30 comments on “Chapter 196 – Words don’t go through

        • tbh even without her he’d probably still be a spineless idiot, just less so. I don’t think anyone should even read this with the idea of seiji getting together with anyone in a timely manner (talking hundreds of chapters, we’re like 120 or so behind the raw, and I doubt he’s with anyone still)

          • Well to be honest you can’t really blame him. He’s what? 30 or something, while the girls are around 16-19, although they are attractive and seems to care for him, that age difference along with him previous (missing) experience probably makes him subconsciously shut out the possibility of love, though when they were in egypt, things were getting interesting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .

              • That is certainly a valid point. Especially since they are flirting so much lately that it makes you wanna yell “Go explode” or “Just do it!”, because except directly confessing, they are pretty much already a couple. It’s actually kind of strange, because till now we haven’t really seen any reason for Seiji to not have had a proper realtionship before (if you take Aya out of the equation), I mean, he’s a seemingly well functioning member of society, and does not seem to suffer from any kind of social anxiety. Was it even explicitly said that he was an otaku or something?

                • considering his reaction to her watching anime, he probably isn’t an otaku….the author just made him a eunach, or at least partially so, since he clearly has sexual urges, he just acts like a spineless idiot and doesn’t do anything…

                  • I see. To be honest I don’t mind his relationship with Elena right now, though him being oblivious about Lela, and him being pushed around by Aya is annoying. So in that aspect I agree with him being spineless and an idiot, but in regards to Elena, well, it’s tolerable for now at least.

      • blame the bro-con imouto for that. if not for her the harem would already be formed. or at least with Elena.

        also, thanks for the chapter!

    • There’s already 3… no more please.. >->

      Wait.. no… technically there’s more than 3 but there’s only 3 that’s around him always…

      … Guess adding more won’t hurt him.

      • Aya, Hilda, Elena, Rirura (or however translated translated), maybe Mai, maybe other school friend too, maybe some spirits… Many members to choose from.

    • She will be one of heroine soon (or she is one already?) so maybe it’s possible.

      Well, what will happen if she win that’s I wanna know… Will she get the throne as new demon lord?

  1. first of all we already know tat previous demon lord its a muscle brain type
    2nd though mai said wanted a duel becuz searching strong ppl its mostly a lie since her mother also wanted to fight seiji when knew about her daughter defeat, that makes the assumption that not only for partnership but also its their form to recognize the family, i presume thats the reason mai wanted to challenge PDL since she inerithed her strng from his demon side, that will be the reason to not have any doubts

    also we know mai loves her grandmother so i get the feeling this fight its also like giving a piece of her mind to the grandfather that abandoned her grandmother haha

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Talking with fists. I don’t understand language of the fists.

  3. ………..γ ̄ヽ………Thanks!…………
    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..

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