Chapter 145 – Disease attack

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 Vol. 9 – Stalker

The next morning,
I’ve contracted a disease.


Lest she get infected, Aya was told not to enter the room.
Outside the door, she was shouting something.

「Seiji-sama, are you alright?」
「I’m sorry for troubling you every time, Elena.~
But since it’s contagious, it’s enough already.」

To nurse my illness, Elena had stayed by my side.
What a kind-hearted lady.

「It’s fine, Seiji-sama. A person, who has acquired recovery magic, will become less prone to diseases.」
「Is that so?」

To think that there’s such an effect in acquiring magic.
I want to immediately acquire recovery magic.


「Ah, that’s enough! You’ve been so noisy since a little while ago, Aya!
You’re making a big deal out of me having caught a cold.」

「Tell Aya that I’m going to be fine, Elena.」
「Okay, I understand.」

Thanks to Elena comforting Aya, it has finally become quiet.
I can finally sleep quietly.
If I sleep soundly, I’ll immediately recover from the cold.
The【Appraisal】have become『Abnormal condition: Cold』but there seems to be no problem.

I put myself to sleep using【Sleep】magic.


After a while,
I’ve woken up to an indescribable bad premonition.

And, just then, Elena entered the room.

「Have you woken up, Seiji-sama?」

Elena seems to have carried a tray with something on it.

However, that something on top of the tray,
was emitting a strange eerie atmosphere……

「T-, That is?」
「It’s uhh… it’s a dish, for Seiji-sama, made by Aya-san……」

Elena showed me what’s on the tray……

It had a frightening color and,
furthermore, it was giving off an offensive smell.

I had experienced the greatest crisis of life,
the way to retreat had already been blocked.

Aya is watching the situation from the gap of the room’s door.

Whilst preparing myself for death, I ate it.


I forcibly poured all of that hideous something into my stomach,
I continued to desperately hold the reflux with all my might.

「S-, Seiji-sama, are you alright?」
「……I’m going to sleep because I’m full.」

Leaving those words behind,
I went to sleep.


 When I woke up, it was early in the afternoon.

Voices can be heard coming from the living room.
Did someone come?

I looked through the tracking beacon’s video.

『Sorry for coming when your oniichan is sick.』

The visitor was Ringo-san.
Did she possibly come to consult about the stalker?

『It’s fine since oniichan ate the porridge I’ve made. He’s now sleeping soundly.』

Was that a『Porridge』?
I’m sure…… no, it’s nothing.

The 3 girls talked happily but I gradually got bored watching.

That reminds me, how is that dangerous-looking nose-pierced man stalker doing?
I tried to check the video of the tracking beacon attached to the stalker.

The front of my house was displayed on the video.

Nose-pierced man leaned towards the door of my house, watching the happenings inside.

G-, Gross! So gross!!
And dangerous! Too dangerous!!

I made a call to Aya with my smartphone placed on the bedside.

「Huh? What’s wrong, oniichan?」
「Listen carefully, Aya.
Don’t let anyone go out of the house until I say that it’s good.」

「N?  What do you mean?
Ringo-chan has come to play right now.」
「Don’t let Ringo-san go out of the house too.」

「N!!? What do you mean?」

「Listen carefully so that Ringo-san doesn’t notice.」
「O-, Okay.」

「The stalker who appeared in the cosplay convention,
is in front of the house right now.」

『What happened, Aya-chan?』

「Look! Don’t let Ringo-san know about it!」
「I-, Is that so.」

「Since the stalker bastard shows no sign of moving, let Ringo-san stay for a while.」
「Shall I get rid of such a thing?」

「You’ll die.」
「How so?」

「You don’t know how dangerous that guys is.
That guy is like those fellow injecting dangerous drug on themselves.
You don’t know what to do.」
「S-, Seriously!?」

「If you understand then tell it carefully to Ringo-san.」
「O-, Ok.」

Now, will Aya be able to tell it well?

Aya, who had finished a call with me, talked to Ringo-san again.

「Ringo-san, stay here for today.」
「Though it was particularly fine, what was that phone call a little while ago?」

「Uhh… It’s oniichan,
he said the if Ringo-san goes home, he’ll die from loneliness……」


「N!? Your oniichan!?」

Ringo-san too swallowed that story!

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    he said the if Ringo-san goes home, he’ll die from loneliness……」
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