Chapter 134 – Exploding fist

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 When I tried to look for what it was,
Mai-san, who had an angry expression, took an imposing stance.

「How dare you hurt Yurie!!」

It seems, she is angry with『Nose-pierced』but……
isn’t the reason why Yurie-san got hurt because she fell?
The Yurie-san in question, who had her butt stroked by Elena, is happy.

Nose-pierced was puzzled over the situation he wasn’t expecting and began to grin when he saw that Mai-san got angry.

He was very much unable to stomach that he was being dealt with calmly until now.

Nose-pierced provoked Mai-san by sticking out his tongue. Are you a child!?
Or, should I say, if they fight seriously under the current situation with the【Slow】and【Quick】, he might get killed by Mai-san.

Mai-san took the provocation and broke into a run towards Nose-pierced.

Dangerous, someone will die.


Flesh and body clashed, producing an intense sound.
Nose-pierced moved about 3 steps back and fell on his butt.

「Why did you stop me!?」

I, who came in between them, stopped Mai-san’s fist.

「No, no. Are you going to kill that fellow!?」
「That fellow hurt Yurie!」

「Calm down, Yurie-san is fine.
It was a pratfall,
but she was happy because Elena stroked her butt.」
「B-, But.」

Although Mai-san is usually calm, why does she become so hot-headed like this about Yurie’s incident?

「Yurie-san, are you already fine~?」

When I call out to Yurie-san, who is in a remote location,
Yurie-san smiles and waves her hand.

「Look, Yurie-san is fine.」
「Ah, yes.」
「Did your head cool down?」
「Sorry, I lost my self-control a little.」

Yea, it seems to be fine already.
But, there was someone going to die because of that little lost of self-control?

And, if one were to speak of Nose-pierced……
he was surprised by Mai-san’s punch and couldn’t stand up in fear. He was angry at himself and wildly strike the floor.

「Hey,『Monster man・Nose pierced man』. This『Magical girl Ran of the Fire』-sama will put an end to this so, take this.」

『The catchphrase has comeee!!』

Looking at the excited gallery, it was probably a line from the anime.

『Monster man・Nose-pierced man』held on his last pride and stood up.
He charged towards『Magical girl Ran of the Fire』.

「Take this! Sure kill!!
【Exploding fist】!!!」

『Magical girl Ran of the Fire』, after taking a pointless refined motion, loomed toward『Monster man・Nose-pierced man』and unleashed the【Exploding fist】.

The fist was clad in fire.
It made a sundome just in front of『Monster man・Nose-pierced man』’s face―
The fire exploded, scattering in all direction.

Hm, is that?

How did it produce『Fire』??

Everyone, who were in the place seemed to have the same question,
The surroundings fell silent with the scene.

「「「Unbelievableee!!! It was just like the real『Exploding fist』!!!」」」

With several seconds of delay, thunderous cheers arose from the gallery.

Nose-pierced man takes a pratfall on the spot, his bangs are a little burnt but otherwise he doesn’t seem to be hurt.

「Mai-san, how did you do it?」
「N-, No, I don’t know it myself.」

Umu, there seems to be nothing that caused it.
Does Mai-san possibly acquired Fire magic under the effect of the accessories I’ve made?
*Racks brain* What to do?

「Mai-san, it was dangerous just now, please don’t use it anymore.」
「O-, Oh.」

When I suddenly noticed, nose-pierced man disappeared before anyone knew it.
That fellow escaped!

Oh well, he has tracking beacon on him.

When Mai-san, who defeated the『Monster man・Nose-pierced man』, safely returned to everyone,
Yurie-san embraced Mai-san and lifted her, kissing her on the cheek.

「Geez, Mai-chan got angry for me,
I’m happy~!!」
「Yurie, stop!」

That day,『Magical girl (loli) of the Fire』and『Magical girl Sigil of the Earth』’s XX scene photos scattered across the internet but……
it had been a long time before they became aware of it afterwards……

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37 comments on “Chapter 134 – Exploding fist

  1. Don’t bring a knife to a magical showdown, apparently… And it appears magic is now a communicable disease.

    …actually, that might be a good idea for a story…

    Ahem. Thanks for the chapters! 😉

      • lol. but the problem is that he can only teleport between two worlds…..the other world is probably not going to be much of a problem but the world full of technology is going to be a pain in the a**. Once the governments start a man hunt for him…..there would be nowhere he can hide on earth lol.

        • Actually, he can teleport between locations that he has seen, hence the reason why he has a beacon on a girl who was traveling around the world, to see places to teleport to. Teleporting within the same world has no limit, while teleporting between different worlds is limited to once a day.

        • Umm, are you forgetting that he can also teleport to wherever he or his tracking beacons have been? If the government come after him he can simply teleport himself away, and he’s got beacons on Aya and Elena so he can save them if they’re caught. He’s also got barrier magic that could easily block bullets.

          Plus, he’s had that beacon attached to that tourist for a while now so he can teleport to any number of countries across the world.

      • It just occurred to me: put trace on a low level government employee. When said employee meets with his boss, transfer the trace to him. Continue on up the line, until you reach the top. Wait for your target to be alone, teleport in, instakill, teleport out. Seiji already had all the tools he needs to be the ultimate assassin… 8|

    • at a cosplay convention? too much skepticism from that. Displaying magic at one of those types of conventions is the perfect cover up. Even the government wouldn’t suspect a thing.

  2. I think his magic stones are better than he thought, after all, they provided her with magic, I wonder when they’re going to go with him to the other world? Probably an emergency will happen to someone while he’s in front of them and as he’s getting ready to teleport they touch him asking what’s going on and it’s too late to cancel the teleport so they get dragged along.

  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    What are the chances that the guy will bring back friends for a ‘rematch’?

    • Stories don’t usually do that more than once, the Kingdom already tried to catch and shackle him, even sent assassins, so I’m fairly certain he’s safe from that kind of stuff now.

  4. Thanks for the Chapter 🙂
    Now more ha*ahem* … party members have joined his adventure in the new world ^^

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