11 comments on “Chapter 175 – Hilda’s handshake event

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  2. since Mai’s gramps was supposed to had conceived the granny in just a single pink night and disappeared after… let’s think of it as a template where Mai’s gramps can be found, or at least clues of him, in the other world.

    thanks for the chapter~~~

  3. ミ /彡   
    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
    /.  []    (´・ω・`)
    (Perfectly viewed on mobile….. probably?)

  4. why does it have to be the world he was summoned to?
    since there is that another world
    doesn’t other world than that exist too?

  5. “I’ve been taken in by Bunmi-san’s cajolery and followed him nonchalantly when―
    we have been surrounded by approximately 300 demonkind soldiers.” My first thought: “Betrayal event?” But no, they just wanted to take candy from a little girl… 🤔

    …hey, wait a sec! 😠

    Lol, thanks for the chapter! 😉

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