Monster Musume chapter 25

Monster Musume chapter 25: Rage, Rampage and Result



I approach the guys in completely black clothes that Ruu and the Rin defeated. Students who heard the uproar surrounded those fellows.

“Will you let me pass?” (Tsuchio)

“What is it, cutting the line -ukh!?” (Random student)

The male student who saw me is moving backward to the rear, quickly. Other students, who were curious and decided to look at me, distanced themselves from me all at once. …Aah, is it because Ruu and Rin are present? Or maybe my face kind of looks a bit scary right now?

I approach the guys who are plopped down on the ground. In total there are four people, since there are lots of spectators over here, I have to bring them somewhere else…. some place to dump corpses… is there such a place around here?

As I think about where to go, the students surrounding me, who are spectating from afar suddenly split apart, the principal and the group of teachers came.

“Tsuchio-boya..did you beat those fellows?” (Principal)

“No, it was my familiars. …Familiars, huh…” (Tsuchio)

“Is that so? Though, I heard that there were some monsters which came out from the library, what about that?” (Principal)

“I killed it, though it already has became dust.” (Tsuchio)

“Looks like they used the forbidden book of the devil summoning. The one who suppressed the damage to the minimum, that’s also thanks to Tsuchio-boya, right? Thank you.” (Principal)

“Since I only murdered the devil because of my personal grudge, there’s no need for a reward. More than that, I must thank these fellows properly. <I>(*Irony*)</I><!- HTML by RIU>” (Tsuchio)

“Well, there are various things I want to ask, could you hand over them to us for custody?” (Principal)

“…There is a condition, since I’m the one who defeated the devil after all, please hear this little selfishness of mine.” (Tsuchio)

“…Say it.” (Principal)

“You will interrogate them after this right?” (Tsuchio)

“Well, that would be so.” (Principal)

“If, there is such a thing as torturing, could you leave it to me a little?” (Tsuchio)

“Why?” (Principal)

“I said a while ago, it is my personal grudge. I lost a familiar due to them. I won’t be satisfied with only this.” (Tsuchio)

The one who took away my precious slime from me …I’d like to kill them right now, but then there’d be no meaning in it.

“Although I don’t know the way of the torture, there’s only a need to fill the role of torturer and make them feel pain, right?  This role, let me be the one who performs it.” (Tsuchio)

“You can’t kill them, alright?” (Principal)

“Yes, I understand. If it’s only a limb, it’s okay for them to lose it right?” (Tsuchio)

Even if they didn’t have both hands and legs, they will still live after all. If I quickly stop the bleeding then there will be no problem, right? Though I must be careful about death from shock.

“… I see, I’ll permit it.” (Principal)

“Principal! Such things, there’s no way to let a student do it….” (Librarian)

“Even if he’s a first year student, his age is already 17 years old. The person himself said that he wanted to do it, let him do it.” (Principal)

“But…” (Librarian)

“It will be meaningless if we don’t let that fellow do it. Please call the recovery magic teacher.” (Principal)

“…I understand.” (Librarian)

Although the librarian was being stubborn, he eventually reluctantly agreed. Then, let’s start this minor experiment on the human body.


The place changes and now is at an underground jail in the school. Students call it “The never-opening door,” who would’ve thought that the inside of the one of the school’s mysteries, is an underground jail. By the way, the other two mysteries are the age of the principal and the librarian’s previous occupation.

Those black-clothed guys are carried and thrown into the room, only the librarian and I remain in this place. The other teachers seem to watch the situation with magic from another room.

While those guys are unconscious, I tie up both their hands and legs with a tool for magic restraint and take off their masks after confiscating all of their weapons. There’s two pairs of men and women, the girls look alike as if they were sisters. The librarian is even checking inside their mouths. I suppose he’s looking for suicide poison pills. It seems that they possessed it, and somehow he extracts them all.

“Then, let’s start. Tsuchio-kun, you follow my instructions.” (Librarian)

“I understand. But why is librarian-san here?” (Tsuchio)

“In the past, I belonged to the Black Ops (a.k.a: anbu) of this country. Therefore I am well experienced in traps and torturing.” (Librarian)

“Why does such a person work as a librarian?” (Tsuchio)

“There were various things that happened and I quit the Black Ops, thus at that time I got pulled in by the principal you know. He said that he wants me to become the guard for the storage of the forbidden books. From the start I liked to read the books after all, and at that time I still hadn’t decided on my next job, so I accepted it.” (Librarian)

Don’t judge people by their appearance. Though generally speaking, I wonder what they usually do.

“To start with,  it will not begin unless we wake them up, right?” (Librarian)

He says so and librarian-san sprays water on the spies. They trembled with a jolt and jumped out of bed. Looking at the surroundings and themselves, it seems they get the situation.

“…. We will not speak, kill us.” (Spy leader)

“We cannot afford such a thing… right? Which nation’s spy are you?” (Librarian)

“…” (Spies)

All the members keep silent. Because this is done, they might be trained to be caught naturally. They will be trained to resist pain.

“So, you won’t speak… I will wait for 10 seconds. If you don´t speak in the meantime, I will use force.” (Librarian)

“…” (Spies)

Apparently, there seems to be no chance of speaking about their origins from these fellows. They fell silent like a shellfish, and ten seconds passed in no time. (RIU: They clammed up) “…Tsuchio-kun, I leave it to you. Sincerely, you must not kill them alright.” (Librarian)

“Okay.” (Tsuchio)

Well, let’s start with this one, first of all I must obtain information after all, it is necessary to make them talk, right? If there’s no choice of them talking, then I only need to make them. Even the sisters are favorable for this choice, the way one whose face is slightly pale in particular. That probably is the younger sister right. …Yep, the plan was decided. First, I’ll show them my hand. (TLN: as in “show off”)

I stand in front of one of the spies, the leader-like man who answered librarian-san.

“I will say this first, I’m not interested in something like your life.” (Tsuchio)

Leader slightly shifts his gaze here, as it is I keep on talking.

“I am not interested in the information that you have either, it is the government who wants to know it. For me, you are only the party who I take revenge on. It’s also not my hobby to see someone suffering. If you talk quickly, you will be able to die easily.” (Tsuchio)

At the time I said that they can die easily, the younger sister-ish is the one who reacts. Then let’s do a demonstration first.

“…Since you seem to not want to talk, then I have to make you talk by force, you know.” (Tsuchio)

I say so and touch the left arm of the leader. Although this is the first time so I don’t know whether I can do it or not, but I will try as hard as I can. Thought even if this fails, I will be able to think of some other ways to torture them after all.

“After this, I will make the magic all over your body concentrate into your left arm. Since this causes even a dying dragon pain, you better start to talk, you know?  Since this is my first time doing it, I don’t really know the right technique. Well, it won’t kill you so take it easy okay.” (Tsuchio)

“Wha!?” (Spy leader)

I think the words where even a dragon is dying worked. The leader’s face which looked expressionless until sometime ago, started showing some fear to it. Well then, let’s try this.

The thing that I will do after it, is just like the disease that made that dragon child suffer, in other word reproducing that evil influence. When magical power is concentrated in one place and circulation has gotten out of order, it seems to be considerably painful after all. Since I don’t know how much a human body can endure, let’s try it while seeing how things go, little by little.

First, I make the magic from the whole left arm concentrate into the left hand. Though his hand became big like it was swelling, from his expression it looks like he still has composure.


Next I transfer the magical power from the right arm.  Though his left hand became red, he still didn’t lose composure. Let’s try doing it in one go this time.

I transferred the magic from his torso. His blood vessel rises and a small popping sound can be heard. Over here a change has come out on the leader’s face. He starts to drip cold sweat and squeezes his lips tightly.

Moving the magic from his right leg to the left hand, blood flowed out from his fingernails, it starts to swell unnaturally. Sweat discharges from all over his body and a moan leaks from his  tightly closed mouth. Since it would trouble me if he runs wild, I have several teachers who were standing by beforehand hold him down. Carefully, I’ll attack him thoroughly.

I transfer the magic from his left leg to left hand little by little. Finally a blood vessel seems to have ripped and internal bleeding occurs, his skin has also began to tear.

“Gaaaaaaa!!!???” (Spy leader)

Though the leader screams with a loud voice and thrashes violently, he is suppressed by the teachers and can´t move. The other spies see the leader’s appearance and have their faces pale from fright.

While I keep moving the magic slowly, at that time the squeal of the leader begins to change. Perhaps it’s about the time to stop, or when I start to think like that, his left hand finally explodes from the inside because it wasn’t able to endure it.

“Gyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!” (Spy leader)

Pieces of meat and the blood splash in the area, it’s also gotten onto my clothes. I have gone too far, huh.

“Stop the bleeding, please.” (Librarian)

“Ye-e, yes…” (Teacher with recovery magic)

The teacher who was suppressing him, stopped the bleeding in his left hand. Magic really is convenient, in this way people will not die easily. The leader´s eyes turn white and he has foam coming from his mouth. Somehow he fainted, and his magical power seems to be scattering in the air. The magic of the leader is nearly 0. …when saying it conversely, unless I make them burst I can still continue.

“Well then, I had made him faint away by mistake, but I got the hang of it now. Since there will be no cases that I will make you faint anymore, I can torment you for hours you know. How about it, did that bring you guys to talk?” (Tsuchio)

“…” (Spies)

Even if I look at them now, they don’t seem like they will talk. Really, they cause me trouble. Well then, let’s do the one other male. The true show starts from here on.


Thought I had made the leader burst in ten minutes, this time the torture of the next man lasted several hours. I came to be able to continue regulating last-minute tuning without breaking it. Even if sometimes I loosen it and ask him whether he will speak or not, he doesn’t try to confess anything at all. He couldn’t endure the pain after all and fainted. The hand of this fellow is already at the limit and seems to become the opposite hand this time.

“Well, still don’t feel like talking?” (Tsuchio)

Although the sisters who have kept watching the current performance for a long time, they don’t look like they will talk at all. In what way, were they trained to this extent. On the contrary I am more worried about that thing.

“Then, let’s move to the next person. Emm.”  (Tsuchio)

Talking about the sisters’ states, the elder sister keeps firmly staring at me although her face is pale. The younger sister shakes her body tremblingly in contrast and turns her deep pale face down. If I think who I shall choose, it’s the same as decided right.

“Then, next will be you.” (Tsuchio)

“Ukh!?” (Younger sister)

Although my feelings have considerably settled down, I am still boiling with anger. Either way, because I have to get information, I can’t stop here.

“Wa, wait! It’s alright even if you torture me first right!” (Elder sister)

When I pointed at the younger sister, the older sister took  a stand like I thought. Yosh, she took the bait.

“Why is there a need to protect this one? Aa, is it because this fellow has information?” (Tsuchio)

“No! I have the information!” (Elder sister)

“I have no reason to believe that. If you want me to trust you, tell me the information.” (Tsuchio)

“As for that…” (Elder sister)

“After all it is a lie. On the contrary perhaps she is the one who knows the information.” (Tsuchio)

“Plea-a, Please wait! She’s my younger sister! I will do anything, so please overlook my younger sister!” (Elder sister)

“Elder sister, I can’t have you do that! I’ll talk! Therefore please let my older sister go! Please!” (Younger sister)

“What are you talking about! Hey, do you hear me!? I’ll do anything, so please, my sister…” (Elder sister)

“Ahh really, it’s noisy. It’s not that I really care about the fact that you guys are siblings.” (Tsuchio)

I catch the head of the younger sister. Well, will they smoothly follow it or not.

“You already saw your leader’s hand right. If you don’t want to see your sister head like that, quickly give the information.” (Tsuchio)

“Wha!? Y, you fiend ! Don’t you feel any guilt, you’re going to take somebody’s family life you know!? Even so, are you still human!” (Elder sister)

“The sense of guilt for taking away the life of the family? Which mouth says that, the one who killed my familiar is you guys right!” (Tsuchio)

“…..just because of your familiar? Don’t joke with me!” (Elder sister)

“Just because of a familiar? Bullshit!” (Tsuchio)

I grab the head of the older sister and fling it against the floor. This individual, I can´t forgive her. Since when is Lime only a familiar!?

“Though for you guys perhaps they are just one or two familiars, but to me she was a member of my important family! Who do you call fiend, the one who is a fiend is you guys right! You killed my family and then you ask  me to help your family. Do you want to make a fool out of me!?” (Tsuchio)

“Fa, family…?” (Elder sister)

“Yes, it’s so! For me who has neither parents nor siblings, all my familiars are the same as my family! Do you know the word karma? It is the punishment that killed my family that your younger sister dies.” (Tsuchio)

“Bu, but my family is already…” (Elder sister)

Although I removed my hand from her head, the elder sister doesn’t try to get up. Her eyes become hollow and she murmurs something under her breath. Crap, it is disgusting….

“The road that you can choose is two: One, keep silent and get tortured until finally dead. Another one, you tell us the information obediently, which is your best bet on the possibility of surviving even a little.” (Tsuchio)

“Eh…?” (Elder sister)

“Although I don’t what they told you, but if you are released as it is right now then they will kill you to seal your lips you know. It is safest to have the kingdom protect you in the form of a criminal slave or something like that. What will you do?” (Tsuchio)

“…will my younger sister be saved?” (Elder sister)

“I don’t know such a thing, ask the other guy.” (Tsuchio)

“… I understand. I’ll speak” (Younger sister)

“I, I will talk too. Therefore, about older sister!” (Younger sister)

“Like I said, tell it to the other guy. Librarian-san.” (Tsuchio)

“What?” (Librarian)

The librarian just stood at the entrance of the jail all the time as a spectator.

“May I entrust you with this afterwards?” (Tsuchio)

“…Yes, it’s okay. Thanks for your hard work, head back to your room and take a rest at ease.”  (Librarian)

“Yeah…” (Tsuchio)

I leave the room. And then, as it is I just went up to the first floor.

Before I know it, the rain begins to fall. The cleaning around the library has also stopped and there are no silhouettes of people outside.

It was only Ruu and Rin who have been waiting for me as I exited the school building. Perhaps they have been waiting over there, their bodies were completely wet and became completely chilled.

“…You guys didn’t need to wait for me you know?” (Tsuchio)

“Guru…” (Ruu)

“Buruu” (Rin)

They move closer to me, Ruu and Rin are rubbing their heads against me. At this time, they can’t do anything except fawn like that.

“Hey, wouldn’t you like to go to the place where Lime is?”

“Guruu” (Ruu)

“Buru” (Rin)

In front of the library, roughly putting everything in order has already been finished. The piece of the broken door was collected and the body of the Lime disappeared, too.

“…it got washed away by this rain huh…. even though I wanted to bury her properly.” (Tsuchio)

The anger until a while ago dissipated and it is only emptiness that fills my chest. Gaping wide because an important thing is gone… it is that kind of feeling.

“Damn it, Lime…. If I had more strength, I might have helped you…” (Tsuchio)

If I had received the divine protection of the dragon, this might not happened. Such a what-if-situation’s thoughts run through my head.

“Lime, Lime…. Uuuu.” (Tsuchio)

At the time when I said that Lime was dead, the fact that I pretended not to see this, as I entrust myself to anger, it was thrust before right in front of me. Tears overflow from my eyes, along with the rain it flows down to the ground.

Suddenly, in front of me who is sitting down, I felt a presence of someone standing there. As I slowly lifted my face, the one after that is… the usual figure of Lime stands there.

“…He?” (Tsuchio)

“…!?” Purupuru!? (Lime)

Lime who runs up to me, wipes my tears. Eh, why is Lime!? As for a liquid metal slime, there exists only one and that one is Lime! Eh, eh, eh!?

“Eh, Lime is it you?” (Tsuchio)

“Kokukoku” (Lime) (RIU: Nodding sounds- think of a two-tone wooden knocker)

“Even you, when you were hit by the devil and dissolved I thought you died…” (Tsuchio)

“…”  Purupuru, purururu (Lime)

Oh, didn’t you say it last time? Unless your core gets caught up, the blow isn’t threatening at all!?

“Then, why did you collapse in that way!” (Tsuchio)

“…!” Purupuru! (Lime)

Playing dead!? Eh, all those things were an act!?

“Wai wai wai, because you waited and tried to put it in order. It looked like Lime was dead, but actually you were not dead at all?” (Tsuchio)

“Koku” (Lime) (RIU: Nodding sound)

“You, and how did you think about how we felt!? Because I wasn’t satisfied even when the devil was killed, I also tortured someone! I am…!” (Tsuchio)

“… ” Purupuru… (Lime)

“Good grief, you little!” (Tsuchio)

I hug Lime with all my might. Lime had taken a stance thinking that she would get hit, but instead she got surprised.

“…That’s a relief, that you are alive….  Although I went berserk, I was really sad to think what if Lime died…. For me, you are like a family. Please, don’t do such a thing again…” (Tsuchio)

“…Koku” (Lime)

Lime hugs me tightly back and Ruu snuggles up from the side. While being poured down on by the rain, I felt the presence of Lime for a long time.


Author note: Well, she wasn’t dead! I have come from saying that it’s okay when a blow doesn’t catch a stone just in case. It is hard to understand, sorry.

I wanted to let you empathize hostility or the cruelty to the person who injured Tsuchio´s familiars, was it done successfully? Because I have not written serious stuff very much, I would like an impression and indication if it is good.

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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

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