Monster Musume chapter 22

Chapter 22: Evolve, desire afterwards and then can you guess who I am?



“U~m…. oh the spirits, up heave the earth and make a wall, Earth wall”

The ground rises and becomes one wall. About 2-3m in height, for a shield it seems it will do.

“Oh the spirits, cut out your connection, disassembly “

The wall crumbled down back to the earth. Phew, it was also hard to remember the chanting. Well , since the part which I can cover with imagination is bigger than normal people, it was better I think.

Since Lime began the digesting of the mithril ore, I wonder how many hours have already passed. Even though she started it since lunch time, but now the sun is about to go down. Because she hasn´t been able to digest half of it yet, I suppose she will need more time. Meanwhile, I trained the magic while resting. Since the variation of support magic is various, the magician which use it must train hard. In my case, I normally doing direct support by doing enchantment, but the wall magic which I do just now more or less able to do an indirect support.

“I think it’s about time Rin and Ruu come back. Lime, let’s go to meet them”


I go to the back entrance and wait for Rin and Ruu to return. Even at that moment, Lime continues her work to dissolve the mithril ore. It’s good if she is able to digest all of it by tomorrow….

After several minutes passed, I saw Rin’s silhouette in the distance. Ruu is also in the sky, there’s no strange movement with both of them. Somehow, I think that they aren’t injured. Thank goodness….

“Welcome back”



“Thanks for your hard work, let’s return to the monster stable for now. Here, you might interfere with the traffic.

I return to the monster stable with Ruu and the others. Then Ruu and Rin took down the things which they put on their back. It’s a souvenir huh, thank you every time.

As for the thing which Ruu and Rin took home, today they were 4 goblins. But they are probably not just ordinary goblins. They were wearing a robe and having a cane in their hand, perhaps they’re magician type goblin?

“Until where did you guys go?”


“Eh~, you guys returned to Mt. Maronma for revenge huh. It is good to go, even that 1 encounter we didn’t do any battle-like battle after all. Where were the goblins?”


“Aah, the forest on the foot of the mountain right. If there’s the one which looks like a magician , did you charge at the nest?”

“Guru, gururu”

“You guys only go near it huh and then you brought it back home because these guy who are able in using magic have appeared…. Un, thank you very much both of you “

I try to pat Ruu and Rin’s head. As always Rin still avoided it, I have to pat her again separately later.

“Well then, Lime eat it.  Along with the robe okay”


Lime pours venom into the mouth of the goblins who are still breathing faintly. When I think they’re convulsed, the goblins who’re the eyes become white and meet their death.Those guys, Lime wraps and is digesting them. Is it thanks because she has been strengthened, but her speed to dissolving the meat becomes considerably fast. If it’s like this, she may not take 30 minutes for this?

“And then, do you guys were able to collect magic power?”



“Hmm, then it is good. As for Lime, her pace to evolve is still fast. Well, I think that she will evolve soon”

Now that I think of it, how will Lime evolve, I don’t understand it well….let’s summarizing it for a moment.

At first Lime was just an ordinary slime. It’s not a mistake since I tamed her in the forest.  After that, I keep giving her poisonous herbs and dissolution liquids also metal, then she ate a goblin elite and became a human type. Perhaps this is probably her first evolution. Human type slime,  I’ll call it human slime for now.

Lime which became a human slime, continued eating poisonous herbs etc also the mermans which Ruu brought as a souvenir. Though her body becomes slightly bigger, I think that’s just her growing. If it was evolution, there isn’t much different after all. And when she got the divine protection from honey poison when we trained at Mt. Maronma, her color changed into purple. Should I call this an evolution…. If she keep eating mermen, her body will change to light blue color. Perhaps it is something similar like that. Attribute change, should I call it like that? It was water before, but now it is poison.

Then that mean, she is changing variously, but actually she never evolved for even once. When I think like that, there is still room for Lime to evolve. Or rather even though she already do all these things but she still didn’t evolve means, her evolution progress is slow huh. …No, when I think conversely, it is not slow, it’s mean that she will evolve soon…!

Well, I don’t know the timing of her evolution, but I wonder if she will evolve earlier than Ruu and Rin. Let’s wait for it patiently.

“Hmm, I will get the dinner for Ruu and Rin. It’s okay for the quantity to be the slightly little right?”



“I see, it’s the slightly little one right. Wait a moment”

I carry it quickly, if I didn’t also eat my dinner. The time will be used up!

The next day, I shake off Tris who still wanted to hear the story of Mt. Maronma, the me who went to the monster stable. The first thing that I saw when I arrived at that place is, with the surface that have the trace of being polished and her whole body become slightly silver, become a liquid metal even at the normal temperature was Lime.



“…Eeeeeeeeee!!!??? Wait, what happened Lime!? Eh, what is this!? No matter how you see it it’s metal right! Isn’t that muddy! Where did that squishy body of you go!?”

“… ” Purupuru

“You left it in the past*!? Hey, you used honorific!? Did you become able to use a honorific language!?” (*use keigo or a honorific language)

Even yesterday and also today ,I keep being surprised by Lime….

“Cough, let’s try to sort out the situation. First of all Lime, with this can I say that you already evolved?”


“Un, good for you Lime. Congratulations.Then, the next problem. What kind of monster did Lime become, that’s the problem”

After I make racket for a moment, I notice that I have a class soon, for now I gonna keep this problem until the school end. I make Ruu and Rin to standby in the monster stable today. Just in case, it was just in caution’s sake.

And thus, I attend the class while still being restless, I immediately went to the monster stable as soon as the school end. Now I’m in the middle of hearing slime’s story.

“As for what this looks like, it’s like a Me○tal slime in human form ….no, perhaps it’s closer to Me○tal cooler?…. Lime, is your body no doubt metal?” (Tl note: metal cooler is a chara from DBZ)


Around that area, perhaps the mithril she got yesterday gave a big effect to this. What a fearsome thing, magic silver power~. Only that much, is already influencing her evolution…. While she trained hard with the divine protection, how come we get this perfectly way of evolution.

“Is that metal is solid? Or liquid?”

“… ” Puru

Somehow it looks like liquid. A liquid at a normal temperature, there’s only mercury right. No, I don’t know whether it’s mercury from our world or not…. Well, it must be something like mercury. Lime look’s like liquid after all, mithril is magic silver. Well in poison category, mercury can also be applied to those categories too. It may caused the pollution. Is it requiring care in nitric acid, it’s good if she is able to do magic-like defense. In short, she is a liquid metallic human type slime? I have felt like I did not understand it well.

“Then it is annual, please tell me the thing that you became able to do!”

“… ” Purupuru

As Lime raise her arm, it bend like a whip and Boom! It make a hole on the wall.

“Oh, as expected of a metal. The weight is heavy”


“Hmm, at another place?”

Lime who shows her hand. When I see it closer, her fingertips became sharp blades. Furthermore it seem to harden, when she slowly knocked it to the ground clang clang! Sound can be heard.

“Is this…nail attack?”


Though she seem only able to do hardening in the small area yet but they seem to be usable for both attack and defense. Since originally a slime is soft, slashing attack is hard to do. Unless she receives a blow or her nucleus is captured, it doesn’t seem so threatening. Although if it’s a magician or a monster which used thunderbolt like Rin it is effective, so she has to pay attention. In other word the thing that she wanted to say is ….

“You want to fight properly by yourself, is that so?”


A slime is weak. It doesn’t have a great weapon, it was said that physical attack is ineffective against it, but actually that doesn’t matter. Stepping on it and it can easily be killed, an existence that is just like a bug. That’s a slime.

Normally, slime is a creature which eat the half eaten monster left by other monster or live by eating weed.Why, since they can’t kill any creature. Although it can capture it’s prey into it’s body, but if the prey is struggling then it’s body can’t hold it. Hence, they have to weakened their prey first, but they didn’t have any offensive way to do those thing. A creature which is like being forsaken by god, a living creature of misfortune.

The Lime until this day, she is certainly a small fry when I have to said it. Not only at the first time, it is even hard to say that she have any war potential even after she evolved. Even when she has hands and feet that can attack, because her body is soft there’s barely any damage. She also still can’t use any attack magic, therefore I couldn’t do it but to have Ruu and Rin to get her stronger.

However, the present Lime is not like that. She acquired a proper means of attacking, her body also become somewhat solid. Since she can also generating poison, if it’s a little higher rank monster I think she is able to put a good fight, that must the thing Lime wanted to say.

“…Even if Lime doesn’t fight, Ruu and Rin will bring you a dying monster. Isn’t that way, definitely you are able to live comfortably right. You may get tired or get injured, there is also the possibility that you will die. Even so do you still want to fight by yourself?”

“Koku…. ” Purupuru

The power that she got easily, isn’t useful if she didn’t use it. When I see the head of the Elite goblin’s group I can clearly feel it. Inside myself, something must never become something like that. Your own way, you must be the one who open it. Saying like that, it’s Lime who is using her still very young though to its best to give me her answer. Just not to long ago, she was just a slime without any ego, it’s a possibility that never cross my mind.

“Nn, I understand. However I’m still worried with you alone. Promise me that you will always going along with us, okay?”


The goblin elite who wished that I kill him with dead eyes, so that he didn’t die in vain , I must properly make Lime stronger. I thought so.

“Then, Lime. It is good for you to decide that you will fight by yourself, but how will you fight? Normally you will use the nail attack right?”


Her arm which bends like a whip. It seems able grew plenty long, and it seems to be possible to scooping out the surface of a tree in 3m ahead.

“From that hand, you can also insert poison directly inside the body of your opponent right?”


A thick liquid hangs down toward the ground from her finger-tip. So that’s the poison…scary~.

“The poison, is there many kind of variation?”

“Koku….” Purupuru

For now, deadly poison, paralysis poison and hallucination poison are the only one she can use .If there’s that much, it’s enough right.

“So that means, you attack it in detail while opening distance with the opponent, then you wait for the poison to take effect on the opponent or something like that right”


“Well, that’s right on its own way. But  I think that one should have a strong skill. Like Rin’s dash attack”

Since that way, the width of war tactic will become more wide after all. If the battle drawn out every time, it is troublesome right.

“That’s right! Can’t you twist your arm like this and then can you thrust it in one go?”

“… ” Purupuru

Lime keeps her arm on her waist ,then she thrust it in one go. While the tip turned like a drill, it advanced with rotating and pierced a tree deeply. When she removes it and I measure the depth, it sticks more than 10 cm.

“This is…good!”


Although she need to accumulate the attachment before using it, but there is power corresponding to that. If this hits a head, won’t she almost surely defeat the enemy? Thought if her opponent have a magic-like barrier, it will be a bit tough.

“Then, so that you can draw it out as fast as possible, let’s practice”


I wonder if Ruu and Rin will evolve~.Perhaps it’s alright to give priority to those things.

<side ???>

『My dear father is a very wonderful person』

『That weak me, the me who’re on the side of being killed, now I transformed myself into the side to kill』

『The me who was only get protected, now I am became able to protect dear father』

『Aa,what a really happy thing! With this, the trash which tries to hurt my dear father, I can kill it!』

『When that pig smeared in my elder sisters with its gaze,that time when it’s open it’s mouth toward dear father. When I have this power at that time, I can dissolve it immediately, without even leaving any dust!』

『But, I still need more power. In this world, there are still many things which posses eccentric power just like honey poison-sama. At such a time, I need power to protect my dear father』

『Although I was so strong, I’m still far from my elder sisters. How much time will it take to equal them? If I was born as a stronger kind…No, if it’s like that then I can’t meet with dear father. Even when I grieve now, the situation will not change』

『I want power even a little. I want power to protect dear father. I want power to be able to kill the person who is going to hurt dear father. I want power that can kill the person who tries to deprive dear father’s important thing. I want power to be able to kill the person who is going to take dear father away. I want power to be able to kill the person who is going to separate dear father from me. I want power to beat up the female fox who tried to charms dear father. I want power to be able to kill the hussy who trying to seduce dear father. Therefore, this isn’t enough for me.』

『It was possible to pierce a hole in a wall in daytime. My dear father thinks I’m a human type, the truth is, it’s indeterminate forms. I can take every kind of form. For the sake  to get closer to personification even for a little, I usually take human types, actually it’s liquid form you know?』

『If I am able to become a human, I can claim dear father for myself . I only think so, and my body seems to melt away anytime now. Forbidden love of a parent and a child…haa, what a sweet sound it is…』

『Huura, I am already able to slip out. After all, human except dear father or a person recognized by dear father, is hopeless and stupid. Then, I’ll go out to hunt at night. Since it’ll only make father sad if I die, first of all let’s start from the nearby place. It’s alright if I slowly make myself stronger』

『Ufufufufu,dear father. I will do my best you know~. It’s painful for me to break your order, but since this is also for dear father, it can’t be helped right?』

『Please wait, dear father. I will kill a lot monster,and then I will become more and more stronger♪』



Author note: The humanification is postponed for the last minute!? Because I received the impressions which say so, in the end I put the familiar viewpoint. It’s Someone…it isn’t necessary to think. Just in case, the hint is a dragon.


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