16 comments on “Chapter 167 – Activity plan meeting

  1. ミ /彡   
    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
    /.  []    (´・ω・`)
    (Perfectly viewed on mobile….. probably?)

  2. Thanks for the chapter! 😃

    Hmmm, rather than being upset about Aya abusing Seiji here, I’m going to choose to be thankful that someone can still hold him responsible for his actions.

    Also, poor Hilda… 😏

  3. 「Don’t worry about it.
    Even Aya wet her bed until upper grades of primary school.」
    ^ What to say … The guy never learns … lol

  4. I thought Hilda had other motives for a second there…well I hope she becomes OP soon so she could shock her previous owners. I am really starting to dislike Elena. No personality but mindlessly plain

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