Chapter 130 – Cosplay Convention

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 The next morning, we woke up early and properly ate breakfast.
Costumes, accessories, wigs and etc had been prepared.
The 5 of us went to Odaiba together.

「Seiji-sama, this train feels different from the ones I rode before.」
「This is called monorail.」

「Monorail? Is it different from a train?」
「There isn’t much difference, but there is no driver for this monorail.」
「Come to think of it, there is no coachman.
Is this a golem?」

「Coachman? Golem?
Elena-kun’s words are a little strange sometimes.」

Again, Mai-san tsukkomied keenly……

「That’s because the foreign country’s root words are different from Japan’s.~
It can’t be helped if there’s some strange words.」

「Well, that’s right but……
in case of Elena-kun, rather than words,
it’s like……」

I have to cover it up somehow……

「Ah!  There, I can see it!!」
「Ah, what’s that building!!
Does it float using magic?」

Can it somehow be covered up?

However, all people who saw the building for the first time were astonished without exception.
There was also a big『Saw』stuck on the ground.

We got off the monorail and went to the venue―

The people at the general admission area were forming a frightful line.

「T-, There are so many p-, people!」
「Elena-chan, let’s hold hands so you won’t get lost.」
「Y-, yes.」

Elena was scared.
This is not even comparable to the winter and summer festivals.

「Cosplayers, please form a line over here.」

We lined up according to the staff’s instructions but,
as soon as we lined up, Aya talked about『Magical girl・C』in a loud voice.

A girl, who wears thick glasses and is lined up in front, is frequently looking in our direction.
She must have been trying to pay attention but we’re noisy.

「Aya, you’re bothering the people around.
Tone it down a little.」
「But the surrounding is noisy, unless someone shouts it won’t be heard!」

The girl with thick glasses was once again looking our way but even more frequently.
I should apologize for the time being.

「Sorry that we’re noisy.」
「N-, No……」

Did this girl with thick glasses come alone?
Her energy to participate in such a convention all by herself was amazing.

We have been lining up for 10 minute all told.
Finally, we were able to enter the venue.

But, a sad parting was waiting there.

「A-, Are we going to part with Seiji-sama!?」
「E-, Elena……」

「Obviously Elena-chan, because men and women have separate dressing rooms!」

I saw Elena off, who was forever taken away by Aya.

I have to change clothes quickly as well and not do such a silly thing.

I lonesomely finished changing clothes in the men’s dressing room.
I was going to go to the venue at once but……

Aya has yet to come.

Well, it hardly took time to get dressed since I’m going to cosplay as a mere salesclerk of game arcade.

Since I was free, I decided to look around and see the cosplay of other people.

There are also people who are wearing, how should I say it.. clothes that have a lot of exposure?
I roughly looked around while slightly bending forward.

When I was almost done looking around, I found something in the crowd. What on earth could it be?

『What the heck is this, it’s beyond perfect!』

『Isn’t that girl the lolita Ran-chan of episode 6!?
Yes, lolita, no touch!』

『A-, Apure-chan, moe~!!
She’s cuter than in the anime!!!』

『Sygil-chan is also perfect as well……
Sygil-chan, who is supposed to be a cool beauty,
is panting while looking at the girls around.
Has she been brainwashed by・・【Bug monster man】?』

『C-chan is also cute but……
she seems to be a bit bad-natured compared to the anime.』

Speaking of the『Magical girl・C』who has bad-natured personality……
it seems to be Aya and the others.

「Excuse me. Let me through please.」

I push my way though the crowd, trying to join Aya and the others but I can’t get close easily because there are so many people.
Notwithstanding, I keep on pushing my way through the crowd and somehow advance.

Uwa, who is that? Someone touched my butt!

Whilst overcoming various troubles, I finally arrived to where Aya and the others are.

「Ah, Seiji-sama.」
「Ah, you’ve finally come, oniichan. You’re late.」

「I came here first, I was looking around in various places.」
「Is that so? I was worried.」

When I said so,
Elena was going to embrace me.

「Elena, wait a moment.」
「What happened, Seiji-sama?」

Doing it would be bad in front of so many people to see.

『What’s that guy?』
『Oh, that’s, the salesclerk of the game arcade……
What is his name again?』
『It’s simple guy or something like that. He’s a bit of an ossan.』

The people around us were making various talks.
Or rather, I’ve heard everything!

「Because we are now the characters of『Magical・C』, we must completely become them.」
「That’s so, isn’t it? I understand.」

I somehow managed to convince Elena and sort of avoided the worst-case scenario.

Afterwards, the four people struck a variety of poses whilst the surrounding people took pictures one after another.
Speaking of myself, I just did nothing but this or that odd jobs like a manager-san.

After a while, the surrounding people calmed down but.

That fellow suddenly appeared!

「I found you, Magical girl C!
Coming across me here is nothing but your bad luck! Be prepared!!」

Who has appeared!?

It was an unknown woman.

「Who are you?」
「Seiji-sama, that’s『Magical girl・C』’s rival character,『Ringo-chan』.」

There is such a character as well, huh.

「Sorry for popping in on you unannounced.」

Oh, back to normal.

「To be also wearing characters of the same work, can I join you guys?」

「Good good!
I’m Maruyama Aya. Best regards.」
「I’m called Ringo.
My real name is also『Ringo』. Nice to meet you.」

Thus, with the addition of the rival,『Ringo-chan』,
the cosplay convention continued peacefully.

But, I feel like I’ve seen seen this Ringo-chan somewhere before……
where have I seen her before?

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