eat me now? But then it puts me on its back and takes off into the sky!…Tteeee!!!???

“ Whhhhhhyyyyyyyy!!!???”

Suddenly it accelerates with a sharp sound. How, how does it do this!? Magic, is it magic!? Unlike yesterday it doesn´t do any aerial acrobatics and flies straight while sometimes flapping its wings. The fact that I don´t feel any wind pressure despite flying, is probably the work of magic…I don´t know how it’s done, so I feel like that it really is magic…

“Geez…if you’re going to fly, tell me”

I grumble as I slap its back. I feel like that it replied with “gururuu…”. Come to think of it, why are we flying? It’s morning so maybe we are going to get some food. Still, flying like this feels quite nice. The wind is blowing at just the right strength and the sunlight is warm. I have to go where there are people, but flying just for a little “””Gyuaaa!!!””…Gyuaa?”

“Egh, something is behind us! Hey, hey, didn´t you notice!!!”


Three birds are approaching from behind. All of them have absurdly large claws and beaks and I wonder if they use them to catch their prey. When the three birds cry in unison, a fireball spawns and flies towards us. Uwoooph. Magic!!!

“Shi-, dodge dodge dodge!!!”


As if it was saying” Shut up, I know!”, the wyvern nosedives and avoids the fireball. The birds stick closely to our backs and leaving us with no room. They aren’t so stupid….After firing magic at us for a while, the birds saw that they were getting nowhere at all with their attacks being dodged and surrounded us on three sides. Pincer attack? No, the one behind us is planning on ramming us too!? To dodge this…do a barrel roll!

“Oy, do a barrel roll, a barrel roll! Ahh shit, I don´t know how to get through to you!”

Get through, my vision! As I´m thinking desperately imagining a barrel roll, the birds finally begin to charge in with their talons. It looks like this is the wyvern´s top speed and above all it’s showing a considerably pressured visage. Craappp! Is this the end!?

“ You stupid wyvern! I´m telling you this to save us! For the love of, do a barrel rooooooo-!!!”

When I smack its back with all my strength, the wyvern makes a “whoom sound as it ascends. It then turns left and after taking some distance returns to a horizontal position. …It’s a barrel roll. How did it know? No way, maybe my thoughts were conveyed. What kind of fantasy is that, wait this situation is really fantastical too. Nothing can be considered strange.

As I watch the birds fall after wounding each other, I try talking to the wyvern that read my thoughts.

“ You, you can read my thoughts?”


“Somehow” is what I think it’s saying. I’m also able to understand its thoughts somehow…what is going on.

“That’s reminds me, even though you struggled so much earlier, why didn´t you eat me when we got to the nest?”


Hmm, so there are some kinds of circumstances. Of course I don´t know the details. Well, it´s enough that I confirmed it doesn´t have any hostility towards me.

“Ah, we came to get food right. Enough for me too please”


Seems like that was its intent from the start. How thoughtful. After that, we caught two fish and went back to the nest. In the wyvern´s feet, two big fish have been caught. When it was catching them, it made a sudden nosedive and it seriously surprised me. I unconsciously grabbed its neck and yelled “I can´t breathe!”

“…Hey, are you gonna eat it like that?”

It’s now mealtime. From the wyvern eating the raw fish in large gulps, I look at the fish placed in front of me. As to why the fins are as sharp as knives, I don´t mind it.


Ain´t that obvious, of course I`m going to eat it, says wyvern-kun. Well, asking it to understand my intentions is barking up the wrong tree.

“ At least roast it please. Don´t you have something like dragon´s breath?”


Seems impossible. What should I do…it was just killed, so I think it´s still fresh but…Eei, to hell with it! I chomp into the fish’s side. Spreading in my mouth, is the rich taste of blood. Bleghhh, fishy…there aren´t any parasites, right?

With the raw fish, three bites was my limit. I give the leftovers to the wyvern and eat the snacks in my bag. Tomorrow, I decided to head to a place with people. It would be mentally tough to continue this kind of diet.

“So, we’ll be staying here for today only. Tomorrow we go somewhere with people okay.”


It seems like an ok. You don´t have any attachment to your nest. Tomorrow will be an early start, so let´s sleep early. Sleeping with the wyvern today too, it was warm in there after all.

Like that, I slept in the coils of the wyvern. I didn´t dream of Japan.