Chapter 142 – I forgot

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 Inside the King’s room of the pyramid, I put a tracking beacon on the bat,
however, the bat went into the vent, disappearing from sight.

When I check the beacon’s video, it is advancing through the vent slowly and unsteadily.

「Seiji, what are you doing standing there absentmindedly?」

Nancy called out to me anxiously.

「Ah, no, because the bat from a little while ago went into the hole, I think it’s fine now.~」
「Though it was the long-awaited pyramid, you were still worrying about such a thing?」

「That reminds me, I’ve heard a『proverb』like this in Japan.」

「N?  What『proverb』?」

「The bat or me, which is important?」

It’s not a proverb!

Well, there’s no use in saying it.

「Isn’t it decided that Nancy is more important?」

Then I patted Nancy’s head.

「If that’s the case then good.」

Nancy bloomed into a smile and hit my back.

It hurts, Nancy.
I’m completely no match for Nancy.

Then, I confirmed on the map that the bat didn’t move after that.
The 3 of us had plenty of fun and were satisfied with the pyramid tour.

「The pyramid was fun. It was like a dungeon.」
「Have you been in a dungeon, Elena.」
「No, I haven’t.」

Come to think of it, there is a dungeon called『Tower of sunrise』in Ikebu town, let’s try to go next time.

We put off the pyramid tour and have a lunch at a cozy restaurant.

「Iyaa, although travelling alone is fine, it’s also fun to go sightseeing with friends like this.」
「Is Nancy travelling alone all the time?
Amazing.~ I can’t do that at all.」

「Well, I was also quite nervous in the beginning, I just started travelling when I met Seiji in Japan,
and I was really saved by Seiji who treated me kindly.」
「Is that so, I’m glad to be of help that time.」

「And then, I’ve been helped by Seiji again, this time in Egypt……
How should I say it, um…… it’s fate……」

「Ah, it’s not it after all.」
「What is it, don’t stop talking halfway, I’m interested.」

「Ah, um……
Ah!  That reminds me!
Wasn’t your sister together with you when you first helped me?
What happened to that girl?」



「……I-, I forgot (Sweating profusely)」
「Y-, You forgot!!?
Did you perhaps leave her behind in the first town!!?」

「That’s not it, that’s not it! She’s just gone off on her own.」
「What, I was frightened.」

Since it’s now 12:00 at noon in Egypt,
it’s 19:00 in Japan.

Aya had returned from Junior College,
all alone……

Well, there was never a time when Aya cried from being lonely (LOL)
but it seemed she will be very angry when we return……

Should I cover my stomach with an iron plate?

「Sorry, Nancy.
We have to go to where Aya is.」
「I see……
it’s lonely but it can’t be helped.」

「If you get into trouble again, contact me,
I’ll fly immediately.」
「Haha, it really seems that you can fly everywhere if you say so, Seiji.」
「Ou, of course!」

「When my tour is over, I’ll go to Japan once again,
ah, but, if Seiji were to come to the United States, contact me and I’ll welcome you as much as I can.」
「Oh, I understand.」

When I hold out a hand in order to shake hands,
Without taking my hand, Nancy……

suddenly came and gave me a hug.
and a kiss on the cheek.
I’ve felt something soft.

My sense had almost run out of control for an instant,
but thanks to Elena, who had her cheeks puffed out, poking my side, I somehow regained my sense.

Nancy had separated from me,
and attacked Elena this time,
giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek too.

Elena also became stiff like me.

「See yah, bye bye.」

Nancy said so and left with a positive state of mind whilst waving her hand.

We were dumbfounded for a while.
Pulling ourselves together, we returned to Japan.


「We’re home.~」

When I said so while taking my shoes off at the door,
Aya attacked with a terrible momentum from the living room.


Aya’s voice was trembling with anger? She was running while shouting.
I quickly grabbed my chance,
from 0 distance, I braced my stomach for a head-butt blow.


As expected, it’s good, that I put, an iron plate, in advance……

The air in my lungs was instantly forced out,
I lost consciousness……

When I came to, I was laying on the sofa in the living room and had Elena casting recovery magic.

「Ah, Seiji-sama, you’re awake.」

Aya stood imposingly a bit further away from me,
full of anger? She glared at me with bright red eyes.

「You’re terrible, oniichan!
Without any message, you didn’t return home.
I’m not…… lonely,
what the heck did you do, leaving out in the cold!」


What will happen afterwards seem to be scary if I don’t speak honestly here.

「We took Nancy to Cairo,
but we were attacked by bus hijacking en route.」
「Bus hijacking!?」

「It’s fine since I knocked them down.」
「Well, it’s fine since it’s oniichan.」

「After that, when we arrived in Cairo, we temporarily returned to Japan and because it was 1 o’clock in the evening in Japan, you were sleeping so I didn’t wake you up, Aya.」
「Well, it can’t be helped if it’s 1 o’clock.」

「And then we were invited by Nancy to eat dinner in a luxurious hotel.」
「D-, Dinner!?」

「She offered us a high class wine, we got drunk in a gulp and when I woke up, it was morning.」

「After that, we went to tour the pyramid.」
「P-, Pyramid!!!?」

「And returned home.」

「What is it, Aya?」
「Die a 100 timessss!!」

Aya’s anger seemed to reach ecstasy somehow or another,
I took Aya’s various attacks and―

once again lost consciousness.

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Out of all the girls, his sister Aya is the violent tsundere. Just hope Elena isn’t the yandere.

  2. ┏━━┓┏┓┏┓ ../¯¯¯¯\.. ┏┓ ┏┓┏┓ ┏┓┏━━┓
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  3. thanks for the chapter~
    tsundere imouto…if I had a sister like Aya, I’d probably bully her or at least stay away.

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