32 comments on “Chapter 211 – Forbidden potions, done!

  1. ………..γ ̄ヽ………Thanks!…………
    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..

  2. Okay no way in hell is Seiji ~30 years old! To not understand that I would put his mental age around 12
    Thanks for the chapters! “D

    • I agree how igonorant do you have to be to not understand, especially as he knows what is happening with those potions he’s been ginving his boss.

  3. 再生 is actually “reproduction/regeneration”, not “revival”.
    u know, like how that guy used the elixir to regenerate his hand that Seiji cut.

  4. Did the author just made Serji dumber because pretty sure at the start of this novel this guy isn’t as naive or as thick as this specially considering he is providing stimulant potion for his boss…

      • Seriously author should just drop this act, this guy learned that the only time his viewing ability failed is when the target person is taking a bath or isn’t fully dress. And this guy is an adult there is no need for him to think like a 5 year old..

        • Come on were talking about seiji here that guy propably has a history as a side character+ age=time without a girlfriend.
          Also dense is the way to go in a r-15 novel

          • It would have been believable if the story started with that, Seiji’s character has been introduce in the early arc. It’s a bit late now to change him to this current character and it is just really stupidly annoying

            • He got a clue once, and the girls decided to beat it, most of his brain cells, and the memory of it out of his head. So, that could be the reason that he seems to be getting dumber or denser.

  5. Why am I beginning to feel that Seiji’s density is intentional? That aside, DEM POTION EFFECTS, MAN!!!

    • Cause the story is rated R-15. They can’t openly talk about masturbation or sexual acts but they can allude to them. This is the main reason why the average MC in Japanese novels/manga/anime have such a high Density Level.

      Doesn’t make me feel better knowing this however.

      Blame the Rating System.

  6. Thanks for the chapter!
    Seiji….when I thought that you finally graduated from being super dense MC…
    you betray my expectation….(-_- |||)

  7. Seiji….you…dense MOTHERF***ER!
    sigh…he really should start dating the woman though, she’s showing such clear interest

  8. Umu, an action which raises up the heart rate in the middle of the night and it seems to be a violation to the【privacy policy】……
    Haha, yes, I understand!
    That being the case, that fellow, Lela……
    She must have been training, most likely in her underpants.
    Such things as push-ups, sit-ups, squats……
    ^ Started banging my head against a table by the denseness here XD
    Thanks for the Chapter 🙂

  9. I think Seiji knows whats going on, he just pretends not to. And cuz he’s a closet pervert he encourages her by raising his own heart rate. who knows what kind of ‘exercise” he’s doing…

  10. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    That kind of denseness is cute on a teenager, but ridiculous on someone his age.

  11. thanks for the chapters~
    that’s some intense exercise.
    The effect increases the smaller the breasts. Aya gonna get 200% boost. xD

  12. Seiji’s density in this chapter is irrational. Earlier he was shown to understand why his boss wanted the stamina potion, so how can he be so dense about Lela? The author loses a lot with this chapter, as it seems the author did this on purpose, without any in-story reason except to keep Seiji ignorant of Lela’s feelings / actions or to create a misunderstanding later (given Lela will probably think he was involved in similar actions at the same time).

    Granted, I’ve recently started to become a little irritated with the author’s continuous pubescent humor in the story. Jikuu Mahou has gone off in a different direction from what I originally expected based on the synopsis – back when I started reading it around chapter 20 (I think), but so far its good points have at least made up for its lacking points. Given my current favorite WN / LN are stories like Hero’s Mentor, Death March, Altina Sword Princess, Sevens, and My Pet is a Holy Maiden – none of which tend to have much of that type of humor – perhaps I am over-sensitive to such.

    . . .

    Regarding the “effect increases for smaller breasts”, I believe it just means it is more noticeable, given that it states there is a flat 5% increase per week and not something like (eg) “a 5 – 10% increase”. An increase of 5% may be more noticeable for a 210cc (32A) breast than for a 710 (36D) breast. If it meant otherwise, then it should have said something like “an increase of 50cc” (or similar), which would be very noticeable for a smaller sized breast, but not much of an increase for a larger sized breast. Or this could be the author just setting things up to allow him to hand-wave the differences in the potion’s effectiveness later in the story without having to do any (rather simple) calculations himself.

    Incidentally, out of curiosity I took a quick look here to see how well the breast potion would work (at +5% per use, with 1 week per use). It turns out that to increase a cup-size just once would require 4 or 5 uses of the potion – which, since the uses cannot be taken all at once, means 4 or 5 weeks will be required for each cup-size increase.

    Example 1: 34A [240cc] -> 34B [310cc] would work out as: 240 -> 252 -> 265 -> 278 -> 292 -> 307. 5 uses.

    Example 2: 36C [590cc] -> 36D [710cc] would work out as: 590 -> 620 -> 650 -> 683 -> 717. 4 uses.

    If Seiji offers any of these to his bosses (which at least for the hair restoration potion I can see happening), I can see the police eventually catching on and making a local visit in the not too distant future. I wonder how he will handle that?

    • Given Seiji had offered the stamina potion & strength recovery potion to his bosses before, I bet he will offer the hair restoration and fat reduction potions to his bosses this time too. Will see this hunch was right or not in the upcoming chapters.

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