Monster Musume chapter 21

Chapter 21: Return, Change, Promotion!


Author note : maybe this will become bit stupid story


One day already passed after we meet the dragon, and they bestowed the so called divine protection to Ruu and the others .We have returned to the academy before the sun sets, without eating dinner I dived into my bed. Since it seems that I slept just like that, the morning comes with me still wearing the same cloth as yesterday.

“Tsuchio-kun, good morning. Since it’s breakfast after this ,you should change your clothes quickly” -Lucas

“…M, understand. Huaa…” -Tsuchio

“You look very tired. Yesterday too you immediately fall asleep after coming back…so Mt. Maronma really was terrible as expected?” -Lucas

“Well, variously” -Tsuchio

It’s holiday and Lucas already woke up, so that means I wake up considerably later than usual. The tension was still in my mind after all.

“So then, how was Mt. Maronma?” -Lucas

“Umm…well, it’s a place where adventurers go so it is a dangerous place you know” -Tsuchio

“He~h, for Tsuchio-kun to say it like that, it must be an considerably dangerous place~ ” -Lucas

No, I think even a A rank adventurer is in danger if meet with that dragon. Fortunately I was able to deal with it immediately, but if they kept staying in that place didn’t it will become quite bad …..

“Tell me the detailed story at breakfast. Since Tris-chan and Fall are curious, too” -Lucas

“O, ou” -Tsuchio

I must deceive them properly. I’m sorry, Fall, Tris and also Lucas.

Through the crossfire with Tris and the others, I finished breakfast and go to the monster stable. My familiars got the divine protection of a dragon. Even if they didn’t evolve yet, maybe there’s a effect showed even for a little.

I enter the monster stable, I go toward Ruu and the other’s room. When arriving, there was Ruu with her state that wasn´t very different from yesterday. Well, because the dragon said that there’ll be a big differences after they have evolved, I think it’s normal that there is still no difference.

“It seems there’s not much differences with Ruu. How about Lime and Rin?”


Is there something? It’s unusual for Ruu to hesitate to say it.


“Ah, Rin. You aren’t different at all, either huh. Where is Lime?”

“Buru, bururu”

“Eh, there’s something different with Lime? What kind?”


From Rin’s back, Lime come out. When I put her in the monster stable yesterday, she was light blue just like a common slime, but now she becomes vivid purple with an intense self-insistence.

“What happen with that color!? Isn’t that the same color as that dragon called Honey poison!”

“…” Purupuru

“The influence of the divine protection? Since your rank of existence is low, supposedly there will be no changes until you evolved, so it becomes such a color?”


“Haa~ , as expected for the so called divine protection indeed, your magic amount increased fairly you know. Are you able to do something new, is there something like that?”


Lime sprinkles a liquid constituting from her body on the wall a little. Just then the wall begins to emit smoke, after a while it’s looked that the only part sprinkled by the liquid is becoming hollow.

“…Dissolving liquid?”


She becomes able to produce poison and dissolution liquid in her body, in addition she seemed also to get resistance to poison. This is quite brutal, she can kill monsters even no matter how strong they are, when they don’t have any resistance against poison. For the weak to kill the strong, poison fits well.

“With this, you are able to hunt on your own”

“… ” Purupuru

“Nn, there’s another thing that you wanted to do?”


“Do you want a lot of metal ?Are you hungry?”

“Purupuru…. ” Purupuru

“For the sake to become stronger, eh. Then, let’s go to the smithy together. Rin and Ruu what are you doing?”

“Gururu, gururuu”


“Eh, Rin also wants to hunt monsters outside? Well, if it’s from the back entrance, you’d be able to go out…… Is it all right? You wouldn’t be targeted by adventurers right?”

“Buru, bururuburu”

He~h,the magic quality of familiar is different from a monster. I didn’t notice at all. After all, I never see another specimen.

“Then it is good, you must take care you know? Since bad people will aim at the place where you’re alone and approach after all”


“Gururu, gurururuu”

“So Ruu will follow you. If it’s like that, then I’m relieved”

When Rin also runs seriously, she has quite a speed. She can go quite far away. I’d also like to make them evolve quickly, so let’s work hard.

I and Lime which seeing Rin and Ruu off who left from the back entrance, right after that we went to the smithy by foot. Since I already went there to have metal fragments many times, they completely becomes familiar with my face.

“Oo, you. Take as much as you like, so this is the slime that you feed with the metal?”

“Yes, can I bring it in?”

“It is no problem over here, but be careful of the fire. As usual, everything is stored inside the box over there”

Inside the scrap iron case, there are many sorts of metal which isn’t needed today. Come to think of it, what Lime wanted to do in this place? Did she want to choose the thing she will eat, maybe.

Although for a moment Lime peeking inside, she suddenly jumps into the box and changes her shape. She wrapped up the contained scrap iron with her body which she stretched out thinly, then she took it all into her body.

“Lime, do you possibly want to eat it all at once?”

“… ”

Although she didn’t shaking like always, but the “Yes” feeling has been transmitted. Good grief, although her lust for something somewhat becomes stronger but somewhat her greed is…..

“What are you guys doing, this?”

Dwarf-sensei is asking what are we doing after seeing our state. What should I say… should I say that it is her meal?

“Emm, it seems she intend to eat the metal in this box all at once “

“Haah, what a bold slime you have there. Oh right, come with me for a moment “

“A~, yes. Lime because I will leave you alone for a moment, please behave yourself”

Leaded by teacher, we come in front of a certain furnace. Just right,we come in the midst of a senior’s hardening the sword.

“This sword, what do you think it’s made of?”

“Is it a special metal?”

“If it isn’t that, I will not specially show it to you”

Well that’s of course. It still hasn’t been completed yet, but I can feel good amount of magic power from the sword. Since iron and such doesn’t accumulate magic, it should be a special metal. If it’s a metal that accumulates magic then it means….

“Umm, perhaps it’s a magic silver mithril?” -Tsuchio

“Oo, you’re right. You understand it well huh” -dwarf

“The metal that accumulates magic, as for the stuff which an academy student can handle, it is either silver or mithril” -Tsuchio

There’s also oricalcum and adamantine, it seems that if it’s famous rare metal then it can accumulate magic too, but because only first-class blacksmith master can handle it. Even Mithril is enough, though it is also rare.

“This sword, is the graduation production of this fellow. I especially ordered it from my country you know”- dwarf

“From cave country? That’s great” -Tsuchio

“Yes, well, I didn´t call you for just show you this”

I suppose. I was thinking what should I do if he just boasting, I feel scared you know.

“This you know this is the remaining of the mithril ore. It’s randomly remained, I am thinking what should I do with it. Since I already especially ordered it, it is getting out to be sold. And at that timing, you came in at that time. If I will use it anyway, I want to use it for academic sake”

“Is it okay? Can it be diverted to a chain and an ornament?”

“As expected it’s too little with this, this is whether I give it to your slime or sell it. if you don’t need it, I will sell it… “

“Please give it to me, please give it to me by all means!”

“You should say so from the beginning. Since you’re still young you don’t need to hold back”

I receive the mithril ore from the teacher. It isn’t much, but Lime might be pleased.

“I’m sorry, can I give it to my slime right away?”

“Yes, do it quickly. I am the one who gave it , you must say it properly!”

“I understand!”

I return to the scrap iron case quickly. When I look at the inside, the metal that exists in box which looks like can make both hands full, Lime has digested it nearly 30 percent already. She eats quickly! Divine protection from Honey poison is impressive! Or maybe it’s just her affinity with metal is good.

“Be glad, Lime, teacher handed over the left over of the mithril ore you know! Since it’s an ore which accumulates magic, you may evolve with this!”

“… ”

Please quickly put it in, or because Lime says so, I drop it one by one into her body. She started to fizz foam , but the digestion is considerably slower than other metals.As I thought ,perhaps the mithril ore is hard to dissolve.

“it’s okay for you to eat slowly you know. You can first dissolve all other metal, then you can start to dissolve it afterwards”

“… ”

Hearing my words, Lime who postponing the mithril ore for the time being. Since She will get tired after only eating metal, maybe I should take water and poisonous herbs.

“Teacher I will go out for a moment okay”

“Ou~, come back quickly. I can look for her for the time being,but for a long time is impossible after all “

“Of course”

Well, since the dissolution liquid until now will unsatisfying after all, maybe I should take the one stronger for her. The poisonous plant is also exactly so.

I go toward the botanical garden, poisonous plant also the high quality dissolution liquid from a cannibal plant called man-eater, and then poisonous mushroom and a nut which contain a poison , even the people from botanical garden ask isn’t that too much? Bringing things to the extent for them to said something like that, the me who go back to the smithy. The bag which I bring for carrying things, already become full. Is there any tub in the smithy?

On the way returning to smithy, I pass before the school’s canteen.  In the middle where various things displayed, there’s a round –bottomed flask-like bottle among them, I find the potion-like thing which seems to come out from a game. Umm, the green one is the one to cure a bruise right? Nn, then, what is blue liquid?

“Umm, Excuse me”

“What is it? Did you can’t find the thing you wanted to buy?”

I speak to the auntie who sits down on the register. Because she is kind also a good listener, students seem to come for consultation to her. Especially, love circumstances.

“What is this blue liquid?”

“Ah, that’s magic recovery medicine”

Magic recovery medicine, in a game it’s called MP potion then. (Tl note: I decided to name it MP potion from now on because it is simpler so)

“So there is such a thing. I have never seen it”

“Since it always sold out immediately. It just arrived just a little while ago you know”

“Just like the name, does it recover magic?”

“Yes, it is. Mana grass or so called ,it’s a medical herb growing only at places with high magic density and is used for it. The price pretty much high, but there are a lot of people who buy it for the insurance in case of emergency”

“He~h, is it from the academy side?”

“They have it for practical training you know, they left just the day before yesterday. Furthermore the students of the magic department, they seems to use it when they are in a hurry for experiment you know “

A~h ,now I remember that it was noisy this morning. So that was the cause. When one can recover their magic, it’s mean that they can continue their experiment right.

“Do you want to buy it? I think you can only get it today you know”

When I look at the price tag, though it’s price is quite high but it’s not to the extent where I can’t buy it. If I give Lime this, will her magic pile up?

“Do you sell mana grass?”

“Yes, it’s mana grass right? Where where…yes, it’s come along with MP potion. Is it for pharmacology class?”

“yes, something like that. So where is the mana grass?”

“It is the second from the medicinal herb shelf over there, I put it in the shelf 2nd from the right. we sell it by weight you know”

I go up the ladder quickly, I take the box with the grass out from the shelf. The price is written on the place where it can be seen from outside, this is also quite high price.

“Since it’s hard to go to pick it up you know. Well, since the adventurers gather it often, it’s come  quite a lot you know”

I shove my hand in the box and take a handful of Mana grass ,I also take one of the MP potions to the cashier together with it. If it’s only this much, it should be no problem with the money I bring on my hand.

“the bill, please”


The auntie measures the amount and shows the price quickly. Usually people will rounded up if there’s a sum fraction, but she rounded it down. She is a good person~, let’s purchase from this shop from now on.

I Pay it quickly, I return to the blacksmith with the grass which are bundled by a string. I hope that Lime still hasn’t finished digesting the mithril ore yet…..

“I’m sorry, I come late”

“Ahh, you come back. What a large baggage you have there”

“I gets various thing…. what about Lime?”

“It’s still in the scrap iron case. The things which were inside before, she seems almost digesting it all”

“I see. Oh right, is there any tub?”

“A tub? Well, it should be around there. Use it by your own convenience”

“Thank you”

I bring the tub, use magic to fill it with water. The dissolution liquid, how much should I put in until it’s enough?

In the scrap iron case, it just right after Lime finished dissolving the metals. While still leaving the mithril ore alone, she returns to her human-like form.

“Lime, I got a different dissolution liquid you know, can you see how much density can you take “

“… ” Purupuru

“Is this? here”

When I hand her the bottle of dissolution liquid, Lime opens the cover and throws it all at once into her body.Wait, what are this kid is doing!?

“dododododo are you alright Lime ——— !!!???”


I splash her with water in a hurry, but there’re no particular change with Lime. Eh, there is no problem at all?

“… ” Purupuru

“Acid-resistant? In the resistance against poison, so there’s even such a thing…”

What Lime said, she seems to have acquired the resistance against acids and thus if it’s only this much acid isn´t a problem. Although if it’s a stronger acid, as expected I think her body will melt.

“Really…you really make me flustered you know. I thought you will die”

“… ” Shun (TLC: Sfx for downhearted)

“It is good if you already reflect on it,but you mustn’t do this kind of thing anymore. It’s bad for the heart you know”


Haah, Lime…. Since she becomes more human-like, I´m able to do such a joke….It’s slightly too bad for the heart, I really flustered you know….

For now, I give Lime the thing which I got including the poisonous herbs. Though since she already gets poison resistance, she may not need it anymore…. The mushroom and such, I think that it is still have a little effect since it is still no touch.

“This is mana grass, they said it was a plant which used for making MP potion. I bought it because they had sold it in the school canteen. And thus, this is MP potion. Try to eat it”

“… ” Purupuru

While entering the tub, Lime eats the mana grass. Well, how is it!?

“Are there any changes?”


“I see….  Well, if your magic pile up with this from the base is good ~, it’s not difficult if only think about it you know. Don’t also put the MP potion in it”

When I poured the medicine into a tub, Lime absorbs it in a moment. Oh,it’s like something that’s sold by mail order, she’s like a dishcloth which absorbing water.

“Then, let’s devote ourselves in digesting the mithril ore after this. Since we’re only get in the way here, let’s go back to the monster stable”


“Teacher, not only you give us metal you also give us mithril, thank you very much”

“It’s okay you know . Since it’s originally only a remains”

“Even so. Then, excuse me”

“Aa, you must go back to the dormitory before it gets dark you know”

“I understand you know”

Until Ruu and Rin come back home, while seeing how Lime changes, should I practice magic while waiting.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    That “cannibal” plant should be either “man-eating” or “anthropophagist”, as “cannibal” means “that feeds on the flesh of their own species” (for huans is eating human flesh, but for dogs is eating dog flesh, for chickens, chicken flesh and for that plant it would be plants of the same species).

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