8 comments on “Chapter 176 – Demonkind’s town’s ojii-san

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  2. ミ /彡   
    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
    /.  []    (´・ω・`)
    (Perfectly viewed on mobile….. probably?)

  3. “「Calling himself as the Demon Lord, he’s at best a brat compared to the previous Demon Lord. A『toy sword』is enough for such a guy.」” I laughed so hard. 😂

    Thanks for the chapter! 😃

  4. The more i read about the current demonlord, the more i think he’s a chuunibyou acting as a demonlord XD

    Thanks for the Chapter 🙂

  5. “I held the sheathed sword in my left hand.
    I stooped down and placed my right hand on the sword’s handle―
    concentrating on the straw post.
    Body reinforcement, strengthening myself with Space-time magic.
    Firmly rooting my feet,
    Tearing up the wind with Wind magic.”

    Ano… Judgment Cut End?

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