Monster Musume chapter 20

Chapter 20: Look, touch and receive



I encountered a red dragon and I need to investigate the cause of the dragon child´s illness to survive. So as to not die, I have to find the cause somehow.

“This, if I touch the child,will I infected?”

…Perhaps, I don’t think that you will. I have carried him, there wasn’t such a thing at all

「isn’t that because you already caught it?」

When there’s a disease enter my body I’ll realize it, furthermore my body will expel it

So It’s alright to touch it huh, shall I palpate it first. Because I have the devil’s hand, perhaps I will know if there’s something weird in it body. If there’s an abnormality happens to the magic circulatory system, I sure I’ll be able to sense it.

“Okay, then I start. …Will it bite me, when I touch it?”

This kid already didn’t have such vigor left. do it quickly

“I , I understood…”

I put my hand against the part which isn’t infringed by the disease and sensed the magic of the child dragon. Is it become weak because it’s got a sickness, but it’s magic is weak even though it’s a dragon. For now, I will investigate it from the head.

From its head to the end of the tail, I confirm whether there’s an abnormality in its magic.When my hand approach near its abdomen, I felt some discomfort.

“… its abdominal magic circulation is in a terrible state. It’s in a mess”

What , the magic circulation? Then, it’s a sickness that related to that thing?

“No, it seem not to be because of this. What I know from this, is the cause of this sickness is in the belly.”

I see… then if I fix the magic circulation to it normal condition, does this kid’s condition will also become better?

” if it’s to that extent we can somehow…. But ,I’m certain if we leave it as it , it’s going to get dangerous “

The magical power, is same as one’s life force. When that is disturbed, the physical condition worsens too , in some bad case the body can’t hold the burden, and their body will break apart. Because a dragon has a strong body, there won´t be such a thing… it’s seems because of that the circulation become more out of order. If we fix it, this child will also become a little more  comfortable…. But what to do after that, I don’t know.

…It mean that “that” something in the belly, makes the magic go out of order huh

Yes, as for the change of the color of its scales, it seems it’s not because of a poison but the effect of the circulatory system going out of order “

If the magic circulation become out of order, did it will make a living creature die?

I don’t know it, but it is very likely. When humans are like this, they don’t even last for several days”

The life force of a dragon is backfired huh …. Can you do something?

Do something , huh. Since I already know the cause , I don’t have any obligation to heal it you know …. but when I look at the painful child dragon, I can’t say such a thing. Everything, I’ll try every means possible to heal it.

“In short, you only have to make the cause of it in the belly come out. This kid already vomiting it’s food right”

Aa, but it still not being cured, then it means that it will not go out from the mouth

When it is useless from above let it go from bottom. Well, if I am not mistaken, I brought some excretion poisonous herbs for Lime…”

From the pouch, a bunch of poisonous plants is taken out and I pull out a certain grass from that.


When eaten, the poisonous herb will loose the abdomen. Because it’s also used as a laxative, we will forcefully make the cause of the disease come out with this. The problem is, whether this child’s physical strength last or not…”

Don’t worry about it then, the child of a dragon isn’t weak. If this child can’t bear it, then it’s life is only to that extent.

I see. Rin, you kill it before the cause that come out from the belly enters other bodies. Please burn it with your blitz from far away”


I take the grass to the mouth of the child dragon, but it doesn’t even try to open its mouth at all then when “You can get well with this” even when I say so, is it because it’s doesn’t have any energy but it doesn’t even move. Since it can’t be helped, I put the grass which I chopped finely into its mouth which I broke open by force and wash it down with water.

After a few minutes, as the child dragon raise a painful cry , it steadily let go everything that piled up in it’s stomach. Among those, a creature who looks like a tentacle moving windingly was mixed in.This guy is the culprit!




When Rin lets the tentacle receive the falling thunderbolt, the tentacle started to stop moving. Furthermore, I have the dragon to use his fire  to burn it to cinders ,I correct the magic circulation of the child dragon. I can’t manipulate it very much, but if it’s just correct the magic flow then I can do it.

“…Good, I think it’s already good with this “

Did it end?

Yes, give it water properly afterward, then if you give it food with a lot of nutrition, I think this kid will become better. “

I see….  Trial of wisdom, you splendidly exceeded it. Even thought you only need to discover the cause of the illness, you also treated my child…I have no way of thanking you

Well, it seemed that I’m saved ,it’s settled with this huh. Since I already done it, it was an illness that I can cure, other people must be able to cure it to.

“No, if you just spared my life then it’s all I want to have “

When you can say so, it saved me a great time. However, regarding a dignity of a dragon we must return any kindness that’s given to us. Aren’t there any wishes? If it’s something I’m able to do, I’ll grant it

“A wish…”

Wish, a wish…. Monster girl harem, is my dream and not a wish. As for money, it isn’t particularly necessary….

“That’s right…can you strengthen my familiars?”

Well, do you want to strengthen your monsters…. Humu, I can do it

“Is it true!? In that case by all means!”

But for the method to strengthen, there is an affinity. The one which is congenial to me of your familiars, which is only your wyvern

Only Ruu can be strengthened, that’s what that dragon’s mean. Umm,if it’s like that then our balance will collapses in various ways and it’s troublesome….

But well, it is the wish of the benefactor of my child. Let’s do something a little unreasonable

“Something unreasonable… possibly, you’re going to call the fellows whose affinity is good, something like that?”

Huhuhu, that’s possibly

The dragon flies away to the sky and inhales a big breath. I cover my ears in a hurry and prepare for a roar. The next moment, a dragon roar which make the ground tremble reverberate, the whole crater is shakes heavily. Hey, is the eruption alright with this!? Magma, it doesn’t stimulate it right!?

No problem, the one you thought of is a roar that shot to the ground. Well, perhaps it’ll make the volcanic activity become a little active

“Furthermore, if you make such a loud roar, it’s gonna be bad if a subjugation corps is come you know “

Even when a subjugation corps comes, at that time I already move to a remote distant place. Over here, I had only come for recuperation of my child

“Haa, then it is good….By the way ,from that roar, who did you call now?”

Well, I only called some friends

『When I think what kind of business you have in such a place for me, to think that you called me for that human~

Really,  It is your bad habit

Sorry, but there’s a circumstances this time. I want you to hurry up and come

A dragon with Bluish purple scale and thin (Compared with the red dragon) streamline-like form, and thought it’s slightly small (compared with the red dragon) but it’s have big wings the yellow-green dragons, they’re surround and glaring at us. I feel like my heart gonna stop, seriously it’s the truth.

…Hmm. then , I am to this liiiitle slime , you wanted me to strengthen it you said? You human who doesn’t know his place

So I am get the horse huh? Well, it is still better when compared to the slime

I am, no matter even this is was your request, I don’t want to give my divine protection to a thing like this you know ~』

“…Divine protection?”

Aa? Is there’s something wrong with that , human?

“There issssnnn´ttt!!!”

What you called Divine protection is you know, given by a spirit or a dragon to their so called household so the household holder will become stronger. In exchange squeezing experience to evolve ,it can give a special skill of that strong species, and can rise the overall ability you know

Is, Is that so….? squeezing the experience to evolve, maybe there’s particularly no problem about that I think . Anyway, There is no way to choose for myself.

Hey, do I really have to do it~?– Purplish thing dragon.

you must do it, he is the benefactor of my child. The meaning of that thing, it’s not you guys don’t know about it right– red dragon

That’s also true but…. for once, it’s not something that you easily believe you kno~w-yellow green dragon

Are you still didn’t believe it even with my words?-red dragon

We don’t mean it like that though .then about your child?

Look , it is over there

It stick tightly to me, the Red dragon who seeing the kid dragon’s put it head on my knee and fell asleep.Right after it woke up short time ago,it moved near me and fell asleep again. Since it seems that it’s hugging me, Ruu looked really annoyed about it. Since it’s convalescent ,and it is still a child after all. She’s properly able to holding back.

…Well, it doesn’t seem to be a lie~-Purple dragon

seems so . It can’t be helped, I’ll do it-yellow dragon

I’m sorry,oi wyvern over there. Don’t look at my child forever , come here– red dragon

Slime over there, come here ~. Since it can’t be helped, I’ll strengthen you ,you know-Purple dragon

Horse, Come quickly. If you don´t come quickly, there is no divine protection for you-Yellow dragon .

Respectively, Ruu  and the other goes to the place in which they were called. It seems they’re talking among themselves.


At the place of Ruu and the red dragon, Ruu seeming tell the red dragon something, thus the red dragon giveHmhm』『I see』『So as responses.

By Lime and the purple dragon, ime seems busy talkiLng with her motion gesture.Oh dear』『There is time like that right~』『Unun, I’m understand~』It looks like they strangely get along well,even though it was reluctant some moment ago….

At Rin and the yellowish green dragon place, Rin talks in various ways and the yellowish green dragon giveNo, that was no good you know』『If it’s like that, don’t you think that this is betteror so, seems to have shown a better idea. It seems Rin’s also thought about a lot of things.

(Tl note: Rin, Ruu and Lime discuss with the three dragons how they want to be)(TLC: at first I think they’re just venting they’re problem to the dragon, because lime and purple dragon –w-)

Their talk continues for a while ,Ruu has ended first. She seemed to be able to get a satisfactory conclusion somehow or other , she look really happy.

“what kind of thing you guys talking about?”

That’s a secret. Even if I don’t say it here, you come to understand it soon

“I see. Then, what are the meaning of helping a dragon child? I think you said it a while ago”

Oh, about that thing . Because a dragon has a long life, it’s quite difficult for a child to be born. When a child is born, all adults must cooperate to raise it. When you get you’re kid’s helped, is the uppermost kindness for a dragon, that’s how it is. When the kindness is returned, a dragon is going to return it several times ,that what our parents tell us since we’re small

“He~h, It seems elf also have a trouble when making a child, that function get degenerate right”

Yes, that was really a problem

The next one to finish is Rin and green dragon, Lime is still speaking.

Oh dear, do this way do that way, it was noisy…

Isn’t that good. Since everything, comes from the desire to protect  her master after all

Well, I value that spirit

After that, waiting for ten minutes, at last Lime´s talk end. What  on earth you two speaking about?

Ufufufu, there is also child among slime that can understand the topic when talking right~

Oh, isn’t it in a really good mood. Did you really like that slime that much?

Yes, I didn’t think it is a good idea first, I’m glad we’re able to meet you know ~.I’ll give the divine protection with all my might you know~』

To be liked by this guy so much…that slime,is her character safe?

dear, it’s just our love is slightly deep you know . Ufufufu~』

…Lime, I think that I don’t really understand what was she thinking about, is that because she was hiding it? No, it’s just our relationship still hasn’t developed until that phase, It must be so. …Is it so?

Well, at any rate,with this the preparation for giving the divine protection are complete. It’s okay for us to give it now right?

“Yes, please”

I understood. Then , let’s do it

The dragons close their eyes, a small, but dazzling light comes out before Ruu and the other. Ruu is red, Lime is purple and Rin is yellowish green. When it straightly enters Ruu and the other’s chest, the light became weak and was buried in their body completely.

Phew, it is over. There are no changes in particular yet, but when they’re evolving there’s must be a big differences.

“Is that so. Thank you, for your trouble”

That’s all right , I was able to meet Lime after all. when there is a chance again, let´s talk again~.

Well, you helped my child, so it can’t be helped. Use it correctly.

Then, we have to leave now. It’s gonna get troublesome when a person comes after all,. When you meet with talking dragon like us again, please tell them you are a acquaintance of hellfire. At least , you didn’t need to fight them

I`m honey poison , remember it

I`m thunderclap. well, thought there wouldn’t be any chance to use it.

Well, goodbye!


As the dragons flapping it’s wings to the sky. The child dragon which was sleeping on my knee, earnestly moves it’s still small wings, and follows its parents. Before that, it turned around once at me and “Gyun!” it cries and disappeared into the clouds.


Since there’s so much happening, I have been unable to stand. I sink down on the spot and make a big sigh.

“Meet with a dragon, Cure the disease of the child, though we get something power up…these kind of things, it is too unexpected…. the first time I meet it, I had already prepare for my death”


“That’s right, I get really tired at something. For now, since the goal to get everyone stronger is already achieved, let’s said that it’s was worth for us to going these far “


Really, it’s really relief that were still alive. Even my body is still trembling now. When I’d like a result, I say that everything is good, but…from now on, when there is something unusual, I’ll return immediately. While there’s life, there’s hope.

“Haa, let’s return already. Perhaps, A dragon can be seen at the village’s direction! –or such, there’s no time for us to concerned about it. Let’s return to the academy quickly , let’s take a rest slowly tomorrow. Everyone didn´t fight but tired right?”




“That’s right~ .Then, Again Ruu, follow us from above just like the time when we’re come. you fly and is good!”

Although various thing happening, well, you can say that it is the first day which bear fruit. I want them to spare me for meeting them twice. Because we able to get divine protection, I suppose Ruu and the others will become stronger.From now on, I really look forward to it.


Author note : he raised it~ , he raised the flag~!

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