Monster Musume chapter 16

Chapter 16: Waking up ,submitting and report

Translation: Parthios

Editor/TLC: Visunoriva


2 hours already passed after that and I think it’s time to change the night shift, however since Lucas and Triss are looks like they’re sleeping comfortably, it made me feel bad to waking them up thus I decided to continue the watch duty. Around one hour after I take watch, Fall can’t endure it anymore and fell asleep. And thus, now he’s sleeping together with Lucas and Tris.
Ruu and Rin takes a nap in turns so they kept companying me with the watch all the time. Well, I’m really thankful. The sleepiness is blown off with just have someone to talk with after all.

And the morning arrived without incident, Lucas and the others has begun to get up.The first one to wake up is Tris, well both Lucas and Fall are have low blood pressure after all. For once, both of them are man right…..

“Good morning, Tris. I will prepare the water,so wash your face.”

Bringing a bucket , I use magic to fill it with water. It’s really convenient right, magic. Even though it seems it can’t be used for cooking, we can quickly prepare ourselves like this. Tris moved slowly, while washing her face and I hand her a towel.

“Aー, thank you. …Tsuchio-san?” -Tris
“Ou, have you finally woke up” -Tsuchio
“…is it the time to change shift? Although It is pretty bright…” -Tris
“No, it is already morning” -Tsuchio
“…Nananana, it is what!!! Is it so!!!” -Tris

Tris raises a loud voice suddenly. Wait, that’s noisy!

“Why didn’t you wake me up!?” -Tris
“Because you seems to sleep so comfortably” -Tsuchio
“it’s not ‘since you’re sleeping’! For what reason, we decided to take a shift on the night watch isn’t that so!?” -Tris
“Even if you say so…” -Tsuchio

I pointed at the two who’re wake up because the loud voice just now.

“Uuu-h….Huaaaaaー. …Guu” -Lucas
“Aaaaaー” -Fall

Lucas who make a big yawn, and once again falls asleep. Fall who´s eyes are still closed while there’s a drool dripping from his mouth.

“You wouldn’t be able to do the watch out like that. While still half-asleep, you can’t possibly doing a night watch right ” – tsuchio
“That’s also true but, it’s so…. Hey, you both stop sleeping! Hey, get up get up!It’s so!” -Tris

Oh, Tris is waking two people up. It’s a scenery different from usual, it is considerably fresh….
“Tsuchio-kun, please wake me up…” -Lucas
“I’m sorry, Tsuchio-san! I completely fall asleep…” -Fall

After we were able somehow to wake both of them with my help. Fall who heard my story apologizes many times and Lucas becomes sullen with a sulky look.Cute.

“You two, you guys know it yourself right that fast sleep is bad? Even if I wake you in the night it’s perhaps either that you guys didn’t even wake up or immediately fell asleep again after that. ” -Tsuchio
“But…” –Fall
“There is neither no nor any protest. You are the one who wipe your own ass, that’s what you call an adult” –Tsuchio
“… Tsuchio-kun,you aren’t an adult then” -Lucas
“Shut up” – Tsuchio

It isn’t such a thing. It is a problem preparing my mental. Rather, judging from Lucas and the others, I am pretty much an adult right.

“This talk end right here. Now,let’s quickly eat the breakfast and finishing the rest of the task. Because it felt like we already delayed quite a bit, we must begin to do it quickly” -Tsuchio
“Ye~s, But if there’s something like this next time,  you must do the shift properly okay” -Lucas
“Okay, okay, I will do it properly , when you guys can properly wake up” -Tsuchio
“It is a promise right… ” -Tris
“Uuu, I’m sorry for Tsuchio-san” -Fall
“Fall doesn’t apologize forever, you only need to make it that you didn’t do it again for the next time” -Tsuchio
“Yes…. I’ll be careful.” -Fall

Well then,shall we eat the meal quickly and restart the task.

“Tsuchio-dono, is this it?”
“Which which… Oh, you got it right, as expected of a poison’s bait*, you always hutting the bull’s eye .”
“I am not happy at all with that thing you know…”
“Well, don’t say so. With this the task is over after all”
(毒物 ,(ホイホイ) = mean someone who attract something , for example = Lolicon hoihoi is someone who attract the lolicon and so on , or so that’s what I read on internet)

Tris picked it, she puts the poisonous herb which was hard to distinguish in the bag and with this we finished the task collecting items. Phew, it was quite difficult….

“What time is it now?”
“Since the sunset is about to come, we finished barely in time”
“I see. If it’s so, then is the training almost end?”
“Even though I supposed it’s only one day had passed, it was felt to be considerably long”

Since there’s many thing happened after all. It was good because I tamed Rin and she is a monster which I can’t usually see. If I kill her or let her run away, surely it will only make me regretted it.

“Well, the sun sets soon! The signal of the end, if I’m not wrong it was the same they will shot a magic to the sky like the last time right”
“Yes, that’s right. Even when you said something like that …”

A fireball goes up in the sky make a big explosion.With this the training is meet it’s ends.

“What should we do after this? Should we just wait for the teacher to come here?”  -Tris
“I wonder? Maybe we should go under that fireball?” -Lucas
“That’s perhaps right,for now let’s see it” -Tsuchio
It seems Lucas’s prediction is right, when we walk toward right under the fireball,we were able to come back to the entrance of the forest. Now, what kind of reaction does the teacher do, when she sees Rin.

“First of all, let us go to teacher’s place” -Tsuchio
“Yes,we also have to hand over the task after all” -Tris

We are able to quickly find Mr.lang, since he is tall his voice is also loud.

“You returned! Please hand me the bag and the paper on which the task is written!” Mr. Lang

I take both of it, and give it to teacher. After give a peek at the inside,

“Okay,For the time being I think that you’ve gather everything! We will do the minute checking afterward, you guys go to rest! Since it’s dinner after this!” -Mr. Lang
“I understand” -Tsuchio

I pass next to the teacher and go to the tent. He wasn’t able to touch Rin at all….Although it is sure to notice.

“Haaー, I’m tired~” -Tris
“Good work, it’s okay to laying down, but don’t fall asleep” -Lucas
“Since you will not be able to eat it right, the dinner ” -Tris

Tris plops herself down on the floor when I come back to the tent. Well, I understand that feeling. Although I also want to sleep, but I still have a little bussines.

“Well, let’s finish it before the dinner” -Tsuchio
“Oh, is there something matter, Tsucio-kun?” -Tris
“It is nothing. Because I will go out for a moment, don’t be late for the dinner okay” -Tsuchio
“I see, Tsuchio-san also don’t be late” -Tris
“I understa~nd” -Tsuchio

After I go out of the tent, I go to the place where the tamer’s familiars are gathered. Maybe, I thought that it will be there….

“Ah, There’s she is. He~y, Sasha-sensei” -Tsuchio
“…yes, what it is?” -Sasha

It is Sasha-sensei who is in charge of my taming class. I thought that she surely monitoring the familiars over

“No, it’s not really something important you know” -Tsuchio
“Then, it is okay.  I think you don’t even especially made me to hear about it right” -Sasha
“… it’s an important thing so please hear it” -Tsuchio
“If it is so, please tell me from the beginning” -Sasha

As usual, her attitude toward me is harsh …. No, it is not only me.

“Because there’s a unicorn entering the forest,I have tamed it…. What shall I do?” -Tsuchio
“You musn’t lie you know , a unicorn isn’t a monster, that a greenhorn like you can tame. …Unless it is considerably tired” -Sasha
“No, I don´t lie about it. Look, isn’t it over there” -Tsuchio

I waved my hand at Rin since I saw her, she looked at me for an instant and answered by give a snort.

“…Are you really the one who tame it?” -Sasha
“Yes, an adventurer party failed to defeat it, thus I tamed her” -Tsuchio
“and then, those adventurer are?” -Sasha
“They were killed by her. Ah, There are no corpses. My slime has eaten them” -Tsuchio

Anyway, it is necessary to say about the details of Rin´s taming. If I said it here, there won’t be trouble in the future. It’s also not a crime after all.

“… I see. Since it will only become a monster when you leave it alone, I think that your decision isn’t a mistake. Although as a human being I think there’s something about your action. usually you burn it you know” -Sasha
“Anything which can be used, isn’t a waste when you don´t use it at all” -Tsuchio
“…Ah, that’s right. So is there a memento?” -Sasha
“…there isn’t any you know?” -Tsuchio
“Take it out” -Sasha
“Yes…” -Tsuchio

I take out two black bag which look’s like a magic item. Thrusting the hand among those, teacher who rummaging the bag searching for something.

“There it is …” -Sasha
“What it is, that things?” -Tsuchio

The thing that teacher took out,was four plate made from metal. There’s that thing right, since I don’t know what that thing is used for, for the time being I decided to put it back….

“This is a guild card. It is something like a adventurer’s ID” -Sasha
“He~, what will you do with it?” -Tsuchio
“I will hand it to the adventurer guild and inform that these people died. If I didn’t do that , they’ll always treat them as a missing person after all” -Sasha
“If you must do those things …. Then what should I do with the bag?” -Tsuchio
“For now, I’ll take it to the guild as a momento. When there is nobody who take it, it’ll be given to the person who picked it up” -Sasha
“Then, I will hand it over for now” -Tsuchio
“I will make you do so, even by force” -Sasha

I hand over the two bags to the teacher. Well,lets just wait without holding any expectation toward it.

“And then , about the unicorn that I just tamed….” -Tsuchio
“It can’t be helped, since you already tamed it.I will inform the academy side about this, so you must hold it’s rein tightly.Because if she run wild, we don’t have any choice but to kill it. ” -Sasha
“…those thing, I’ll never let it happen” -Tsuchio
“Of course, since that’s the tamer’s responsibility. It is your freedom which monsters you tame,but if you tame a monster that you can’t control and let it go rampage,I can make anyone dropped from school. Please remember it” -Sasha
“Ussu*” –Tsuchio
“If you already understand, quickly come back to your tent. It’s already dinner time you know” -Sasha
“Oka~y, then what about teacher?” -Tsuchio
“I will eat it here. It’ll be bad if the person who’s stand on guard is leaving right ” -Sasha
“Then, I will get it for you. You also can’t leave this post right” -Tsuchio
“…. Thanks” -Sasha
(TLN: Ussu : the way to to said yes)

Well, I will get it quickly. Even for a bit, I have to raise her mood!
“Come to think of it, what kind of familiar teacher’s have?” -Tsuchio
“… setting that aside, why do you also have your meal here?” -Sasha

The dinner is big bread and a soup of mushroom, wild grass and meat. These isn´t the thing which we picked up….

“Well, Since it’s a rare chance I think it’s good for us to deepen our relationship that’s all ” -Tsuchio
“I’ll make you repeat the class you know?” -Sasha
“Wha, I’m not hiding anything you know!? It’s just, I have many thing that I wanted teacher who’s a senior tamer to hear you know …” -Tsuchio
“…Well, If it’s just listening I’ll listen to it. If it doesn’t deviate from the range of my class, there’s no question that I cannot answer” -Sasha
“Then, please tell me what are teacher´s familiars” -Tsuchio
“It is Garm. Now it’s inside my shadow ” -Sasha

Garm? Well, if I am not mistaken, it was a mysterious dog which appeared in norse mythology.It is a monster with four eyes and blood is dripping from it’s body,it’s the watchdog of the underworld. It stands in the way in front of the gate of the nether world to prevent any escape, it’s raise a groan to whoever miser who doesn’t give anything to the poor.  In the end, I think it got into clash with the god that end up draw.

“You said it’s in your shadow, how it can enter you shadow?” -Tsuchio
“My familiar, since it’s evolved from a shadow wolf to Garm, it can use the magic from the one before it’s evolved. I should have already taught you about it?” -Sasha
“Aa, that’s right! You said it in class!” -Tsuchio

However, Garm huh…. What kind of monster it is? It’s sound pretty scary….

“That Garm, could you show it to me?” -Tsuchio
“…Well, it’s okay. When this training is over, I was planning to show it. Mug, come out” -Sasha

From the teacher’s shadow, Zing! Something jumps out and makes a landing in front of me.It’s darkish red fang’s hair and it’s strangely big claw, it’s a wolf with the same size as Rin.Although it have two eyes , but around it’s temple there are a pattern (The one that exists on butterfly and moth wings) one on on each side , since there’s two of it,it can also looked like it have four eyes. (Tl. note: The Garm has two eyes but there’s a pattern on his temple is like a pattern on butterflies’s wings)

“So this is garm eh~. It is big…. It is about the same size as horse you know” -Tsuchio
“For a A-rank monster, this guy’s considered as small” -Sasha
“Eh, this fellow is A rank!?” -Tsuchio

Rin said she is B rank, Ruu who’s par with her maybe on the same rank as her. It is a monster stronger than Ruu and Rin… it’s my first time see it.
“it’s considered B rank if it’s alone, but in a flock it can get up to lower A rank ”
“… Is it in a flock?”
“that is,since it’s formerly a wolf of course it’ll go in a flock. This kid you know, it’s the leader of it’s flock”

So they’re treated like that huh… it’s really different from the earth after all.Or rather, flock’s leader? So that mean she also tamed other?

“Umm, how many garm that teacher tame? ”
“I have 6 ”

6 !?what is that, isn’t that fluffy heaven.

“You aren´t a teacher for show e~h… ”
“It is natural, what do you think about me until now”
“No~, hahaha…”

So there still a sky above the sky huh… something like tamed the whole flock, strategically it’s quite useful. I should also think about the collaboration between Ruu and Lime with Rin.

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