Chapter 140 – Suite

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 The long-distance bus that escaped from bus hijacking arrived at Cairo.

When the bus arrived, the passengers got off and scattered in all directions like baby spiders.
What about the police interview?
Well, it would be trouble if we were to be interviewed.
Did the passengers not want to get into trouble too and escaped?

Whilst the driver was contacting someone, we left the bus hurriedly as well.

Nancy regained her consciousness just before we arrived at Cairo but she didn’t know about the bus hijacking since she fainted.
Well, let’s leave it alone since I’ll only be troubled if she inquired persistently.


 We had come in front of the US Embassy.

「I managed to get here somehow or another. Thank you, Seiji.」
「Well then, we’re just going to be around here.
Be careful from now on.」

When I said so and tried to leave,

「N?  Is something wrong?」

「Well, uhm,
that’s right, let’s eat together. I’ll treat you to dinner as thanks.」
「Ah, I don’t mind. Where are we going to meet?
How long will the legal process take at the embassy?」

「Well, I honestly don’t know.
Tell me your email so I’ll contact you when it is over.」

Email, huh. It’s worrying~

Why am I worrying like this, you ask?
Although I have my smartphone, it can’t be used in Egypt.

Why? Because it didn’t go through the procedures for overseas use.
I’m supposed to be in Japan,
however, if I use it willfully without going through the procedure for overseas use, the smartphone will be mistaken as stolen.
Credit cards and the like aren’t usable for the same reason as well.

Since it can’t be helped, I gave Nancy the address of my free mail.

「Why is it free mail?」
「My smartphone is broken……」

「Well, Okay.
Then, I’ll email you when the procedure is done.」

Nancy said so and went inside the embassy.

After seeing Nancy off, we returned to Japan.


 It was 1:00 at night in Japan.

「Well, though it’s such a time, I’m not that sleepy since I’ve taken a nap.」
「Me too.」

Alone with Elena in the middle of the night……

I tinkered with a certain thing in front of Elena.

「It’s ‘gunyu gunyu’-ing, is it soft?」
「It’s not such a thing, would you like to try and touch it?」

Elena tried to touch it fearfully.

「Oh, it’s very hard.」

Elena grabbed it with both hands affectionately. She stared at it fascinatingly and kissed it.

「What are you doing, Elena!?
It’s dirty.」
「One of Seiji-sama’s thing can’t possibly be dirty.」

Well, I think it’s alright since I’ve decomposed it once……

Right! I,
was decomposing silver coins, turning them into silver accessories.

Good grief, there’s no need to kiss it just because you like Ringo-san’s accessory design.

「Seiji-sama, can I try to put this on?」
「I’m afraid to say but it’s not yet finished, Elena.」

「N!? Is that so?」
「Here, look carefully,
there’s no metal pin for holding the hair, right?」

「How are you going to make the metal pins?」
「I don’t know either, let’s try ask Ringo-san next time.」

Like this, the requested accessories of the 5 people were made without metal pins to kill time.


 When we teleported to Egypt in response to the summons of the email,
Nancy was waiting in front of the US Embassy.

「Sorry to have kept you waiting.」
「Yo! I was waiting.」

「Then, where are you going to treat us?」
「Look forward to it.」

Led by Nancy, we walked through the night of Cairo.

We were guided by Nancy to a seemingly very high class hotel.

「Is it here, Nancy?」

When I inquired cautiously,

「The people in the embassy showed consideration for my situation and made a reservation here.」
「I-, I see.」

We were shown to a room……

「Nancy, wait.
What’s this room?」
「Iyaa, it’s a luxury room.」

Iyaa, this is not in the level of luxury anymore.

This is probably at the top floor.
As it is now, it feels like it has a layout of a large house than a room,
it can hold parties in the living room, there are also 3 bedrooms,
and the view from the window is great as well, you can get a bird’s-eye view of Cairo’s cityscape.

「Seiji-sama, I can see some big buildings in the distance.」

When I looked at where Elena was pointing―

an illuminated pyramid can be seen in the distance.

「P-, Pyramid!」
「It’s really a wonderful view, right?」

Nancy also came to my side and enjoyed the view.

When we were enjoying the view for a while―
the doorbell rang and the dinner has been carried inside.

Various dished lined up,
During dinner, we smacked our lips whilst looking at the pyramid.

Because Nancy and I were having wine,
Elena was looking at us enviously.

「Would you like to drink too, Elena?」

Nancy got drunk and jokingly offered a wine to Elena.
Elena didn’t understand what Nancy had said in English, she thought it was juice and drunk the wine.

「Ah!  What are you doing!?」
「S-, Sorry, I was just joking.」
「Elena, are you alright?」

「S-, Seiji-sama, this juice ins delicisou.」

Elena was smiling cheekily with a bright red face and drowsy eyes.

This is dangerous!
Particularly, it’s more dangerous to my reasoning power.

I nursed Elena, who had become a little strange, with utmost effort.

It was Nancy who attacked this time.

「Why can’t I drink my wine!?」
「Wait, Nancy. You’ve drink too much.」

When I keep Nancy company―

「Seiji-sama, a drink for me too pwease.」

Elena strikes from the opposite side as well.

How did this happen!?

The two people had me serve wine to drink alternately.
The night of the sumptuous feast grew late……

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  1. Lol dam I wish Elena didn’t go with them. It would had been a longer and interesting date..hehe. But I don’t like the idea he said Elena full Japanese to Nancy. Should had said foreigner instead since isn’t Nancy from overseas too and doesn’t look Japanese?

    • He didn’t say foreigner because that would open the question as to what country she’s from. Because Nancy first showed she thought Elena was from Japan, Seiji rolled with it so as not to unnecessarily paint himself into a corner. Nancy has traveled the world, after all, so he would risk getting caught in his lie.

  2. 「What are you doing, Elena!?
    It’s dirty.」
    「One of Seiji-sama’s thing can’t possibly be dirty.」
    ^ This line + My Dirty mind = _________ XD

    Thanks for the Chapter 🙂

  3. ┏━━┓┏┓┏┓ ../¯¯¯¯\.. ┏┓ ┏┓┏┓ ┏┓┏━━┓
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