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  2. ………..γ ̄ヽ………Thanks!…………
    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..

    • It depends on the cup size she had before but it’s been increased by at least 1 size. though I am not sure in what way the author is measuring aya’s breasts. (I am using the way to calculate what bra you need)
      but if that 6cm is the difference between the “Bust” and “Frame” size then she went for example. from an A Cup to a D cup.

  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    If this got out in public then pettanko would be no longer, baldness is a history, and fatty would only appeared in dreams. Also Miracles that saved people lives would no longer be Miracle but only typical Treatment.

  4. thanks for the chapter~
    Seiji is jealous. he wanna hustle too. but he’s so dense or in denial of the girls’ affection cuz of age and ends up c*ck blocking himself.

    • Half agree, I think though if he didn’t have a sister he would be doing much better. Though after thinking it was merely vigorous exercise I’m tempted to think it might be hopeless unless they forcefully pin him down and rape him. Considering I’m basically the same age as him its all the more shocking. At least those 15-18yr old mc’s have a fairly valid excuse to not be experienced and a bit slow on the uptake.

  5. Thanks for the chapter~!

    Rapid healing of large surface area necrotization and reconnection of nerve endings? Seriously, that’s almost on the scale of functional immortality.

  6. he gave a miracle to both these men, gave them back their sex lives, hair, good figures and even their families…i bet he’ll be shocked by the amount of money they’ll give him again even tough it should be nothing to be shocked about. he gave back lives to 2 entire families

  7. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    That damn director seems to be bragging about his sex life.
    BTW, I wonder if this is going to a direction of interdimensional trading company. Sweets are cheap here but with their effect of mana regeneration, they are valuable on the other world. In return get materials from the other world and make miraculous potions to sell here.

  8. This story is getting increasingly odd. It is diverging more and more from what I initially expected. I’ll occasionally come back to read the more recent chapters, but I think I will be finished with working on the epub for it. The most recent version of the epub (complete through the chapter 209 / end of arc 13) will remain up at this link. Please note that this link is different from the prior link, due to renaming the mediafire folder (from “epub” to “JikuuMahou”). I only realized after renaming the folder that the rename had changed the link itself, such that the old link will no longer work.


    If anyone else wishes to take over the epub, be my guest. You can download both the current epub (and prior ones) and also text files used to create the epubs at the link above. To give an idea of what is involved in creating the epub, I use wordpad and Sigil. It takes about 3 – 5 hours to process 5 – 20 chapters into the epub.

    I copy / paste the chapter into wordpad, then I use control-H (replace) to make various global alterations (such as adding spaces before “【” and after “】” and again for “『” and “』”, then again for all four to remove double spaces sometimes created if a space was already present). Then I combine lines that are combined in the text or (for better word flow) look like they should be combined. I do this by adding spaces after end-of-line punctuation marks (such as “.”, “,”, etc) then backspacing / deleting to bring the next line up the current line). Adding spaces to the end of lines generally involves numerous global replacements (eg: “.” -> “. _”, then “. _ _” -> “. _” to remove double spaces which might have been created, then the same for “, “, “?”, “!” and several more forms of punctuation, then again to remove the space in cases of “, _ 000”, “? _ !”, “! _ !”, “】 _ ,” and so forth). Recently, for the google doc versions of the chapters, I have been doing the same to change lines of periods into “…”.

    After all of this, I add “</P><BR//><P>” to the blank line between each line of text (having used “no wrap” in wordpad so as to only have to use the down arrow twice to move to each blank line). This is the most tedious part, since there are often several hundred instances of “paste, down arrow (twice), repeat”. Sadly, control-H does not work for line-breaks, otherwise this part would take seconds instead of several tens of minutes When saving the final mass of words in Sigil, this line will be replaced with a more correct html format, but it is MUCH easier to put this line in place than to add <P> to the start of each line and <BR//><//P> to the end of each line. Without the extra <BR//> the space between lines does not show up in all epub readers.

    After that, I copy / paste the entire mass into the epub to see how it looks, making any further alterations where necessary to improve appearance. Usually not many alterations are needed (if any) because of all the global replacements done earlier. Between the global alterations via cntr-H and adding the paragraph breaks between the lines, I also (re)read through all the chapters, making grammar / spelling / punctuation edits where necessary if I happen to notice a place that needs such.

    Finally, if it all looks okay, I add into the text the lines of html code needed (at chapter and arc titles) for the in-epub links between chapters (both in the text and in the table of contents page). But not all epub readers will show the table of contents page, so you also need to use Sigil’s “generate table of contents” function to create the functionality needed for those other epub readers (the type where you click an arrow to move to the next chapter rather than click on a link in the table of contents). Note, this does not always work unless you have already created the html code for the table of contents (usually by having such lines use “id” within each chapter’s H3 / each arc’s H2. For example: <h3 id=”c188″>Chapter 175 – “Hilda’s Handshake Event”<//h3>). Note that the “id” will be based upon the number of table of content’s links (which includes the arc titles and so increasingly differs from the actual chapter number).

    As an extra, I also go to the raw source of the story and add both provisional translation of the chapters of the coming arc and also (hidden) links to them (so that, next time I add chapters, I do not need to create them – they are already there to cut / paste into place, although with the need to sometimes change the provisional translation to the one used by the translator). You can see this in the code if you open up the epub in Sigil and go to the end of the toc [table of contents] and the end of the text pages. I also added – in the css style page – the “gray_text” style for when I add notes (typically to remove the need for some of the end-of-chapter notes, if I feel the note is needed, since normally I drop those when I create the epub).

    And that is what is required to transform the online chapters into the epub. It takes a bit of time, but it is not difficult – just time consuming and sometimes a little tedious. (Hopefully the html code above will show up correctly when I post this.)

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