Chapter 133 – Yurie-san!

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 The gong of『Magical girl (Loli)』and,
『Monster man・Nose-pierced man』’s showdown,
had just been struck.

『Nose-pierced』was still grinning, the next instant―
he attacked with a considerably fast『Punch』aimed at『Loli magical girl』’s face.

Loli magical girl casually warded off Nose-pierced’s punch with her left hand.
And with a flowing-like defensive body movement, her left hand slipped into her chest;
a backfist towards Nose-pierced’s face……

Hm, is that?

Mai-san stopped the backfist just before it hit.

You don’t need to perform sundome1 to such opponent.

Nose-pierced, who had a sundome performed on him, flew into a rage and attacked once more.
Loli magical girl dodged all such attacks,
and each of her counterattacks stopped just before the impact.

But, notwithstanding that her appearance is a magical girl, it seems like we are watching a karate match.
The gallery will be very angry to see a fight inappropriate to a magical girl as well.

When I was worrying about it and looked at everyone in the gallery……

They were overjoyed.


『Did you see it just now?
That’s the reproduction of the episode 1’s fighting scene!』
『Oh, I saw it as well,
But, those people are amazing to perform a live reproduction of the anime’s fighting scenes!』

Somehow or another, the anime seems to have such fight……

But, how?

There’s no doubt that Mai-san knows the fighting scene since she watched『Magical girl・C』’s DVD but,
why is Nose-pierced cooperate in fighting the same as in the anime?

I carefully observed the battle of the two people and found out the reason.

Mai-san is deliberately making openings, luring in the opponent to attack.

Nose-pierced is making use of the openings to attack Mai-san,
but has been dancing in Mai-san’s palm in reverse.

The gallery is overjoyed and break out in applause.
Nose-pierced doesn’t seem to like it and get more and more furious.
With Loli magical girl performing sundome, it rubs the man the wrong way as his karate is being played with.

Nose-pierced finally flipped out,
and took out a hidden knife.

The gallery also begun to make a commotion,
and Mai-san shows a tense expression as well.

It’s bad indeed.
I cast【Slow】to Nose-pierced and【Quick】to Mai-san.

Did Mai-san guess that a spell was cast on her?
Although her body twitched a little,
she didn’t take her eyes off of Nose-pierced.

Under the【Slow】, Nose-pierced tried to thrust the knife out at slow speed.

Mai-san kicks the hand that held the thrust out knife.

But, Mai-san had an expression of『Shit』.

With the kick’s force, the knife slipped out of Nose-pierced’s grip and flew into the wrong direction.

I quickly moved to where it would fall,
and caught the fallen knife.


When I took a breath and returned my gaze―

The whole gallery is looking at me.

Eek! Why is everyone looking at me!?
Did they think that the knife catching is part of the performance?

But, what should I do?
I have to do some performance here……

What kind of character I’m cosplaying again?
If it’s this sort of thing, I should’ve watch the anime carefully.

As much as I can tell……
It should be a character good at magic.

I made gestures of the sensation『I’m going to cast magic now~』with clumsy hand movements and―
put the knife away in the inventory despite looking it unnatural.

It seemed to have disappeared using magic?
When I made a『I don’t have anything in hand』-like gesture―

A thunderous applause arose from the gallery.

『That’s the reproduction of episode 7’s magic?』
『Though the hand movements were amateur-ish, how did it disappear!?』

Although it was a vague recollection, it seemed to have been similar to the story.
The gallery’s gaze went back to Loli magical girl away from me.
It was good that I was able to cover it up somehow.

But, Nose-pierced didn’t find it amusing.

His proud karate had been played with,
and his trump card of a knife had also been taken away.

Nose-pierced became desperate,
and forcibly took the ominous, pitch-black, fake sword of the unlucky net game’s knight cosplayer nearby.
He tried to hurl it towards Loli magical girl.

However, the fake sword’s weight had a poor balance contrary to its appearance,
Nose-pierced’s hand, which held the sword, shook with *gura*,
and the sword slipped out of his grasp and flew.

Since the sword flew as it shook,
let’s call it shaking flying sword2.

When I’m thinking such a foolish thing―


I heard a scream coming from behind.

When I looked back, the shaking flying sword was flying towards Yurie-san.
Bad, as it is, it would hit Yurie-san.

I kicked the ground with Earth magic and move through the wind using Wind magic,
and barely caught the shaking flying sword which almost hit Yurie-san.

Simultaneously, a shock ran through my body.

When I tried thinking what it was, Aya had come and bumped into me.
It seemed Aya also leaped and tried to help Yurie-san.

「It’s fine, I caught it.」

I told Aya who buried her face in my chest―

「I’m so glad.」

Aya looked upward with a relieved expression on her face whilst hugging me.


When I turned around at Yurie-san’s voice,
she seemed to have had fallen on her butt in surprise and had been rubbing her painful buttocks.

「Are you okay?」
「My butt has been cracked a little.」

It will be alright if she can joke this much.

「Your butt is cracked!?
I-, It’s terrible!!」

It was Elena who rushed here.

Elena didn’t seem to get Yurie-san’s joke,
and began to frantically stoke Yurie-san’s butt.

「Iyaan, Elena-chan you ecchi❤!」

But, Elena didn’t stop stroking Yurie-san’s buttocks.

「It’s no good, Elena-chan……
Even though everyone is watching.~❤」

But, when the hand that was stroking for a while stopped at a certain place―

Somehow, there’s a tingling sensation on my butt!
What’s this! I-, It feels good❤!!」

Together with Yurie-san’s shrill cry, finally, the recovery magic・・・・seemed to have been finished,
when Elena released her hand from Yurie-san’s butt―

「Elena-chan, more.~❤」

Yurie-san clung to Elena, swaying her butt.

Well, Yurie-san will be fine now.
From the start, her head doesn’t seem to be fine but……

when I breathed a sigh of relief……

a violent aura suddenly wrapped up the surroundings.

When I tried to look for what it was,
Mai-san, who had an angry expression, took an imposing stance.

Translator notes and reference:

1Lit. means ‘stopping the moment before’, it’s also a major concept in karate where the techniques are stopped just prior to contact (three centimeters).↩
2Not sure if there’s a wordplay or something here, the raw text is グラっ飛んソード(Guratton Sōdo), Gura = Shaking, Ton/Tonde = Fly but IIRC there’s a グラットンソードGuratton Sōdo(Gluttony Sword) in FFXI.↩

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