Chapter 148 – Vs. Stalker man

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 After my cold had been completely cured and Elena was put to sleep,
the stalker man had arrived at Ringo-san’s house when I looked at his situation.

Ringo-san’s house is on the fifth floor of the apartment but,
the man have made that gross move again, trying to peek inside.

Furthermore, he continued to loiter around for hours without getting tired.
The spirit of an stalker couldn’t be understood by ordinary people.

Aya and Ringo-san had finished shopping,
and were eating a huge parfait in a coffee shop.
A girl’s stomach couldn’t be understood by men.

It was only about 3 minutes when I took my eyes off of the stalker man,
however, when I looked at the stalker man after 3 minutes,
that fellow―

was inside Ringo-san’s room.


Since when did he manage to sneak in!?


Ringo-san’s room have been trampled down by stalker man.

I firmly endured the feeling of charging in at once and made a call to Aya.

「What’s the matter, oniichan?」
「Listen carefully,
the stalker man broke into Ringo-san’s room.」

『What’s wrong, Aya-chan?』

On the other side of the phone is the anxious Ringo-san.

『Nothing, don’t worry Ringo-chan. It ‘s fine.』

「Then, what will you do, oniichan?」
「Borrow the key from Ringo-san and come over here by yourself.」

「Why in the world will you do such a troublesome thing?
If it’s oniichan, despite appearances, will be able to get in, right?」
「Because there will be a need to explain it to the police this time, we need to avoid using magic if possible.」

「Yes, I understand. I’ll try to ask Ringo-chan.」

『Nee, Ringo-chan.』
『What’s wrong, Aya-chan? You look grim.』

『Please lend me the key to your room, Ringo-chan.』
『What do you mean?』

Stupid Aya, it was probably too fast of a straight ball pitch.

『Is the stalker inside my room by any chance!?』

Aya, who was at a loss for a while,
quietly nodded.

Why did you nod?

『Please stay here, Ringo-chan. Because oniichan and I will do something.』
『I refuse!』

『I will go as well!』

Aya and Ringo-san glared at each other for a while.

『I understand, let’s go together.』

Idiot, Aya! Why are you going to bring her!!?

「Oi, Aya, what are you trying to do?」

「The two of us will go to the police station and bring along a policeman.
Will that be fine?」

「Okay, just hurry up because I’m going to stand watch in front of the room.」

I used【Teleportation】to go in front of Ringo-san’s house and waited for the two people.

After a while, Aya and Ringo-san came over with a policeman.

「It’s this room.」
「Lend me the key.」

The policeman borrowed the key from Ringo-san, opened the door and cautiously entered inside.

What the, the man was in the middle of drug injection inside Ringo-san’s room.

「You! What are you doing in a place like this!」

When the policeman spoke,
the man grinned with unfocused eyes―

and abruptly rushed on the policeman.

As one would expect of a policeman,
the man’s left hand was squeezed to the utmost towards his back.

Did he do it?

The man, in spite of his left hand being squeezed to the utmost,
tried to stand up forcibly.

「Hey, stand down!」

The man’s left hand is making unpleasant sound with *crunch crunch*.

The man finally managed to stand up at the expense of his left hand,
and threw the policeman to the side.

The policeman, who didn’t think that the man would counterattack at the expense of his left hand,
hit the wall and fainted.

The man, who have noticed Ringo-san, raised a strange voice.

Ringo-san also fell onto her rear due to excessive fear.

The man, whilst raising a strange voice,
took out a small hidden knife and held it in reverse grip.

Aiming at Ringo-san who have fallen onto her rear―

he swung the knife down.


An unpleasant sound of a knife piercing through the human flesh can be heard,
and blood splatters around the area.

The man,
roared in joy at the sensation of stabbing a person.

「Aya!  Get Ringo-san into a safe place!!」

「B-, But…… O-, Oniichan……
your hand!」
「Don’t worry about that!  Hurry!」

It hurts!!!

I’ve been planning to not use magic when in Japan and unconsciously caught the knife by hand.

The man’s knife was still piercing my left palm.

*Guri guri* it grinds against my palm! It hurts!!

When the man and I were struggling with each other,
the policeman finally regained consciousness.

「You-, are you okay!?」
「It’s too much, I’m not okay!」

The policeman takes his gun out,

「Put down your weapon. If you don’t stand down, I’ll shoot!」

however, the man doesn’t seem to hear it at all.


The policeman fired a warning shot towards the wall.

The man is still completely unfazed.
Or rather, he’s so stimulated which prevents from hearing the surrounding sounds?

The situation is completely out of control.

I also cast【sleep】magic on the man a little while ago but it didn’t work at all.

Does the magic not work due to the abnormal secretion of adrenaline? It may probably be the effect of the drug.

Ignoring the repeatedly fired warning shots, the man has turned the knife piercing my left hand violently.
Finally, the policeman―

shoots the man with a handgun.

The bullet that the policeman fired hit the man’s thigh.

It seems like it hit badly,
blood flows out of the man’s thigh profusely.

Isn’t this bad?

The man, leaving a hideous laughter with『Kukekeke』, slowly stopped moving.

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