Chapter 132 – Dangerous man

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 Who the hell are you!!?

When I approached and saw his face―

「Ah, Maruyama-san’s oniisan, sorry to bother you.」
「Y-, You are!?
The shopping district’s sweet shop’s……(Innocent-faced-kun)」

「I remembered that Elena would definitely come here,
so I brought Japanese sweets for her.」

Just like a stalker.

「Welcome back, Seiji-sama.
The Japanese sweets are so sweet.~」

The girls said sweet, sweet, Japanese sweets in sweet voices. 

Aya and Elena ate heartily,
and Yurie-san and Ringo-san were worried about calories and didn’t each too much.
Somehow or another, Mai-san seemed to dislike sweet things.

「Ah, errr… Elena-san,
C-, Can I take a picture of you?」
「Yes, sure.」

Innocent-faced-kun took a photo of Elena with trembling hands.

「With this, I can report it to everyone.」

N?  Report?

「What are you going to report?」
「Ah, no, it’s nothing.」

What can it be? Is he hiding something?

「Well then, I’m going back because we have a store around here.」
He said and left.

Umu, something’s bothering me……
Well, I guess it’s fine since there’s no sign that he’s plotting something bad.

But, I discovered someone who was indicated with『caution』from the direction that fellow has gone to.

What!? Did innocent-faced-kun suddenly awakened ill intent whilst returning?
Or so I thought but it was different.
It was a different person.

It was a guy with hair dyed brown and nose piercing.
Is it some kind of cosplay?

That person is looking around for someone restlessly.

I have a bad feeling.
I snuck behind that person unnoticed,
and attached『Tracking beacon』to him.

That person just went to another place to look for someone.

What could that person probably be.
Somehow or another, the『expression of his eyes』was strange.

Like those who were being manipulated.~
No, it was different. It was probably be due to a『dangerous drug』.
It had a dangerous『look』kind of expression.

「Aya-chan’s oniisan, is something wrong?」

When I turned around, Ringo-san was there.

「No, nothing really.」

「Leaving that aside, I heard it from Elena-chan but,
is it true that oniisan was the one who made those accessories and batons?」
「Eh, ah, that’s right.」

「Amazing! How did you make those elaborate accessories?
If it’s fine, could you tell me?」

Umu, troublesome.
Even if I were to say that I made them using magic, you wouldn’t believe it……

「Well, I made them using magic.」
「Waa, is that so?……」

Ringo-san, please don’t look with such scornful eyes. orz

「Sorry, it was a joke.」
「No, it’s me who should apologize,
it’s sort of a trade secret or something like, isn’t it?」
「Y-, You could say that.」

「Still, it’s regrettable.~
I wanted to try and make such accessories as well.」

「Ringo-san, are you interested in accessory making?」
「I’m attending a vocational school for design,
I want to work and design accessories in the future.」

To plan for the future, how dependable.
Aya could learn a thing or two from her.1

「Oh, that’s right. Would you like me to craft for you?」
「N?  But……」

「If Ringo-san has a design,
I can make it just like that, you know?」
「R-, Really?」

Well, it’s a walk in the park with magic.

Like this,
a 30-year-old DT2 exchanged email-addresses with a vocational school student―

「Aaah! Oniichan is picking up Ringo-chan!」

Aya came in between while saying those scandalous words.

「I’m not picking up girls, we just exchanged email-addresses.」
「Isn’t that what picking up girls is?」

That’s absurd.
Ringo-san is also laughing?……

「If you want to contact Ringo-chan, you have to go through me, Ringo-chan’s manager.」
「Since when did you become Ringo-san’s manager.」
「Just now!!」

「Then Aya, let’s exchange email-address.」

Ringo-san exchanged email-address with Aya.
Her eyes met mine during the exchange of email-address and she smiled wryly.

Aya and Ringo-san’s exchanging of email-adds was over―

Exactly at that time!


Along with a darkish voice, someone grabbed Ringo-san’s arms.


Before the surprised Ringo-san……

is the nose-pierced man from a little while ago,
with a dangerous look and a grin floated on his face.

「Who’s this man!!?
Although you have me, you’re happily conversing with another man!
Even if you have that sort of disguise, I can recognize you immediately!」


But, Ringo-san crouched down on the spot and began to shiver.
It seems to be different.

The 3 people, Aya, Mai-san and I immediately,
broke apart Ringo-san and nose-pierced man.
Aya brushed off the hand of the man that was holding Ringo-san’s arm.

「What’s you’re intention?」

Nose-pierced man, whilst rubbing the hand that had been brushed off,
scowled at us.

「Ringo-san, do you know this guy?」
「N-, No, t-, that’s not it.
T-, That person, is a stalker!」

I see, it’s that kind of thing, huh.

「But, it’s dangerous everyone.
That person is a black belt in karate, he’s very strong.」

「A black belt in karate, huh……
Well then, it’s my turn.」

When she said so, Mai-san took a stepped forward.

「It’s dangerous!
He’s a dangerous person who inconsiderately uses violence even against a『small child』!」

Apparently, Ringo-san thought that Mai-san is a『small child』. Well, it’s understandable.

Mai-san slowly took a karate stance,
nose-pierced man, whilst grinning, took a karate stance as well.

The surrounding gallery had been gathered as well―

Somehow or another, they seemed to misunderstand it for a performance that was about to start and broke out in cheers.

The showdown of『Magical girl(Loli)』and,
『Monster man・Nose-pierced man』,
was about to begin!

Translator notes and reference:

1Took the liberty, lit. take a lesson from her.↩
2DT = Doutei = Male virgin/virginity↩

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