Monster Musume chapter 23

Chapter 23: Examine, learning and premonition of trouble


Approximately one week has passed after Lime evolved. After she evolved, she sticks awfully close to me, although I feel that our sense of distance is shrank,well since it’s a good thing there’s no need to worry about it. Since if I left the hole on the wall open widely it’s seems it’s cold,but when I tried to close it up,for some reason Lime stop me. She seems to want to see the outside scenery. Certainly, it’s impossible for her to see outside from monster stable with Lime height. Since this is just plain tasteless room, if it’s just seeing outside I will let her. That hole was too small for Lime too after all so she wouldn’t able to go out with it, thus I leave it like that. If I was told to fix it then I will fix it.

After that, I checked Lime´s race which evolved in the library. Although liquid slime is appeared in the reference book , as for the metal slime, there seems to be only the solid metal slime in the reference book. A human-type slime wasn’t also mentioned, I don’t understand so much about Lime.

Thus, I decided to hear it from the expert. In fact, that person seems to be a former adventurer. That person is invited by principal to become a teacher at this school.  Is A rank adventurer and that person also have nickname after all, I suppose that person’s knowledge about monster must be vast too.

“Thus, Sasha-sensei may I bother you a moment?”

“… from whom you heard about it?”

After the class was over, when I go over teacher place and ask like that, I got that reply. Oh, was it a secret?

“The librarian from the library told me about it. If it’s that girl perhaps she will know or so he said”

“Now I remember… principal often goes in and out at the library right. Concerning documents”

“Yes, he  seems to have heard it from the principal”

” Haah …. That’s right, I am a former adventurer, so what would you like to ask me?”

“Yes, Sasha-sensei theHound

“…That also?”

“I heard it from the librarian. It’s awesome you know, to get a nickname “

“Really, that teacher…. Please don’t say it in front of the students”

“Of course”

If the fact that she’s former adventurer is known, she will barraged with question from 1st year after all ~. As well as a knight and an Imperial Court magician, an adventurer with nickname is also will become an object of adoration after all.

“Please move to the main subject soon”

“A, That’s right. My slime evolved the other day”

“That slime which take human form is? Well, it seems you do various things, with this pace is not strange at all”

“Is it fast?”

“No, it’s normal. But, since the 1st grader didn’t go outside to battle often, it’s already good that she able to evolve once.”

That reminds me, usually we only do mock battle inside the academy. Like that, no wonder they can’t collect mana.

“Well, put that aside. I don’t know which kind of slime she evolved. I checked it in the library, but it didn´t appear in the reference book…”

“It is a slime which didn’t exist in the reference book huh …. She evolved from gel slime after all, so there must be such possibility right”

… eh?

“Did you just say liquid slime?”

“I said it. Your slime, it’s evolved from gel slime right?”

“No, no, not like that. My slime, isn’t it a person type”

“Slime getting the characteristic of the things they’re eat , you know about it too right?”

If she eat metal, then her surface will also become harder right.


“It is the same. She ate that goblin elite and became able to become a person type”


“Probably,it’s a skill slime have from the start, the transformation skill right. Nevertheless, your liquid slime is quite solid. Usually, it isn’t possible to stand in that way”

“Probably it may be the influence from continue eating metal”

“It reached the point where it can harden huh. Certainly, the slime lived in the mountain mostly hard after all. So, what kind of slime did it evolve into?”

“It became…a metal-formed slime”

“From a liquid slime, then it become metal slime right? I’ve never hear about it …”

“No, it’s not metal slime. It’s a liquid after all”

“Liquid ? Even though it’s a metal?”

“That’s true.  Ah, even if I say liquid, she still is a person type. It isn’t the sparkly metal body, but it’s muddy muddy-like body. Her arm also, she can extend and transform it”


Teacher that became silent. I suppose she looking it up inside her memories. I want to understand, even if it’s just a hint….

“Didn’t you give…your slime something strange?”

“Something strange…I give her some Mithril ore”

Even if I say divine protection of a dragon, she wouldn´t believe it right.

“Mithril ore, where did you get it?”

“I received it from the smiting teacher , there’s little remain, and there’s no other use except for selling it”

“I see…. I don’t know this type of slime too. But , I think that probably it might become a variation from the magical power of the mithril ore. Even though I’m a teacher, but I didn’t able to answer my student question, I’m sorry”

“No, no, there are no such things, if it’s a variation, it’s normal for you to didn’t know about it. “

“when you said it like that, I feel at ease. Just in case, shall I tell it to the principal? He has connections in various places, if it’s just a talk perhaps he will hear about it you know”

“… No, it’s not like I really wanted to know about is so it’s fine. And more, no matter what kind of monster did lime become, the fact that she is my familiar is didn’t change after all. Well then excuse me”

Teacher’s guess would be right. Originally the base of her evolution was made of the dragon´s divine protection. Over there, the mithril ore become the trigger of her evolution, and lead her to her present form. In other word her nature of the so called gel, mixed with mithril and become her present form. Uh,If I think like that I somehow understand about it. Still, Lime is gel huh…. Because I saw only her person type form all the time, I never noticed. If she didn´t eat that goblin, would she become like a metal slime? …Thank you goblin elite, thanks to you Lime´s spongy body was saved. Though it’s already muddy….

Therefore, I understand that, Lime is probably a new kind of her species. As expected of dragon’s divine protection, it has done a good work indeed. I seem to be able to expect this from Ruu and Rin too.

Although about that Ruu, It isn’t weird that she evolved any time soon right? Or that what was I though since long ago, because she goes for hunting during my class all the time, her magical power must be pile up. She already continued it for several months , isn’t it okay for the effect to come out soon right~?

“Tsuchio-kun, Tsuchio-kun, I don’t understand this problem…”

“Hm, let me have a look.  Aa, you transpose this and should calculate this”

“A, it is true! Thank you!”

“Tsuchio-dono-, how should this be done -?”

“Mmm, I told you this before. Look at your note at that time and solve it okay



“What is it this time?”

“What is transposition!?”

“This, hear it after finishing my homework!”

“No way~!?”

And ,now,while waiting for Ruu to return, I teach mathematics Lucas and the other. Looking at their textbook, it’s seems they haven’t do it further than scope of I + A law, it’s the scope that a social science person like me can taught pretty much to them.

Lucas seemed also study even at his parents’ house, and already surpassed the study in the school. Yep, his worried expression also can be made into picture huh~.

If it is normal addition and subtraction, Tris and Fall don´t have any problem, they have begun to suffer quickly after we learned multiplication. Multiplication table is really handy thing right ~, or I experience it personally.

“Even so, what is Tsuchio-san do from some time ago?”

“Mmm, I helping the library you know, I didn’t have anything to do after all”

“No~, I´m saved you know~ . If I become the receptionist, then I can´t arrange the bookshelves right. It’s good if the students return it to the original place…”

“Well, it is troublesome to bother to return it in a high place. I can understand their feeling that wanted to put it below”

“When the time to check the book , I need to rearrange the book one by one and it take considerable time. Thus, I sometimes do sorting the book you know. But, the receptionist can’t become less crowded, just right when I need a helping hand you come to me you know “

“If it’s just something like this, I’ll help you anytime.”

I was a student library assistant after all. Even in high school, I did so the arrangement of the books in the library in that way. Oh, this book seems to be interesting, I will read it later.

“Don’t you wanted to work in the library from now on?  It’s fun when you get into it”

“Umm, I’d like to try it, but since I have the things that I have to do, I can only help for the time being. I’m sorry”

“No, it is good. Raising promotion is first after all. I am already thankful enough with your help”

“If you say so, it make me spirited “

“Tsuchio-dono, how is the multiplication of two digits done”

“I told you about it last time didn’t I!?”

If Tris didn’t make review as her habit then it’s hopeless huh. Though it’s not something I could say ….. I’ve never reviewing my note after all ….

“Ah, by the way, You said that the principal comes to the library, why did he come here? Sasha-sensei said that it concerning about documents”

“Aa, that’s you know…. Umm, I wonder if it’s okay to say it …”

“Perhaps, it’s about where something forbidden is kept?”

It’s Kisato-san the principal who also called as the monk, even if there’s something like that then it’s not something weird at all. And then, inside this academy’s library, as the template it have the room where the forbidden book is kept.

“Oh, so you did know. It’s right. That’s right, there is a storage of prohibited books in the inside of this library. The principal, often bring such a book”

“For research?”

“Although it is so, that kind of book usually got misused by criminals right. It is necessary to keep it in a safe place”

“and then that place is here right”

“Well, all the teachers in this academy are the best. There wouldn’t be a robber who takes risks and comes to such place intentionally”

“Certainly. However, forbidden book huh. Can student read it?”

“You need permission of the teacher and the principal, but it’s possible to see it you know. Though,  there are only several people every year”

“Hee~, as expected it’s really guarded strictly”

“That’s you know, it’s was great product you know “


“Aaaaa, no no…. Th, the principal said so. “

“Is that so…”

All the teachers in this academy are first class…. As for this librarian, what kind of first class is he I wonder.

“Then, What kind of books kept in the storage of forbidden books?”

“Umm, I don’t know it in detail because I haven´t entered so much either. The books which are pulling the reader inside when opened or a book where dangerous monster is sealed inside, books to summon devils , also there was a book to which the recipe of a strong medicine was written too”

“That powerful medicine … how about poison?”

“There’s also more than that, Explosive – aphrodisiac – even a medicine that shows a cruel hallucination until one’s mind break is exist …. Well, it’s the recipe of the medicine that’s too dangerous and does not circulate in the market”

“It is surely , dangerous right…”

“It is used for torture. It is bad if it is handed over to the empire , although it isn’t clear whatever they’re have hostility against us or not “

They seems to do various of skirmishes after all, the empire. Even though there is an monster,I can’t understand them. No, I don’t want to understand it.

“Because we have such a book, the forbidden book’s storage are being guarded strictly right` “

“I don’t think that a robber will enter, but just in case.  A spy might come after all. “

“To take the banned book?”

“A forbidden book, is dangerous that’s why it’s called forbidden book, there’s also a case when they make it as forbidden book so other country wouldn’t able to take it. Although the medicine book from while ago is also dangerous, but if those book fall into the hand of another country it will become considerable threat to us, those book is like, strong grimoire or perhaps arms and also blueprint of the town is come into those category. “

“Is even a plan treatment as prohibited books? This is a library here or?”

“That’s right. Well, important one is kept in the Imperial castle. A lot of grimoire are kept here”

It is so. Though the grimoire is used in lesson, but even if we have arms blueprint is only make us troubled right.

“ah, but this one is kept the spare …”

“Do you have any other storages?”

“Ah, no, nothing,”

Well, I won’t enter the forbidden book storage after all. It’s doesn’t matter right~.

“OK, is this alright with this. There?”

“I’ve finished. That’s all I know”

“That’s right, thank you for helping me. I want to give something as a reward, but I don’t have anything now…”

“No, I only helped about once, there’s no need to give me anything. Then I will see the study of those fellows”

“I’m sorry. I’m will prepare something when you helped me several times okay”

As expected the librarian is a good person. The aunt at the canteen is a good person librarian-san is also good person, this place is crowded with talented people, after all he also collecting forbidden book, as I though principal is not an ordinary person.

“Tsuchio-san! Please come quickly!”


“Yes, yes, I’m coming. I mean, don’t raise a loud voice inside the library…”

Really, they’re still a child huh……

That night. In the dead of the night, several black shadows invade in the academy climbing over the wall surrounding the academy. Although the school is covered by a magic shield which is a prevention against intruders, the black shadows make a hole in the barrier, after all of the members enter, they restores it, so there are no signs of invasion left.It’s no way the work of the robber from the neighborhood, it was the work of master.

Without making a noise,without making any voice certainly become shadows they’re running inside the building . Whether they protect their soles with something, not even their footprints can be seen. They pass the monster stable and pass the school building and run without looking in the dormitory. Their target is…yes, the library.

The shadows which arrived at the library, although the key puts away as a matter of course, the door opens automatically when one person holds up his hand. When all the members entered inside, the library door closed. There are no signs that they invaded anywhere.

A new day rises soon and the morning is met as usual.


Author note: Next time, it is slightly serious.


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