Monster Musume chapter 14


Monster Musume chapter 14: Adventurer, crushing defeat and profiting while others fight


After conveying that Ruu felt a strange magic, so Lucas was told to stay put, we were walking in the forest. When walking for about ten minutes, Ruu stops and informs me that the magical power is near.

“Aren’t you there right now?”


“It seems to be dangerous?”


“I see…. “It must prevent it from coming out”

It looks like a monster which seems quite dicey. If things go well the thought about taming, it isn’t apparently impossible.

I’m approaching quietly so that no noise is made. After walking a little I took a good look in the place that I can take the only problem was the monster there.

The figure is like that of a horse with yellow hair at first glance. However its horn is long and black which is undeniable. Obtaining the meal it snaps with the foot on the ground and sit downs and close its eyes to take a nap.

“… A unicorn. Considerably dangerous partner… “


“Do you think you’ll be able to win if you fight?”


“When it gets unsafe… lime you hide. Because that is seriously dangerous”


Unicorn, the creature which are  called as unicorn are Christian symbolic animals on the earth .It appears in a crest and the horn is said to be able to cure poison.There is the fable that states the unicorn, which is charmed by purity, will approach if you leave a virgin in the forest. But this is a result by the mistranslation of the Old Testament. Because it translated a different beast as a unicorn by mistake, and the association remained after it was revised, it was taken in as a Christian symbol. The unicorn is very aggressive, has the lion as enemy, and seems to live in the moorland.

It isn’t known which unicorn it is in this world,whichever one I choose there is no change that both are dangerous. Because in this world Christianity doesn’t exist, though I think that it is probably the aggressive one…. Even if I make a mistake, I’m not the one who will suffer the consequences. I don’t know what kind of attack should be launched.

“I’ll leave so as not to stimulate it for now. I think that it is sleeping and if I’m quiet it won’t notice”



Whether Ruu can win seems to be in doubt. Though I am worried and run away in three-six formation, I’m interested why it is in such a place, but my life is precious. I was going to retreat calmly but a contralateral bush moves with us with a rustling sound then. (Tl note: three- six formation is an old ninja technique to escape an enemy)

The unicorn then opens its eyes in response to the rustling sound. Give me a break, what on earth. 4 people with weapons and wearing leather armor came out from the inside of the bush.

As for that, are…they adventurers? I have heard that there is an adventurer guild, it is the first time to see it first-hand.

As for their constitution, a man who had a large sword, a young man equipped with a one-handed sword and shield, a man with glasses in a black robe holds a cane in his hands, and a woman wearing something like a canonical robe.

“Did you hate it in such a place….Let me bother you”

“Oh, let’s assume that it’s good because it was found. But when it’s seen in this way, it doesn’t look very powerful.”

“Because the unicorn is a monster of the B rank. It’s strength is the same as a lesser dragon”

“Though we are a C rank party, but… are we alright?”

“It’s no problem. Whether the first is a lesser dragon we can knock it down”

It steps…that fellow that after all bears the name of a unicorn. It has the strength of a lesser dragon, it can be compatible with Ruu. B rank or the C rank, it will be possible with some doing.

The place where the unicorn slept comfortably is plowed and  the ground is flung about with a hoof while growling low, it must be in a bad mood. I decide to stay for the time being, and from my position observe how it all works out.

“Oo– it is angry. My motivation is full” (Tl note: the oo is long)

“We can`t stay too long here because this forest is under the kingdom’s management”

“Well, we defeat it quickly, and return then. The strategy is the same as usual!”

He says so, the old man and the young man stand in front of the unicorn and the distance is at stretch. Glasses and the woman look like the rear. Because she sings an aria, she must be a healer..


It is the old man to have launched the first attack. Carrying force, he swings down the sword from taking a high-handed attitude. When the unicorn greatly neighs the large sword is caught in the horn.With the same posture it guards against the sword.


When it sees the young man stab from the side its head is shaken towards the young man’s direction and the old man is blown off. The young man withdrew behind at once.

“Damn! It isn’t easy”

“Don’t say such a thing. I’ll kill it with magic quickly!”

The arms of two vanguards are wrapped in bright red light. It is fire reinforcement magic. With that his muscle strength rises, guarding with the sword and he pushes it with that. Does he intend to win? But while he is doing that, the unicorn also uses magic. Its body and horn have begun to be charged with a crackle and electricity. I think that it is thunder reinforcement magic, its speed and muscle strength rise simultaneously. At the same time, an arrow of thunder occurs and aims at the two people in the rear. It is the basics of strategy to aim for the damage dealer and cut off support from the healers.

“Shit! That fellow asks!”

“Entrust it to me!”

The young man stands immediately in front of the rearguards and blocks the arrow with his shield. He refuses to use magic even when it is reinforcement magic.

“Ugu! Goddamn…”

“I’ll help you recover immediately!”

However, the unicorn seems to have gotten one. The man kneels down on the spot, and doesn’t move any more. The woman rushes up immediately and helps him recover with magic.


“Spirit, the power of the earth, gather around and become the spear that pierces the enemy, earth spear!”

The old man handles the piercing in angle of the fast heavy unicorn, with the large sword. The glasses shoots the spear of earth and it shatters by the falling of the thunderbolt. That old man is enormous and parrying such fast attack accurately.

“Even if it’s shot, how many small ones can it knock down! I’ll try a huge one now!”

“I see. I’ll try to buy you some time, ok.”

“I cast it!”

The glasses starts accumulating magic and the old man continues to hold down the unicorn.The young man who finishes recovering joined the attack and finally the adventurer side has room to breathe.



The sword of the young man catches the leg and the old man is accustomed to cutting the place where the movement becomes dull with all his power. It hits the chest and the unicorn retreats greatly.

“Tss! Was it shallow?! Hey, is it finished yet?”

“It’s close.”

“Make it quick! His magic is also rising!”

“It’s done! Spirit, the power to crush the enemy, gather in my hand, shoot and set free, rock point”

Glasses pointed his stick and was going to hit magic then. A straight electric current runs through the body of the unicorn and the horn strongly shines.

For a moment the figure moved slightly and all of a sudden a bang! I heard that sound. The magic that glasses prepared is not shot. When I watch glasses,



Glasses has  his heart pierced through by the horn of the unicorn and raised a big cry. Jyuuuu…, the area is filled with the sound of burned meat and a unpleasant smell. Is that the name of the guy, Glass? Only his glasses remains.

The unicorn waves its head and flings away the glasses guy. He is flung out and with a thud hits the ground, then the woman rushes up to use recovery magic.


The old man is in rage and thrusts his sword at the unicorn that doesn’t try to avoid it at all. Can’t it move as a side-effect of the rush from a little while ago?


The sword which took a back-swing shakes greatly from the head’s top and is lowered.Though it seemed that the neck flew straight, the unicorn slightly moves the neck and the sword clashes with its horn, *crackle* *crackle* *crackle*! An electric current goes through the body of the old man.

The electricity that the unicorn wore, it is likely to have flowed into the old man. The middle aged man was burned and falls down while sputtering smoke.

“Damn shit shit shit shit! Shanmerī, Glass? “

“It is useless….Gusu, it has not helped…”

“Watch me burn! It is likely to still survive!”


The young man changes completely, and he sets an attack probably because he earns time for recovery. He is about to cut it while dealing with the falling of the thunderbolt with his shield without minding that he is hurt.


Playing for all or nothing, the stab of the young man pierces the chest of the unicorn.It neighs greatly and the young person is kicked and thrown with the forefoot.


“Raine! Now, recovery!”

“Don´t come, it running away! “

With the sword sticking in its chest, thunder wraps around the unicorn’s body again. Does it intend to do that high speed dash.

“Shameri, please run away quick. “

“But I don’t want to!”

“Hurry up! All that remains is us! While I suppress it, escape quickly!”

“… I understand. Lane also, please survive absolutely. “

She says so, and the woman of the canonical robe starts running towards the outside.The young man holds his shield out and is poised to take a dash.

The unicorn kicks the ground, crashes into the young man and goes through his shield. But it doesn’t end only with that. The unicorn runs without dropping speed, the women who just tried to enter the forest surely, it was aiming its horn at her.

“It steps…. Was it not able to be knocked down from that party. Oh, one rank seems to be the bottom and there is no help for it or?”

“Guru, gurururuu?”

“Oh, why didn’t I go help? Well, because I wanted to know the attack pattern of that fellow, I looked on… “

When saying so, the helping choice is also the reason which was here. Not thinking at all is that i have behaved in an unseemly manner.

“The attack pattern has been understood thanks to that party, they also dealt some damage. So as not to waste their deaths, I will tame it. “

Without me, you don’t say the words.

“Lime stand by there, it is dangerous. “

“Kokukoku” purupuru

“It seems to be all right. When the time comes, I’ll fly in the sky and escape”

OK, it is done! For my ambition I have to tame the unicorn. I pray that it is female!


“Hey, the unicorn over there! I’m over here! “

The unicorn which was going to go somewhere glares at me when it hears my voice. I understand that it is irritated with me very clearly.

As for the unicorn to see Ruu standing next to me, its state changes clearly. It shows its teeth and put up its ear and an electric current runs through its body with the crackle.

“Spirits of the dead, the power violated also by nobody like Kongo, steel body! “

Even I did not spend two months without meaning. As well as the training of martial arts, I did training of the support magic in various ways to increase my magical powers. The quantity of magical power increased plenty in grace of these two months. Even if I say that it increased, it’s still below the average….

I handed the magical power to Ruu and like before when my magic left my body I came to feel sick. The support magic of the soil, its effect is to harden the scales. Originally it will become physical reinforcement magic and the strength of the scale and the defence is increasing a lot so it is suitable for Ruu.

It is due to that dash that measures to strengthen defense have to be taken. Probably it is the strongest skill this fellow can use. I want to avoid its speed and prepare to take the measures under the law, but it is not the time yet and I think the damage Ruu will receive is low. It’s possible to fly and avoid it, but because there are no means to attack from the air, it’s rejected. If acting alone and the unicorn is aiming for the landing, then it is hopeless.

I get on the back of Ruu and pour magic into Ruu. The unicorn has the posture to dash and the horn is pure white emits light with a crackle and sparks are scattered.

I centralize the magical power of the whole body in the front of Ruu. Posture is kept low and takes a fighting stance in order to hurt the face and internal organs.

Dong! The body of the Ruu greatly shakes and Ruu which held out is pushed behind.


“Are you alright, Ruu!?”

Ruu raises a muffled voice. The unicorn stabbed into her stomach and stuck its horn into the right chest when I saw the front. But it only half sinks into her body. Ruu tightened her muscles, she did prevent the horn which was blocked by a scale and force was mitigated! If the other party was in perfect state, the wound might have been deeper. It was helpful that it was injured.


Ruu bites the neck of the unicorn that tries to escape from Ruu, after the horn is pulled out from Ruu´s body and it throws it at the ground several times as they are, its neck and trunk are stamped and fixed in order to move. Still it was the unicorn which runs wild, it was tired by ten or several minutes or gave up, it became quiet.

“OK, our win Due to fatigue. Ruu is the wound all right?”


“Just in case, I’ll treat it later. Now, the rest is his treatment…”

The unicorn which continues glaring at me although it became quiet. Because I won the fight, taming should have be possible.

“You are my monster from now on. Listen carefully to what I say, it’s because you were defeated”

“… buru”

The unicorn grasps the pattern reluctantly and understands what I said to it. Might such the first massage, if they may take in the future, is it good?

“Then, it’s good. Ruu, separate. It’s because he joined, too”

“… Guru”

It’s Ruu which separated from the unicorn, but she might not be lowering her guard yet. Well, I don’t know well whether the taming was done properly a either. The line is not yet made and I can´t trust the intention of the monster.

That I stagger, because the unicorn which stands up has been harmed a lot, I have to let it recover fast. Is the sword pulled out first?

“May I pull the sword out?”


Because it seems to be good, the handle is gripped and I pull it out at in a flash. The sword easily falls out easier than I thought, and blood gushes out of the wound. It is not good at all!

“Stop bleeding, stop bleeding!”


Oh, is it cured soon even if I leave the wound like this? Though it will be so, it should get over fast.

For now, I’ll stop the bleeding.

I take out clean cloth and put it on the wound of the unicorn. It is only at the beginning that it was strong and now drips naturally. If so, stop immediately.

“By the way.Lime may come out!”

“… ” Purupuru

Lime comes out from the thicket and runs to me. Oh, are you interested in the young man´s sword?

“What’s wrong? Do you want this?”


“Oh, I don’t use it and it’s good. Oh-, what should I do with the corpse… “

If it’s left just as it is, when someone could see, it’s troublesome. …Let’s allow me to use it effectively.

“Lime. These corpses you can eat them all. Because personal belongings are taken just in case, and something I don’t need is given”

“…!” purupuru!

Trembling gladly, Lime that jumps goes running at corpses. It is pleased and above all, doing so is a disposal of the dead.

“Hmm, I will take a rest until Lime finishes eating. I say so, are you a female?”


“Well I hope it is a female! That would be nice!”

What should I do if it is a male? No, I did tame it even if it is male or female. For the harem it should be female.

It is not necessary to think about this fellow’s name. It is the third monster i tamed, should i find a way to let them evolve to a person?