Monster Musume chapter 18

Chapter 18: Investigating the Dragons and the Unicorns at the library


After the taming class was over and after lunch, Tsuchio went to the library. Wasn’t it his daily routine now? Other than my day off, I go there almost every day. Only here informations about monsters can be checked. Deluding myself about what kind of monsters I would tame from now on was a pleasant feeling.

“Oh, Tsuchio-san. Although the teaching materials regarding the old support magic was found, have you read them?”

“I’ll do it next time I have an opportunity. I want to check some informations about monsters today.”

“The usual picture book?”

“No, if it’s possible I would like one about the dragon-kind. I’d like something detailed and sourced. After that, I would need something about unicorns.”

“I remember now, you tamed them.  Dragon-kind and unicorns…give me a second”



I was quite friendly with the person at the reception desk. Two months have passed and I’ve reached a point where I can speak naturally with him. I always thought, “Can I leave the receptionist alone just like that?”. I mean, I have never seen another person at the reception desk besides this man. As expected, only one person works here and there is probably a reason for that…

“Yes, it’s these two books. This one here is considerably detailed about the dragon-kind and this one is a notebook of a person that tamed an unicorn”

“As always, thank you very much”

“You bet, then do your best”

What the person from the reception desk brought out were the books 『Dragon-kind’s List – From lesser dragons to ancient dragons 』and 『Yuri’s notes』. Ancient dragons…they were seen only on a few occasions. The name alone makes me want to leave and stop. I would like to read both.

For now, I open the Dragon-kind’s List. Ruu is the only a grapple wyvern that can use reinforcement magic. It would be a similar system if she were to evolve. She suddenly evolved into a dragon capable of manipulating a lot of different kinds of magic! It shouldn’t be so. When I think about it, she seems to be specialized in close combat.

“Ruu’s magic excludes all of the lesser dragons and also triumphantly excludes this one. It would be a stretch to believe her to be a higher dragon and that part also doesn’t fit. She isn’t good enough to belong in the middle ranks and her magic is, at her best, at least low-ranked. Because grapple wyverns are strong dragons in close combat…for possibility, it will be this one or that one?”

I thought about which evolutions to expect from Ruu. There were two given possibilities. First of them is a berserker dragon. It possesses strong hind legs and wings that are very similar to dragon wings. One of its most distinguishable features were its muscular arms. Their main purpose was to hit and tear apart everything in its way, seemingly exactly like a berserker. The second one’s name is a dragonoid. I have a feeling it’s the draconic version of a lizardman. Its shape appears to be more humanoid in order for it to be able to battle more technically. Its face is dragon-like and it doesn’t seem to be capable of talking in a human language. Its body is covered in scales and its sharp spikes are simply left on their hands and feet. Its muscular strength is also spectacular. Although it’s inferior to the berserker dragon, it seems to be on about the same level as a grapple wyvern.

Although it’s not yet decided whether Ruu would become either of those, I think that she probably will evolve into one of these two. No, I think that I want her to evolve into one of them. If it were to be the berserker dragon, it would become possible to stand dominant further with close-range combat and it is possible to fight on the ground. Because she is a grapple wyvern, she is more apt to depend on attacking from the sky by all means. Dragonoids can deal with various situation and, above all, are of the humanoid type. The evolution to become a human is my maximum target and it is likely to become a considerable shortcut. Because it is a possible to use dragon breath and when I think a dragon should have a dragon breath after all.

“Whichever way would be good….Because both have their own good and bad qualities, this one is in every way better! But, I don’t know how to evolve her into it…”

After all, the con of a berserker dragon is that, as expected, it can only do hand-to-hand combat. Although it is possible to cover with Rin, saying that the ammunition is small is painful. The bad quality of a dragonoid is that it has a lower approximate battle ability compared to a berserker dragon and its size is much smaller, too. When there is weight, the attack power is also considerable. Although it can be covered with a weapon, it’ll take time for it to get used to it and to become proficient in it’s usage.

“Well, I must talk with Ruu, there is one possible kind, I assume that it’s good”

Before Ruu comes back from hunting, let’s read Yuri´s notes. I pulled it out and skimmed through to the page where the information regarding the unicorn was written.


This Yuri seemed to have tamed many unicorns. Is it better to have familiars of the same kind? Although Sasha-sensei was proud of her garms, which are great at group battles….Even if I say that now, how can it be done? I should think that something apart of the fight is done. The thing that’s particularly important in these notes are proper descriptions of the times when the unicorns evolved and what kind of monsters they became. As for the Yuri’s unicorns, all of them used different kinds of magic. The magic they used seemed to differ depending on the type of environment that they grew up in. The unicorn that grew up in a forest used fire magic, the unicorn that grew up near a volcano seemed to be capable of using water magic. Although Rin’s thunder…where did you grow up? Was it near some waterside? All of the unicorns that ended up evolving were the individuals specialized in some original attributes, as well as the ones capable of handling magic of multiple attributes. Furthermore, the individuals that liked close combat seemed to appear. They weren’t able to evolve any further. Afterwards, all kinds of changes to their habits after experiencing evolution, was written.

“Afterall, evolution includes multiple choices. What kind of direction will Ruu and Lime evolve into? Evolving ahead of Rin wouldn’t necessarily change anything either.”

As for Ruu, magic isn’t really a property she uses very much. It naturally became Rin’s and Lime’s duty to attack from afar. Although Rin is good at magic, her strongest attack is a dash that she constantly tries to strengthen. It’s difficult to avoid that kind of speed and opponents receive damage even in an instance when they catch that move.She isn’t bad in using close combat. She will possibly be a balance-type. I want her to become without any commitment and skillful.

“If I were to assume that I want Lime to do magic-centered attacks….I have the feeling that she fights everything she can hit”

I wanted to work together with her, so I fed her high-density metal. I intended for it to be used by her for defense, but Lime used it for the attack. Is this because she ate swords? She seemed to have learned that she has a sharp body and she doesn’t see the cut applied to the tree trunk. …That. Maybe Lime will be the first to grow up? She ate a Merman and she gesticulates like a human….She often imitates me and doesn’t know it either.

“Umm…after all, what kind of a person she wants to evolve into, I should hear it. I understand it with much effort”

Shall I go to the monster stable? Ruu will also come back soon.




I have arrived at the monster stable at the exact moment of Ruu’s return . It’s because the time  of her return is almost the same every day. As for me, my stomach is growling.

“Welcome back, Ruu. Are you hurt?”


“Hmm, then it is good. I will bring Lime and Rin out now”

They were both released from their room and Ruu’s souvenir was left in a place not far away from the stable. Did she go to the sea today? Because she had brought home several Mermen.

“It’s always bad. Ruu, is magic neatly accumulated at the sea?”

“Guru gurururu”

“Huh, changes in strength. I didn’t know it”

Lime has already started eating the catch. She can really do consideration that it will be hard for her to bring her somewhere.

“Rin, do you also want to eat?”


“Is that so. If that’s so, Rin let’s go beat some monsters the next holiday together. Lime, it is necessary to acquire battle experience”

“… Buru”

Rin said that she eats only her own catches. Umm, don’t be somewhat spiky. She also behaved like a baby at night of the training camp.

I attempted to pat her face. Although she reacted, she put her head on my knees but her face isn’t rubbed. To be stroked seems not to be an unpleasant reason for her, but….why does she do so.

“Hey, Rin, how do you want to evolve?”


“Umm…I want to know what you think! How do you want to look, when you evolve?”


“Well,hearing it suddenly, you don´t understand what I want to say.If there is something, please tell me.How about you, Ruu? Lime?”

Rin seems still not to understand me well. For these fellows, I will seem to ask about their future dream. It is unusual to have a clear image.

“Guru?…guru, guru”

“… ” Purupuru

Ruu doesn’t seem to have such an image either. However, Lime seems to think about it a little.

“Lime, what do you want to become?”

“………… ” Purupuru pururururu

Lime explained it with her human-like gestures. The feeling she relayed was that she wants to hit enemies like Ruu.

“Would you like to be able to do hand-to hand combat now?”


“It is so. Physical attacks don’t seem to work at all against grown-up slimes, such a fighting style may be surely good.

“The problem is how to raise the power”


After all there is no image powerful enough which suits a slime. If she grows, what does she becomes, because there is no amount she should have kept advancing on this route.

“What kind of monsters does she need to beat? I also think that the quality of the obtained magic also changes….Should she eat a strong monster?”

“…?” Purupuru?

“Oh, because Lime is still weak, she will grow steadily from now on. You do not need to get impatient”


Lime shakes in spite of swallowing the whole body of the plumply Merman. I asked Rin about her state while patting Ruu’s head, which she laid on my knee. I look at Rin frequently since I have begun to pat Ruu. After all does Rin  wants that I pat her? But even if my hand is increased, she avoids it…what can I do. Rin don’t want me to pat her now, why. …Ah, I have a little idea. Then I must become alone with Rin now.

“Well, now I will take you to eat a meal. Ruu and Lime, return to the room. Rin, wait a minute here”


“…?” Puru?


I pushed the backs of Ruu and Lime in order to take them back into the monster stable, while they were wondering why only Rin stays here. After I pushed them into the room, I returned at once to the place where Rin was waiting. She was waiting while sitting down. Her eyes looking at me seemed to somewhat dazzle.

“Ok, Rin, nobody sees it here”


She stood up and approached me silently, forcing a hard lump and her head onto my stomach.

“You stopped it while you were ashamed seen by Ruu. It isn’t necessary to worry about it anymore”


I sat down on the ground, patting her face. Rin also sat down and her face was put on my knee, just like Ruu did. I put my fingers on her to pat her whole head.

Rin is a tsundere, in front of Ruu she is cold and not interested in me and she only depends on me when we two are alone. Tsundere that isn´t dere is only troublesome, when dere she is really cute. It wasn’t my taste so much…! I look forward to the time when she become a person.

“Rin, do you not know whether or how do you want to evolve, really? If you planned something, tell me before it’s too late. Well, if you don’t have  any idea, it is ok. It isn’t necessary to work it out by force”

“Buru, burururuu!”

…When I said it so face-to-face, Rin is embarrassed. My best is your best…it is a bit heavy. No, I’m happy to be yearned for….I do not know why she loves me. Ruu thinks I’m her husband, by Lime I’m not sure and Rin doesn’t fit to either one of them.

“Why do you like me so much? Because you are my familiar?”

“Bururu! Bururuu!”

“Huuh, it’s the fact for loyalty is done”


Because, she recognized me, she serve me for her whole life and she seems to be a honor of the unicorn. I heard that an unicorn was full of pride….

“Bururu burururu”

“I’m relieved to hear that. If it is said that may not me, she will have crowded confusedly”

Of course, because taming her was done simply, there is no reason. I think what kind of person she would be like.

“Oh, I’d like to help you with your future reference and please think just in case. Because you are vague and good,but it is all right”


She will make an effort to her utmost in order to answer my expectation….to say something is a little bit hard….I want her to think more casually.

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