Monster Musume chapter 24

Monster Musume chapter 24: Incident occurrence, Tsuchio at that time



side Librarian-san

Yesterday, since the bookshelf was already arranged, I think that I will confirm the catalog which I do once every two months today. Though it’s a exaggerated name, but actually it’s just confirming if all of the books are exist or not, it’s a work to record the book’s condition. Books were a high-quality goods after all, theft seemed to occur successively in old days. Therefore , the former principal from how many generation before is taking the book without permission, it’s said that they deploy a barrier which will make warning alarm. Therefore, present time there is almost no theft occurred, but I must make myself always understand it’s condition.

I was able to considerably finish rearranging early because Tsuchio-san helped me. Though usually it’s a large work, and just thought about the checking afterward make me don’t want to leave the bed, but today I am full of the brim with motivation. Although he look like he was used to this kind of thing, I wonder if he also have an experience of this kind of thing before? His atmosphere and magic are also difference, his familiar are also seems special variously. He is the kind of student that I really wanted in the library. Let’s ask him once more.

While thinking such a thing, I go to the library which is my workplace after finishing breakfast. I enter to the inside from the staff only entrance, put my baggage and go to unlock the door.

At the time when I come out to the lobby in front of the entrance, suddenly I felt some sense of discomfort from the boundary barrier. Since the barrier is membrane of magic, so when people passing by it will sway a little. It is feels like the surface of water that is wavering because of wind. As the time goes, the shake will become as it used to be, so there should be no ripple in the boundary barrier in the morning.

But, only the part in front of the entrance, there’s a little remaining of the ripple just a little. At the time when I was think to approach it to see it closely, suddenly a presence of someone appeared right behind me.

I immediately pull a knife, and stay on the spot. But, on my neck which turn back, one black knife thrust against it. A dull black knife that seems like won’t reflecting any light.

“(I didn’t feel the presence at all…. The back is a decoy, perhaps they purposely leaked their presence)”

Considering their magic ability to able to infiltrate the academy, probably it’s a spy from somewhere. Really,it was something often called as “kotodama” right. Though I just talked about this with Tsuchio-kun yesterday, but as it is being realized is ….(TLC : kotodama : a power which can make a word into matter … read konjiki no moji tsukai)

“… It seems, you also the same kind people like us huh “

“What do you mean? I’m an just an librarian you know”

Their number is more than 2, there’s no mistake that there is about 4 – 5 person are here.I didn’t have my equipment now after all, as expected escaping will be severe.

“That thing doesn’t matter. Remove the trap of the storage of forbidden books”

“Do you think that I who am a mere librarian can do such a thing?”

“It doesn’t need to be you, there must be the other way. Decide it in ten seconds”

Since I don’t’  have any desire to kill myself here, let’s obediently obey them . I’m sorry, Principal.

“I understood, I will remove it”

“Good, walk to the forbidden book’s storage”

I walk to the forbidden book’s storage while having a knife hold on my neck. In front of that place,2 person who put on a black hood and wearing mask, tampering with the magic formation drawn on the ground. Since there’re two people coming from the back, so there’re four people in total.

“Do you able to cancel it?”

“it’s not like I can’t do it, but the structure is complicated and takes time. It’s faster if that person is the one who do it”

“You hear it. Do it quickly”

I’m put my knee on the ground, start to remove the trap which set inside. No matter how powerful thing it is, there is no meaning if it’s have no effect. It is truly just like that.

“… I finished” (librarian)

“How about it?” (Spy 1, probably the boss)

“Everything already removed, there should be no more traps inside” (Spy 2 , the one who tried to remove the traps)

“It’s already finished. Can you please release me?” (librarian)

“Aa” (TLC : it’s like yeah, or something)

He said so, he put his hand on my neck and zap! An electric current runs through me. I collapse from kneeing.

“We must retreat before a student comes, collect the objective quickly”


The spies entered the forbidden book’s storage. I stand up after confirming that those guys already pretty much far. Their fang is still dull, you must check whether your target is properly fall or not.

“For now, I must prevent from letting those guys go. Let’s reactivate the traps and lock them inside the library. “

After repairing the trap, I activate the emergency magic barrier. Blocking the library, and put a tag that the library is closed for today at the entrance. It’s should be save with this for the time being, they wouldn’t be a silly people who will touch prohibited books after all. First of all, I should contact the principal.


side Tsuchio

“Eh, temporarily closed?”

“Un, teacher came a little while ago and said it. It happened when Tsuchio-kun went to the restroom”

“Isn’t this is to suddenly?”

“There must be something happening, it was temporary after all”

“Even if we’re being worried about it there’s nothing we can do. We can still enter the school building right? How about if we train magic. If we don’t hurry it will crowded you know

“Let’s do that. How about Tsuchio-kun?”

“After I play with Ruu and the other, I will go to the library maybe”

The school is closed huh….the class is fun after all, I am not really happy about it. Let’s spend the day slowly.

After finishing breakfast , I immediately go to the monster stable. Is it for training with their familiar, but there’re more student come than usual. It may be better to get away a little.

“Because the school is closed today, we can be together all day you know~”


“…!” Purupuru!


The tension of Ruu and the other is going up greatly knowing that I can be together all day. Although Rin doesn’t seem to be interested at a glance, but she looks at this frequently since a little while ago. You can’t hide it you know~..

Since there’re many people in the surrounding of the monster stable, we moved until a bit far place beside the library. Because there’s a crowd formed on the entrance, I have Ruu and the others wait and try to go to see it.

On the library’s entrance, hanging a plate which written that the library is closed for today. Well, if I am not mistaken, the closure should have been the day after tomorrow. What’s the matter, I wonder.

When I sneaked around from the side to see it well, I touch the library’s wall. The magic I felt from there was a little different from usual.

This is a well-known fact, but the magic barrier for precaution is set in the library. When the wall of the library is touched by harm, it’s possible to feel the magic of the barrier. The usual magic barrier for precaution is felt like a thin film. However, it is considerably thick today. Rather than a barrier for precaution, this barrier is for defense. It’s just like a turtle shell. For what reason? Since it’s not for protecting against attack from the outside …is there anything trapped inside?

…that reminds me, there seems to be a book which dangerous monster sealed inside it in the forbidden book’s storage, librarian-san said about it right. Perhaps, someone accidentally undo the seal and by any chance is trapped in the library. If it’s like that, it’s enough reason to close the school temporary. At this time, perhaps teachers discussing how to deal with this thing right…..

Well, in the end that’s just an prediction. No, it’s only a delusion. I said that it was defense barrier, but it just from the sensation. Well, it maybe actually a precaution barrier right.Since I can’t read any book if the library is closed, it can’t be helped that today I will play with Ruu and the others.

“Kuikui” (SFX for poking I think)

“Hmm, so you come? The library is closed today. Come on, return to Ruu and others place”

“Koku” (SFX for nodding I sure)

When I turned my back from the library, suddenly from inside of the library there’s huge magical power spring forth. The entrance door is blown off into thousand pieces as soon as I turned around to see what it is, the student’s nearby were blown off by a gust of wind which arose. I also directly get hit by the wind and blown to the back. Since Lime was heavy, she seemed to be able to hold on her spot.

From the library, the guy who blew off the door comes out. He has red skin and wings on his back like a bat. It was a devil whose feet and arms were covered with black wool, in his ogre like face it had two pitch black horn, it’s was a demon.

Coming out from the entrance, the demon who look at the surrounding. At this place, there’s nothing except the students blown off and collapsed, and Lime which only one who able stands.

“Lime! Just escape!”

“…Furufuru” (SFX for shaking)

Lime who shakes her head. Why don’t you run away! There’s no way she can’t understand the difference of power right!

“Just hear me and run away! If you stay like that you only will get attacked!”

“Gaaa…” (This is the demon screaming)

As if doesn’t care with the Lime who standing over there, the devil drops his waist deeply and prepare his fist. Shit, where are Rin and Ruu!? At this rate Lime will … !

BAM! When I think that I heard such a voice, the devil reduces the distance with Lime instantly. The fist he swung down caught the right half of Lime´s body, blown away.


Lime´s body which splatter on the ground. The Lime who lost half of her body, as it is muddily crumbling.



Lime collapsed in front of me. Perhaps because the devil feel happy because killing a small fry, he laughing  *Gehageha*.


Lime is death? Just the other day, that Lime who just get evolved? At last she able to fight alone, not only get protected by me but be able to protect me, that happy Lime is?

My sight turns red because of anger and returns back immediately, but there is no end to my anger. I boil with anger, I fall into a sensation as if my blood boils.



Ruu and Rin come over. Apparently, they have beaten the hell out of the people with black cloth, who come out from the library staff’s entrance. I think there is the root of this mess, I have to thank them later.

Ruu and Rin, found the collapsed Lime. Also the devil who is laughing beside her. And then with my anger, they came to understand the whole situation.

“Ruu, Rin”



Thought Ruu can barely answer, but Rin didn’t even able to answer. Her body is tinged with electric current, it give scatters crackle and sparks.

Well in the novel I have read, If one get seriously angry and go beyond that anger  they will oppositely become calm. Although I was doubt it at that time, but now I am clearly able to actually feel it. Because of my violent emotion stimulate my magical power, and it is running wildly inside me. There is only me who calmly, think that I am not satisfied until I murder that fellow. No, I am surely I still wouldn’t satisfied even if I kill it…!

“For now, kill him”



As if responding to my anger, Ruu´s and Rin’s feelings explode.  Ruu’s magic swells up like an eruption,  Rin’s magic pops like an electrical discharge.

Ruu which raises her magical power to the maximum in one go, flies to the devil. She bites while rushing and just like that continue to soar up into the sky. The devil who can’t react because of her sudden attack. Ruu who danced high in the sky made a nose dive and flung the devil against the ground. Receiving the blow to the extent it’s create a crater, the demon who can’t hold it and vomiting blood.

“Spirits of the dead, don’t bestow me a single blow of lighting which carries my anger, Thunder!”

My magical power got taken away completely and it made me feel like I will faint. I hold out with my foot and endure it. Just because of lack of magical power, I can’t faint. Although my magic is a little, it blazes up more intensely.

Receive the best support magic that I can do now, Rin’s horn changes into a pure white spear. The current which covered her body are remarkably shining stronger, in the next moment she pierces through the devil’s heart.


The smell of human flesh that burnt spread on the vicinity. Rin didn’t stop her charge even if she already pierced the devil, as it is she crashed to the library. With a shock that even able to crack the barrier, the devil screams even more. But still, Rin doesn’t stop. She keeps thrusting her horn, then step to the back. In that place, the only one left is the devil whose chest was shot with the thunder spear that pierced through the barrier and was sewed on it.

The devil still lives and stretches out its hand trying to pull the spear sticking in its chest out. However, suddenly the spear begins to shine, the devil’s hand stops and begins to suffer.

The light becomes bigger and covers the body of the devil at last exhaustively. The devil was wrapped in the electric ball which shattered a crackle and sparks. And then, Rin’s and my magic which loaded inside that ball are released.

From the ground until the heaven, rise up one straight line of lighting. After the thunder went out, the thing that got completely burned was the devil that collapsed.

“Rin, since we don’t know whether that thing is still alive or not, give that the fatal blow”


An axe made of electricity is swung down towards the devil. Since it seems that it have died already, the dead body of the devil become dust and was blown off.

“…. The one left is, those guys covered in black right”

I guess that those fellows invaded the storage of forbidden books and summoned this devil. If I just kill that devil, then this anger wouldn’t settle. If it’s so, there’s nothing I can do except doing something with these guys right? Let’s have them fulfilling their responsibility as a person.


Author note : I will write my excuse at the afterword of the next chapter, that why please read the impressions at the next chapter please !

The last, the next chapter will enter a story with minuteness grotesque scene. No, perhaps is not really that grotesque? Since I will guarantee it , it will be okay, surely.

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