Monster Musume chapter 29

Monster Musume chapter 29: Arriving, a strong push of good will is received and going to the guild.



<The boss of repelled pirates viewpoint>

“What!? They were chased away?! Your target was a noble ship and you also had twice the number of people! There shouldn’t be room for defeat, right?! Even after that, you guys still call yourselves a part of the Pitera pirate group, aah?!” (Pirate boss)

“Bu, but boss, according to the story of those survivors, a strange guy came to their support.” (Pirate sailor)

“Strange guy? What guy!” (Pirate Boss)

“A tamer accompanied by a dragon and a unicorn and he seemed to be part of the Silver Horn!” (Pirate sailor)

“A tamer from the Silver Horn? …Was the dragon a wyvern?” (Pirate boss)

“No, no.. They don’t know any details. Only those who ran away immediately returned after all.” (Pirate sailor)

“Che- cowards…. Hey, send those guys to scout out from now on and inform me as soon as they find the Silver Horn! They will probably go to Shiano for trading, attack them when they are returning!” (Pirate boss)

“Y, yes!” (Pirate sailor)

Getting defeated didn’t make me feel better……  adding the thing from the last time, I’ll beat you into pulp!


<Tsuchio’s viewpoint>

It was now the afternoon of the fifth day since we rescued fatty’s ship from the pirate attack. We had finally arrived at the Shiano’s nations largest island, named ‘Landis’. On the way a group of good old chicken-shaped monsters attacked us, but I repelled them alongside the sailors without receiving heavy damage. Other than the distasteful meeting with fatty, there were no other bad events, it hasn’t rained and trip was relatively comfortable.

“My apologies, for having you assist with the unloading of cargo.” (Kisato)

“Well, this is just my gratitude because you invited me. After all, along the journey I didn’t do anything except fight against monsters, y’know?” (Tsuchio)

“That should’ve been enough by itself…honestly, this effort is excessive.” (Kisato)

Ruu lowered a wooden box with our luggage onto the dock. She was strong and could fly after all, that’s why she’s suitable for this kind of work. I wondered if she could regularly do that kind of job…?

“So, you will head to Danze island after this, right?” (Kisato)

“Yes, because I’m interested in the monsters which dwell only there.” (Tsuchio)

The island that was primarily a home to monsters was called ‘Danze island’. Even if it was said that the initial expedition didn’t succeed, it appeared however that a part of the island was successfully reclaimed and settled, necessary facilities including an inn and arms shop were already built there. Though it would nice if they had a tamer-friendly inn…..

“Come to think of it, doesn’t Tsuchio-dono use a weapon?” (Kisato)

“Yes. I have a skill that uses both hands and because I’m a tamer, I don’t fight just by myself.” (Tsuchio)

“Well, I have observed that…but you don’t wear any armor either, correct? When seeing you in the middle of a fight, it gave me the chills.” (Kisato)

Since leather armor was something that I borrowed from academy, I wasn’t able to take it during summer vacation. Well, I often venture outside to fight after all, so I want personal armor for myself, y’know…. But it’s expensive, rig~ht.

“Well, I don’t really have much money at all….I am considering buying some, after saving up money, here.” (Tsuchio)

“Hm….wait a moment.” (Kisato)

Kisato-san headed inboard. … perhaps, I made him concerned for me? Uwaaaaa, What do I do…. If it’s like this, then don’t I look like I’m only leeching off them!  I don’t have any such intention, okay! If it comes to this, I better leave a note, before Kisato-san returns. I have no choice but to run away!

“Ruu, come back! We are leaving immediately!” (Tsuchio)

“Gu, guru!” (Ruu)

My luggage had been gathered and packed already. I planned to write a letter quickly and then leave just as quick….

“I’ve kept you waiting, Tsuchio-dono! Look, how ‘bout this!? It’s light but sturdy. This is leather armor made from a lesser dragon, you see!” (Kisato)

Already?! It didn’t even take one minute!

“Hmm, where are you going Tsuchio-sama?” (Kisato)

“N, No, I think maybe I should go soon, or so.” (Tsuchio)

“Hahaha, I haven’t informed you yet when the ship will depart, to head back. If it’s like this, then you would miss the return trip, you see.” (Kisato)

Come to think of it! …Was it possible Kisato-san foresaw my escape and didn’t tell me about it? As expected of the knight leader, I couldn’t make light of him!

“Th, that’s right eh. Then, when will the ship return back?” (Tsuchio)

“Generally it is 30 days later after the start of the voyage, roughly at sunrise. Precisely, it will be 1 month later.” (Kisato)

“Roughly means?” (Tsuchio)

“We may delay the departure depending on the safety of the sea route or weather conditions. Well, please return here in one month.” (Kisato)

“I understand! Then, I am already….” (Tsuchio)

“I won’t let you escape, you see?” (Kisato)

Gaa! My arm was grasped. As expected! This person absolutely intended to hand that to me!

“Ah, I’m thankful, but I can’t take it! That thing is really expensive, right!” (Tsuchio)

“Maa Maa, don’t say that and just accept it! Armor is important!” (Kisato)

“I will provide it myself! If I obtain such a thing after having ridden on your ship…. How would I repay the favor!” (Tsuchio)

“It is alright, you don’t need to return it! Take it as a compensation for your work! It’s the perfect size, so quickly take it!” (Kisato)

“No, why do you know that the size fits?” (Tsuchio)

“Fufufu~ for someone like me, even at glance I already know the shape of people, you see!” (Kisato)

“What’s with that Galgame-like special skill!?” (Tsuchio)

I’m envious! Can I learn such a special ability if I get old? 

“Eei, you are a stubborn person! Everybody, do it!” (Kisato)


“Wa, wait, what will everyone do!? Do, Don’t lift me up! Hey, where are you carrying me!” (Tsuchio)

“Give up! Now that it has become like this, the only person who can stop the leader is his wife, kiddo!” (Sailor 1)

“Moreover, we are also worried about it after all!” (Sailor 2)

“It is the middle of unloading! We will make you put it on quickly!” (Sailor 3)

“No!” (Tsuchio)


“Uu, what are you doing to me…” (Tsuchio)

I was carried inside the ship in shock and then was ‘encouraged’ to put on the leather armor. The quiet brown shade was beautiful and it was clearly an article that even I could tell was expensive. It fit really well, no matter how I moved my body it didn’t hinder me at all.

“If you had obediently taken it, realize it wouldn’t have come to this.” (Kisato)

“Although you say so, but….Haah, I’m okay already. I will gratefully accept it.” (Tsuchio)

“Umu, that’s fine. If there is blood, you can wipe it off neatly.” (Kisato)

“Okay, haa…” (Tsuchio)

Really, why did it become like this….. No, though I am glad, more than that even, please forgive me.

“Come on, isn’t it better if you leave soon? There should be some time until the ship to Danze island departs, true?” (Kisato)

“That’s right. Can my familiars also get on?” (Tsuchio)

“I suspect it’s not a problem. It’s because a good number of adventurers will also be going there.” (Kisato)

Well, if they can’t board the ship perhaps we should fly in the sky, taking turns.

“Then I will see you on the return trip. Thank you for everything!” (Tsuchio)

“Aa, enough, take care of yourself. It’s an island that is still not fully explored, you don’t know what can happen.” (Kisato)

I also showed my gratitude towards the sailors, and then I got off the Silver Horn. For now, let’s check the schedule of the ship going to Danze island. If there’s still some time left, I will go check out this island.

“Need a ship to Danze island? If that’s the case, it departs soon. It’s because we have to return from the other side before sunset.” (Ferry sailor)

[PR: This line may be wrong.  He’s advertising the ship to nearby listeners, because they don’t have billboards saying which ship is which.]

“Then, it’ll be better to get on board sooner rather than later, right?” (Tsuchio)

“Well, yeah, because there ain’t much time left.” (Ferry sailor)

Sightseeing around Landis island seemed to have been postponed until the next opportunity. I’ll also have to get lodgings after all, so let’s go across the channel to Danze island right now.

“I am a tamer, y’know, can my familiars get on board?” (Tsuchio)

“Well, for that size critter it will somewhat be able to board. Well, maybe we’ll have you put them at the end of the deck.” (Ferry sailor)

“I understand. Here is the fare.” (Tsuchio)

“Surely. Well, get on the board. We set sail in about ten minutes and the voyage will take two hours.” (Ferry sailor)

“Even though it’s a monster’s island, it’s quite close, eh.” (Tsuchio)

“That is because it’s an island, other than flying monsters, they can’t get off of it.” (Ferry sailor)

That makes sense, that’s why they were this carefree.

The ship to Danze island was a big ship almost like the Silver Horn. Apparently, there were many people who go usually to Danze island. Though, at this time there were fewer, and only several folks appeared on deck. Perhaps, more people had taken the morning ride?

I was also situated myself on deck and leaned against Ruu, who had curled up on the deck boards then lied down. Phew, always getting onboard a ship is tiring as expected. I wanted to sleep on a bed in the inn, soon.


The ship departed promptly and like the sailor said, the ride took two hours.  We had arrived Danze island’s harbor.

When I saw Danze island from a far distance, it gave an impression that the forest spread over every single edge of the island. Only the head of a huge tree was visible at the center of the island. The adventurers must have aimed for that place in exploring the island, I thought. I wondered how large it was, though I knew that it must have been quite immense.

At the time I entered the town at the port, adventurers who just finished exploration were crowded inside the town. Uo, it is hard to walk with Ruu here. I want to find the inn quickly…but I´m entirely clueless, eeh. For the time being, let’s go to the adventurer guild. I’m sure they can direct me to an inn.

Looking back, the people who were there made way for us with startled expressions.  Uu, after all we attracted attention…I must find the guild quickly.

I walked for about 10 minutes until I finally located the guild. There was a slight open space at the center of town with the guild building facing it. I was gladdened that it was so easy to find.

The inside of the guild was unexpectedly clean and resembled a Japanese public office. They had sofas, although the ones in the lobby weren’t intended for people with weapons. Because there was a spot marked as a monster area, I left Ruu and  company there and lined up at the reception desk. Even if I wasn’t an adventurer, will they listen to me…

In relatively quick time my turn came. It seemed that this place was to receive quest・ achievement reports, and also a place where they exchanged rewards and stuff.

“Hello, welcome to the Danze island adventurer guild. Would you like to register with the guild?” (Guild receptionist)

“…No, I´m looking for an inn where monsters can stay.” (Tsuchio)

Amazing, she saw through me in an instant, and realized that I was not an adventurer. So this is the ability of a receptionist, eh….

“For how much and how long will you stay?” (Guild receptionist)

“Generally one month in this place and the charge should be cheap.” (Tsuchio)

“Do you not have enough money?” (Guild receptionist)

“Yes, I intend to make money here.” (Tsuchio)

“Then, by all means sell all the materials to the guild. We’ll buy it at a decent price.” (Guild receptionist)

“Okay. About that inn…” (Tsuchio)

“Well…there is an inn called the Wing Bower of Pegasus in a place when you go straight a bit through the streets to the north, that establishment is an inn exclusively for Tamers. You can reserve your initial lodging for short period of time, and once you save up money you can extend it, how is that?” (Guild receptionist)

“Is it expensive…?” (Tsuchio)

“In exchange, the dishes are delicious and the facilities for familiars are excellent.” (Guild receptionist)

Well, I can’t change Ruu and company into money after all. Won’t I just need to work hard, just as much as the money that I use.

“Then, I think I’ll go there. I am sorry in various ways.” (Tsuchio)

“No, because this is my job after all.” (Guild receptionist)

Well then, should I go to the Wing Bower of Pegasus.


The next day, I fell with my face before the Pegasus Wing pavilion dining room. With this and that I ended up staying at this inn….but the room charge was unexpectedly high. All the money that I got from Kisato-san and the money that I earned by hunting monsters during holidays was spent, and I was able to stay here for just one week. Even though it was quite a lot of money… I still needed three times more as much. More specifically, it’s an amount that an ordinary household would be able to hold out with for an entire month. Perhaps it would have been better if I didn’t try to look cool, and gave Lewin and her sister that money……. Haa, I must do my best for one week.

As said at the tamer inn, you could have a meal with your familiars.  I also learned about it and ate together with Ruu, Rin, and Lime, but like this – we stood out too much. Besides us there were also other tamers eating with their familiars, but there wasn’t a single person accompanied by a dragon class. Most people had monsters that were of the beast type. While receiving glances that looked at us, I finished eating.

“Yaa, older brother for you to have a dragon class aren’t you quite good! Haven’t you already become some famous person since a while ago!” (Tamer)

“Hahaha…” (Tamers)

I was only able to give a bitter smile….

“A lot of good tamers come here, but an adventurer with a dragon class is rare. You should be careful, y’hear.” (Tamer)

“I understand, I will pay attention.” (Tsuchio)

There might be a guy like that fatty. Well now, let’s start with the exploration.

When I went out of town, the forest had already been spread in front of me. The town was surrounded with a stone wall and wooden barrier, it became like mall fortress.

“Hmm, let’s enter the forest first of all. There are a lot of blind spots, so be careful about surprise attacks.” (Tsuchio)

With Rin as vanguard and followed by Ruu at the back, I entered the forest. Well, what kind of monsters will appear?


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  1. “Yaa, older brother for you to have a dragon class aren’t you quite good! Haven’t you already become some famous person since a while ago!”

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