Monster Musume chapter 17

Monster Musume chapter 17: Today is cooperation class



We finished the training camp and we returned to the academy which took two days again. This time I was carried by Rin, but this was quite difficult. I was able to borrow a saddle, but I wasn’t able to ride it at all. I also have to practice this….it is absolutely necessary to keep increasing steadily….

The class begins immediately on the next day since I came back to the academy. It is the day of the taming class and it began as always in the open field.

“Everyone, could you experience the battle with a familiar in training? Those who weren’t able to do it put up their hand immediately. Because I’ll give a supplementary lecture”  -Teacher

No one raises their hand. Well, if it’s not like me, then there might be a battle.

“I’m not here, so the talk is continued. Some people did tame there and seemed to have increased their familiars and those who weren’t able to do it can´t get impatient. When the number of familiars increases, the fighting power rises, but the control for it also becomes difficult. The number should be adjusted according to your ability. Possibly, when the first year ends you guys are able to use two familiars.”  -Teacher

As for the number of familiars, 2-3 are mainstream in this place now. I have more familiars, there are persons who are different and also their battle-style depends on their familiars and can change depending on the amount of familiars. Tamers are few in some parties, because it becomes difficult to make formation when there are too many familiars.

“In today’s class, I want to show an example of combat that uses two or more familiars. Because it is an example to the last, it is not a thing when you should do it this way by all means. You, please be the other party”  -Teacher

“Eh,do you mean me?”      -Tsuchio

“In case of other students’ familiars, because it is likely to kill them”  -Teacher

Oh, that’s all….Ruu and Rin will surely be all right. Lime is still no use and probably the other party is Garm. ( Tl note: Garm is a dog of Norse mythology who guards the door to the underworld. He is similar to Cerberus in Greek mythology)

“Everyone, please get away a lit bit, because it is dangerous” -Teacher

“Lime, you also withdraw with everyone. It’s because you can die if you are involved” -Tsuchio

“Kokukoku” -Lime

Lime runs beside the students who surround and are watching it. It is alright, when she’s distant to that extent.

“When the other party’s familiars are held down, it is your victory, but take care about the power addition and subtraction earnestly. ” -Teacher

“I understand. Does the teacher fight with several Garms?”  -Tsuchio

“Yes…I will use three. When I use six, it doesn’t become a match”  -Teacher

That’s right. She is an A-rank and her abilities are high, too. The time since I became a tamer isn´t long and Rin hasn’t fought once yet. Though I heard what kind of things Rin can do, but teamwork is still not possible. To be honest, the chance of winning is 0. It’s because I don’t overestimate my power to there, either.

“Mag, Mig, Mug come out” (Tl.note: those are the names of the garms)  -Teacher

From teacher’s shadow, three Garms dash out. Mag is the leader of  that group…the other two are Meg and Mog. What name does the last ones have?

“Then shall we begin?” -Teacher

“Ah, please wait a moment. Because I’m having a strategy meeting.” -Tsuchio

“…Finish briefly.” -Teacher

“I understand.” -Tsuchio

I bring Ruu, Rin, and my face close. By the way, I want to harass her as much as possible even if I lose. I want to look down on her a little.

“OK, Rin. Because Ruu begins a descent attack from the air, you do a bodycheck with magic. If there is a chance, attack them” -Tsuchio


“Ruu like I just said you attack from the air. Even if it is avoided, you move straight to close-range combat. The other party will make joint attack, try to deal with it somehow and endure one attack, too.” -Tsuchio


“Yeah, it is like that. Rin interferes with the garms if it becomes close-range combat. The judgement around there is up to you.” -Tsuchio


“Well, let’s go. Teacher, we are ready”  -Tsuchio

I get on the back of Ruu and make Rin go out to the front. In the first place, even though it’s combat, it looks like a good opportunity to practice.

“Then, I ask for a signal”  -Teacher

“Ah, yes I see. Well, then…start!” – a student

A girl gives the signal of the start, we fly up to the sky and Rin generates the arrow of thunder. Going out that magic is considerably fast and I hear that the consumption of magic is also a little. When the teacher stomps it is a signal and the garms deploy in a preset pattern, Right-Front-Left they run towards Rin. Well, let’s support her.

“Spirits of the dead, give me rapid wind and desert enemy’s arm,Velocity of wind” -Tsuchio

The limbs of Rin are veiled by the wind. Because Rin´s movement quickens due to this, it becomes insurance when approaching. However the effect is to exaggerate comparatively no matter what…. I have to improve my mental power to enhance it.

“Ruu, after Rin shoots magic, you swat them when Garms dodge it. Prepare for it.” -Tsuchio


Rin shoots two thunder arrows towards the Garms. Though the arrows are shot at a good speed, the teacher has already reacted. Garms don’t cut down their speed and evade it with minimum movement.

However, Rin´s magic doesn’t end there. The avoided arrows stop in the air and turn around and attack the Garms again. In case of the arrows that fly straight, Rin increases the number of shots making it harder to avoid it.

The arrow flying from the rear, is seen from the teacher. I react at once and fly sideways and it has been evaded. But I was able to stop their movement!

“Ruu!” -Tsuchio


I concentrate my magic power on her wings and feet and we dive in a dash and aim at the Garm who goes to the right. This fellow…is probably Mig.

“Mug” -Teacher


When the teacher sends her magic power, the shadow of Garm who immediately after landing wriggles and it becomes several spears. It was going to stab Ruu.

“Rin!” -Tsuchio


Rin manipulates the arrow and Garm’s foot is pierced. The garm raises a loud squeal, but the spears remains being fixed just as it is. Tch, there is no helping it!

The magic in her feet is moved to her wings, halting our attack, and we change our direction to the left. We charge the Garm scattered to the left converting our momentum into a tackle.

Though we suddenly thrust from the side, the Garm catches it from the front, and bites the Ruu’s shoulder. In addition the shadow of the garm is transformed into a spear and it throws it into the belly of Ruu. Ruu screams being unable to bear it. Because her forefeet are restricted, it’s difficult to act!

“Rin, tear him off!” -Tsuchio

“I won’t let you do it” -Teacher

I tried to have Rin blow him away, but she is busy with the two other Garms. In fact, she’s being pushed back gradually. …I have no other choice but to do what I have to do!

“Rin, I’ll be taking your magic power for a moment” -Tsuchio

From the body of Rin by the devil’s hand, magic is gotten and received. Though it is not possible to take it when it is a common tamer, but I am different.  I can get the magical power of familiars through devil’s hand. And this is one of the features.

I jump off from Ruu and strongly kick the ground. Then my body accelerates like an arrow, I arrive at the Garm who attacked Rin in an instant and I hammered my fist into its body.

With this feature when I got the magic power from the devil’s hand, as for the influence of the magic depends on the body of the owner of the magical power, meaning that I just succeeded. In the case of now, the body reinforcement magic Ruu used acted on me, too.

Perhaps, it is because the effect is demonstrated by magic. I think that I just succeed the effect of the pro-interference magic.

“Oraa!” – Gram

I haven’t learn Taijutsu and my punch was like an amateur, but the body reinforcement of Ruu is strong.The garm which has been surprised, is knocked off from its feet directly. Well, it’s unexpected for the teacher!

“Rin go!” -Tsuchio

Rin runs to Ruu at a dash during that chance. When she passes my side, I am allowed to jump onto her back.

“I didn’t know whether the devil hand had such a use. Quite a clever scheme. But…it is still sweet stuff.” -Teacher

Another Garm which was attacking Rin goes ahead of in front of her. Though it pushes and it started passing, I jump at the Garm who I hit from the rear and Rin has fallen down. Rin was kept down by her legs and restricted by the shadow just as it is.

Though Ruu bites the back of the Garm and fought back, when another Garm comes for support, I suppressed it too without my technique.

“Everybody, did you see it properly? In this way, even if you use two or more familiars, the difference appears whether cooperation is done. At first you should increase familiars after coming to be able to fight properly with them. Tsuchio-san, thank you for your help” -Teacher

“Um…it’s still as expected” -Tsuchio

“It is natural. But, the curious plan using the devil hand was wonderful. That was unexpected” -Teacher

It is rare that this teacher praises me. No, I´m happy.

“Right? It is a plan which I find interesting” -Teacher

“… But a clever plan is a clever plan to the end. There is no kind of power which reverses the war situation like this plan” -Tsuchio

“When you repeat it, do you use this plan again …” -Teacher

“That’s right. First you strengthen your fist with magic power so that Garm suffers damage. In addition if a master steals all the magic power of his familiar, the familiar become hopeless” -Teacher

“Yes, that’s right…” -Tsuchio

“Though it is also important to surprise the other party, it is based on that it can work properly. The basics is when you are more faithful to your familiars, the better.” -Teacher

“No, I don´t practice cooperation yet…” -Tsuchio

“Not even some commands?” -Teacher

“No, there is not anything…” -Tsuchio

“I understand such a thing. However, though your fight will work on a low level party, but it is not good against a high-ranked party at all” -Teacher

Don’t mention it…. The other party need to push and to encircle Ruu in order to win.

“The grapple dragon can use magic only for physical reinforcement and the breath unique to a dragon it lacks. If you don’t readily allow it to cooperate with the unicorn, it won’t be possible to live long. ” -Teacher

“I’ll take it to heart” -Tsuchio

“Please do that. …Well, because your party is not bad, please be devoted to your training from now on.” -Teacher

“…Okay” -Tsuchio

“Then everyone, form groups and please perform a simulated competition! You observe it. Let your familiars take a rest because you are worn out plenty” -Teacher

“I understand and will observe.” -Tsuchio

I said so and the teacher has begun to walk between students after she returned the Garms to the shadow. Ruu and Rin are considerably exhausted, the other party in this case seems to become tired considerably after all. When Lime is seen in the distance approaching me, she is hitting something.

“Lime, what do you want to do. Do you want to do a mock battle?” -Tsuchio

“… ” Purupuru

“…You want to become stronger and want to fight with Ruu….Well, shall I find somebody to spare with you?” -Tsuchio

Though Lime does her best, but after all the difference with Ruu is big. Her magic power doesn’t increase even if she eats metal and poison. After all Lime must knock down a monster properly. If not giving a rank as a creature, even whenever she stands up, it’s the condition of a slime.

“The evolution of the Lime comes first….After all, it isn’t that easy” -Tsuchio

There is no other way for her as to beat other monsters. I mean, the devil beasts which Ruu brings, so she should get magical power faster….Possibly it was already enough so she evolved and change into a human type.

“Hey, Lime. Did you evolve?”

“…?” Purupuru?

It isn’t understood….

“Hmm, do you have felt something when you became stronger?” -Tsuchio


After all she already evolved. Her magical power does not increase greatly compared to before…. Because she is still weak, is the increasing magic also a little?

“I want a clearer change. The color of your body changes or your form changes. As for Ruu, when she evolves, what will she become?”  -Tsuchio

Well, she will become strong. Specifically, do you not understand it? I’ll check it at the library.

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