Chapter 143 – Pitch black room

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Take me to the pyramid too!!」

Aya has forced a request to me, who is still laying on the sofa with Elena casting recovery magic.
I’ve heard a threat that if I don’t listen to what she says, she’ll beat the shit out of me again.

「It’s terrible since we have to line up early in the morning for the pyramid’s admission ticket, right?」
「Such oniichan standing in line.」
「It’s no good since the people has to line up.」
「That kind of thing.~」

「Furthermore, it was dangerous because there was a dangerous bat in the pyramid.」
「Dangerous bat? What’s that?」

「There was a bat infected with a virus of a certain hemorrhagic fever.」
「You should’ve killed that sort of thing.
How many were there?」

「How many? No, it’s only 1.」
「1? ……Isn’t that strange?」

「Where did that bat catch the virus from?」

「Come to think of it, that’s right,
for the time being, would you like to watch the video?」

I projected the video of the tracking beacon attached to the bat……

「Oniichan, it’s pitch black.」
「Umu, it seems to be in a considerably dark place. What to do.」


The reminds me, I have a magic called【Night vision】of Darkness magic.
Can’t the【Night vision】make a correction to the video of the tracking beacon?

「【Night vision】!」

As I use the magic, the video of the tracking beacon also started to look like a night-vision scope.

「Ah, it became visible!
What did you do oniichan?」
「It’s Darkness magic.」
「Darkness magic, huh. Good.~」

The projected video seemed to be inside a room somewhere.

「Oniichan, could this place possibly be……
a room which hasn’t been discovered yet?」
「It may be so.」

The room seemed to have similar feeling to the king’s room.
there was a stone coffin similar to the king’s room,
and the coffin’s lid remained tightly closed.

「That coffin is closed oniichan.
Doesn’t it contain treasure inside?」
「It’s a mummy for sure.」

Elena was scared and clung to me.
There there, I patted her head.

「Let’s lift the lid open, oniichan. I want to see the mummy.」
「It’s no good, Aya!」
「Elena is right,
since it’s a historic object, we mustn’t open it out of curiosity.」

「Saying such a thing, are you scared, oniichan?」
「Ko ko ko, I’m not scared.」

When we were having such talk, there was a movement in the video.


The bat which hung from the ceiling fell to the floor.


Then, the bat in the video,
died quietly whilst being watch by us.

『Since the tracking target died, the tracking beacon will be removed.』

When I heard such an announcement,
the video disappeared.

Did it become like this because it died when being watched!?

「Oniichan, the video has disappeared,
what happened?」
「The bat seems to have died.」
「It died!?」

Did Elena want to heal the bat?
Such a gentle lady.

「Nee, oniichan.
Is it possible to re-watch the video we were watching a little while ago?」
「Yes, it’s possible. Is something wrong?」

「Un, I might be mistaken but……
I have a hunch that a strange thing was displayed……」
「Strange thing?
Oh well, let’s watch it again and see.」

When I projected the video recording of when the bat fell,

「Hold it, oniichan!」

Aya said so and I paused the video……

Towards the depths of the room, something is visible……

「Something is displayed (on the screen). What is it?」

When I look carefully, it was……
it was a human face!

「A-, A person!!!

Elena shivers.

But, why is there a person at such place?

「Oniichan, try playing it once again.」
「O-, Ou.」

When I played the video several times as Aya said―

「There, hold it, oniichan.」
「Ah, that’s right, doesn’t the color look a little like gold?」
「In other words, this is……」

「「A golden mask!」」

Aya and my voice were in harmony.

Is the golden mask a decoration on the wall?

It’s usually placed inside the coffin, but,
why is it decorated on the wall?

「Let’s go over there and take it, oniichan.」
「It’s still no good.」

「Is oniichan not interested?」
「Interested but……」

Aya is looking at me with her eyes shining,
while Elena is looking at me anxiously.

「Well, let’s just check it out, okay?」
「Go for it, oniichan!」
「It’s dangerous, Seiji-sama!」

Elena is worried about the disease.~

「It’s fine since a monster will not appear.
I’ll be back quickly.」

I put on my shoes at the door,
and while being seen off by Aya and Elena,
I used【Teleportation】to the mysterious room of the pyramid.

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