Monster Musume chapter 27

Monster Musume chapter 27: Evolution, several months later, it is summer vacation!



“Are you serious…” (Tsuchio)

Following the call from the principal and releasing the sisters from slavery, I head to Ruu’s and the others’ stalls inside the monster stable. What was awaiting me in there… were the figures of Ruu and Rin which had seemingly evolved…

“Guruu?” (Ruu)

“No way… Ruu?” (Tsuchio)

“Guru!” (Ruu)

Ruu’s scales have changed to a solid red color, and arms which weren’t even there before now sprout from her shoulders. Before, Ruu’s posture looked as if she was crouching all the time, although that’s a bad description, now her stance is similar to that of a gorilla’s. Her body also became considerably larger and doesn’t seem to quite fit inside her stable stall without bending over.

Overall… she looks like she might be close to 3 meters tall? Even her new arms themselves are hefty, seems they can be relied upon for close combat. Though, it’s regrettable that she didn’t become a dragonoid. Well, about that, there’s really no helping it. Lastly, her legs and wings grew bigger, so her mobility should increase as well.

(RIU: 3 meters is 9 feet 10 inches per Google-sensei.)

“Well, Let’s talk about the details later. Rin evolved too, right?” (Tsuchio)

“Bururu.” (Rin)

Rin didn’t change a whole lot from a typical unicorn, although her horn and body became one size bigger and lightning-like patterns appear on the hair of her legs. Umm, it still seems like she’s far away from becoming a human-type.

“Rin didn’t change very much…” (Tsuchio)

“Bururu!” (Rin)

“Yes, I know that you’ve become stronger. Please show it to me later.” (Tsuchio)

“Buru” (Rin)

Even so, if they evolved at this time, then….

“Since you guys killed that demon, you guys evolved, right? It was a really strong opponent after all.” (Tsuchio)

“Buru, burururuu.” (Ruu)

“Huh, so last night was when you evolved, huh?” (Tsuchio)

Why won’t they evolve in front of me…. even though I want to see it just once.

“For the time being, let’s go outside.  Please show me what are you guys able to do, ‘kay?” (Tsuchio)

“Guru.” (Ruu)

“Buruu.” (Rin)

Since the academy is a safe, civilized place, we head off campus grounds and travel for a little bit. Because it’s a good distance away, there’s no need to worry about any eyewitnesses.

“Hmm, Let’s start off with Ruu.” (Tsuchio)

Upon hearing that, Ruu draws magical power into her hand, and her fist becomes wrapped in flames. Hee, already an attack specialized enchantment, huh? Since it’s not magic, it’s probably an ability or something similar.

Ruu, while still maintaining the flame on her fist, begins opening her jaws and starts to gather magical power. Eh, is she also able to perform a breath attack?! Though I realize that she’s no longer just a normal grapple drake, but to think that she’s able to use a breath weapon too…….

A fireball is launched out of Ruu’s jaws. The breath attack strikes the ground and it creates a loud *BOOM* along with raising a pillar of fire. Uoo, what tremendous power….

“You’re even able to shoot breath attacks now, huh… that’s good, Ruu.” (Tsuchio)

“Guruu!” (Ruu)

As if to say praise me, praise me, Ruu rubs her head against mine. Because I’m being rubbed by a head that’s practically the size of my body, my own body became a little unstable. Th, though she was cute but rubbing her is difficult…..

“Then, let’s see Rin’s improvements this time. What new kinds of stuff are you able to do now?” (Tsuchio)

“Buru!” (Rin)

*Crackle!* *Crackle!* *Crackle!* Magic starts to gather at her horn and a blue electric current runs throughout it. Oh, it is absolutely stronger than before. Moreover, when she gathers magic in her legs, the lightning pattern emits blue light.

As she strikes her hoof struck against the ground, it becomes cratered and the weeds nearby are burned to ash. Her physical and magical attack both seem to have greatly improved.

“Isn’t that wonderful, the pattern on your legs is also beautiful after all.” (Tsuchio)

“Bu, bururu!?” (Rin)

“Yes, it’s beautiful y’know.” (Tsuchio)

Is it because she’s hiding her embarrassment, but Rin is grinding and pressing her head into me. After she evolved, she became more honest than before, huh~.

“However, you seem to be still far from becoming a human type. We must defeat more monsters, for the sake of gathering more magic right-” (Tsuchio)

“Gururu, gurururu!” (Ruu)

“Burururu!” (Rin)

“…!” Purupuru! (Lime)

“Yes. Let’s work hard, but also protect your lives.” (Tsuchio)

We’ll lose everything if we die after all!


Several months passed. In the blink of an eye spring became summer, and from tomorrow on the academy will enter into its summer vacation period. During that time, most of the students return home and spend two months with their families.

“Now I remember, what about Tsuchio-kun -de arimasu?” (Lucas)

Lucas brings up the question during breakfast. Fufufu, I already figured that someone would ask me something like that, I already have plans of my own, don’t y’know!

“As expected since I can’t make a round trip to my home in just two months, I won’t be returning home.” (Tsuchio)

“Eh, what will you do then -de arimasu?” (Lucas)

“I’m going to go aboard an acquaintance’s ship, on a trip to the Shiano´s island archipelago.” (Tsuchio)

“So you have such an acquaintance after all! But, if it’s an acquaintance’s ship, perhaps he is a merchant, is that right -de arimasu ka?” (Lucas)

“No, he’s a Knight commander.” (Tsuchio)

“””Ee!?””” (Falchion, Lucas, and Triss)

One month ago, I was summoned to the principal’s office suddenly. At the time, the single-most thought on my mind was;‘did I do something wrong? I recalled that I was trembling while walking towards my destination.

“Excuse me…” (Tsuchio)

“You’re late, Tsuchio-bou!” (Principal)

“It’s been a long time, Tsuchio-dono!” (Kisato)

“Kisato-san!” (Tsuchio)

Just after arriving in this world, I assisted a knight order’s ship in defending against a pirate attack. At that time, the person who provided me with a recommendation to enroll into this academy was this kingdom’s knight leader, Kisato-san.

“So, what’s going on?” (Tsuchio)

“I was in the vicinity by chance due to duty you see, so I came to greet the principal. Once here, the principal called for Tsuchio-dono, of course.” (Kisato)

“I thought that you would certainly want to discuss several things.” (Principal)

“Is that so.. I thought I messed something up, y’know?” (Tsuchio)

“Hou, it seems Tsuchio-dono also did something.” (Kisato)

“No, it’s not like that…” (Tsuchio)

The thing about the attack at the library, even now it still leaves a trail, y’know….

“Well, let’s listen about it and take our time. Tsuchio-dono, if I remember correctly, is a person who comes from a pretty far place, right?” (Kisato)

“…Yes, that’s right.” (Tsuchio)

Which reminds me, I came up that kind of story, right…. I totally forgot about it.

“Summer holidays are in nearly one month… ‘I wonder what Tsuchio-dono’s plans shall be’, or so I thought, you see?” (Kisato)

“Just for that, you traveled all the way to this place???” (Tsuchio)

“Well, I also wanted to greet you.” (Kisato)

Are you serious…. To care about a total stranger to this extent…you’re becoming too nice of a person, y’know…!

“I’m sorry, for someone like me…” (Tsuchio)

“You mustn’t say such things, alright? We were helped by you, so please be aware of the circumstances.” (Kisato)

“…Thank you.” (Tsuchio)

“And, what will you do? Will you journey home?” (Kisato)

“Emm, as expected since it’s too far I can’t head back. I’m thinking about going to a somewhat closer place, and perhaps hunt monsters there, that’s what’s on my mind.” (Tsuchio)

“In that case then it’s just right. Myself and others from knight order shall set sail for the Shiano nations to trade. Would you care to accompany us?” (Kisato)

“Shiano nations?” (Tsuchio) (TLC: now that I think about it … this Shiano nations sound like Sun nations in other word japan) (RIU: Archipelagos are certainly interesting, especially ones with different environments on each island.  But, can it beat; usagijima (Rabbit Island)? =^.~= )

Where’s that located? I never heard of it….

“It is a country in the South Seas consisting of a gathering of small islands. They’re famous for marine products and fruits that can only be locally found. Also, it was discovered that on one of the islands dwell many monsters.” (Kisato)

“Can anyone trade there, as well?” (Tsuchio)

“That’s right, aren’t you a tamer, Tsuchio-dono? Interestingly, it seems that there is a certain monster that can only be found on that monster-infested island. If you would like, then you can join us aboard the ship. The trip will be dangerous, so please consider it with some caution…” (Kisato)

“I’ll definitely go then.” (Tsuchio)

“No, please make your decision with a bit more care…” (Kisato)

“Anyway I only plan on going hunting. It’s basically the same thing as what I do here, but in a different area.” (Tsuchio)

“Is that so! No, that’s fine! If an excellent tamer like Tsuchio-dono joins then I feel very confident about the journey! Departure will be the day after your graduation ceremony, so please be ready on time!” (Kisato)

“Okay. Umm, is there anything which I must definitely bring with me?” (Tsuchio)

“Nay, it’s the same as an ordinary excursion. You can share necessities with my men or myself, if such becomes necessary.” (Kisato)

“I understand.” (Tsuchio)

The island country in the South sea…. I look forward to it~.


“Well, I’m going to travel to the Shiano nations. It seems I’ll arrive in approximately one week.” (Tsuchio)

“Tsuchio-san, do you still plan to go to the island with all the monsters -de arimasu?” (Lucas)

“Yep, that’s the plan. I heard that an investigation expedition to the island hasn’t progressed at all, so there’s almost nothing known about what to expect. I’ll try to explore as deeply as possible.” (Tsuchio)

“Be careful. The fact that the study of the island hasn’t progressed at all is because it’s dangerous. Please don’t do anything life-threatening -de arimasu!” (Lucas)

“I, I know. I don’t want to experience losing someone close to me ever again…” (Tsuchio)

That episode with the demon and losing Lime left a bit of trauma deep inside me. I never want to feel such sadness ever again….

“Then it’s fine, please enjoy yourself -de arimasuyo!” (Lucas)

“Yes, you too Lucas, okay?” (Tsuchio)

Well then, the departure is planned for early tomorrow morning, so let’s be careful not to oversleep.


My familiars and I arrived at academy city’s port the next day.  Anchored and standing tall in front of me is the same ship as when I came to this land. Its name is the Silver Horn, so awesome!

“Hey, it’s been a while, oi-!” (Knight 1)

“Didn’t ya get a bit more buff since we last met, didn’ ya?!” (Knight 2)

“Ye, Yes, various things happened.” (Tsuchio)

“I thought you would say that, hahahahaha!” (Knight 1)

“Your appearances also changed, guys!” (Tsuchio)

The other members of the knightly order all seem to remember me and *Bam* *Bam* slap me amiably on the back. Although Lime seems to be stare at them oddly after they’ve turned around….. (TLC: Yandere slime is yandere…)

“Hey, is that your wyvern from before?” (Kisato)

“Kind of…she changed a lot.” (Tsuchio)

“It even grew arms…but how did it become like this?” (Kisato)

People who previously knew Ruu during her time as a grapple wyvern are surprised at all of her big changes. Well, the only trace of her having been a wyvern are the great, big wings on her.

“Yaa~h, to think the wyvern from that time would have transformed like this… it’s really quite unexpected.” (Kisato)

“Well, it’s because she put in plenty of effort. These are the fruits of her labor.” (Tsuchio)

“That’s true, when the result is seen, you also become motivated. Then, please board the ship.” (Kisato)

“Ah, where would be a good place to leave my familiars?” (Tsuchio)

“That’s right… you can keep your slime in your cabin, though I feel bad for it but when the weather is clear the others can sleep on deck, but if it rains, they can stay somewhere down in the main hold.” (Kisato)

Well, I guess that’s true. Lime can enter any room with her size. Although I feel bad for Ruu and Rin, I will ask them to endure up on deck.

“Okay, let’s sail! Hoist the front sail!” (Kisato)


“The weather’s clear and it’s an ideal day for a perfect voyage! Let’s go ride the waves!” (Kisato)


At the behest of their vice-leader, the sailors raise a strong cry. Uoo, awesome….

“Is there anything I can help with?” (Tsuchio)

“Umm, there isn’t anything at the moment, now. Please take it easy.” (Kisato)

If I help without understanding what needs to be done, it’ll only hamper things, huh? However, if there’re any monster attacks, I’ll fight first. …Until then, let’s enjoy the voyage and have some leisure time.

Several hours pass since we started sailing and at last, the goings on aboard the ship start to settle down.

Because Ruu and Rin were curled up all this time in a corner on deck, I gather it might start to become painful soon. Let’s have Ruu unfurl her wings and Rin stretch her legs.

“Excuse me, may I have my familiar stretch her wings for a bit?” (Tsuchio)

“That’s fine. I mean, they don’t need to always box themselves in a corner. You’ll need to bring them to a larger place, though.” (Random sailor)

“Thank you. Ruu, Rin come!” (Tsuchio)

“Gururu!” (Ruu)

“Buruu!” (Rin)

Ruu and Rin move to the center of the deck and Ruu extends her wings and Rin stretches herself. Lime sits down on my knee and embraces me.

“Hahaha, you guys got awfully stuck together! You look like parent and child, you two.” (Someone from the ship’s crew)

“Eh, really?” (Tsuchio)

Parent and child, parent and child huh…. when he says it that way, it’s hard for me to lay my hands on her….

Satisfied with stretching her wings, Ruu flaps powerfully then flies away. Because she was freed from a confining position, unable to do anything, maybe she wants to hunt monsters now?

I am also quite free now….  Umm, should I do something? Maybe I should try practicing some magic, I want a book at a time like this.

Watching Rin, she launches an electric ball into the sky then moves it around in an intricate orbital pattern.

“「Fire arrow」.” (Tsuchio)

I omit the long aria and shoot a fire arrow. Aimed at its target, the electric ball, it hits with a *PAAN* and causes the electric ball to pop.

“Buruu…” (Rin)

Rin catches on to the game and moves another electric ball in even more crazily complicated loops.  They’re seriously hard to predict.

Fufufu, this makes my hand itch!


Author note: There is no sense of seasons right!

(RIU: Tsuchio should now sound more like a teen, Kisato’s speech was made to be kind of high-brow, since he’s a knight commander, and Lucas has his trademark honorifics again. I’m thinking about how to make the Principal come across as a kooky, well-educated. What are your thoughts?  Comments, corrections, suggestions, and thrown rotten fruit are all appreciated. ^-^ )

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