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  3. the density of mc and the relationships go nowhere except with girl on girl, it is annoying the hell outta me does the relationships go anywhere at all with the mc.

    • I think the author is playing it safe considering 4 out of the 3 girl are underage and the one in the right age is his sister, but he shouldn’t have made Seiji act like a retard when the topic about sexes is opened..

        • would be believable if he was only doing it when in front of Aya and the princess, except that wasn’t the case as shown last chapter with Lela. even alone he was at the same thought level.

  4. ………….. thanks for the chapter..

    the author should really stop with this… Seiji should have an idea about this, the best way to deal with this is to be polite about it than to be a retard when he is old enough to understand this shit.

  5. agreed he just sounds like some 5 or 6 year old kid. and about the ages i agree but what about nancy, and its a fiction so it does not have to follow our common sense or values.

  6. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I’m betting my fourteen year old nephew knows more about sex and women than he does.

  7. i wish the Author would just focus on their adventure rather than showing how utterly dense the MC is,it’s a turnoff :/

  8. my fellow reads there are a few things you might want to remember or consider

    1. he might be blocking himself from realizing about Lela since she tried to kill him previously and so did her dad. would you really think that a woman that tried to kill you before would masturbate to you down the road. plus his reasoning that she could be in thin clothing could cause the privacy policy to be activated is legit.

    2. in regards to Aya i think he is hoping she doesn’t feel that way about him since in this chapter he even said that there was no was a sister could be in love with her brother. plus add the fact she beats him constantly.

    3. in regards to nancy he doesn’t see her enough to realize her feelings.

    4. he is starting to get conscious of elena’s feelings and is probably waiting till she turns 18 before doing anything to/with her. his feeling for elena could be mentally blocking him from realizing the other girls’s feelings. plus guys are generally dense to girls feelings of like/love (i say this as a guy btw)

    5. i think the author is going for the Elena route and made it impossible for Seiji from noticing the other girls feelings

    • Hmmm.. Yes indeed you have your point my dear comrade. Still doesn’t change the fact that the MC is dense though

      • oh i agree with that. it’s more of his brain’s fault for blocking his perception of their feelings. his brain has cockblocked him.

        one last thing i forgot to mention is that it could be the large difference in age might be causing him to not realize their feelings. might be to young for him to take him seriously.

    • I think he may also have set up a mental block for romance, after the girls beat him black and blue, and left him in Elena’s lap pillow all those chapters ago. They wanted him to forget, and it looks like they were too successful.

      • hmm i wonder if healing magic can mess with people’s minds. if so maybe elena is making it so he wont notice anything. or maybe he got cursed when he went into the pyramid.

          • nah i meant that weird pharaoh mask thing that seiji forgot about decursing. wonder when he will remember. might be kinda cool to have one of those masks in the house.

            also seiji be a good guy and share some of those forbidden potions with your readers. for research purposes

                • I swear I remember it, but a quick archive dip revealed nothing. i must’ve imagined it, or it’s such a minor detail in one of the chapters…

                  • It was mentioned on chapter Chapter 194.5 – Reconfirmation of tracking beacon (Side story).

                    ■Beacon 8: Golden mask of curse

                    A shady mask laid quietly in a dark room to protect treasures.

                    Since the【curse healing potion】has been completed, should I splash it on it next time?

                    I wonder what will happen to this mask once the curse has been dispelled?

  9. Oh I know! Later in the story the MC will be Forged into a Weapon and to be a Legendary weapon he needs all the Density he can get(probably what most of the Dense Protagonists use to become strong heroes lol)…
    Seriously tho, all this seems to be just his up-bringing(present day Japan, Monogamy and other USELESS common sense) messing with all that he could do just cant even comprehend he can!

  10. Thanks for the chapter. I really hope the potion doesn’t work. Aya doesn’t deserve bigger breasts.

  11. I’m thinking seriously that aya is not really needed in this story.. if EVER there’s romance, it’s just really annoying with her around.. its not a fun story anymore..

  12. “the top’s shape has changed”
    …the shape of what has changed?
    I don’t get it well.
    Lol, it means her nipples got hard. In real life, this means nothing, but in Japanese fiction it is taken as a sign of arosal.

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