Monster Musume chapter 28

Monster Musume chapter 28: Pirate assault, battle on the ship and similar guy appears once again.


After a few hours playing shooting with Rin, Ruu returned at noon. In each hand she held a long fish, which resembled swordfish. It seems she also picked up lunch for Rin.

“Thank you for the trouble, Ruu. You’re tired right, go have a rest.” (Tsuchio)

“Guruu.” (Rin)

“Hey, it’s lunch time.” (Sailor on the ship)

“I am going now! Since I’m gonna have my meal inside, you guys eat over here, okay? I’ll come back quickly.” (Tsuchio)

I went to the galley aboard the ship and soup with fresh seafood was being served. The bread accompanying it was dry and hard so that it would stay preserved regardless of the surrounding conditions, but it couldn’t be said that it was delicious.  However, I endured and stomached it, without issue.

“Hey, you are so thin so eat more.” (Cook)

“Th, thank you.” (Tsuchio)

“Then, give me more fish!” (Knight 1)

“If it’s you then it’s better to lose weight!” (Knight 2)

“I guess so!” (Knight 1)

“””Hahaha!””” (All the knights)

Holding a bowl of the soup which included a large number of fish slices in it, I returned to the deck. Next to where Ruu and company were eating the swordfish look-alikes, I had my meal as well.

In the afternoon, what should I do…well, maybe target practice again, hunh. Up to now I had only fired one shot at a time, maybe I should try to volley several shots simultaneously? While ruminating on that, the first day of the voyage passed.

On the third day, there wasn’t particularly any rain and the days with calm weather continued. Since I didn’t have anything to do, I was playing target practice with Rin. Sometimes the position was changed, when I changed the mark, I devised it in various ways to make use of it for control practice. I became completely accustomed to controlling the 「Fire Arrows」, and now I can freely move them even when shooting several at once -ze. Well, well since I don’t regularly use attack magic, it is a useless treasure, certainly…. (TLC: and now I can freely move it even when shooting several of it -ze. <- this part Tsuchio tried to speak manly with adding “ze” at the end of his sentence)

The fifth day was spent in the same fashion. As sky slightly darkened, I realized, Ruu who had just flown out to hunt a short while ago returned.

“What is it, Ruu? Did you notice rain clouds?” (Tsuchio)

“Gururu, gurururuu!” (Ruu)

“A ship is being attacked by pirates somewhere?! Where?!” (Tsuchio)

According Ruu’s story, heading from here to a little southwest, a merchant ship was being chased by pirate ships. When Ruu saw it, the pirates hadn’t boarded yet, but the pirate ships were faster in speed and it was only a matter of time ‘til they caught their quarry. First off, let’s report it to Kisato-san.

When I arrived at the captain’s quarters, Kisato-san was checking the route on the navigation chart. The vice-leader was also present. Like Kisato-san, the scars carved on his darkish skin looked gallant.

“Hmm, Tsuchio-san what can I do for you?” (Kisato)

“A bit to the southwest, a merchant ship seems to be under pirate attack.” (Tsuchio)

“What!? How large are the merchant’s and the pirates’ ships?” (Vice-leader)

“The merchant’s ship is slightly bigger than this ship is and there is one, as for the pirates, their ships are smaller and there are three. It seems that they haven’t yet boarded, but in this situation it’s only a matter of time.” (Tsuchio)

“Muu, we can’t ignore it. Please allow me to double check it.” (Vice-leader)

“I understand.” (Kisato)

The deputy leader left the room. This ship surely won’t arrive in time. It would be better for me to go there first.

“Kisato-san, if it’s like this then we won’t make it in time. I will go ahead riding on Ruu.” (Tsuchio)

“But the enemies are pirates of moderate numbers, you’re aware? There’s no way I can let Tsuchio-san go alone…” (Kisato)

“It’s okay, I’m a tamer, y’know. Also I have my familiars with me, I won’t be by myself.” (Tsuchio)

“But even if the slime doesn’t have any problems, you won’t be able to bring your unicorn with you.” (Kisato)

“No, please don’t worry about that. I can go with all my familiars.” (Tsuchio)

“What? The unicorn as well, are you suggesting it’s able to run in the sky?” (Kisato)

“That’s right. Please let me go, since Ruu found it, I can’t overlook it.” (Tsuchio)

“…I understand. Please go ahead of us and support the merchant ship. We’ll be right behind you”. (Kisato)

“I understand!” (Tsuchio)

Everyone was bored from the voyage, so this was a good chance to let them vent.

“Ruu, Lime, Rin! Let’s go to beat the pirates!” (Tsuchio)

“Gurua!” (Ruu)

“Koku.” (Lime)

“Buru.” (Rin)

The party was already in attack mode and the preparations were complete. Lime adhered to Ruu’s back and I sat on Rin’s saddle.

“Yosh, let’s go!” (Tsuchio)

Focusing, I concentrated magic onto Rin’s legs. This let the wind coalesce on her hooves and her body started to float in the air. After she evolved she became able to use not just 「Thunder」 but also 「Wind」 magic. Right after evolving, it was difficult, and she wasn’t familiar with and didn’t know how to use it, but now she was now completely adept at it. With this Rin could easily follow Ruu.

Rin dashed off the deck and leaped up into to the sky. Stepping firmly on thin air, she accelerated steadily.  Since I took off first, Ruu came from behind and flew above Rin and I, and then we all headed towards the pirate ships.

At a point approximately five minutes away, I finally spotted the ship in trouble. A small ship was pulled up aside a big ship and pirates were trying to board. Though the people who seemed to be guards on the merchant ship removed all the ladders and the ropes that hung on their ship’s handrail, their numbers weren’t nearly enough. It was a barely defensible situation, hah!

“First Ruu, destroy the pirate ship! After that run wild on deck!” (Tsuchio)

“Guru!” (Ruu)

“Lime, you go down to the deck, neutralize the pirates in your liquid form secretly! Don’t overdo it, make it so that they don’t realize it’s you, okay!” (Tsuchio)

“Koku!” (Lime)

“Rin will become my steed; snipe them with magic while moving around in the air! I will take care of minute control, so just roughly aim and shoot!” (Tsuchio)

“Buruu!” (Rin)

“Yosh, attack!” (Tsuchio)

At my shout, Ruu and Rin separated right and left. Lime, who had previously repositioned herself onto the grapple wyvern’s tail, jumped when Ruu wagged her tail.  The metal slime landed on the deck on the merchant ship below. She changed into a transparent liquid form and moved silently and unseen across the floorboards.

After Ruu deposited Lime on the deck, she aimed at the nearby pirate ship and hit it as she passed. The mast of the small ship was broken in a single blow by her and a big hole was torn open in its deck. Ruu then went up to the sky once, took a nosedive afterwards and attacked. With wind pressure caused by her wings, the pirates who were climbing on ropes were blown away.

“Wha, what’s with that dragon?!” (Merchant)

“It’s my familiar. Because I happened to pass by, I rushed here to help.” (Tsuchio)

“You!? You are this dragon´s owner!?  Moreover, that horse!?” (Merchant)

“Leave the details for later, now please, concentrate on things in front of you!” (Tsuchio)

“U, Understood!” (Merchant)

The pirates who weren’t knocked off climbed up on deck and began to fight with the guards. Yosh, then me too! I will give my support to everyone!

Rin created several thunder arrows, gave quick aim and then rapidly shot them.  Because they wouldn’t hit, I fused my magic flow with Rin’s. I took over the control of the magic, finely adjusted it and directed it against the pirates. It was originally a kind of magic with something of an ability to be guided. To compare it to 「Fire Arrow」, controlling several of them wasn’t hard at all.

While experiencing the weak numbness that heralded Rin and I becoming one, I gazed firmly at the pirates and took mental aim. Sharing the flow of magic, it was a state where Rin´s magic circulation became connected with mine through the devil hands. So, how should I put it…I fell into a sense as if our bodies were merged. It was truly unity between human and horse, I felt like I could experience and sense everything that was a part of Rin. Since it was quite comfortable, I was worried that it might become addictive…. (TLC: Unity between human and the horse <- I think it’s some term that used in horserace)(ED: there is another meaning for unity…. Internet ruined me…) (PR: All praise Internet-sama~ It gets worse as you get older.  ^.~  A good word might be ‘synergy’?)

Just like that we shot at the pirates, but then I noticed that there were several who started bleeding from their chest and suddenly collapsed. Lime snuck around the deck, she changed her body into a needle form and stabbed them from behind. Since she didn’t make any sound at all, in a melee battle like this she was able to demonstrate unbeatable strength. She didn’t even need to use her poisons, huh.

After Ruu broke all the pirate ships’ masts, she landed on the decks of each and smashed the pirates. She didn’t knock them off but instead squashed them.  The remains of the pirates which were hit resembled crushed pomegranates.

Even though they already had been suppressed, there were several more who became riled after Ruu attacked. They all scrambled to jump into the sea to get away. The guards on the deck of the merchant ship raised a victory war cry. This somehow became a nostalgic scene, huh….

“Thank you for your help, thanks to your assistance it ended without anybody dying.” (Sailor captain)

“Really, it’s a good thing I flew over here, then.” (Tsuchio)

“Haha, that statement really hits home when you mention it like that.  Which reminds me, what boat did you sail on?” (Sailor captain)

“It is…a ah, it’s that one.” (Tsuchio)

I pointed to the Silver Horn which was coming closer into view.

“That…isn’t that the Silver Horn! Eh, you’re member of the knights order?!” (Sailor captain)

“Aa, not quite. They just gave me a lift, I’m simply an academy student.” (Tsuchio)

“S, so that’s it ….I was wondering whether you were serving for lese majeste…” (Sailor captain)

Uwaah, so there’s that kind of law, huh? I better be careful in the future-.

“Iyaah, to think that you already repelled the assault! As expected of Tsuchio-dono, if it’s like this then there’s no place for me to shine!” (Kisato)

Kisato-san and the vice-captain had marched onto the deck of the merchant ship and were waiting for its ship captain to appear. I heard, they seemed to want to hear information about the surrounding sea area and to identify the owner of this ship. Well, since the crest of the kingdom was carved onto the ship, nine times out of ten it must be a ship of the kingdom. The former was confirming only in form, the main must be the latter. The freshness of information is important.

“I, I’m Kishoru Bezu, the captain of this ship. S, so you knights are the ones who repelled the pirates right? Y, you guys did a good job, I will give you my praise” (Owner)

The shipowner who came over in that way wore accessories possessing a gaudy shine, and wrapped his body in somewhat too luxurious clothes for use on board a ship. Basically, he was a fat man covered in sweat. Certainly, he’s a noble. Moreover, he seemed to resemble that pig. (PR: The noble brat tamer that Tsuchio beat several chapters prior.)

Lime glared at him as if he was her parent’s enemy. It seemed to take considerable control, but she suppressed her blood thirst.

“It’s our honor to receive your thanks, Bezu-sama. However, it wasn’t us the knight order who repelled the pirates. With your bodyguards’ help, this young man repulsed them.” (Kisato)

“Ho, Houu. You over there, tell me your name.” (Bezu)

If possible, I didn’t want to have any sort of interaction with him ….. oops, smile smile.

“This is our first time meeting. I’m a royal academy first year student, going by the name Tsuchio.” (Tsuchio)

“Tsuchio, I heard that you are a tamer, where are your familiars?” (Bezu)

“They’re staying on the Silver Horn.” (Tsuchio)

“Call them, they’re a dragon type and unicorn, right? Show me.” (Bezu)

“Certainly.” (Tsuchio)

Haah, this guy’s really troublesome. If he ordered me to hand over my familiars or to sell them, I didn’t have confidence that Lime would be able to handle it, y’know. After I called for Ruu and Rin, as expected the fatty looked at them like he wanted to lick them both all over.

“Oo, they are beautiful! Although this is the first time I’m seeing these kinds of monsters, they both really have a dignified presence, huh!” (Bezu)

“I’m honored to receive your praise.” (Tsuchio)

“… Hey, you, Tsuchio, do you want to hand over those familiars to me? I will buy them at any price you name.” (Bezu)

Here it comes. Read the mood, fatso! Realize Lime’s mood has become dangerous, her magical power is dyed in black, y’know!

“I’m sorry, Kishoru-sama. It’s a very attractive offer but I can’t accept it.” (Tsuchio)

“Why!? I will pay regardless of the cost. That’s right I can also give you a beautiful woman, as well! She is a peerless beauty, obedient and possessing a strong body so you can do whatever you want, you see!” (Bezu)

It’s not because of ‘that’ thing, right~. Before my urge to kill springs out, let’s quickly conclude this talk.

“Whatever you offer me, I won’t hand over my familiars.” (Tsuchio)

“…Why, do you dare mean that you refuse to listen to me?” (Bezu)

“For me, these familiars are my companions; they fight alongside me and are my family. Kishoru-sama, you also have a family and they can’t be bought with money,  right?” (Tsuchio)

“Kishoru-sama, I will also petition you. His homeland is far, and thus he can’t visit his family too often. With your generous heart, please grant him your understanding.” (Kisato)

“…If you say so, then there is no helping it, Tsuchio. Yes, Kisato.” (Bezu)

“Thank you, Kishoru-sama.” (Tsuchio)

Huu, before Lime ran out of control, somehow I was able to stop it. I have to follow up later.

“Then, I will return to my room. Hey Gil, go answer Kisato’s questions.” (Bezu)

“Haa, certainly, sir.” (Gil)

After he gave the order to the guard captain who had talked to me awhile ago, the fat merchant then retired to the inside of his quarters.

“I’m sorry, Kisato-san.” (Tsuchio)

“If our troubles only amount to this, then we should consider it to have been an easy battle. However, to imagine that a son of the Bezu family would act in such a manner …really, how did they raise him to become like that?” (Kisato)

I agree. If it’s like that, then it’s already hereditary character, right? No matter how they spoiled him, it wouldn’t have gotten to that extent right?

“Lime, are you okay?” (Tsuchio)

“…Koku.” (Lime)

After the fatty had left, Lime finally regained her composure. She endured it well….

Afterwards, Kisato-san finished hearing about the surrounding area’s details, we left immediately. We seemed to be delayed a little, so everybody moved busily.

“Tsuchio-san, thank you very much.” (Gil)

“You’re welcome, after this, please be careful on your voyage.” (Tsuchio)

At the end I talked with Giru-san, before I returned to the Silver Horn. Ruu – check, Rin – check, Lime – check. Everyone was properly here.

“Thank you, everyone. You guys must be tired right, so rest well.” (Tsuchio)

“Guruu” (Ruu)

“It’s unfair for only Rin who did it? The joint magic huh, it can’t be helped right.” (Tsuchio)

“Guruguruu!” (Ruu)

“Kokukoku!” (Lime)

“No, Lime in the first place you often act apart from me. Although I ride on Ruu, but if you make any intense movements, I’ll fall off y’know…” (Tsuchio)

“Bururu!” (Rin) (TLC: *Doya~*)

Rin makes *doya~* face. Only she was the one who experienced that thing, she must be happy, right….. (TLC: search google plz~ just kid, it’s like triumph face)

“Guruu!” (Ruu)

“…!” Purupuru!” (Lime)

“I get it I get it! For Lime, I’ll do it with you when we sleep. I’ll do it with Ruu tomorrow, okay?” (Tsuchio)

“Guruu!” (Ruu)

“…!” Purupuru!”  (Lime)

“Buruu…” (Rin) (TLC:*dejected*)

That night, I entered bed with Lime embracing me and mingled my magic power with hers. Because of that, I wasn’t able to fall asleep. It was hard to keep up with her.


Author note:  The soul gem of lime is black, and she is one step away to be a witch.

TLC: Rin and Lime already get to do IT with Tsuchio ~ *Kyaaa~   (*///^///*)

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