Monster Musume chapter 26

Monster Musume Chapter 26: The next day, dealing with the aftermath and the matter about the spies




On the day following the library devil assault case, I was called to the principal’s office. While I ruminate over the previous day’s events and actions, I think back about how I ran wild – it was an extent to where I was entirely consumed by anger.

Especially all that torture, so I am one of those people who are able to do such kind of things, huh…. Despite experiencing the spies’ screaming I felt nothing, even though I don’t possess any sorts of depravities……… Recollecting long ago, I don’t remember any feeling of guilt even after killing a person, so does it mean that perhaps I’ve become a deviant?

That feels right. In short, it shows that the screw in my head became even more loose. Well, I wouldn’t hesitate to do those sorts of things for the sake of Ruu or the others- that kind of thinking never changed. Even now, I possess no regrets about yesterday’s actions.

I rap on the door of the principal’s office, and open it after being called in and bow, then close the door calmly.

“Aa, Tsuchio-bou. It seems you did an outstanding job yesterday.” (Principal)

“It was nothing, please don’t consider it too much.” (Tsuchio)

“I heard that your familiar is actually safe right, isn’t that a relief.” (Principal)

“Really, I recklessly ran out of control, on my own like a fool. I also did pretty bad things to those spies.” (Tsuchio)

Although yesterday I didn’t think anything about it, now that I consider it I really went a bit too far he~h. As expected, making someone’s left hand explode is somewhat too much.

“Well, it was important that you got them to confess quickly for their own sakes, too. Tsuchio-bou, you should recognize that you were able to help all those fellows by sacrificing only a left hand, you know. If I let someone else do it, then one person would certainly be dead after all.” (Principal)

“When you put it that way, I feel more at ease.” (Tsuchio)

“Nevertheless, Tsuchio-bou, aren´t you really well experienced with that technique?” (Principal)

Is that so? Well, because I have seen it done in movies and the like, although I realize that my abilities are better than a complete novice’s.

“You skillfully used the younger sister to draw information out of the elder sister. Even the conversation changed when you made the older sister yield, you cleverly struck at her weak point.”  (Principal)

“No, those were my real feelings after all. I just had blood rushing to my head…” (Tsuchio)

“Rather than words with cheap lies, a natural voice with compassionate feelings behind it. As Tsuchio-bou brought it out from deep inside himself, it was one of the best moves, you know.” (Principal)

“Haa…” (Tsuchio)

No, like I said it was outside of my normal thinking behavior…. Haa~h, I don’t care anymore, let’s quickly end this get together.

“Then, what business do we have today?” (Tsuchio)

“As for that, you know…” (Principal)

*Knock knock* Someone knocks on the door. Was someone else called besides me?

“Excuse me. Aa, Tsuchio-kun, have I kept you waiting?” (Librarian)

“No, I just came a little while ago.” (Tsuchio)

“Just now, I was going to get to the main point. You arrived at the right time.” (Principal)

Librarian-san enters inside. What are they going to talk about? Since Librarian-san is here too….

“Then I’ll get to the crux of the matter. I have called you today, because of yesterday’s spies.” (Principal)

“Won´t they become criminal slaves?” (Tsuchio)

Slaves also exist in this world, but I have never seen one here inside the school. There are two kinds of slaves: a general slave and a criminal slave. A person who couldn’t pay a debt anymore, etc., has  their social status dropped to that of a slave. Their treatment is comparatively good, not many are used for brute physical labor. I believe that they are used for helping inside shops or such things.

But, with criminal slaves, their status gets dropped to a slave so that they who perpetrate crimes may atone for their actions. The ones who can fight will work as slaves for adventurers and the others who can’t fight are made to work in severe places like mines. The spies, even though they will become criminal slaves, they have nothing to do with me, right?

“Although it is so, Tsuchio-bou is the one who took care of almost everything during this incident. There is no way that we can’t give you a reward.” (Principal)

“And that means a slave, right?” (Tsuchio)

“Well, if we leave it be, as is, they will be forced to work for the dark side of the kingdom, but if you want, I can somehow accommodate if it is about two people, you know.” (Principal)

…Dark side huh. If I am not mistaken, I mentioned to them requesting protection from the kingdom or something like that though …. But if it’s like this, then there’s no difference with the thing until now, right. Does the principal want to tell me that I will receive those sisters?

“I don’t really need a slave in particular…” (Tsuchio)

“Tsuchio-bou is still young right? It’s not something you need to be embarrassed to talk about, you know.” (Principal)

The principal who smirks, sandwiches his thumb between his forefinger and middle finger. Oioi, is that also available in this place? Or rather that’s principal´s common phrase. (RIU: Not sure what the third sentence is supposed to mean.  It’s obvious he’s talking about sex slaves, though.)

“No, I don’t really need one. I don’t have any hobby to forcibly do “that” if my partner hates it you know.” (Tsuchio)

“No No, you don’t need to hold back, okay.” (Principal)

“No No No, I said that I honestly don’t need it.” (Tsuchio)

“No, No, No, No.” (Principal)

“No, No, No, No, No.” (Tsuchio)

“If you are a man, show your ability to support one or two women!” (Principal)

“Eeeh…although I already have three familiars with me you know.” (Tsuchio)

I don’t need them I said! Damn, aah it’s hard for this side to reject, though if the things continue as they are surely I will get used and then be crushed. …Ah, perhaps I can do it this way.

“It can’t be helped, okay then. I’ll take them.” (Tsuchio)

“…Even though you were unwilling to accept to that extent some time ago and now you have become awfully obedient, heh?” (Principal)

“If you say such things, I won’t take them you hear. It’s not like I need any slaves in particular after all.” (Tsuchio)

“I understand, I understand. Well then, henceforth go collect them.” (Principal)

“I understand. By the way, from what country were those spies?” (Tsuchio)

“About that, I’m the one who will tell you.” (Librarian)

Librarian-san steps forward. Because I left everything to Librarian-san after that, he would know more.

“They were spies of the empire. In the storage of forbidden books, they seemed to come to steal the spare fortress blueprints of various places throughout the kingdom.” (Librarian)

“So the spares were kept at this location…” (Tsuchio)

Seems like a flag got raised by our conversation during the day before yesterday.

“In the imperial capital, the security is more strict than here, obviously. Well, though it’s not like the security is lax in this place…” (Librarian)

“The magic barrier that I set up, it seemed they bypassed it smoothly. That younger sister seemed to be a master of magic somehow. I have to strengthen it or else, right…” (Librarian)

“Well, that’s how they were able to infiltrate through my magic barrier and invade the library unseen. I was restrained at that place, and after they made me release the trap on the storage of forbidden books, I pretended to be asleep.” (Librarian)

“Pretending to sleep?” (Tsuchio)

“Yes, they seemed to have tried to make me faint via magic.  However, if it’s just that as expected I would not faint. After confirming that those fellows left, I urgently activated the barrier to lock them in.” (Librarian)

Well, his way of dealing with the situation isn’t wrong, huh. It would have been hard for him alone to go against four spies, after all.

“But that barrier, it was partially destroyed by Tsuchio´s unicorn…” (Librarian)

“It’s amazing that you can destroy a barrier to that extent, you realize.” (Principal)

“Rin and my other familiar also went berserk after all. Also, the support magic I brought out was the strongest I’m capable of currently.” (Tsuchio)

“It was 「Thunder」 right? Such a high grade magic, they have not taught you about it yet, correct?” (Librarian)

“I learned it by myself at the library. I wanted a trump card, you see.” (Tsuchio)

By strengthening the power of lightning magic, thunder magic grows from it.  Its magic energy consumption is considerable and controlling it is also quite hard, but it seems I was able to successfully reign it in under my anger. My blood was boiling, because of the headache from the chill after all.

“Well, at any rate, no one has died, including your familiar.” (Principal)

“Yes, that’s really a relief. Then, I shall take my leave.” (Tsuchio)

“Aa, I’m sorry to get you involved. Since your slaves should be at the entrance, please pick them up now.” (Principal)

“Okay.” (Tsuchio)

“Then, I will leave, as well. I will provide the report later.” (Librarian)

“Please do so as soon as possible. The top brass are always annoying.” (Principal)

“I understand.” (Librarian)

Librarian-san and I leave the principal’s office together after bowing. I have to take charge of the slaves quickly.

After coming out from the room, Librarian-san hands a small bag to me. Inside it are goodly amount of coins.

“This is?” (Tsuchio)

“More or less, it is the reward from the academy. I think it’s not good to only receive slaves as a reward, consider this as something like a cooperation bonus, okay?” (Librarian)

“Yes, thank you.” (Tsuchio)

“…That’s right, there was something I wanted to ask you, Tsuchio-kun, you know.” (Librarian)

“What is it?” (Tsuchio)

“That torture method, although I understand that you manipulate the magic power inside the body…but I don’t understand the details.” (Tsuchio)

“You already guessed it correctly, teacher. By concentrating magic power into one spot, that makes the body suffer. I had seen a slightly similar illness symptom, so I thought if it could be reproduced again.  The realization is the product of evil influence.” (Tsuchio)

“It seems to be painful alright…. I’ll take it as reference.” (Librarian)

Yep, it’s slightly scary when Librarian-san says so….


At the entrance, there’s a slave merchant-like individual placing the slaves inside a cage. I let Librarian-san convey the circumstances that make me the owner of the two sisters.

“Then, drop your blood over here.” (Slave Trader)

I place a drop of my blood onto a paper with a magic square inscribed on it. The magic square shines for a moment then immediately fades.

“The contract is completed by this. Please pass on the behavior commands directly to the slave.” (Slave Trader)

“Behavior commands?” (Tsuchio)

“They are the things that are prohibited, you know. That they aren’t permitted to commit suicide or the like.” (Slave Trader)

“Aa, such kinds of things. Thank you, for doing such a service for me.” (Tsuchio)

“Don’t lose the contract paper okay, because the cost of reissuance is a considerable amount of money.” (Slave Trader)

After he explained everything, the slave trader left with his carriage. Well then, let’s finish this quickly.

I approach the sisters. The younger sister who saw me, for some reason bows before me.

“Ah, umm…” (Younger sister)

“That’s, that…. I am really sorry for killing one of your family. I’ll give you this body as my atonement. Therefore, please don’t lay hand on my sister.” (Elder sister)

“Well, about that, that’s fairly admirable.” (Tsuchio)

“Originally, it was something that they made us to do by force. Our parents were imprisoned due to a groundless crime, so to lighten the punishment even a little, I was made to do work for the dark side.” (Younger sister)

“He~, so it was like that.” (Tsuchio)

“Though, our parents seem to have already been murdered…” (Younger sister)

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Now then, I will tell you the behavior commands.” (Tsuchio)

“Ah, yes.” (Younger sister)

“Both of you are freed, that’s all.” (Tsuchio)

“”… What?”” (Both sisters)

The sisters develop blank eyes and are clearly bewildered. Yosh, I have accomplished what I should have done in the first place, let’s head back to the monster stable.

“Then, live healthily.” (Tsuchio)

“Please, wait a minute! Why would you free us!?” (Elder sister)

“Well, I don’t need any slave in particular” (Tsuchio)

“The- Then why did you obtain us!” (Younger sister)

“I had to do that, because the principal didn’t seem to want to give up on it. Even I didn’t want to receive you actually. Now then, shoo~ shoo~.” (Tsuchio) (TLC: I think he said it like when someone says it to a stray cat) (RIU: Got it, nyaa!)

With this the trouble is over without any possible future complications. Now, I’ll head over to the monster stable.

“Please wait! We are penniless you know! Even if we are freed just as it is, that would be a problem!” (Elder sister)

“I will give you a little money you know? If I let you die a dog’s death, it would leave a bad aftertaste after all.” (Tsuchio)

“That’s not it!” (Elder sister)

Haah, what do they want to do?

“We have killed your familiar! Let me atone for my crime!” (Elder sister)

“…Aa, It’s no problem then, because my familiar is alive.” (Tsuchio)

“…Huh?” (Elder sister)

“It was my misunderstanding. She didn´t die. I’m sorry for making a false accusation.” (Tsuchio)

“…That means, my younger sister was nearly killed by a misunderstanding!?” (Elder sister)

“Well, it is so!” (Tsuchio)

“You idiot!” (Elder sister)

“Big sis!? You must not act violently!” (Younger sister)

The elder sister motions to try and hit me, but not before her younger sister grapples her with a firm pin.

“Don’t stop me! I will not be satisfied if I don´t hit him at least once!” (Elder sister)

“You must not hit him! Please hold back!” (Younger sister)

“Then that´s it, since there are no crimes you need to atone for. Do as you please.” (Tsuchio)

“Ah, yes, we will do so! Let’s go!” (Elder sister)

“Bi, big sis…” (Younger sister)

The elder sister quickly leaves the area. Meanwhile, the younger sister takes several looks at both me and her older sister.  She’s flustered.  Aa, yes.

“Hey-” (Tsuchio)

I throw the bag with the money obtained from Librarian-san shortly before to her. The little sister’s complexion changes after she looks inside.

“Eh what, is this money?! If we use it wisely, we can live for half a year, easily!” (Younger sister)

“Aren’t you penniless? I’ll lend it to you without interest indefinitely, be sure to return it in the future.” (Tsuchio)

“But…” (Younger sister)

“I don’t know how you will live after this, but you have the ability. How about both of you become adventurers? A freed criminal slave shouldn´t have any problem with that. You will have to buy weapons too after all, so take it. If you don´t go quickly, you might get left behind by your elder sister, see?” (Tsuchio)

“…I will certainly return your kindness. I am Lewin and my elder sister is named Suwin.” (Younger sister)

“You only need to return the money, okay? Now go quickly.” (Tsuchio)

“…Thank you very much!” (Younger sister)

After she gives a quick bow, Lewin runs after her elder sister.  …Well, that’s the compensation since I tormented them because of a misunderstanding. I don’t know about the leader and the other one, although I feel bad for them.

“Well, let’s go to the monster stable quickly. I hope Ruu and Rin´s health are okay…” (Tsuchio)

They overdid it plenty to defeat the devil, yesterday. I will treat them kindly.

RIU: I’m starting to feel that people say things like ‘you know’, ‘you realize’, ‘you see’, ‘okay?’ or ‘listen’ to Tsuchio-kun because he’s outwardly a kid and they want him to learn how to think. What are your thoughts?

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